Swap 2 Mouse Click Selections After Resizing Selections

Jul 7, 2013

I am trying to take two random Mouse click selections and swap a set of ranges associated with the cells that are selected. For example if the user clicks on A1 it will resize(3,22) and store the selection as a variable to be swapped with another selection. Here is what I have so far but I keep getting a object required error on rngEmp1.

Sub SwapGroup()
If Selection.Cells.Count < 8 Then
MsgBox "Please Select two Groups to swap. Press and hold 'Ctrl' in between your selections", , "Swap Groups"

[Code] .....

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How To Use Selections In One Combobox To Filter Selections In Another Combobox

May 8, 2008

I'm trying to use combobox1, say, department, to filter items listed in combobox2, say, employees. I don't want all employees from different departments listed in the combobox2 so as to make the user spend time looking, but only names of a particular department once that department is selected in combobox1.

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Listbox Selections

Apr 19, 2006

I have a userform with multiple buttons and a listbox. When any button is clicked on, a listbox is created. The user selects various items on the listbox. Then the user clicks another button and selects other items based on a new list. If user goes back to click the original button, the original list shows up, but the selected items are not highlighted. Is there any way to keep those original selections highlighted (selected)?

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Pasting Multiple Selections Next To Each Other

Jun 13, 2013

What I'm trying to do is to select multiple groups of cells (say 5x4) which are below each other, but then paste them next to each other

For example, copy cells A1:E4, A8:E11, A15:E18 and paste them to A20:E23, A23:E26, A27:E26

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Order Selections Contigously

Dec 15, 2008

On one sheet I have a long list of items which I need my users to scroll down and, when needed, fill in a value next to the appropriate item in the list. Most of the list items will not need anything inputting against them. Then on a different sheet I need a nice tidy summary list which only shows those list items which have an input against them.

The bit I canít do is getting these few items to display (on a separate sheet) in a nice neat all together, contiguous way - ie with no gaps. Also I need to populate this summary list automatically. ie after each entry.

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Tallying Dropdown Selections

Mar 26, 2009

how to track selections from a dropdown menu, I have 8 selections under the dropdown that are being selected from a list. Next to the list I want to have the total of the number of times it was selected on the dropdown. I've tried the data>subtotals, but It only seems to create 0's under the dropdown box.

I dont want the totals in the dropdown box I want it next to the list of 8.

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Can Inputbox Have Selections For User?

Sep 18, 2009

I have not used Inputboxes or Userforms much. I have read through some of the messages here, but I need to learn more about them. I need to create some type of user interface, where the user would be asked to select between two choices. Based on the choice made, a macro would be executed. The two choices run different macros.
I need direction or an example of an Inputbox that shows two choices instead of a blank input space.

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Adding Selections To Combo Box With VBA

Oct 13, 2009

This should be very easy, but I am not getting it to work. I have a userform with a combo box and I just want to hard code the values to it in VBA. I want the value in the combo box to be 1 - 10. Here is what I have so far.

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VBA Sort Limited To 3 Selections?

Nov 15, 2011

Any way to sort by more then 3 selections.

I want to sort by Date, Team, User, Item, then Sub iTEM.

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Using Variables In Place Of Selections?

Jul 10, 2012

We currently have a macro that has a limitation that it only works on 8 sizes, and only upto 12 Colours. We want to change this to make the number of sizes and colours totally variable. how to change this bit of code below so that the cells selected are not fixed but are variable depending on the number of sizes and colours as entered in sheet 2.

Current Code for When 8 Sizes and 12 Colours

Range("B30").Select ' This is Fixed
Range("G2:G109").Select ' Want this to be variable based on the number of rows needed starting at G2, this can be found out from Sheet2, Cell G28


On Sheet 2 Cells G23 is used to enter number of Sizes, and G24 is used to enter number of colours. Cells G25, G27 and G28 then have formulas to work out other values that will be needed in the macro.

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Copying Variables In Selections

Jul 19, 2013

I am working on a macro, which should cycle through a column and find all rows with a given value. Then for these rows it should paste values from other columns into another worksheet.


1 2 3 4 5 6

Find all cells in row 6 with "yes" and paste the value from row 3 into another workbook.


I cant seem to get the the value from row 3.

ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(datasheet).Cells(rowtocopy, 6).Value.Copy has an error. Currently "Object required". Ive tried: .cells().value.copy that gives me a different error.

Script is started in the workbook where the extracted values should go.

Below its called "Template (2)".

The workbook with the rows is called "Datasheet" (which may be "Volume" or "SNiC data" depending on what is written in Worksheets("Template (2)").Range("B4").Value


Sub copychanges()


Dim currentwb As String, SuppXls As Excel.Workbook, datasheet As String, i As Long, targetcolumn As Range, modcorrect As String, fromcolumn As Range, rowtocopy As String
currentwb = ActiveWorkbook.Name
SuppPath = ActiveWorkbook.path & "" 'file path (assuming all file are in the same folder
SuppName = Worksheets("Template (2)").Range("D4").Value 'filename of corrected file


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IF Function Only Works With 7 Different Selections

Aug 26, 2002

Iím trying to do the following IF function but as far I can tell IF only works with 7 different selections.

Cell B2 contains the numbers I through 8
Cell D2 contains a pre-calculated number (e.g. 53.012)
Cell F2 is the cell that I need an IF function or something similar Ė the function would be as follows

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Autofilter With VBA Special Selections

Jul 25, 2007

mycheck = ActiveCell

Sheets("Data in").Select

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=10, Criteria1:=mycheck, Operator:=xlcontains
The problem is that I have a value that is collected and put in to MyCheck. This value is only contains a few letters that I want the autofilter to filter.

e.i: The value i want to filter contains following.
What the autofilter is supposed to do is to show all cells that contains the value 01jan2007.
The cells that are supposed to be autofiltered looks like this.
2143 01jan2007 and so on...
I can not use "=" course the value is not the same as the others.

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Detecting Non Contiguous Row Selections

Dec 22, 2008

I execute custom Insert and Delete macros whenever when the user has selected a single contiguous range of rows to insert or delete.

But I don't know how to detect if the user has selected multiple, non-contiguous rows. Is there a way to detect this situation, and if so, is there a way to "loop" through the individual selections?

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Listbox Multiselect Selections

May 2, 2006

On a multiselect listbox, is there any way the user can select a "block" of selections, instead of having to select them one by one? The list box I have has about 100 choices and it would be possible to select blocks of choices at a time. This is similiar to MS Outlook email where you can push the shift key to isolate a block of emails to move to a different folder.

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Remembering Listbox Selections

Jul 31, 2006

I have a workbook with 3 listboxes: Listbox1, Listbox2 and Listbox3. Selecting an item in Listbox1 will query a database which populates a hidden worksheet. Listbox2 then populates itself by drawing on entries in the hidden worksheet. Selecting an item in Listbox2 populates Listbox3 in the same way.

At the moment I have the spreadsheet so that nothing is cleared when I close or open the workbook, allowing the listboxes to remember what they were populated with when I closed the workbook. However, the listboxes will not remember what was selected when I closed it. Is this something which I can easily fix with a listbox property? If not, what is the easiest way for each listbox to remember what was selected when I closed it?

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Update Validation Selections

Sep 25, 2006

updating validation selections. I have attached an example of a bigger worksheet I use.

Sheet data: this sheet contains the raw- date. Data will be added and changed continiously.

Sheet pivottable: this sheet is used to sort the drowdown list and filter out double entries. A Dynamic named range is set to the pivottable

Sheet form: in this we will choose a code by a dropdown list and the column data 4 is filled by a vlookup formula.

If the data is changed in the sheet data and weíve refreshed the pivottable, the code on sheet form contains previous data, so the vlookup formula canít find the data (resulting in n#a depending on using a ISERROR formula)

The following solutions Iíve already tried:

- A userform with a lisbox/combobox in combination with listindex and an index formula. The problem is that when I sort the pivottable the index and data do not match.

- I also used the information in this thread but this didnít work.

Maybe I have to change the construction of my worksheet, but it is important that it works.

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ListBox: Allow Multiple Selections

Oct 9, 2006

I'm trying to see if it's possible to create a list box where I can select multiple values. For example, if a create a list box with the alues, "ant", "dog", and "cat". Is it possible for me to give the user the option to choose, "ant" and "cat"?

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Uncheck ListBox Selections

Dec 13, 2006

I have a form with 3 checkboxes. When any of the 3 checkboxes are checked, a set number of items are selected from a listbox. If a checkbox is checked, and then a new checkbox is checked, the listbox selection is cleared and selected with the new values from the new checkbox.

Problem: How can I code this so that if I check a checkbox and then deselect that same checkbox, my selected listbox items are cleared? Only when I select a different checkbox are they then cleared and repopulated.

Private Sub CheckBox1_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)
Dim lngitem As Long
For lngitem = 0 To ListBox1.ListCount - 1
ListBox1.Selected(lngitem) = False
CheckBox1.Value = False
End Sub..............................

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Listbox Selections Into Worksheet

Jun 21, 2007

Here is what I'm trying to create: I've put a command button on my worksheet that pops up a user form with a list box, an "insert" command button, and a "close" command button. I want to allow a user to make multiple selections in the list box, click the "insert" button, and have the selections inserted into the worksheet at a specific cell and fill down. I'd also like for it to allow the user to re-open the user form and add to the list after closing it.

I've hap-hazardly set up the list box for multi-select, but I'd like to see how it's "supposed" to be done! Also, as it stands, my list box selections will populate any cell that happens to be active at the time the initial command button is clicked. I've searched this forum and found that folks have posted similar questions. Those who replied posted a link, which I tried to follow but the page that followed could not find the file.

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Multiple Selections In Autofilter

Feb 4, 2008

Is it possible to make multiple selections from the drop down box when using an autofilter?

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Print Area - Multiple Selections

Apr 22, 2009

Is there a way of selecting several print areas on several worksheets and printing it on ONE page? Selections will not be the same size.

Also is there a way to lock your printareas? I would like to save the spreadsheet and open it up next month and the printareas are still there ready for me to print. It seems to reset after i have printed it

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Copy And Paste For Multiple Selections

Jul 12, 2013

I have created a named range that selects about 30 different cells (non-contiguous) and I am trying to copy over all the formulas and paste with values. However excel is not letting me to do this. It says this command cannot be applied to multiple selections. Can I get around this?

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Dynamic Vlookup Based On Selections

Jun 29, 2014

sample.xlsmI am trying to create a sheet with dynamic lookup based on selections.

So if a user selects planning or costing and then the state then click on search then it cell B13 it should lookup from data sheet and give full state name and in cell C13 give the document name and in D13 give the print rule.

If in the data sheet the document type says planning/costing and there is no corresponding state to that document then it should be incliuded in all searches.

When I click clear then it resets the search. So if i select Planning and state as AL then the display should be
Alabama ABC DEF

A12 AA1 (aligned to previous row)
C12 AA3 (aligned to previous row)
E12 AA5 (aligned to previous row)

Also is it a better option to do planning and costing as a radio button or drop down list. Is there a way in the state selections to show the drop down list arrow at all times. Currently when the cell is not selected it disappears.

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Combine Dropbox Selections Into New Columns?

Mar 13, 2014


What I'm after is an easier way to get data combined without having to type it all out. If you look above I would like to have A-C actually as dropbox's or listbox's, something I can click, then drop down to the proper name and select it. Then on E I'd like a timestamp for when this action was done with the date and time as shown along with the reason. Then in F I'd like the Name fields combined so I just need to right-click on F and copy/paste into the other program I use.

Maybe one column can just be the names of everyone with a selection box and I click this stuff then when I am done it resets?

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Macro That Will Paste Multiple Selections In One Row

Jan 2, 2009

I'm trying to create a macro that will copy and then paste a range of cells to another worksheet but in one row. The cells that I would like to copy are in 3 different rows. They are B7:F7, C12:D12, C17:E17. Now I've managed to find a macro through this forum that will paste the particular cells but they I can't seem to find a way to record a macro that will paste them in one row. In addition to that I also tried copying and pasting each of the ranges of cells individually it kind of worked but it came up with an error box.

The problem is, even if I can find a macro to paste those cells it has to be able to paste them underneath the previous row. So e.g it should paste the cells in row 17 and then when i press the command button again it should paste them to row 18.

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MultiSelect Listbox Selections To Cells

Jul 23, 2009

I have a MultiSelect Listbox with two columns of data and I want to enter the listbox row data into different cells of a sheet. For example, the selected listbox first column data to be entered to Sheet1, activecell and rows below (for other multiple selections), and the selected listbox second column data to be entered to Sheet1, activecell(0, 2) and rows below (for multiple selections).

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Subroutines Based On Selections From Userform

Feb 20, 2014

I have a very vast code with several subroutines based on selections from a userform.

I believe I have identified a loop that might be slowing down the process in the below:

Dim n As LongFor n = 23 To 65
If ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("record").Cells(ComboBox2.ListIndex + 3, n).Value = "INT" Then
UserForm2.ListBox2.AddItem ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("record").Cells(2, n).Value
End If
If ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("record").Cells(ComboBox2.ListIndex + 3, n).Value = "EXT" Then

[Code] ......

Basically the code will go through each value (that can be only of those four instances) and put the title inside a different listbox.

This works, but it seems to be maybe too "step by step" and direct? Is there a way for it to skip after it found the corresponding value to the next N without checking for a match with the other items?

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Dynamic Average With Different Dropdown Selections

May 6, 2014

I have a worksheet that is computing the average price for an apartment rental, and I want the average to change when I de-select or select different qualities from my drop down list. For example, I want to look at buildings that allow pets and Utilities included in rent, which hides all but 4 buildings, yet the average remains the same that was calculated with the whole data table.

I know it's relatively easy to just then average that out, but I would really like to have it be dynamic for future additions and comparing many variances quickly compared to other data sheets of buildings in other areas.

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Storing ListBox Mulitselect Selections

Nov 30, 2006

I am writing a macro that allows a user to select which fields they would like to copy from over 100 workbooks. I am using a multiselect ListBox on a userform that I populate using the "additem" approach. There are around 20 fields for the user to choose and each represents a column in the worksheet (all 100 worksheet are in the same format).

I need to use the user selection to identify which columns to pull from all worksheets.

How can I identify the selection the user made and incorrporate that in a copy range type of code. I planned to "Unload" the form after the user hit the "Run" (command) button (not sure if this will matter).

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