Remove Reference Library Programmatically

Jan 11, 2010

I'm trying to programmatically add and remove the Outlook 11.0 Reference Library in Excel 2003. So far, I have found the following code which successfuly adds the reference:

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Programmatically Remove A Control From Userform

Nov 17, 2009

Suppose I have a userform named myUserForm and a checkbox on it named myCheckBox. How on earth do I remove myCheckBox from myUserForm at run time? I've tried every which way I can think and I always get "error 444". Some things I've tried are:

myUserForm.Controls.Remove "myCheckBox"
myUserForm.Controls.RemoveControls "myCheckBox"

I've put this in a standard module, the ThisWorkbook module, even in the myUserForm code module and each time it's the same error.

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Programmatically Built UserForm Doesn't Always Remove Itself?

Nov 7, 2011

I have wirtten a sub routine that builds a userForm dynamically based on user specific data. The form builds just fine and 9 times out of 10 the code at the end of the sub routine removes the form from the workbook. Since it's built on the fly I don't bother renaming the form. The times when it does not remove itself and the user restarts the program, part of the code written to the forms module references "UserForm1". and the the code halts. I know there is a way I can verify that UserForm1 has been removed and if not remove it before executing the next sub routine, I'm just tired and can't remember anything. Note that the UserForm1 contains CommandButtons that direct the user to Static UserForms that do not get removed, and those can trigger the sub routine to rebuild the dynamic UserForm.

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Remove References Programmatically & How To Prevent Debug Error

Jun 19, 2009

i m working on an excel 2007 workbook with ms project functionality. in order to be able to use ms project from within excel i m using early binding. for those who dont know what early binding is:

this works fine if the user has ms project installed on his/her pc.

if the user does not have ms project installed i remove the broken references. this works fine.

but my problem is that when i remove the reference to ms project, my vba project will not compile correctly. thus each time when a user opens the workbook the user gets a "compile error in hidden module" , since the functions of ms project are not available.

for example i get a compile error in the following source
Public Function getResID(ResName As String, ActiveProject As Project) As Integer
Dim res As Resource
For Each res In ActiveProject.Resources
If = ResName Then
getResID = res.ID
Exit Function
End If
getResID = -1
End Function
i just want to know what i can do to prevent the compile error? would the use of late binding remove the problem? actually i dont want to use late binding since my source code is already very complex and it would be a huge effort to change it.

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Add Library Reference Using VBA Code

Jan 9, 2010

I need to add a Reference to the "The Microsoft Visual Basic Extensibility Library 5.3" using VBA code in an Excel spreadsheet. I know how to do it going to Tools...References select the library etc, but I'd rather do it using VBA code so I don't have to do this extra step.

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Office 12 Library Reference

Jan 26, 2007

I have recently updated to Office 2007. I have about 50 forms with VBA in them (all excel) and I was careful to save them all back to 2003 office files. When one of my users opens the files and uses on of the internal userforms it errors out saying it is missing a reference.

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Reference Word Object Library Automatically

Apr 9, 2012

I am trying to make an excel vba reference the word 12.0 object library automatically without the user having to manually add them. How I can do this?

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Coding A Reference To The Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library

May 20, 2007

Is there a way that this can be coded so that when the workbook opens up it turns on the reference to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime library?

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Name Conflicts With Existing Module, Project Or Object Library. Adding Reference

Oct 5, 2007

In a workbook made in Excel 2003, I have the following for a UserForm:

Private Sub UserForm_Activate
Me.Calendar1.Value = Date
End Sub

I copied this workbook to a computer with Excel 2007 and it bombs out at "Date"
It comes up with a compile error, "Can't find project or library"

In the references window (Tools, References) it has the "Missing: Ref Edit Control" checked and the location at the bottom of this window states "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice11REFEDIT.DLL".

The reference to Office11 is from the computer with Office 2003 as the computer with Office 2007 has Office12.

There is another "Ref Edit Control" in the References window and when I check it and browse to the Office12 folder, highlight REFEDIT.Dll and click on open and in the references window on OK it comes up with "Name conflicts with existing module, project or object library". I have tried to delete the "Missing: Ref Edit Control", change the priority and change the reference in the missing control to Office12 but all to no avail.

How can I change the reference to the Ref Edit Control from Office11 to Office12?

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Library File Name: "Complier Error: Cann't Find Project Or Library

Mar 22, 2007

I am using Mid function in my program. During execution, i am getting the waring message of "Complier Error: Cann't find project or library".I am not able to find the what is the reason behind on it. If really the library file missing.

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Not Sure How To Remove VB Reference From My Spreadsheet

Feb 20, 2009

I am a casual user of Excel...and not that advanced..but I have noticed that on some of my spreadsheets there is a probelm making an entry or editing via the control F2 key.

When I go to enter either, this blue box appears..."MS Viisual Basic"..with "Can't find project or library"..and if I hit goes to another box that says "References VBAProject"..and then if I hit OK the entry goes in. I think so how along the line I must have made some entry that looks like Basic..for I have not deliberately done that, as I do not know or have used Basic. So how or what do I do to get this out of my spreadsheet?

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Remove Reference From Copied Sheet

Apr 11, 2007

How do I copy a sheet into a new workbook without the formulas referring to the old workbook? For example, formulas end up like this: = SUMIF('[BAS05-07to09.xls]IN'!$B$6:$B$62,101,'[BAS05-07to09.xls]IN'!$E$6:$E$62). I want them to come across as I originally had them, like this: =SUMIF(IN!$B$6:$B$62,101,IN!$E$6:$E$62). here are too many to do it manually each time.

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Multiple Combo Box Reference List But Remove Used Values

Aug 8, 2013

i have a list of 5 teams in a named range ("teams") within a worksheet.

On a userform I have 5 combo boxes.

What I would like to have is an easy way to remove a used name in the list for the next combo box.

i.e. someone selects team a in combobox1, combobox2 then has a list of team b,c,d and e. I'll be locking the combo boxes and writing code so the next one will unlock if the previous box is populated.

i also need this to work if someone puts team c in first combobox this then gets removed in combobox2 then in combobox2 they input team e then both these values are removed for combobox3.

only way I can think of doing it is creating a lot of named ranges and using a lot of if then code which I'd like to avoid.

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Macro To Remove External Reference Path From Buttons

Jun 11, 2008

I have a little boo-boo I need to fix. I have a customer that has about 100 workbooks. I needed to add some functions to them so I made up a new sheet of forms and buttons as well as a series of new macros to bring into these workbooks. I knew I couldn't import the macros, so I added the module containing those by hand to all workbooks. I then imported a master copy of the new sheet from a master file i use to hold my working macros. The problem is the buttons on the new sheeets in each workbook now references the master workbook for the macro name, even though each workbook has the same macro of the same name in itself.

My question is, can I make a macro that will edit all the buttons on a specific named sheet (maintenance is the sheet name) in a workbook and take out the external reference.

For example, instead of the assigned macro pointing to c:master.xls!macro1 i just want it to call macro1. And yes, I can go into them and do it by hand. Do I want to manually edit 100 workbooks for a dozen buttons each? No. I want to automate it if I can. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. It would save me a bunch of time.

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Programmatically UpdateNamed Range

Jan 8, 2009

Programmatically UpdateNamed Range. Is it possibly to update a named range via VBA?

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Programmatically Add Listbox On Every Worksheet

Sep 15, 2012

Macro which will add a Listbox (Form control - not ActiveX) on each worksheet and give a sequential name to each ListBox.

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Programmatically Change Protected Add-in Using VBE?

Feb 10, 2013

The coding of the actual changes in the different modules is performing fine ...

But, I am stuck .. with two instructions : how to remove Add In password, and, how to set its IsAddIn property to false .

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Navigating To A Web Page Programmatically

Feb 1, 2008

Until recently I successfully used this code to navigate to a web page and populate some of it's boxes, before programatically pressing the page's "Validate" button, whereupon the page would test the data I'd populated the boxes with, and come back with an answer to tell me if there were any errors in my data:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Dim uf1_cbutt1_click_ie As Object

Set uf1_cbutt1_click_ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

Can anyone shed any light on how I may be able to programatically navigate with VBA to the page I want? I'm also having trouble finding the new name of the "Validate" button - and how to programatically click it.

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Incrementing Range Programmatically

Sep 20, 2006

I have the following function that looks at a range of data and deletes duplicate entries in each column. I want to change the range that is examined programmatically, rather than having to retype it for each range in this huge sheet! I have subtotaled and counted the rows in each range, so I know how many there are, but I'm stumped as to how to increment teh range correctly. I'm attaching a small sample of my data. The full sheet is 30,000+ rows and 94 columns.

Sub DelDups2()
Dim rngSrc As Range
Dim NumRows As Integer
Dim NumCols As Integer
Dim ThisRow As Integer
Dim ThatRow As Integer
Dim ThisCol As Integer
Dim J As Integer, K As Integer, x As Integer
Set rngSrc = ActiveSheet.Range("c68", "cr70")
NumCols = 94
NumRows = rngSrc.Rows.Count
ThisRow = rngSrc.Row
ThatRow = ThisRow + NumRows - 1
ThisCol = rngSrc.Column
For x = 1 To NumCols
For J = ThisRow To (ThatRow - 1)
If Cells(J, ThisCol) > "" Then................

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Attach Vba Code Programmatically

Jun 16, 2007

I have a VBA procedure that I need to be able to link/attach to an excel file which is created on the fly, and I need to do this programatically / on the fly. Basically, currently from my front end app, I output the necessary data to excel, and then format that data in excel using vba code sent through OLE to excel. Right after the formatting is done, I would like to then send the necessary vba commands to excel that would take my existing VBA sub routine, link it somehow to my excel file (by inserting it as a macro?, by registering/linking it as a .bas file?, any other options/ideas?), and then give the user a button or shortcut in the excel file that will run that VBA sub routine.

The underlined part above is my main goal here, and I already have the rest covered. I know there is more than one solution for this, but I would prefer a solution that allows me to store the vba code in the excel file itself, so that I only need to distribute the .xls file whenever I want to deploy this spreadsheet somewhere new.

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Programmatically Lock/unlock Vba

Aug 7, 2007

Is it possible to lock/unlock the VBA code in a workbook through VBA from another workbook? I wish to copy modules from one workbook to another, both workbooks will have the VBA code password protected to stop prying eyes. Obviously I need to unlock the VBA in the target workbook before the copy and lock it again afterwards. Can this be done programatically? If there is no function in VBA to do this can you provide an example of how to do it using SendKeys if that is the only way to do it?

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Use Script To Programmatically Create Hyperlink

Jan 31, 2014

I want to use script to programmatically create Hyperlink in multiple cells. The Hyperlink will trigger a macro event and run a simple command using the "PC Name" as input variable. The Hyperlink should have:

-Text to display: - different "PC Name" in each cell

-Type the cell reference: - corresponding to the cell where the Hyperlink is inserted

-Link to: - Place in This Document

I tried using cell formula, but it always default to "Existing File or Web Page".


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Placing Button Programmatically On Worksheet

Feb 14, 2014

I have an expanding worksheet and would like to move a button so that it is always near the bottom of the worksheet data. When the button is pressed it reworks the worksheet and adds in some additional rows (up to 10 max). I'd like it so that the procedure also moves the button down keeping it in line with approximately the last row of data but not sure how to do this with vba...

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Programmatically Selecting Multiple Shapes

Feb 16, 2005

Trying to select multiple shapes based on shape properties. The missing piece is the code to select the shapes. The examples in the help use the 'Array' function with a list of shape names.

Is there a way to select a random set of shapes without using the Array function?

Or how does one build a list for use with the Array function?

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VBA Code To Programmatically Click CommandButton?

Jan 4, 2013

To refresh a UserForm ListBox when new items are added, I Unload and Show the Userform as part of the procedure.

Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()
'do stuff
'do some more stuff
'do a few more things
'finish doing stuff
Unload Me
This returns the UserForm to its Initialized state and displays the refreshed list.

But, this requires the user to click CommandButton6 to continue adding additional items. If CommandButton4 code could click CommandButton6, the UserForm would Show in its "add item" state...I think. Is there a way to programmatically click a CommandButton?

I've already tried 8,321 ways without success...(OK, maybe only 4 ways)

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Change Range Length Programmatically?

Aug 19, 2013

I have a workbook that contains a form with cells that use choice list validation. It also contains a worksheet with all the choice lists. Each choice list is a named range. The form is used to collect data that is new and from historical records. The historical records contain entries that are no longer allowed in new data. To allow for the older data I have choice lists (named ranges) that contain both the new and obsolete choices. This is a data problem waiting to happen. I would like to be able to have the user tell the workbook if the data is new or historical. If new I would only provide them with current choices. If historical, I would provide them with all choices, current and obsolete.

I would link the VBA script to change expand the ranges when told the data being entered is historical. The problem is I don't know how to code such a script. For example one of the cells has as current choices W, M, D. The range would be named MoistureState and the range would be A2:A4. There is one obsolete choice, E. If the Historical data button was clicked the MoistureState range would change from A2:A4 to A2:A5.

How would one go about expanding the named range?

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Assigning MouseOver Events Programmatically?

Jan 7, 2014

What I have is a list of data on a sheet. Through some code, I would like to visualize my data in a certain way. What I currently have is a grid, each square corresponding to a single data point. I would like to assign a tooltip to a label that will be sitting on top each of these squares.

What I have so far: I have a userform which will be populated by labels programmatically. I am doing it like this because there are at least a few thousand labels to be created. I am currently doing it like this:

counter = 15
For i = 1 To 20
For j = 1 To numrows


Essentially, what I have is a grid, and I would like to change the letter "x" in the label to another color when the mouse is hovering over the label.

Is this the correct way of achieving what I want, or is there a better way? Is there a way of assigning a single mouseover/hover event to the label once it has been created? (All these labels can be handled by a single function to just change the text color).

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Programmatically Generate Table From Textfile?

May 19, 2014

I am trying to create a table (listobject) from a textfile datasource on a shared drive.

How to get this over the line, I have the following code which I am struggling to finish.

Sub Testing
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim ws2 As Worksheet
Dim lo As ListObject
Const Pathway As String = "F:Scripting"
Const File As String = "Log.txt"


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Adding Menu Buttons Programmatically

Aug 19, 2009

I have a suite of subroutines and functions stored in an .xla file, which other users have access to. It's installed on the local machine via macro which installs a user defined menu to access them from. Howerver, when an XL chart worksheet is active, this menu doesn't appear and there are a couple of functions where it would be useful to have access to when viewing such a chart. I've noticed user defined toolbar icons are available in this view, so would like to use these to access the relevant routines. I know you can insert them in code (macro recorder) but is it possible to assign macros to them from the same code? Alternatively, is it possible to show my user defined menu in chart sheets as well as normal worksheets?

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Speed Up Code To Programmatically Hide Rows?

Feb 16, 2013

I have a very complex report with a variable numbers of rows in multiple sections. I am evaluating whether to display each row with a formula in the first column (those that I don't want to display have a "H" in the first column).

The following code works fine, but it takes forever. Ideally I wanted to trigger the code on the Worksheet_Activate() event but its so inefficient that I can't do that.

On Error Goto Errorhandling
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.EnableEvents = False
Application.Calculation = xlManual
Application.StatusBar = "Processing..."

[Code] .....

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