Coding A Reference To The Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library

May 20, 2007

Is there a way that this can be coded so that when the workbook opens up it turns on the reference to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime library?

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Missing Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library

May 27, 2006

i'm using a user form and i have the microsoft forms 2.0 Object Library checked. i have sent to another user, and i can't compile, when i took at this vba tools reference, microsoft forms 2.0 Object Library checked is missing (and not available in the drop down)...?

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Add Library Reference Using VBA Code

Jan 9, 2010

I need to add a Reference to the "The Microsoft Visual Basic Extensibility Library 5.3" using VBA code in an Excel spreadsheet. I know how to do it going to Tools...References select the library etc, but I'd rather do it using VBA code so I don't have to do this extra step.

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Office 12 Library Reference

Jan 26, 2007

I have recently updated to Office 2007. I have about 50 forms with VBA in them (all excel) and I was careful to save them all back to 2003 office files. When one of my users opens the files and uses on of the internal userforms it errors out saying it is missing a reference.

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Remove Reference Library Programmatically

Jan 11, 2010

I'm trying to programmatically add and remove the Outlook 11.0 Reference Library in Excel 2003. So far, I have found the following code which successfuly adds the reference:

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Reference Word Object Library Automatically

Apr 9, 2012

I am trying to make an excel vba reference the word 12.0 object library automatically without the user having to manually add them. How I can do this?

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Excel 2013 :: Creating Two Tables That Can Reference With Microsoft-query

Jun 28, 2013

I don't have Excel 2013 so unfortunately I can't easily create relational data in Excel 2010. I'm looking for a solution to a design problem. I'd like to have 2 tables which I can join with Microsoft Query and run pivot table reports.

My department processes payments, both for internal clients and external clients. My Payments table looks like:

Date | Type (internal/external) | Operation (what type of payment) | Method (internet, mail, etc) | Quantity

Additionally, I have a table for Mail Opening, which looks like:

Date | Employee | Operation | Quantity

My overlapping fields are Date and Operation. Using each table individually, I can get nice pivot table reports. What I'd like to do though is be able to not just see what operations and methods were run each day with what quantities, but also to compare that to how much mail was opened. Employee and Operation is a multi-multi relationship, so when I join by date, I end up getting incorrect numbers because of problems with the data layout. I'm open to changing my data structure, as I know the way it's set up right now isn't great, but I'm having a mental block on how to redesign it. I attached a sample workbook.

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Name Conflicts With Existing Module, Project Or Object Library. Adding Reference

Oct 5, 2007

In a workbook made in Excel 2003, I have the following for a UserForm:

Private Sub UserForm_Activate
Me.Calendar1.Value = Date
End Sub

I copied this workbook to a computer with Excel 2007 and it bombs out at "Date"
It comes up with a compile error, "Can't find project or library"

In the references window (Tools, References) it has the "Missing: Ref Edit Control" checked and the location at the bottom of this window states "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice11REFEDIT.DLL".

The reference to Office11 is from the computer with Office 2003 as the computer with Office 2007 has Office12.

There is another "Ref Edit Control" in the References window and when I check it and browse to the Office12 folder, highlight REFEDIT.Dll and click on open and in the references window on OK it comes up with "Name conflicts with existing module, project or object library". I have tried to delete the "Missing: Ref Edit Control", change the priority and change the reference in the missing control to Office12 but all to no avail.

How can I change the reference to the Ref Edit Control from Office11 to Office12?

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Avoid Hard Coding Range Reference

Oct 5, 2006

I now can open all the workbooks in a filefolder and look at each of the sheets in each file and build an array to consolidate a range from one sheet to another. The problem is that the one range is hardcoded in the script (because that is what I was using to test.) I have written code to build an array of 66 rows and 5 columns that are stored in a worksheet in a named range.

how arrays work so I can use both of these arrays - one array ConsolParams(), to identify the range in the Sources part of the consolidate statement. The other array MyArray() stores the sheet names. Actually ConsolParams also stores "to" range now hardcoded as "J11".

Option Explicit

Private Sub cbConsolidateToRollups_Click()
Dim MyArray() As Variant
Dim Source As Variant
Dim sToPath As String
Dim sRollUpWB As String
Dim sRollUpToWs As String
Dim sRollUpFromWS As String
Dim sShtName As String
Dim sSourceWS As String
Dim nShts As Integer
Dim lCount As Long
Dim wbResults As Workbook
Dim wbCodeBook As Workbook
Dim WB As Workbook
Dim i As Integer
Dim r, c, p As Integer
Dim ConsolParams(5) As Variant
Dim CostType, RangeName, FromRange, TargetCell, TargetReport
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.EnableEvents = False.......................

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Library File Name: "Complier Error: Cann't Find Project Or Library

Mar 22, 2007

I am using Mid function in my program. During execution, i am getting the waring message of "Complier Error: Cann't find project or library".I am not able to find the what is the reason behind on it. If really the library file missing.

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Scripting Dictionary

Feb 23, 2010

When we should use scripting dictionary?

Any website recommendation on the net with a good explanation about this, related to use it in excel?

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Scripting Objects

Mar 22, 2007

If I hadn't read it on here, how would I have know that they existed? They are not mentioned in the standard Excel help files (not that I could see anyway).

What other "objects" are available? I had a look through the references in the VBE and there are literally hundreds on items which all look pretty "juicy". Does that mean there are a whole host of other objects that I could use in my Excel spreadsheets to either make them simplier or more powerful?

If so, where does one find any reference info on them?

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Excel Multi-Tab Scripting

Nov 27, 2011

I have been tasked with doing a retail over/short Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be 13 tabs with 12 being the months and the 13th being the yearly summary. On each sheet will be the cashiers name.

I need to be able to script the addition of a new cashier and have them added alphabetically to all 13 sheets and at the same time keep all currently entered information with the appropriate person

End user only wants to use Excel

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Scripting.dictionary Range Variable

Nov 10, 2009

The code works well. Though there are a few that that i dont understand.
The same range in used for the listbox and the combobox. Though i cannot send the Variable Rng through the scripting dictonary it seams that this function is looking at the range in a diffrent manner to a standard range.

so you see i have another variable datarng for use in the function though if i use set to set the variable as the range it wont like that either.

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Compile Error On: Scripting.FileSystemObject

Aug 24, 2006

Folder File List VBA Code Error

which is something that I am wanting to use in my spreadsheet.

When using this, i get a compile error on:

FSO As Scripting.FileSystemObject

The code I am using is the following:...

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Using Scripting Directory To Capture Value Of Cell Before Change

Feb 13, 2014

I have date values in a range of cells, and have named the range "ChangeRange".

How would I:

1. loop through the range to store the current value of each cell in a scripting directory?
2. use vba to compare the values in that dictionary to the current value of the cell when it changes (NOTE: the change is by formula, not by manual insertion of a new value?
3. write that old cell value in the cell immediately to the right of the cell when it changes and update the dictionary value with the "new" old value?
4. do this for more than one range of dates on the same page?

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Use Listbox Contents To Populate A Scripting Dictionary

Dec 16, 2008

Can I use my listbox contents to populate a scripting dictionary?

Dim a, z As Long
Set dic = CreateObject("scripting.dictionary")
With Sheets("Changes")
a = ListBox1.List
'a = .Range("b1", .Range("b" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).Offset(, -1).Resize(, 10).Value
End With

For z = 2 To UBound(a, 1)
If Not dic.exists(a(z, 2)) Then
ReDim w(1 To 10, 1 To 1)
For zz = 1 To 10: w(zz, 1) = a(z, zz): Next
dic.Add a(z, 2), w
w = dic(a(z, 2))
ReDim Preserve w(1 To 10, 1 To UBound(w, 2) + 1)
For zz = 1 To 10: w(zz, UBound(w, 2)) = a(z, zz): Next
dic(a(z, 2)) = w
End If
ComboBox2.List = dic.keys
ComboBox2.Value = Sheets("Calendar").Range("E3").Value
This code doesn't work because the bold line falls over.... the Remmed statement below it works fine though...

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Using Scripting Dictionary To Remove Duplicates In 5 Column Table

Aug 4, 2009

removing duplicates from a the first column of a two column table while maintaining the data in the second column. Unfortunately my skills fall short and I have been unable to alter the code to work for a 5 column table.

For example, if I might have data that might look something similar to this: ....

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Scripting Dictionary - Compare Columns And Extract Data That Meet Criteria

Mar 23, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs:



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Missing Library

Sep 27, 2006

Can anyone answer this one for me - why does this piece of code run on some machines but not on others - I suspect it is something to do with a missing library but I have no idea which one.

When the code fails it highlights the word " Date" inside the brackets

TrainingDateBox.Value = FormatDateTime(Date, vbLongDate)

Is there an alternative code?

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Can't Find Project Or Library ...

Nov 19, 2008

is if I F8 through the code it works fine. But when I run the code through the button on the spread sheet. It stops at the Format comand. And says "Can't Find Project or Library." Has anyone ran into this issue or know how to solve it.....

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Can't Find File Or Library

Jun 9, 2009

I have been writing VB code for a mathematical model for a client and recently made some small modifications to a workbook and ran the code quite ok on my Windows XP computer (Excel2003).

When I sent it to my client who also uses Excel 2003 and has been running many similar pages of code, my client gets "Can't find project or library", with the highlight showing in the VB code at ..... "& Chr$(10)" and then again at "& Str(x)", - but no really rational reason why it should stop there.

How do I set about solving this ?

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Can't Find Project Or Library

Feb 13, 2010

I am getting a complie error that I did not get when the code was written. Earlier versions of the same workbook still work fine without error. I hope thie workbook is not corrupted.

The error happens with the None command in this code for a button in a user form.

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VBA Library Not Registering Properly

Jun 28, 2013

I'm fiddling with a C# library, trying to learn about including homemade libraries in my VBA code. I've written a simple library, compiled it, and did the COM registration. When I open the VBE and start up a new module, I'm able to find the library in the Tools | References dialog box, and I check it to include it. When I write the code, however, autocomplete doesn't give me the option of any of the definitions I've written into the library, and when executed, I'm getting a "User-defined type not defined" error.

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How To Know Which Object Library To Choose

Feb 15, 2007

how you know which object library to add to references when you want to automate an application?

for example Adobe acrobat.

or internet explorer ( ie).

I know that the .dll for ie id shdocvw (an i know it's explicitly listed under internet controls) but how would i know this is it wasn't listed?

Also, correct me if i'm wrong, but usung the shdocvw.dll will only give you access to the main controls of Ie nd you would need to add a HTML library to do anything use full. How do you know if there are other libraries available can make the 'usefulness' of one library more useful?

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Find The Project Or Library

Dec 15, 2002

I have written a program in VBA. When I run this program on other computer VB showes "Can't find project or library" error and all of the the common function like "Str" and "Left" and... are not known by BVA. I think I know the reason I have a missing references in my program.

first , can I check it before runing the program by a macro?
second, How can I solve the error?

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Microsft ADO 2.8 Library Missing

May 17, 2006

I have an Excel Macro that works fine on my server and some workstations. But I have a problem with a particular PC. This PC works with Windows XP Pro as OS, and has Ms Office XP (Excel included). Unfortunatelly when I run the macro on that PC I got this message: "Complie error: User-definde type not defined" I checked the vba project references and I found that the ADO 2.8 Library was missing. That seems to be the problem. How can I get the ADO 2.8 Library on that machine? Do I have to install some Excel component or maybe some add in?

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Can't Find Project Or Library ..

Nov 30, 2006

I have some project that works on my computer and doesn't work on other. When I run it on other computer it fail on functions right and mid, and throw "Can't Find Project Or Library". What the problem and how I may be sure that my project will run on other computers?

Fail on row:

My computer: Windows XP, Excel 2003
Failed computer: Windows 2000, Excel 2000

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Library Date Calculation

Jan 21, 2007

I am trying to create a system for a library but I don't know how to get the fines to automatically update day by day when a book is overdue.

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Library Of Important Code

Jun 11, 2007

I would like to build a "library" of important functions and sub routines in such a manner that the contents of the "library" (functions and sub routines) are always available whenever I work with any Excel file? Can someone kindly help and guide me to build and use/register this "library" concept (I don;t know what this concept is called in Excel)

At the moment the library will have only the following function but with passage of time and as I learn more about VBA, I would certainly be adding more functions/Sub routines to my library:

Function FindDataStartCell() As Range
' This function returns the start of data range

Dim rngFind As Range

If Len(ActiveSheet.Range("A1")) > 0 Then
Set FindDataStartCell = ActiveSheet.Range("A1")

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