Office 12 Library Reference

Jan 26, 2007

I have recently updated to Office 2007. I have about 50 forms with VBA in them (all excel) and I was careful to save them all back to 2003 office files. When one of my users opens the files and uses on of the internal userforms it errors out saying it is missing a reference.

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Outlook Object Library In Different Version Of Office

May 5, 2014

Our office has different versions of Office on different computers. We have a file containing macros specifically macros that interact with Outlook requiring the Outlook Object Library. If a 2013 opens and saves the file all the libraries get changed to 15.0. Then a 2010 Office opens the file ... the Excel Objects and Office Objects libraries change to 14.0 because of 2010, but then we getting the error about missing library. Instead of loading the Outlook 14.0 Object Library like it's supposed to the systems tries to find the 15.0, but can't find it and throws the error.

I have to manually go in to References and uncheck the Missing 15.0 outlook library and find and check the 14.0 one and click ok then the macros work fine.

My question is why do the other object libraries automatically change depending on the version of office and the outlook one doesn't.

Interestingly enough this doesn't happen the other way e.g. 2010 to 2013. Ones the file is saved using the 2010 with the 14.0 references 2013 has no issues converting those references to 15.0.

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Add Reference Programatically Based On Office Ver

Jun 12, 2008

Is it possible to determine the Version of Office / Outlook that is installed on a machine, an based on that, add a reference to the correct Microsoft Outlook com object library programatically?

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Add Library Reference Using VBA Code

Jan 9, 2010

I need to add a Reference to the "The Microsoft Visual Basic Extensibility Library 5.3" using VBA code in an Excel spreadsheet. I know how to do it going to Tools...References select the library etc, but I'd rather do it using VBA code so I don't have to do this extra step.

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Remove Reference Library Programmatically

Jan 11, 2010

I'm trying to programmatically add and remove the Outlook 11.0 Reference Library in Excel 2003. So far, I have found the following code which successfuly adds the reference:

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Reference Word Object Library Automatically

Apr 9, 2012

I am trying to make an excel vba reference the word 12.0 object library automatically without the user having to manually add them. How I can do this?

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Coding A Reference To The Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library

May 20, 2007

Is there a way that this can be coded so that when the workbook opens up it turns on the reference to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime library?

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Name Conflicts With Existing Module, Project Or Object Library. Adding Reference

Oct 5, 2007

In a workbook made in Excel 2003, I have the following for a UserForm:

Private Sub UserForm_Activate
Me.Calendar1.Value = Date
End Sub

I copied this workbook to a computer with Excel 2007 and it bombs out at "Date"
It comes up with a compile error, "Can't find project or library"

In the references window (Tools, References) it has the "Missing: Ref Edit Control" checked and the location at the bottom of this window states "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice11REFEDIT.DLL".

The reference to Office11 is from the computer with Office 2003 as the computer with Office 2007 has Office12.

There is another "Ref Edit Control" in the References window and when I check it and browse to the Office12 folder, highlight REFEDIT.Dll and click on open and in the references window on OK it comes up with "Name conflicts with existing module, project or object library". I have tried to delete the "Missing: Ref Edit Control", change the priority and change the reference in the missing control to Office12 but all to no avail.

How can I change the reference to the Ref Edit Control from Office11 to Office12?

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Library File Name: "Complier Error: Cann't Find Project Or Library

Mar 22, 2007

I am using Mid function in my program. During execution, i am getting the waring message of "Complier Error: Cann't find project or library".I am not able to find the what is the reason behind on it. If really the library file missing.

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Installing 2 Versions (or Office On Same Pc)

Nov 23, 2008

ive got my highly expensive office enterprise 2007 disk
what is the best way of installing this so i can still use 97 and 2007. any tips?
i wont bother with outlook but i'd like to try the rest ,mind you onenote,infopath and groove are a complete mystery!

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How To Change Language Of MS Office

Apr 24, 2013

how to change language of MS office.English language is not showing in options.Do I need to purchase language pack?I am using english language other than office.

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Office Web Components In 2007

May 5, 2009

I'm having a bit of an issue with OWC in 2007. I know they have been deprecated but I was under the impression, form many places including MS themself, that you could install them. I downloaded this file

and then the SP1 2007 file here

All seems to go well and there seems to be a appropriate .dll in c:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Components111033 by the name of OWCI11.DLL. However when I attempt to add a reference to that file in a VBA project in Excel (it's one that has an old broken reference to 2003 OWC) by browsing to that file it tells me

"Can't add a reference to the specified file"

What have I done wrong? Is what I am attempting, getting 2007 to use OWC, even possible? Note I did not write any of the code for this Excel Add-in so have very little idea about what OWC are for.

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Macro Cannot Run On Office 2007

Apr 10, 2007

I got a copy of Office 2007 and I am having some trouble running an Excel macro. It gives a 405 Error message. This macro runs fine on my Office 2003. Is there any extra setting that I need to do in the Excel 2007?

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VB Script Works In Office Xp But Not 97

Jun 26, 2006

I create a vb script file using SAS that will open excel and create pivot tables. It works in XP but not in office 97. I am not a vb expert. Here is the code.

Set XL = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
XL.Workbooks.OpenText "D:JDTEMPXLWORKBOOK.TXT", 437, 1, 1, -4142, _
False, False, False, False, False, True, "|", _
array( _
array(1, 2), _
array(2, 2), _
array(3, 1), _
array(4, 1), _
array(5, 2), _
array(6, 2), _
array(7, 2), _
array(8, 2), _
array(9, 2) _ ............................

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Office Stock Order

Feb 17, 2007

My organisation has ten small offices within a ten mile radius.

Most of the items to order are office supplies, along with order forms, catalogues, brochures and pro-formas.

Each office does not order the same items.

I would like to make a ‘generic’ supplies order in excel.

Column A = ‘in house’ code
Column B = Description
Columns C to G are size, colour, pack size etc.
Column H = quantity held
Column I = quantity required to hold
Column J = amount to re-order.

I would like Excel to calculate

Amount to bring stock to hold - “=I4-h4” (in J4)

If Current Stock is more than Stock to Hold then ‘0’ is in J4, “=IF(H4<I4, I14-H14,0)” (in J4) I think.

If H4 is left blank then J4 to show “0” or ‘Blank’. (experiments have given J4 a figure of 25)

I have tried putting two formulas together, but Excel tells me I have ‘too many arguments’.

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Run A Check To See If Call Came In During Office Hours

May 30, 2014

I have call data for a client and I want to know what calls came in after hours. I cant seem to get the formulas to work correctly.

It seems to run the weekday/weekend check correctly but the time is not working properly.

=IF(WEEKDAY(A2,2)>5,"Party",IF(AND(B2<=9,B2>=17),"Party","no Party"))

P.S. While writing this, I realized that it should be (<=9 OR >=17) or (>=9 AND <=17) but neither of those worked either.


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Multiple If Statements In Open Office?

Feb 12, 2014

Im looking to make a formula that states if b3 =10 then a. if b3=12 then b, if b3= 14, then c, if b3=16 then d. A, B, C, D are referring to links to another sheet.

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Slow Saving File Office 10.5 (Mac)

Sep 26, 2008

In certain spreadsheets I have noticed a significant deterioration in save times. There may/may not have any formulas or macros on them and most are very small files 20-50kb. I notice that Excel puts a temporary file on the desktop while saving the original. The temp file goes away once the original is saved. While saving, I get the time icon which goes to beachball and it can take up to a minute to save the file. This happens on 2-3 Macs on network. Using 10.5

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Score Card To Be Viewed In Office XP

Jun 15, 2009

I have a scorecard created in excel 2007. All my end users are using excel 2002. Now I want to build a scorecard in Excel 2002 like what we have in excel 2007. Is it possible.

I want to display the traffic signals and 5 level indicators (arrows), based on conditional formatting.

This is out of box in excel 2007. But how do I achieve this in excel 2002?
Is there a simple method?

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Send Data Between Other Office Programs

Jun 28, 2007

Is it possible to send the contents of a cell to outlook via VBA trigger?

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Office 2007 - Where Has The 'do You Want To Update Links' Box Gone

Jan 14, 2008

I'm opening an Excel file that automatically attempts to update links when I open it, but I am not prompted with the choice to cancel, or update links, when I open the file, like I was in Office 2003.

I have checked the Excel Options, Advanced, General, 'Ask to update automatic links' box, but I still don't get the dialog box when I open the file.

The file is just riddled with VALUE errors. A colleague of mine who opens the file in Office 2003 can see all the data fine.

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Group And Ungroup With Mac Office 2004

Dec 19, 2007

Can any Mac users out there confirm that if a sheet is protected that a user cannot group and ungroup rows using the "+" if the sheet is protected using the following...

With Sheet1
.Protect Password:="******", UserInterfaceOnly:=True
.EnableOutlining = True
End With

It works fine on my PC Office 2003 but I hear it won't work on a Mac but I can't confirm it.

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Macro To Paste First Item In Office Clipboard?

Feb 3, 2014

I created a macro that will do a subtotal and copy the value then undo the subtotal and delete all the values(i dont need the actual raw data, just need the subtotal). i noticed when i do a copy, i have to paste from the office clipboard. is there a macro i can use to paste from the first item on the list?

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Run-time Error 1004 :: When On Office 2003

Mar 13, 2006

I have a Access database as a frontend sending data via transferspreadsheet to Excel. All works well in the A2k and Excel 2k in which it was built. I need to distribute to other users and some have Office 2003 which has caused some problems with Object Libraries but I have made a modified XL2003 version to load on those systems. However, I get a Run-time error 1004, "Application defined or Object defined Error" and the debugger stops on the following line of code that should be underlined ....

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Take My Sheet (using Office 2003) And Paste It In Outlook

Aug 3, 2007

a macro that will take my excel sheet (using office 2003) and then pasted it in outlook.

Also I need cell A1 and cell B1 pasted in the subject line.

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Vista Home Premium - 2007 Office

Feb 15, 2009

I have an older laptop with XP and 2007 Office / Excel this works, with the new laptop doesn't work?

basically - I open a new spreadsheet - blank - just basic

I used to be able to click the data tab, then click From Access, then enter my URL to an access database on my website and BAM my data would populate in cell A1

with VISTA - I get the same error over and over again, tried a different XP machine, no problem? What gives?

error box states: Microsoft Office Excel cannot access the file [url]
there are several possible reasons.

the file name or path does not exist
the file is being used
workbook has the same name

I'm starting to really hate VISTA after about 3hrs with this new laptop!

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Application.filesearch Replacement For Office 2007

Jun 20, 2007

In the following thread, richphillips wonders about Application.Filesearch
Application.filesearch In Office 2007

Is there a replacement for this? I have several macros that use Application.Filesearch and I would like it to work not only with Excel 2003 but also with Excel 2007. This is the function

Function CreateFileList(FileFilter As String, _
IncludeSubFolder As Boolean) As Variant
' returns the full filename for files matching
' the filter criteria in the current folder
Dim FileList() As String, FileCount As Long
CreateFileList = ""
Erase FileList
If FileFilter = "" Then FileFilter = "*.*" ' all files
Debug.Print CurDir
strFolder = BrowseForFolderShell(, , , 0)
If strFolder = "" Then
MsgBox "You Cancelled"
Exit Function
End If............

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Missing Library

Sep 27, 2006

Can anyone answer this one for me - why does this piece of code run on some machines but not on others - I suspect it is something to do with a missing library but I have no idea which one.

When the code fails it highlights the word " Date" inside the brackets

TrainingDateBox.Value = FormatDateTime(Date, vbLongDate)

Is there an alternative code?

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Employee Titles Matching Office Types Verification

Apr 17, 2014

I am trying to have a column that returns either "secure" or "re-assignable" depending on whether the employees title matches the appropriate office/ space allocation.

e.g. an employee who's title is "CEO" and office type is "Large Exterior Office" would return a secure. However an employee with a title of "Admin Assistant", who's office type is "Large Exterior Office" would return "re-assignable"

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Turn On View Vba Code In Apple MAC Office 2008

Aug 19, 2009

how i can turn on view vba code in Apple MAC office 2008.

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