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Compare 2 Dates For Month Differences

I need to compare dates from two workbooks. The dates are not entered in the same format. In order to compare them I store them in Date variables.

However, some dates entered do not have a standard date format (for example, day is missing) and I get an error when I try to store them in a Date variable.

The solution I thought out (most likely a bad one) was to temporarily re-dim the variable from Date to String when an error occured. The macro would then be able to store the incomplete date and do the comparison.

So, basically, the variable would be dim'ed once as a Date, then possibly dim'ed a second time as a String, and if this occurs, then it would be dim'ed back to a Date once the erroneous date would have been treated as a String.

My problem is that it doesn't appear to work if I use the dim statement because of "duplicate declaration in current scope". Is there a way to re-dim a variable as something else within the same macro?

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Compare Rows For Differences
In attached spreadsheet, I have run my marco on Col A to tag which records are duplicates (macro in workbook). Now, of the records that are tagged "DUP", I would like to find which cells in Cols B, C, D, etc. have changed - ie., compare the first "DUP" record to the second "DUP" record. Some records and 2 DUPs, others have 3, 4, etc. I only want to compare the tagged "DUP" groups. Changing the cell color (or other type of tagging) the difference is acceptable.

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Compare & Show Differences
I have attached two excel files for easier understanding of what I am trying to explain. One is named Deviltronics which is our product list, the other is named Supplier which is our suppliers product list. The suppliers product list is updated every hour to tell me of new products, products in stock, products out of stock and discontinued products. I have cut the suppliers file down considerably to get it to fit as an attachment on this thread. They currently have about 800 products. Now for how this is currently working and the problem:

I use the suppliers file to add the products to my website manually (which is fine) by using the information on the suppliers file. I also add the product title, SKU and part number from the suppliers file onto our Deviltronics file, this allows me to keep a record. The reason I need this record is so that I can use either the SKU or part number to search the suppliers file to see if a particular product is still in stock or not. You can distinguish the supplier has a lengthy product list, although we will not be putting all of there stock on our website at least 70% of it will be on there, therefore you can see how much of a lengthy process this is if I want to check the products on a daily basis......

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VBA For Compare Two Columns And Show Differences In Another
I saw a great code which compared the values in two columns A and B, data such as A123 and then shows, in another column ie C , things in A and not in B and in another column ie D things in B and not in A.

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Compare Worksheets And Mark Differences
I am trying to compare two worksheets and report the differences (data added or changed in the second, not necessarily data removed in the second). Afterwords I want to color code the third spreadsheet for if the whole row was added that it would make that whole row a different color and if one column in the row was changed that one column would change colors. Currently I am stumped on this, I tried searching the forums and found something that I made it to do the first part.

Sub test()
Dim a, b(), i As Long, ii As Long, n As Long, nn As Long, fa As Long
Dim z As String, zz As String
a = Sheets("sheet1").Range("a1").CurrentRegion.Resize(, 8).Value
With CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
.CompareMode = vbTextCompare
For i = 2 To UBound(a, 1)
z = "": zz = ""
For ii = 1 To UBound(a, 2)
z = z & ";" & a(i, ii)
zz = a(i, 5) & ";" & a(i, 6)
.Item(z) = i: .Item(zz) = i
Next .............................

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VBA Compare Two Strings, Highlight Differences
how can I get the red highlighting to work like so?

Test Test_002 6698F ES6698F DVP3142 DVP3144 GTM8800 GTI8000 SDV394 SV384STC

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Compare Two Spreadsheets And Return Differences
I have two spreadsheets that I have to compare three columns in each to each other and find the difference between them. And I'm not sure how to do this.

I have attached a sample file to show what I'm looking at.

Basicly I need to know the differences between each spreadsheet based on zips. Each zip is assigned to a store and group and the "data" spreadsheet is the master. I need to compare the "system" spreadsheet and have it show me what is different based on each zip.

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Compare Two Worksheets And Gerenerate Differences In 3rd
I have two worksheets. Sheet1 is a Master List and Sheet2 is subset of Master List. Now I have to separate those records which are there in Master List, but not there is Sheet2 and list them in Sheet3.

Sheet1 contains records: a, b, c, d, e, f in rows
Sheet2 contains records: a, d, e in rows
Sheet3 must show: b, c, f in rows

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Compare Or Isolate Differences Between Spreadsheets
I am a relatively light Excel user. I mainly use it when working with the .dbf files that make-up GIS shapefiles.

My problem at hand: How can I compare/isolate the rows from spreadsheet #1 to #2 to determine which rows are unique to spreadsheet #1?

What I'm doing: I have a spreadsheet of addresses which I joined to our parcels shapefile to select those parcels. I am trying to determine the success rate of my join operation by isolating the rows which weren't joined. This would be determined by highlighting which rows from spreadsheet #1 aren't in #2.

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Compare Columns & List Differences
I have included a small example file. What I would like to do is compare column A - Code on -CORP REC - on first sheet, with column A -code -SUPR REC on the second sheet. Then compare the differences and insert them into the third worksheet - discrepancy -Column A- Code and Column B Name.

Also is it possible to convert all the uppercase names on sheet one to lowercase as I would like the discrepancy sheet to names to be in lower case.

If other threads list exactly this I apologize. I am not really good at using others for adaption. but I can try if you want to direct me

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Compare 2 Worksheets & Update Differences
We have a tariff table with the following data per row: Area code - Destination name - Price - and some other stuff that is not important. Once or twice a month we receive updates on Price for some destinations and maybe even some new rows with area codes and destination names that we do not have in our table. Can someone help me with a macro that will look into two sheets and do 2 operations:

1) taking as reference the Sheet2 - Column C (Price Tag) will update column C in Sheet1, using the Area Code (Column A) of both sheets as identifier to find to what row will apply the change;

2) if there is a new Area Code - Destination - etc. row that is not present in sheet1, will add it to sheet1

It does not matter to me if will update directly sheet1 or it will write the entire sheet1 content with the updates to Sheet3.

I am attaching a small example of of the sheets.

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Compare 2 Columns & Show Differences
So I have two worksheets: W1 and W2.

1. W1 has data in Column A, while W2 has none in that column (except for the header row of course).
2. W1 has rows that W2 does not have, and vice-versa.

I need code that will compare three columns in these two sheets. If the data in these three columns for a particular row match between the two worksheets, then for that row, I need the macro to copy the column A cell in W1 to the corresponding column A cell in W2. Finally, I would like an 'x' be placed into a W1 column if a match was found for that row.

The two sheets do not have the same number of rows, but the data being compared in the three columns should combine to form a unique row match between the two worksheets.

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Compare Sheets & Output Differences
I need a macro that will compare two sheets, find the differences and produce a new third sheet called, results. Both sheets to compare will differ in length of values (one may have 10 numbers to compare, and the other could have 50, Ive attached sample data), and thus this calls for a primary and secondary sheet. I would only like the values which appear in the primary and not the secondary sheet to be reported in the new results sheet.

The problem is that the values never match up, but they are always within a +/- 0.5 window of each other. It would be great to compare the two sheets, to produce a list of the values which appear only in the primary sheet and not the secondary. Im trying to get this to link up to a userform, where the user select the primary sheet (A) and the secondary sheet (B), selects the tolerance, and produce the results sheet (see attached).

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Compare Two Worksheets And Display Differences
I have two sheets in excel,Sheet1(worksheet) and Sheet2(worksheet).In Sheet1 I have certain numbers. In sheet2 I have some numbers which also include the numbers in sheet1.

Now I need to generate in sheet3 which has numbers which are in Sheet2 but not in Sheet1 with delimiters ( ; ) in between in one line. (EG: In Sheet1 I have say nos 1 to 10. In Sheet2 I have nos say 3,5,8 . In sheet3 there should be 1,2,4,6,7,9) Can you pls help me by providing code for this.

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Compare Lists Flag Differences
I am currently trying to work out what the best way would be to search between two sheets and find out where the differences are. IO have sheet 1 and 2 which both have account numbers and details on. I searching off the first column on both sheets and trying to identify which records exist on sheet 1 but not on sheet 2. The code I have so far is

Sub check()
data_sheet = "Sheet1"
target_sheet = "sheet2"
rowcn = 2
If Sheets(data_sheet). Cells(rowcn, 1) <> Sheets(target_sheet).Cells(rowcn, 1) Then
Selection.Font.ColorIndex = 3
End If
rowcn = rowcn + 1
Loop While Sheets(data_sheet).Cells(rowcn, 1) > 0
End Sub

This currently works 50%. Only problem is that this code is not independant to each list, it simply looks at the same cell reference on both sheets and check whether the value is there. It doesnt actually go down the whole list and checks whether it is there.

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Compare 2 Sheets For Row Differences & Copy
How can I compare two sheets for row differences? Example:

Sheet A:
Dept Last Name Annual Salary Hired Date Current Pay
101 Smith, Mary $50K 1/1/2008 $2000
102 Anderson, Julie $40K 2/1/2008 $1500

Sheet B:
Dept Last Name Annual Salary Hired Date June August
101 Smith, Mary $50K 1/1/2008 $2000
102 Anderson, Julie $40K 2/1/2008 $1500
101 Kelly,Brian $60K 5/1/2008 $2500

Basically, look at the two sheets and add updated current pay to August. If new entry then copy to sheet B and update for August. If new changes, then copy to a new row in sheet B and update for August. I also only want to compare 5 columns in the first row for all rows in Sheet B. What should I do?

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Compare 2 Sheets And Display Differences On 3rd
1. Got 2 lists in 2 sheets, those I want to compare and all the diffrences in all columns, I want to display in the third sheet.
2. The lists are the same structure.
3.Blad1 or Sheet1 is the list that is the latest.
4.Blad2 or Sheet2 is the list from yesterday.

So i want to compare newest with yesterday and all the diffs come up in the third.
So if there is a change in column A to W new planning date or planning status, or a new added row I want these to turn up in blad3 / sheet3. Can´t get my excelfiles to fit the maxupload criteria. Anyone got any idea on how to do this easy? Would like to do it macro wise due to I do couple of macros before this step.

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Compare And Display Similarities/Differences In Two Lists.
I have searched some of the other forums but have not found anything specifically related to what I'm trying to do.. An example is attached. Basically just want to compare data between two different lists and then in two additional columns (Differences & Similarities) display that corresponding data.

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Compare Cells In Different Workbooks & Highlight Differences
I am trying to find a way to compare the cells (example: D4:D12 to the same cell range in another workbook. If the value in D4 is less than D4 in workbook 2 highlight it red and if it is greater highlight it green. I also want a loop to go through the specified range. Of course, the scale of the worksheets is much greater.
Another issue I foresee, is that the workbook name that I am comparing to changes every week, so is there a way to handle this change easily?

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Dates And Differences Between
I have a list of 109 dates in one worksheet (call it A) and in another worksheet I have a list of other dates (call it B). I need list B to compare itself to list A and find the closest date in list A and then subtract the difference between the two.

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Web Query: Compare Columns & Date Time Stamp Differences
I have two identical web query's on the same sheet. One from column A to column I and the other one from column K to column S, and both have 404 rows. The one on the left (from column A to I) autorefreshes every 60 minutes and the one on the right (from column K to S) autorefreshes every 4 minutes. I want to subtract the numbers in column Q from column G and the ones in column R from column H, and in both cases if the result is bigger than 0 to place a timestamp in column Y(for Q-G), and in column Z (for R-H). I tried with NOW formula, but the timestamp changed every time the web query from the right autorefreshed, no matter of the result. I guess that I have to use VBA codes...but I'm not good at that .

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Creating A Macro To Compare 2 Sheets In A Workbook And Print The Differences To A 3rd Sheet
Creating a macro to compare 2 sheets in a workbook and print the differences to a 3rd sheet.

Each sheet will have the same number of fields, 5 columns with the header in the first row.

All values in the cells are integer except for the last field which will be a character.

The key is the value in the 2nd column. If it's not in the other sheet, then it's a new record. If it's a new record then highlight it a color depending on what sheet contains the new record. Now if the key is the same in both sheets, then check the other columns to see what's different. If there is a difference, print the record for both sheets in the third sheet and highlight the differences. I attached a sample of what I want.

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Dates - Show Month Only, And Actually Be The Month Only (not Just Format The Date)
I have a range of dates from 2003 to 2012. I formatted them to the 'Mar-01' option, but when I want to pivot on the month, Excel still reads them as the date - example 3/25/2008, 3/28/2008...and so my pivot table has multiple columns for all of the dates present in that month.

How do I truly format my dates so that excel reads them as the month only so that I can then pivot and show 12 columns (months) per year?

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Auto Fill Dates: The Sheet To List The Dates In A Column For Each Month Automatically
I have a sheet with a date and the number of months on it which will change. I need the sheet to list the dates in a column for each month automatically: e.g. Two cells contain date “jan07” and the period “10” months. The rows A1 to A10 should have jan07…jan16 listed automatically. If I change then change the number of month to 11 I would like the rows A1 to A11 to update automatically.

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Compare Cell Text To Set List And Show Text Differences
I am trying to write a function that will compare the text of cell "A2" to the text of cell "B2" and display cell "A2"'s text characters that didnt match from cell "B2" in column C. Can anyone help me out with writing this formula?

EX: ....

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Compare Data For Month
Each day I have workbooks saved that contain data of alarm files – saved format “PAR Process Alarm Report_MMDDYYYY”.

Within each workbook there is a sheet named “E&H” for each day. The goal is to figure out which Tag is causing the most problems. 1 Tag may hit 100 times in a day and then again 40 times a week later. Another tag may hit 2 times a day every day - This is the tag we would want to tackle. I’ve attached 1 of the E&H sheets so you can see what they look like. Comments are in row 1 explaining what they are.

I have code provided here that will go into each workbook. I’ve commented out the part that I think needs to be edited to make this all work but I could be wrong. This will be extremely helpful if I can get this all to work.

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Compare List To 2 Others & List Differences
When we buy company 1 we need to import all of the products into our product database, however many of them are already the same. Each product has a manufacture code, and a supplier code. Company 1 uses 1 code for each product but it could be either a supplier or manufacture code - they don't use a consistent standard.

My company has a list of all supplier codes and manufacture codes for each product.
I need excel to compare the 2 companies lists and check if any of the products in their list are in my company's lists. I need excel to make a new list of any products from company 1 that are not already in the company 2 product list. The products that are not already in my list will need to be looked at manually, and so need to be easily identifiable after the matching (ie in their own list or the ability to copy into a new list.

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Compare Dates VBA
Using Excel 2003 on XP.

In Workbook1 I have a list of users with a leave start date in column N and a leave end date in column O.

In Workbook2 some of these of users appear with a payment start date in column C and a payment end date in column D.

I need to find out if the any or all of the payment period for these users in Workbook2 falls within the date ranges of their leave in Workbook1. If not, I need to ignore (or delete) the payment record in Workbook2 for that user.

Is this possible using VBA? Mind you, I'm stuck either way as I simply have no idea about how to approach this (possibly ... would first need to work out how to identify if the dates cross and then perform a lookup ...?)

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Compare Dates In VBA ..
I have the following date formatted strings in two Excel cells "17/12/2009" & "19/12/2013".

Now I try to run the following code on these cells:

If Range("B" & i).Value < Range("B" & j).Value Then
But it does not seem to work, as the dates are compared incorrectly.

Any clue how to bring these dates in a VBA readable format?

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Compare The Dates....
I have two columns (G&H), one has expected date, and one has actual delivery date. The line amounts vary from 2500 to 8000, I need to calculate if column H is greater than column G for each line, if it is not then that line can be deleted.

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Compare Two Dates And Convert To Age
I am trying to compare the difference between to dates (a person dob and the date of an activity they have carried out and then output the age of the person when this activity was done:

for example:

activity date: 08/01/2008
dob: 05/12/2007

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Compare Dates In VBA Programming
I need to compare dates in excel (VBA programming). How can I do to Compare two dates. If I wanna know the difference between to dates (days, moths and years)

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Compare 2 Dates In VBA Code
I am getting a type mismatch error ehen comparing 2 dates. I tried entering all date formatting but it still throws the same error... here is my code. i have highlighted in bold where I get the error. the Error it throws is Run Time Error 13. Type Mismatch Error. I am using office excel 2003 SP3

Dim siebApp As SiebelWebApplication
Dim siebBusObj As SiebelBusObject
Dim revBC As SiebelBusComp
Dim isRecord As Boolean
Dim sRep As String
Dim sCompany As String
Dim sLocation As String
Dim sStep As String
Dim sProb As String
Dim sDate As String
Dim RetDate As Date
Dim CurDate As Date
Const DateCol = 9
CurDate = Now()
RetDate = Sheets("Users"). Cells(DateCol)
r = Sheets("Users").Cells(65536, 1).End(xlUp).Row 'Get next blank row
Sheets("Users").Cells(r, DateCol) = CurDate
'Create The Siebel WebApplication Object
Set siebWebApp = CreateObject("TWSiebel.SiebelWebApplication.1")...........................

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Calculating Dates In Each Month
I need to calcuate how many times a date( any date for the month) aprears in the list. it needs to be calucated by each indivual month form a list that will span over a 12month period.

the problem i'm having is how do i get it to only read the month that i want?

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Turn Dates Into Month
I have many dates 1/21/06,2/1/06,3/16/06,1/23/06 etc...I wish to convert into month only such as
1/21/06 ---> Jan
2/1/06 ---> Feb
3/16/06 ---> Mar etc...

I tried month(1/21/06) but it does not work. Is there a function to do this?

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Change Dates To The 1st Of The Month
I am working in a large database and trying to change the date field. I want to change all the dates to the first of the month.(ie 10/19/2008 to 10/01/2008) Is there a way I can change this in excel without having to go in and manually change all the days to the first.

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Sum Values Of Corresponding Dates By Month
I have a sheet that lists dates (several per month) and corresponding values. I want to sum all the dates for each month on a separate sheet. I was able to find the formula I need on another thread (, however, my formula does not seem to work for the month of January. For January only, it actually sums all of the data available and gives me the total. Am I doing something wrong? My formula is:

=SUMPRODUCT(--(MONTH('2009 Tickets'!$B$11:$B$5000)=1),('2009 Tickets'!C$11:C$5000))

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Get Month Number From Dates
I want to assign a number or a letter to cells that are similar to eachother. For example if there are 3 different dates that are in the same month I want a latter A or number 1 in the cell next to each of them...and so on.


I want:
03/15/2008................A (or 1)
03/25/2008................A (or 1)
03/29/2008................A (or 1)
04/02/2008................B (or 2)
04/16/2008................B (or 2)

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Sum Based On Month Of Corresponding Dates
I have a worksheet of data I need to sum based on a monthly date range criteria onto a separate summary worksheet. Both are in the same workbook. I tried using SUMIF and SUMPRODUCT but can't seem to get the criteria correct when I add in LEFT into the argument for the date criteria "6/" or "06/". Here's where I'm at so far:

My table looks something like:

Log NoShip DateQty


The 6/1/08 entry is intentionaly blank to be filled in as the value becomes known and then the totals would of course need to be updated.

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Compare Dates To Determine Which Is Greater
Battling through a problem, but would like to get some feedback on some failing code.
basicly created a bunch of macros to get 2 columns. One has last months dates, and the other has the new ones.

I want it to check if the date in columnH is greater then columnJ then update (i have vlookups to get this info with offsets). You see if there is no result on columnH it means it does not add a date.

heres the code that i have. The error is that i am using an invalid statement in the case ( i suspect the >=)

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Compare & Flag Dates Formula
I am trying to set up a spreadsheet to track certification expiration dates and things of that nature at my volunteer fire department. At my career job, we use specialty software like Firehouse, but that is way too expensive so I must settle for Excel..or maybe Access.

Basically, I need a formula that will look at todays date and compare it to the date in a given cell and then somehow differentiate thise which are expiring at a given intercal.

For example, if someones EMT was expiring in 6 months it would turn yellow, then at 3 months turn blue, then red at 1 month then black if it expires.

It don't necessarily have to be just like that, just some way to differentiate depending on the how close to expiration it is.

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Sum Year To Date Based On Month Chosen, Rank Values & Compare Rankings
1. I would like to be able to select a month from a drop down ( cell C4), and for Column B ('Cumulative Performance') to reflect the sum for each name between Jan and the month selected.

2. In Column D I would like to rank the relative position of the sum total; such that if I selected 'Dec', John would display '13' in D7, Anne '3' etc.

3. In Column E I would like to show by way of a coloured arrow (or even a smilie icon) the relative change in ranking of the sum totals evaluated for my chosen month with those calculated up until the previous month (e.g. for Anne, if I select June, the Jan to June total is 36 (rank 2 in the June total's), the May to Jan total for Anne is 32 (rank 1), therefore her relative rank movement between the June and May cumulatives moves down and cell E8 would show a red-down arrow (amber horizontal for no change and green up-arrow for an improvement in rank).

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Search For Month In List Of Dates
I 've created a userform to search an excel database (that is populated by another userform) that contains a date field. This field is formatted as mmm/yyyy so I can search it by month.
All was well until out of nothing my sub can't find specific months.

It finds the related data for january, march, june, july and november, but not any of the other months.
In order to try and debug it I've used the exact same data in the other fields of the db changing only the date field to the desired month.

If I use excel's own Find, everything works as it should, the months are found just fine.

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Counting Dates That Fall Within A Certain Month
I have items arriving on certain dates (the dates are listed in column N)

In the cell to the right of each month, I want to have a formula that will count the dated cells in column N that fall under each month.

i.e. In cell B5, next to January, I want to display the total number of cells that contain a date in January (ultimately giving me the number of items that arrive in January) the number would read '5' because there are 5 dates in January that are in the list.

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Restricting Specific Dates In Any Given Month
This may be a two part question, I finally was able to build a calender contol to insert dates into a active cell, now what i am trying to do is be able to restrict the usage of certain dates. For instance, dates prior to the current date cannot be chosen, nor dates that fall on 29th, 30th and month depending the 31st. Is this possible? Its is being used to calculate amounts for certain days, for example the calender object places a date in Cell A1, which falls between 1st-28th, another column also has a date option, the date to be chosen cannot be before todays date, and cannot be after the 28th of any given month. Is there a way to restrict in the calender or would a if statement apply? OR would a more simple approach to use data validation? where as (A1=MM, B1=DD, C1=YY) so that D1=A1/B1/C1 ie. 07/22/09, so that when using D1 it would be a date format. which would be the start date and E1,F1,G1 for a new date, then use conditional formatting to restrict or prevent choosing dates before TODAY() for the second date colums, I know a message could be displayed for it if it is less then/prior to the current date, or should i have the data validation adjust (if at all possible)for the first set of date options?

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Formaula To Capture All The Dates Within That Month
=SUMPRODUCT(--('RD Import'!A3:A65000=A30),--('RD Import'!H3:H65000"RD"),--(MONTH('RD Import'!C3:C65000)=$C$25))

This is what I have and its very close. The only problem is the Month part

I have a drop down box in Cell C25 that i can select any month of the year.
On sheet 'RD Import' i have a bunch of dates (ex Jan2, 2010) that will be within that month selected on the different sheet.

I need this formaula to capture all the dates within that month.

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Check Month & Year Of Dates
I am trying to calculate the number of days it takes to complete a project when the project ends in a specific month. If it is July 2007 I want the number of days for each project completed in July 2007. The number of days is not the problem it is reflecting the number when a project takes longer than one month to complete. To add to things the users sometimes have "open" or "00/00/00" in E (for never close).

I have a spreadsheet with dates a project begins in column D and dates the project ends in column E and a start and end date for each month going across rows 1 and 2. When the project starts and ends in the same month life is good and my original formal of greater than and less than the dates (courtesy of this website) is effective. I tried the following formula in F34. Each piece of the formula worked but when I combined it I either broke it or have too many nested formulas.


I created a work around by putting formulas in B and C and row 3 that would answer some of the nested if and working off the results. I was hoping someone might be able to help me make this a little more effecient.

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Calculating Dates In Year And Month
I trying to find a formula to give the difference between two dates in year and month.

For example, the start date is Feb 1 2006 and end date is Jan 1 2008.

The formula should result in 2.11

I tried the following formula from a previous thread but it gives the answer in text but I need it to result in 2.11.


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Autofiltering Dates By Selecting Month
I have a large spreadsheet which has a column of dates (dd-mmm-yyyy) in it. I would like to be able to filter by month regardless of dd and yyyy. I would like to see all quotes in Jun.

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Pull Month & Year From Dates
I have Month/Year dates in Column A. Eg. A7= Aug-2009.

I need this to be separated as follows:

Cell C7 must only show the month name in full eg. August
Cell E7 must show the year only eg 2009.

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Display Month & Year Only Of Dates
If I have a date which is 03/09/2006. How can I create a formulae to abbreviate this. Ie to return 09/2006 (I am english so we have the DD and MM the other way round to you guys in the states).

In other words if an event happens on the third of september 2006 I want a column which classifies that event as september 2006 with NO reference to the day.

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