Changing Default Formula In Column?

Dec 20, 2012

I have a data table with multiple columns. Several columns have absolute formulas repeating in each of the rows. I would like these formulas to be the default ones in each of the columns whenever I insert a new row.

Unfortunately, whenever I insert a new row Excel automatically inserts different formulas, which do not appear anywhere in the table. These formulas used to be in the table, and at the time Excel asked me if I wanted them to be the default formulas for those columns - which I happily confirmed. As stated, I now have new formulas which I want to be the default ones, but I can't figure out how to set them as such. I even tried to turn off the auto-extend feature, and then back on, to no avail.

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Changing The Default Value Of A Cell

Oct 1, 2009

I've been asked to make an Excel spreadsheet for work that tracks each employee's gross earnings, deductions, and net earnings, as well as calculates the holiday pay. I'm mostly done, but I've run into a problem.

Holiday pay is 4% of the gross earnings. I've got gross earnings in column B, and the formula in the holiday pay column is =PRODUCT(BX,0.04), where X is the row (i.e. in row 4, it is =PRODUCT(B4,0.04).) However, if the cell in BX is empty, the holiday pay displays as 0.04. So for whatever reason, it is assuming that the value of an empty cell is 1. Now, I can solve this by manually entering 0 into every gross earning cell.

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Changing Default Text In Textbox

Apr 10, 2014

I am developing a form to get the user's name. I want to put some default text in the textbox where the user types their name. I want the form to delete the default text when the user clicks on the text box or after they start typing their name.

Attached is the form and code that runs the form : UserName.xlsm‎

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Changing Default Exponential Format

Jan 28, 2014

In excel if it changes number to exponential format it would default to, for example if number is 12345 -> 1.2345e4, 0.012345 ->1.2345e-2

I was wondering it is possible to which a function to change this default format ie for example 0.012345 -> 12.345e-3

I basically want this kind of formatting as its would display information in terms of milli, micro, pico (or the opposite side kilo, mega, giga and so on).

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Changing Default Number Of Decimal Points?

Oct 24, 2012

I have tried, through control panel - region settings etc, to change the default number of decimals to 0. I often use the Number format using the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + 1 but then have to reduce the 2 decimals down.

I have recorded a macro to apply this kind of formatting but the disadvantage of this is that I cannot undo any actions before that point - which has gotten me into some trouble on a few occasions .

Is there a macro that I can use that adjusts the "Normal" cell style number format from General to Number (with thousand separator but 0 decimals) each time I open a new book? As merging cell styles is also quite a mundane task..

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Changing Date And Time Default Settings

Aug 3, 2004

I am creating a spreadsheet on a British-based system using the d/m/y date system as default, but I am unfortunately entering data using the american m/d/y system and would like to change the default to the american system.

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Changing Cell Comment Default Appearance

May 11, 2007

I wish to be able to change the default appearance of a cell's comment. Currently, the default font size is too small to be useful - is there a way of changing this setting, without reverting to a VBA tidy-up?

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Excel 2010 :: Changing Default Text Box Settings?

Sep 5, 2012

When I place a text box in Excel 2010, the default is for everything to be locked (Box is locked AND text is locked). I want to change the default setting so that when I start Excel fresh, anytime I place a text box the "LOCK TEXT" box is UNCHECKED.

There's a place where you can select "Set as default text box") after you make the changes, but it's not sticking (even in the same document without closing. IE, I make the changes to a text box, then click the option that says "Set as default text box", place a NEW text box immediately in the same document but the text is still locked.

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Changing Default Option For Data Series So X & Y Axis

Oct 12, 2007

I'm trying to change the default option for the data series when graphing in Excel 2003 .... I am trying to create a line graph

Excel, by default, is putting static pressure on the x axis and the air flow on the y axis .... I need it to be the other way around

I have found out that:
By default, Excel plots whatever you have fewer of—rows or columns—as the data series

apparently it is possible to change this Excel default option, but I can't figure that out

in step 2 of the Chart Wizard, I have tried many different things, but can't get Excel to chart the Air Flow CFM on the x axis, and have static pressure values on the y axis

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Excel 2010 :: Changing Default Blank Page Settings?

Apr 23, 2012

My office recently upgraded to Office 2010 and we would like (in the accounting department that I work in) to change the default number formating in a blank sheet to Number, 0 Decimals, using seperators, from the current default of general format number.

I have looked for the Book.xltx file to replace but can't see it any where.

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Changing Default Font And Cell Sizes In New Workbooks / Worksheets

Mar 17, 2012

How to change these defaults...

It involved opening a new workbook and changing the number of worksheets in a new workbook, cell sizes, font, and font sizes... and then saving the workbook in one of the system folders under the name "workbook" to change the default workbook attributes, or "worksheet" to change default worksheet attributes.

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Excel 2010 :: Changing Default Chart / Graph Format Copied When Pasted Into Word?

Aug 28, 2012

I work with a team of users that are continually publishing reports in Word that contain charts and graphs copy and pasted from Excel into Word 2010.

We have a custom script that leverages a PDF engine to automatically convert .doc files to .PDF files that we distribute electronically to our clients. This all works great, but only if all my users select 'paste special' and Enhanced Metafile Format when adding their excel charts into our reports. Most of these people aren't tech savvy, and I'm havin ga hell of a time getting them to follow this workflow and am hoping there's a way in Office 2010 to select the default paste from excel into word when the content is a chart.

It seems like the default paste from excel is an embedded chart/graph that you can then further manipulate each component of the chart in Word; the default doesnt' paste an actual image. I am assuming the pdf renderer is using a lower resolution .PNG version of the image and when these are scaled for print and or pdf, they look like crap.

Is htere anyway I can automatically change the default paste format for the chart from excel into word to be an EMF/EMV (enhanced metafile?) Either thorugh the registry or some other saveable setting?

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Changing Column Location In Formula Using Cells?

Sep 20, 2012

I currently have a spreadsheet that refers to a different spreadsheet, with different expenses each month, with the months going across from A,B,C,D etc.

Because the formulae on the expenses sheet refers to cells such as O13 O15 O27 etc, at the start of the next month the 'O' has to be changed to a 'P' to give P13 P15 P27

This doesnt sound much but there are over 10 different spreadsheets that are all currently changed manually. Is it possible to have a function referring to a cell containing 'O' which when changed to 'P' changes all the formulae to refer to the cell next to the original.

EG Instead of O13 it would be [variable]13

Essentially this will mean that a master sheet will be able to change all the excel spreadsheets in one go.

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Changing Text In One Cell Creates Formula Change In Column Below?

Apr 1, 2014

I have a list of pricing and I want to be able to change the text of cell, say "D1", which says "Standard" to say "Premium" and all the formulas would change in accordance. The "Standard" pricing would be, Starting D2, "=C2*.3" and I want them all to go to "Premium" pricing which would be formula "=C2*.35".

What would be the best method of creating this function or formula?

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Stop Formula Column Reference Changing On Insert But Not Row Reference

Mar 6, 2008

A 'Days Attended' cell (N8) and a 'Days Absent' cell (O8). N8 needs to count the number of "Present" values there are on another worksheet. The other worksheet has dates across the top and names down the side.

When i use
=COUNTIF("Attendance!C9:Z9", "Present"),
and the next date comes along the formula changes to
=COUNTIF("Attendance!D9:AA9", "Present")

ie. the reference moves a column across - the new date's absent or present is not counted. Using =COUNTIF(INDIRECT("Attendance!C9:Z9"), "Present"). is no good because when i add a new name i need the row reference to move down as a row is inserted. ie. both person's formulas count the same row. So, my question: I need the columns to stay the same - C:Z (leyway for future dates) and the rows to change as i insert or delete people from the system.

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Changing Default Settings Of Autofilter...change From "equals" To "contains"

Jun 13, 2006

When i record a macro with an autofilter, the default setting is always "equals". Is there any VBA code or anything to be able to change so that my macro will search in a "contains" setting.

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Columns With Text To Column With Default Percentage

Jul 3, 2012

I have a spreadsheet that tracks in column D "completed" projects. I want column T to populated "100%" when column D has the text "completed" in the cell. What is the formula?

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Set Default Column Data Format To TEXT?

Jan 30, 2013

In Text to Columns, is it possible to set the default column data format to TEXT?

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Formula Is Entering A Default Time When It Comes Across An Empty Cell

Nov 9, 2005

I'm using a formula to copy a time from one cell to another
across sheets. The format of the time is h:mm AM/PM.

However, when the formula references an empty cell, it puts in a
default value of 12:00 AM and I need it to remain blank, (just as
the referenced cell)
It's such a simple copy formula. ie:


e-mail... howard<dot}coakleyatcoakley<dot].codotuk
Skype ID: howie10 (get skype from

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Column Lettering Changing To Column Headers

Nov 19, 2013

I have been given a spreadsheet with standard configuration with column headers etc, but when you scroll down the sheet the actual column headers change from the normal A-Z display to be the column headers that have been entered into the cells.

I know this can be achieved similarly by setting Freeze Pane but how this other option has been switched on. I have attached the spreadsheet (which has totally fictitious content).

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Conditional Formula Assistance (default To "training Required" Rather Than The Value It Would Give)

Oct 28, 2009

=ROUND(SUMIF($C$26:$C$106,D126, $F$26:$F$106)/COUNTIF($C$26:$C$106, D126), 0). the formula is from a sheet which is used as like a questioning/ skills matrix.

The reference of d126 is a category eg: complaint handling and there might be 4 questions on complaint handling each of the answers being displayed as a number between the cells f26-106. If any of these individual cell results are equal to 0 or 1 then i want the overall answer for the formula to default to "training required" rather than the value it would give.

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Vlookup With Changing Column To Look?

Apr 29, 2014

I want to merge two tables with keeping the data in the two tables in two worksheets, so my idea is to create a drop list in one of the two worksheets and depending on what the user will chose the datas will appear. for informations, the datas are all Vlookup in the same workzone but for each table the lookup will be done in differents columns, so how to make the column for the vlookup changement and depend on what I choose??

clarifications: it's like the choice on the droplist will be a link cell to the column of the research.

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Changing Priorities In A Column?

Oct 14, 2013

I've got a task list in column A and a priority list in column B. When I finish one of the tasks, I put "Done" in column B next to the task. I'm looking for the best way to reprioritize the rest of the column (i.e., when I finish the priority 1 task, priority 2 becomes Priority 1, priority 3 becomes priority 2, etc.). The column will obviously have numbers and the word "Done" in cells, so there are two different data types. I'm thinking the best way would be with VBA, but there may be an easier way with a helper column with formulas.

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Changing References Down A Column

Apr 5, 2007

Contents of B2 are "=A2"
Contents of B3 are "=A23"

I want to select B2 and B3 and drag the formula to continue

Desired results:
Contents of B4 are "=A44"
Contents of B5 are "=A65", but when I drag the fill handle...

Actual results:
Contents of B4 are "=A4"
Contents of B5 are "=A25"

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Changing Worksheet In A Formula?

Dec 13, 2012

Trying to increment worksheet in order to summarize data from all other worksheets. I have 70+ worksheets and I'm trying to copy and paste worksheet and cell reference so that the same data on each worksheet is summarized on one sheet. Worksheets are labeled Cost (1), Cost (2), Cost (3) etc. When I copy the cell reference I can't get the worksheet name to change to the next worksheet:

=+'Cost (1)'!$E$19
=+'Cost (1)'!$E$19
=+'Cost (1)'!$E$19

I want to get this

=+'Cost (1)'!$E$19
=+'Cost (2)'!$E$19
=+'Cost (3)'!$E$19

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Changing Text Using Formula?

Jul 1, 2014

I was wondering if there is a formula to change cell C2 to "Red" (One uppdercase, the rest lowercase) or if this was only possible through macro?

Also, would there be a way to combine B2 & C2? I apologize, but that was the only logical way I could think of to get the output in C2.

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Color Changing Formula

Jun 19, 2007

Need the formula or redirect me to a thread about changing the text color of numbers based on value.

I.e. I need for negitive numbers to be RED Positive numbers to be BLACK and 0 to be YELLOW like below.


This formula will be use for a huge data base and only one column needs to be affected by it. Currently I had click the option to change color but it becomes a hassle and there is room for error. I wish to put the data in the column and not worry about the color.

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IF Formula Changing The Sign

Apr 8, 2009

I need a formula that reads If a number is less than zero then it will show as positive, but if the number is greater than zero then it will show as a negative.

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Changing Information In If Formula?

Jan 11, 2012

I have a timesheet worksheet that a previous employee created and I need to alter a formula. Unfortunately, I can no longer contact them.

Anyways, I need to alter an "if" formula that is associated with a drop down list. As of now, the drop down list is used for a 2 week period ending on a specific date. When the date is selected, the calendar automatically aligns the proper dates to the days of the week. I believe it is able to do this with an "if" formula that is used by the numbered days of the month. For example; if I select January 14th, 2012 as the 2 week period ending date,

On the 14th the "if" formula shows as this:
=IF(ISBLANK($P$2)," ",$P$2+1-1)
On the 13th, it shows as this:
=IF(ISBLANK($P$2)," ",$P$2-1)

I noticed a trend here with the last digits 2+1-1 and 2-1, so i attempted to go with this trend and add numbers as the dates went on, but it did not work.

I need to change this so that instead of a 2 week ending period, it is for a full month. So, if I were to select January 2012 or any month, all the days of the month would align correctly with their days of the week.

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Changing Cell Value Not Formula?

Mar 9, 2012

How can I edit a cell's value without changing the formula within?

for example:
cell A2=$B$2
cell B2=$A$2

-I allowed for this circular reference and now I want to be able to change the value in one cell and have it appear in both cells without removing formulas.

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