Clear Background Color Before Print

Jun 12, 2007

I have a excel file wherein background color as well as conditional formatting background color is used. However, since printout consumes huge ink for those sheets, i want that before print the code will clear all the background color (done through Fill color & conditional formatting color) and after the print activity, restore those color. the colors are given to faciliate data entry and better presentation.i have recorded the same but background is not restored when I run the code And also sometimes the code doesnot start printing.

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How To Make Text Background On Editable Cells And Print Without Text Background

Oct 28, 2013

How to make a text background on editable cells and print without text background?

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Alternate The Background Color (fill Color) Of Rows In A Spreadsheet

Aug 19, 2009

how I can alternate the background color (fill color) of rows in a spreadsheet. Say I wanted every other row to be gray starting at row 10.

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Count By Font Color & Background Color

Dec 12, 2007

In excel 2000, I am trying to count the lines in a spreadsheet that has the first cell in each row highlighed in yellow. Additionally, I am trying to count the number of rows that has a red font used in the cell in column D.

I have reviewed other posts by searching counting highlighted cells, but I do not understand how to complete the entire process. One of the suggestion was to create a vb script in combination with using =cellindex(??). I do not really understand how to create this, name it and the run it.

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Print Details Of Each Person With Background/Watermark

May 16, 2009

I have to print the admit card of each students with their details like Name of student, Fathers name, roll no., subjects, examination center years, etc. in a given admit card format. I had scan the blank admit card and used as a background image in excel but the image of the admit card does not print in excel except the cell values that I had entered.

I had made the database of all students details. I want to use the students database to print students data on the scanned admit card image. I also want a option to select the name of the student before printing (to verify the details). Please help me how to do it in excel. I am using excel 2000.

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Change Row Background Color Using VBA

Nov 19, 2012

Try to find a way to automatically change the color of a row, based in changing the name in column A.

I tried conditional formatting but the name (or dates) in column A are not the same (always other and other).

I failed to adapt any VBA CODE (found in GOOGLE) because column A varies a lot.

Annex a photo and an excel example.

EXAMPLE 1.xlsx

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How To Count Background Color

Apr 7, 2014

Is there a way to count the background color from a range of cell? for example: In a range of A1:B5 there are 5 cells highlighted with yellow background, the formula should give me 5 counts for yellow background.

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Change Background Color Of Every Second Row?

Jul 30, 2014

I have a given som (general) range where I would like a function to change the background color of every second row in a visual basic function.

One could of course just loop through it and use the mod function, but I think there has to be something quicker.

I know about conditional formatting, but it is something I need to use over and over again on Ranges that will differ in size so I would like it to be a function I can just run as part of a sub.

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Textbox Background Color ..

Dec 29, 2008

How can I add some code to the routine below in order to change the background color into green?

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How To Color The Background Cells

Aug 26, 2009

How to color the background cells using text ...

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Add Background Color Dropdown?

Jan 24, 2013

There is a color i like to use alot for shading cell background, and i'd like to add it to the background color dropdown. Now, i get to it by clicking "more colors" and then selecting it from that dialog. This is a lighter shade of yellow. I swear it used to be on the dropdown, but i believe it was removed at some excel version, so now its more of a hassle for me to get to it. Is this customization possible? In the macro recorder, it comes out as .Color = 10092543. Now, it will occasionally show up for a while under "recent colors" but then that will go away after a while.

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Sort By Row Background Color Possible

Jun 29, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that has differen color rows for certain data. Is it possible to sort a spreadsheet by row color instead of row header?

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Excel - Add Background Picture To Spreadsheet That Only Shows On Print Area

Aug 29, 2012

I need to add a background picture to a spreadsheet that only shows on the print area.

This spreadsheet is being used as a pro forma invoice that can be emailed to customers for them to view & print as required.

At the moment I can add a background image but this appears throughout the sheet and not in the place I need it to i.e. the print area.

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Default Background Color Is Purple?

May 4, 2009

When I open a new worksheet it is purple. The fill color bucket it defaulted to no fill. I select the entire worksheet and click on the 'no fill' and get a normal white background. If I delete anything on the spreadsheet, where the items were deleted the background is again purple. I have to select and again click on 'no fill'. I am constantly fighting this creaping purple. Just started about a week ago.

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Forms Button Background Color

Aug 23, 2009

Can the backround color on a forms toolbar button be changed or must I use a control toolbar button if I want the button in color? I would prefer using the forms button and have tried customizing (tools/customize/forms) then right clicking on the forms button icon and selecting “Edit button image”, clicked on the desired color and clicked ok.

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Return Value Based On Background Color

Mar 11, 2014

I've got a problem to write macro. I need users to color code background (manual not conditional formatting) depending of progress in projects. Then range L6:N10 will automatically return value (from range E5:I5) based on background color.

Users got very basic excel skills and their work will limit to manual background change.

I need something like INDEX MATCH based on colorindex.

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Count Of Red Background Color Cells

Nov 9, 2011

I am using the following formula and getting a #NAME returned

I just need the count of the red background color cells.


Where E2:E13 have the values and only the red background (=3) is needed. If the green and yellow background colors where needed what do I set the = to?

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Add Background Color To Data In Worksheet?

May 31, 2012

i trying to write a macro to add Yellow background color to all the data starting from row 2 in a specfic worksheet but the rows of data is always different it coulsbe from row 2 to 50 then the next day from row 2 to 100 etc.

Sub Macro2()
With Selection.Interior


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Background Color In Excel Chart?

Jul 13, 2012

How I can add background color to an excel chart. I need from left to right the 2/3rds to the chart to be light gray and the other 1/3 light blue.

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Setting Background Fill Color In VBA

Aug 4, 2009

I'm admittedly a novice in VBA but I'm trying to simply settnig the background color of the active cell. I've seen various snippets on the web that reference this via setting the color.index variable, using the RGB codes, etc. but nothing seems to work. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. I know from tracing thru that the assignment instruction is being executed. I've tried using Selection.blah instead of ActiveCell, etc. also.

Select Case Total_Points
Case Is >= 70
ActiveCell.Interior.ColorIndex = vbGreen 'Green
ActiveCell.Interior.Pattern = 1 'xlSolid
ActiveCell.Interior.PatternColorIndex = -4105 'xlAutomatic
Client_Type = "Elite Partner (" & Round(Total_Points) & ")"

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If Statement Dealing With Color Background

Nov 19, 2009

I am trying to write an If statement that would search a column for cells that have red as a background color, and if they did, would mark the cell with an X.

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Background Color In Column Chart

Dec 22, 2009

I have a column chart that goes 0-100%. The back wall is red from 0-60%, yellow from 60-80%, and green from 80-100%.

To do this, I shaded some blank cells to the same proportional shape, did a screen capture, saved that image as a file, then imported it back in as the background.

Problem is, those color breakpoints (60%,80%) may change, and that process is a pain. Is there an easier way to do this such that if I change the values the background will change automatically based on the shading of some cells?

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Return Background Color Of Cell

Oct 6, 2006

On one worksheet I have a list of colours in cells. I want to be able to look in the list the list and return the background colour of that cell. The function i am using is:


'1.1' is the worksheet name, $C28 is the cell (coloured blue)

It seems to work because I am getting the correct background colour in the new worksheet, however it also returns the number(37) as well.

I just want the background colour to be shown only, not the color's number as well.

Function CellColorIndex(InRange As Range, Optional _
OfText As Boolean = False) As Integer
' This function returns the ColorIndex value of a the Interior
' (background) of a cell, or, if OfText is true, of the Font in the cell.
Application.Volatile True
If OfText = True Then
CellColorIndex = InRange(1, 1).Font.ColorIndex
CellColorIndex = InRange(1, 1).Interior.ColorIndex
End If
End Function

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Background Color And Border Around Macro

Aug 6, 2008

I am trying to develop an Excel spread- sheet by using some macros. In detail, in my first worksheet, I have something like -

Exp1 ....
Exp2 ....
Exp3 ....
Expn ....

This rows are coming from another worksheet and I have used a macro (developed by me) to populate these rows. Even the number of rows to be populated is not fixed.
However, I would like to add one row with text - " Total Expense" after those rows. This row will have some background color - say Tan - and font color - say Green - and also a border around its own - in nature, the border will be thick, Double and with color Rose. I have tried the following code in macro but not working properly -

Sub Include_Fields_n_Format(loc As String)
tot_exp_scell = loc & f_scell
tot_exp_ecell = loc & (f_scell + 1)
Range(tot_exp_scell, tot_exp_ecell). Merge
Range(tot_exp_scell, tot_exp_ecell).WrapText = True

Range(tot_exp_scell, tot_exp_ecell).Interior.Color = RGB(150, 150, 150)
With Range(tot_exp_scell, tot_exp_ecell).Font...................

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Change Matched Cells Background Color

Mar 7, 2014

Macro is not working .So the macro I am using is supposed to look back at all the months tab, match the Name from previous tabs and if they match change background color of the active sheet's cell to red.

Right now the macro is only able to lookup the name in the previous tab (i.e. For December it will only lookup November tab and not October-January).

e.g. (Candidate name is Jack King and he is in (october's tab, Column A Cell 2 )

I want this candidate name to turn red once I type his name in November/December tab.

I have pasted the code I am using below:

[Code] ......

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Macro For Changing Background Color Of The Cells

Oct 21, 2008

I have an excel sheet in which many cells have a background color of Green. These cells are located all over the sheet. I want to change the background color from Green to Red not affecting the color of other cells in the sheet.

I will be realy really thankful, as I have to do this exercise for more than 50 worksheets.......If I start doing it manually by selecting each celll with green color background and changing it to can well imagine my life would get shorten significantly while doing this.

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Input Cell Value Based On Background Color?

Apr 2, 2012

I'm working on a sheet that gets filled in with background colors (red, light blue, and green) and I'm trying to come up with a way to automate the process of inputting the text in the red and blue fields (red always gets PROCESS and light blue always gets SHPD) but they end up in different locations in the same columns. is there a function or macro to make this happen? I have constructed a macro to compile the sheet from my online database as it is a live system.

MODELACTIONxxx1xxx2xxx3xxx4xxx5xxx6xxx7xxx8xxx9xxx10xxx11xxx12xxx13xxx14xxx15xxx16xxx17 This is a simplified version of what I'm working with, and i'm on Excel 2000

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Assign Value To Cell Based On Its Background Color?

May 15, 2014

I have an excel spreadsheet that 7 different categories (eg. Ave waittime, Avg loadtime, etc) that I have conditionally formatted based on 5 ratings (each rating a different color Green, light green, yellow, red, and purple) I would like to be able to give each cell a value based on what color it is eg. Green=5, light green=4 and so on.

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Filter Rows Based On Background Color

Oct 27, 2008

how to filter rows based on the background color used in a cell? I need to make a macro that will filter/hide all rows where the cell in column B has the background color set to Yellow. Is there a way to test for that so I could get a true/false value in a column to filter by?

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Msgbox If Background Color Exists In Range

Mar 11, 2009

If there are any cells highlighted in red (using the conditional formatting in excel 2003), I want a message box to pop up when they go to save saying something along the lines of, "Hey buddy, you really need to deal with this."

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