Combine Dropbox Selections Into New Columns?

Mar 13, 2014


What I'm after is an easier way to get data combined without having to type it all out. If you look above I would like to have A-C actually as dropbox's or listbox's, something I can click, then drop down to the proper name and select it. Then on E I'd like a timestamp for when this action was done with the date and time as shown along with the reason. Then in F I'd like the Name fields combined so I just need to right-click on F and copy/paste into the other program I use.

Maybe one column can just be the names of everyone with a selection box and I click this stuff then when I am done it resets?

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Linking 2 Columns To Fill 2 Columns In Dropbox List?

Mar 3, 2014

It's quite easy, I am trying to do a droplist (that's easy) but I want that drop list to take infos on 2 different columns and fill the 2 columns I want in the main sheet (see attachment)

On tab 'dealers' I have dealers name and account numbers. On tab 'Mileage' I have a cell call "NAME' and a cell call 'Accnt #/NB'. Here is what I want to do:

On sheet 'Mileage' I want to choose from a drop list a dealer name and I want Excel to populate the cell "Accnt#/NB" automatically by chosing the account number that is appropriate to the dealer choosen which is column 'B' in the dealers tab.

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VB- For Multiple Columns With Different Dropdown Selections

Apr 16, 2009

Below is an IF CASE VB code i was using yesterday. I am coming to a dilemma. There can be multiple columns on this one particular spreadsheet that will have different selections from the dropdown that was created. For example in column B "VIRTUAL" could be selected which will hide the rows specified in the code below, but in column C "PHYSICAL" might be selected which requires other rows to be displayed but the rows for the selection in column B need to stay displayed. I am thinking the best way to do this might be to color code cels within each column based upon selections but how can a cel be color coded based upon a specific selection from the dropdown?

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Swap 2 Mouse Click Selections After Resizing Selections

Jul 7, 2013

I am trying to take two random Mouse click selections and swap a set of ranges associated with the cells that are selected. For example if the user clicks on A1 it will resize(3,22) and store the selection as a variable to be swapped with another selection. Here is what I have so far but I keep getting a object required error on rngEmp1.

Sub SwapGroup()
If Selection.Cells.Count < 8 Then
MsgBox "Please Select two Groups to swap. Press and hold 'Ctrl' in between your selections", , "Swap Groups"

[Code] .....

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Multi-Select Listbox Selections To Different Columns

Feb 11, 2014

I am currently setting up a userform where one of the options is for an error code (chosen from a listbox) but the user has to be able to select multiple codes. I have the below working if it is NOT multi select, works a dream and goes in the right column.

If ListBox2.Text = "A1" Then
LastRow.Offset(1, 20).Value = "x"
ElseIf ListBox2.Text = "A2" Then
LastRow.Offset(1, 21).Value = "x"

But as soon as I set it to mutliselect and choose say A1 and A2 neither one writes, I imagine because Listbox2.text is now A1,A2 and not just one or the other.

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Carrying Out LINES To Selections Of Data In 2 Columns

Jul 29, 2013

Power (kW)
Head (m)
Mass Flow (kg/s)




The data I have looks like above, with the Head increasing by 0.1m after a changing number of rows. What I would like to do is to select the Power and Mass flow rate where the head is constant, I.e all of the power to the left of 30.00 and all of the mass flow for 30.00 and produce coefficients of a 6th order polynomial which for 30.00 looks like :Head (m)



As the data goes down, there are different numbers of rows with constant head value, i.e 14 rows of 30.00m and 7 for 35m. I am trying to run a macro that will give me 150 rows of the coefficients of the 6th order fit line for each head value.

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How To Combine Multiple Columns Into Long List Of Results In 2 Final Columns

Oct 15, 2013

I have a need to combine multiple columns into a long list of results in 2 final columns. Here is my example...

Current layout with varying number of data points per row...

ColumnA | ColumnB | ColumnC | ColumnD | etc...
example1 | Test1 | Test2 | Test3 | Test4
example2 | Option1 | Option2
example3 | Number1 | Number2 | Number3 | Number4 | Number5

Desired Result

ColumnA | ColumnB
example1 | Test1
example1 | Test2
example1 | Test3
example1 | Test4
example2 | Option1
example2 | Option2
example3 | Number1
example3 | Number2

and so on and on and on until all rows have been filled in down the file...

Is this possible?

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Making Dropbox From Datatable?

May 6, 2014

I am a Coach who will be using this data table to call pitches via a catcher's wristband. The band is obviously completed below; however, I need to create a separate sheet where the numbers correlate to the pitches that are being called. How it works: everything in the table(s) with a dash is a pitch i.e. 2-1, 1-3, 1-U, etc. The numbers on the columns and row are what is relayed to the catcher to call the corresponding pitch. For example, I would signal is 113 (first number = row second number = column). 113 is 4-1. I need a way/ formula to where I can see which numbers are to be relayed in for each pitch. It would possible look like 2-1: 101, 411, 422, 501, etc.

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Conditional DropBox (5 Variables)

Jun 11, 2014

I have a table with a lot of variables and i need to extract some of the values of that are conditionated by 5 variables and put them in a drop box. How can I do that???

The first picture is a part of my "help table" and the second is the table that i want to fill.

In yellow are the problems...


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Sum Based On Dropbox Date

Jan 31, 2014

I have a drop down box in "U2" which is pulling a date. 31/01/2014, 28/02/2014 and so on..

In "S6:AD6" I have the same dates. I want to be able to, in "AE16" have a sum from anything before or equal to the figure in "U2".

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Can Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick Work Over A DropBox?

May 13, 2009

I have a macro procedure that runs when doubleClick. This procedure is writen on the Sheet code under the "Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Excel.Range, Cancel As Boolean)".

I realize that when there is a dropBox, the procedure does not start. It drops the dropBox menu instead of running the Macro.

Is there any way to make the procedure run even when doubleclicking on DropBoxes?

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Use Dropbox When Sheet Is Protected

Jan 26, 2009

I have a dropbox located on a sheet which other information needs to remain protected.

How do we give access to users to the dropbox while the remainder of the sheet is protected?

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Incorporating DropBox Files Within Excel

Oct 31, 2013

I have a number of files organised in a number of folders on Dropbox. I create a macro to enable me to be able to navigate to a particular folder and then get a list of all the files in that folder to be placed within certain cells on the spreadsheet I'm working with in Excel.

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Using Macro VBA To Select From Dropbox On Webpage

Nov 4, 2013

The thing is I can open ie explorer and navigate to the page I need. What I'd like to do is be able to select from a drop box on the web page when it's already open is this at all possible.

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Combine Many Columns To One

Nov 17, 2009

Essentially need a macro to combine the columns into 1 column.

Need a Macro to put everything in each "box" into one column, for example CU is the end of the first box, CV to GP is the second box ect. Essentially a box is the row where the yellow line is to the column where the yellow column is.

The problem is the setup of these colums change, sometimes they are bigger sometimes smaller and the spaces beneth it change. Sometimes I might have a column which goes to row 18 followed by 3 blank rows then the yellow box

I first design the first colum then select that and drag across to complete the rest ( my real file has links ect )

So I need a macro in which it can scan the first column up to the yellow line then put everthing within a "box " into 1 column, each )

then repeat the same process for other boxes with each box being put in its own column ( preferablly leaving an empty column in between )

THe file itself will help clarify any problem, if this request is not possible if it could combine every column into 1 column ( along with the spaces to the yellow line ) that would help also, i could manually cut each box into another column then.

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Combine The Columns

Dec 3, 2006

I need to find a way i can easily combine a1, b1, c1, d1, and so on, about a 100 of the, i need to combine, each one has different text that needs to become together. I know one forumula =a1&" " &b1&" " &c1, but doing that for about 100 colums, would take for ever, is there a easier way?

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Combine Two Lists (All Columns)

Mar 29, 2013

excel help.xlsx

I would like to combine these two lists (all of the columns).

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Combine Multiple Columns Into One Row

Aug 26, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that has identical data in column A throughout the worksheet and want to take data in columns F and G and combine them all onto one row. An example of the data is attached.

test example.xlsx

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Combine Two Columns From Different Worksheets

Nov 22, 2008

I have two worksheets with a column of part numbers. I am trying to combine them in a new worksheet and remove duplicates.

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Combine Two Columns Which Both Contain A Lot Of Characters

Dec 19, 2009

I have content in two columns side by side. A total of 1650 rows. I am trying to merge the content of both rows using =A1 & " " & B1 however, it is truncating the content I guess because the cells contain too many characters. How do I merge the contents of the two columns successfully?

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Combine Data From Two Columns

Feb 16, 2007

I am trying to do something that would look at column B and for each value that is the same in any row in column B, it would look to column A and add that value into a text string of all those values in column C separated by commas.

example, If A1=37294 A2=37295 A3 = 37296 A4=37297 A5 = 37298 and B1 = abc B2=ABC B3=ABC B4=XYZ and B5=XYZ I want C1 to result in 37294,37295,37296. And I want C2 to result in 37294,37295,37296 and C3 to result in 37294,37295,37296 and C4 to result in 37297,37298 and C5 to result in 37297,37298.

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Combine Columns, Intercalate

Jul 12, 2007

I have data in two columns (A and B), which I need to combine into one column (C) in intercalating order: C1 = A1, C2 = B1, C3 = A2, C4 = B2 and so on.....
Is there a simple way to do it ?

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Range Name + String As Source For Data Validation DropBox

Jul 16, 2009

I have several cells with data validation's drop Box. Every data validation uses a range name as source (myColorList). Here goes the hard part: I need a new value inside the dropBox list, but The problem is that I can NOT modify the "myColorList" range.

-- Is there any way to build up the dropbox source using the range name and the new value? Something like

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Combine 2 Columns With 3 Choices Into 1 Column?

Feb 18, 2014

I have 2 columns "H" and "I" from line 6 to 409. Each cell may start with AR , MA or a number. If cell H6 starts with AR I would like to put that cell into B6. If H6 does not have AR then I would like to check I6 for AR, and put that into B6 if it's found. If I don't find AR in either I would check them both for MA, and write the cell that finds MA into B6. If the AR or MA are not found then I would want it left blank. I did try

IF(FIND("AR",$H7,1),$H7,IF(FIND("AR",$I7,1),$I7,IF(FIND("MA",$H7,1),$H7,IF(FIND("MA",$I7,1),$I7," ")))) in B7.

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Combine Data From Multiple Columns

Jan 8, 2014

My workbook contains information about investigations. Each investigation gets a number and a line in the workbook. Many infos are stored: dates, subject, ...

A dynamic table contains all those informations, which allows me to manipulate data pretty easily.

Issue: For one of the characteristics of the investigation (let's say names), several results might have to be entered. For example, one investigation can have 3 different names, the next one only 2 and another one can have 6.

This causes a problem regarding the manipulation of the data.

Right now I have 10 columns "name 1" "name 2" .... and only those who need to be filled are filled. I can't however efficiently manipulate the data. For example, George could have been entered in "name 1" for the investigation 1 and in "name 2" for another investigation. Using a pivottable, to track George I'd have to select him in all 10 columns.

It seems to me the best choice would be to somehow index the names into a single column with each name linked to its investigation number..

With the index function I have 2 issues:

- It starts by going down the 1st column, then goes to 2nd, ... where I'd want all names of 1 row then names of 2nd row.

Solved this with this formula:

I turned my "names" columns in a ranged name "Names"

but - When fields are empty I get 0s. When I try to remove them with an if statement, it'll just give me empty cells. I'd prefer to skip the empty cells.

Also, I don't know how to 'link' them to my investigation number...

I have this (dynamic) table:

investigation number name 1 name 2 name 3
001 George Paul
002 Chris George Suzy

And I want something like this:

Investigation number Names
001 George
001 Paul
002 Chris
002 George
002 Suzy

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Combine Two Dynamic Columns Into One Column

Nov 13, 2008

i need to take all cells in column A with values and all cells in column B with values and combine them into column C so i can sort and subtotal. Columns A and B may have 2 values or 2000 values.

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CountIF Combine The Results From Two Columns

Feb 15, 2009

I have two columns A and B. Column A contains 'Machine Nr' and column B contain 'Week Nr'. In cell C1 i want to write a function so that it counts the number of weeks in Column B where week number is 4 AND the machine nr is 1 in column nr A.

Column A Column B
Machine Nr Week Nr
1 4
1 4
2 4
2 4
3 4
3 4

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How To Combine Two Columns To Make Phone #s.

Feb 1, 2010

I have two columns of numbers. The first is the area code and second is the phone number. How can I combine the two columns to make one with both: as in area code-phone number?

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Combine Time Scattered In Different Columns?

Mar 9, 2014

I need to combine the time scattered in different columns and align them daywise.

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Combine Data From Multiple Columns In To One

Sep 2, 2009

I have attached a spreadsheet. I have a data set with ID's in column A and data in columns to the right. If an ID has only one entry then there will only be a value in column B if an ID has 2 entries then there will be a value in Columns B and C, if they have 3.......... And so on....

In my attached file I have created a macro that filters each column and copies the values to another sheet. If an ID had 5 entries (B-F) I would want to have 5 rows for that ID. The attached example macro does what I want but the real data has over 50 columns. Is there a more efficient way of doing this?

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