Compare And Replace ...

Aug 25, 2009

I have 2 Excel files that have 2 columns in each.

Product# and Price.

The Product#'s in the 1st sheet are in correct order and have outdated prices.

In the 2nd file the Product#'s are same but they cannot be sorted the same way as the 1st file. So I cannot just copy the column of updated prices from 2st one and paste it into the 1st.

So, my best bet would be to run a script or something that will get a Product# from 2nd file and find it in 1st, if it matches then copy the new price to the 1st file.

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Compare And Replace ..

Apr 26, 2007

I've searched the board for something close to reverse-engineer but no luck. I'm looking for a macro that will:

Examine values in Sheet 1, column B
Compare them to values in Sheet 2, column A then...
wherever there's a match copy the the corresponding cell contents of Sheet 2, column B into the corresponding cell of Sheet 1, column A

What I'm trying to do is append the description of a 4-letter code (from a reference Sheet 2) beside where that code appears in Sheet 1.

There won't be a row-to-row correspondence in the match, i.e ABCD might be in (Sheet 1)B45 and (Sheet 2)A920...

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Compare And Replace

Sep 7, 2007

My problem description is as follows

I have to create a merged file from two input files.These are

1.The first input file is generated by the tool.This file contains the error message description stored in columns.For the coresponding error message a unique identifier is assigned by tool.

Identifier is in different column in same sheet. The error message has title also.

The sheet can be represented as follows ....

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Compare Rows On 2 Sheets And Replace

Mar 2, 2007

I'm trying to do is compare 4 columns on 2 sheets. I would like to go down in column "E" on sheet1 and find the exact one on column "A" on sheet2. Once these are equal I would compare F, G, H, on sheet1 with B, C, D on sheet2. If the these three columns are not the same I would like to copy from sheet2 B, C, D from sheet2 to F, G, H.

The problem I have is none of the rows of information will be in sequential order as well as we may not have a match. What I'm saying is row1 on sheet1 could be row1000 on sheet2. Attached is a small example. in the example rows 6, 11, 12, 16 and 19 would be the only changes on sheet1. My example does have the rows in sequential but that would almost never be the case for me....

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Compare Columns And Replace Values Without Overwriting

Mar 14, 2013

I have 2 sheets similar to below :

apple pc
sony camera
apple laptop

sony television

I need to compare Column A from Sheet2 with Sheet1 and where the values match, only replace THOSE values in Column B of Sheet1 with those in Column B of Sheet2. Hence, after the replacement, Sheet1 should look like (value for apple remains unchanged).

apple pc
sony television
apple laptop

What would be a formula that would do it ?

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Jun 30, 2007

at first i wrote company's name short so that i have to type less but now i want full name of company.....

like.....if in sheet#1 column B any company's name is started by Rel of sheet#2 column A , then the cell containing Rel is replaced by Reliance Industries ( sheet#2 column B but same row that of Rel) sheet#1


Rel...............................Reliance Industries

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VBA Solution To Compare/replace Data Between Columns

Jul 4, 2009

I have two columns of adjacent data Call them A & B (although this could differ)

If the data in the second colum is not equal to, blank cell or contains the words "CAT", "DOG" or "ELEPHANT" then the content of the cell in the second column should REPLACE the content of the adjacent cell in column A (in this example) leaving B blank, otherwise column B remains unchanged.

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Excel 2003 :: Find And Replace Missing The Ability To Replace Values?

Feb 5, 2009

This problem has come up fairly frequently lately, and I'm not sure how to fix it, or if this is by design...but in Excel 2003 I can't seem to do a "Find and Replace" based on the value of a cell. I can do a find, based on cell value, but the moment I change to the replace tab, the "values" and "comments" are missing from the "look in" dropdown.

I've only noticed this when I'm trying to replace on a filtered list, so I'm not sure if that is part of the issue.

Perhaps an alternative way of arriving at the same goal. Basically I have a worksheet with a number of filtered columns. They are filtered just right, using custom filtering, and so I do not want to undo the filters. In some columns I have formulas that are returning #VALUE! errors. I'd like to replace all of these cells with NA.

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Find And Replace To Not Replace Characters Found As Wildcards?

Jul 2, 2013

I recently became owner of a spreadsheet with some issues, and I am trying to make it useful. Each row has a URL of a blog post, and I want to extract the date from it (which is present in each URL) while getting rid of the rest of the URL. I was able to get rid of everything up to the year (which comes first), but then the URL continues, for example, 2013/05/16/the-rest-of-the-url/ and I would like to just have 2013/05/16 remain.

I am trying to use find and replace with the find box reading 2013/??/??/*/ and replacing it with 2013/??/?? which effectively erases everything else in the url, but leaves ?? instead of the numbers. Is there any way to have it so that it keeps whatever was in the original box?

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Doing Find / Replace Not Working If Replace Text Is Too Large

Feb 5, 2014

[Code] .....

Trying to repeat a 550 or so character statement with a find/replace however I am getting type mismatch errors. When I use a smaller message in the "replace" it works.

I need it to post a message exactly as long as what I have in there. How do I get it to work?

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Catching Errors When Using The Find / Replace Function / Replace All

Apr 20, 2006

Need assistance with the code for catching errors when using the find / replace function in excel? In particular, I am trying to write code to break to an error message when the value or string searched for isn't found in the find / replace. At the minute I have just copied the standard code using a macro and all this does is return a message box saying X entries replaced.

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Search And Replace: Loop To Look Up Xxx And Replace It With The Values Consecutively In Row C

Jun 15, 2006

I have values in row A and I have values in row C. I want to create a loop to look up xxx and replace it with the values consecutively in row C. Look at example for a better Idea. I found a way to find and replace, but I not sure how to use it with qoutes. I was thinking maybe I dont even need row A and just supply a list and excel could have the chunk of data in the code itself.

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Find, Replace With And Then Replace Adjacent Cell

Mar 18, 2009

I am trying to create a macro where it finds a a certain word in a column for example C. What i want it to do is find anything that says FWD_EUR and then replace that cell (e.g C2) with CASH_EUR_FWD and after it has done that it replaces the adjacent cell (e.g. D2) with EUR_FWD. I then want this to do the same with FWD_USD to CASH_USD_FWD and adjacent cell to USD_FWD.

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How To Compare Multiple Values Including TIME And Compare Rate

Feb 21, 2014

Basically I have two sets of data. One will be new each week. I'd like to use the non-changing data as a base to compare new data to. The formula would need to match multiple values, including a 'time between', and then return whether a minimum rate has been met.


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Using Replace Function To Replace ANY Date

May 22, 2013

I'm wanting to use Excel's built in replace function to replace ANY date with "Call:"

I'm not going to go into details about why, but I cannot use a code, as I only want to change them at specific times.

The dates are currently formatted as 12/09/2009. So I need to change the 12/09/2009 and any other date there may be to "call:" without having to go through every possible date.

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Search And Replace Replace The Whole Cell

May 18, 2009

I have over 16000 cells with different information in them, each cell is unique. There are parts of these cells that have similar information.

I am looking to search part of the cell, and replace the whole cell with my new description, so I can run pivot tables on it.

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Compare, Truncate, Compare Again, Write (VBA)

Mar 10, 2009

I have two ranges of numbers stored as text on two different sheets.
The first one is from product code and the second is from product category.
The problem is both ranges are of different lengths and I have to find out if a product from the right is part of a particular product category. Even if the length is different the first digits are indicative of the belonging of a code. For example 1234 and 12345 are “family”-their first 4 digits match.
Just to give you an example of what is desired:

Category____ Code
2200 ________22002
2323________ 232347

So, the loop should do the following:Compare the first string from the “Category” column to each and every entry on the right, if a match exists (we have no match here for 2200) write “ok” next to it.
Next trim one digit from the right from every string in the “Code” column.
Compare same first string from the “Category” column to each trimmed string from “Code” column (here we should have a match 2200=2200)
Write “ok” next to it
Now the loop goes to the second string from “Category” column and for this one we will have to trim 2 digits from the right of each string in “Code” column to achieve the result (2323=2323) and so on.

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Replace, Copy Then Replace Again

Jan 22, 2007

I used the following code to replace " characters to !%. Then I copy the selected cells, and replace the !% back to "-es. The copied cells contain the "-es. When I comment the second replace, the function is working correctly, the copied cells contain the !%. What's the problem of my code?

Selection.Replace _
What:="""", Replacement:="!%"


'Selection.Replace _
' What:="!%", Replacement:=""""

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Compare Date: Compare The Date From The User Input And The Date Listed

Jan 18, 2007

I need to compare the date from the user input and the date listed on excel. How can I compare it? Is it correct? lngCmp = Val( Cells(I, 31))

Dim lngBegin As Long, lngEnd As Long, lngCmp As Date, lngResults As Long
lngBegin = 9 'beggining of data
lngEnd = 232 'end of data
lngCmp = InputBox("Please enter the date", "Begining of the week")

Lngcmp1 = DateAdd("d", 1, lngCmp)
lngCmp2 = DateAdd("d", 2, lngCmp)
lngCmp3 = DateAdd("d", 3, lngCmp)
lngCmp4 = DateAdd("d", 4, lngCmp)
lngCmp5 = DateAdd("d", 5, lngCmp)

'lngCmp1 = lngCmp + 1
'lngCmp2 = lngCmp + 2
'lngCmp3 = lngCmp + 3
'lngCmp4 = lngCmp + 4
'lngCmp5 = lngCmp + 5
lngResults = 0
lngResults1 = 0
lngResults2 = 0..................................

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Find Replace :: Find All Occurences Of And Or AND And Replace With And

Oct 26, 2009

Range B3:B1000 is text strings. Column C2:C50 is a list of words that I would like to "Find" in Column B and replace with it's lowercase values unless they start off the string.


Find all occurences of And or AND and replace with and
Find all occurences of With or WITH and replace with with.
Find all occurences of Or or OR and replace with or

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Replace Value And Add Row Below It

Mar 29, 2014

I have a large data file that needs a far amount of updates. Essentially what I am trying to do is take one value, lets say it is simply "ABC", and replace it with "ABC1" and - more importantly - add a row beneath it and in the cell directly below the original add a value of "ABC2". This example will happen multiple times throughout the file.

I'm afraid that other than manually going through the file and adding rows where needed I do not know a process to do this quickly. This will take many many hours based on the size of my file so I figured I would reach out to a community of much better excel users than I to see if there is something I am missing.

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Replace #N/A With Value 0

Apr 7, 2009

I have a dataset. Some cells have values in them while other cells have #N/A. I want to convert all cells that have #N/A to 0 without touching the cells with values in them already (So I can sum rows up without it returning #N/A). I tried if(A1="#N/A",0,A1) but that returns #N/A also .

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How To Replace A's With B's And B's With A's

Dec 1, 2012

I would like to know the simplest way of replacing all the A's with B's and all the B's with A's. Please see the attachment.

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Replace With 0

Jan 21, 2010

I am in need of a quick macro. I am not sure how to even write this one.

I need it to look at all the cells in the worksheet, and if it is an an error (such as #DIV/O, #NUM, #N/A, etc) replace it with a 0.

Is this possible through VBA?

Even better, how can I make this an Add-in?

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Replace Old Add-in With New

Sep 19, 2007

I have made one project add inn let say test.xla and it is not VBA code password protected. Now I want to stop project and protect my add in. How I can be sure that customer uses later that my passsword protected version. I can hide check code in another password protected add inn and user must use that add inn too if he want use my add inn.

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Find And Replace ....

Jun 9, 2009

I was wondering if it is possible to do this unique find and replace that is explained below.

I have many columns with data from our database. I have one column that has my html layout in it. I want to find within the html text data and replace it with data from another column for that row.

Example: We have [[manufacturer]] in the html area that we want to replace with data from our column called Manufacturer. So, it will replace the text in the html named [[Manufacturer]] with that rows Manufacturer data we have.

Is that possible to do?

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Replace - At End With - At Beginning

Oct 30, 2008

I am being passed a series of positive and negative numbers in a column - the only problem is that the negative numbers have the - at the end of the series i.e.1234-.Is there someway I can change this with a macro so they read -1234.

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How To Use Iserror To Replace #value!

Nov 25, 2008

I'm currently using the following code, but it returns #value when the cells don't have anything to concatenate.

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Replace The First Or The Last From String

Jun 24, 2009

I need a code which replaces the given letter or sign combination at the first or at the last position of a string. User should be able to chose from which end the replacement should be done, what should be replaced and in which column. Maybe throug a messagebox!

For example (1):
Column B:
[trn][m1][c blue]$ [/c] = Dollar. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of USA[/c][/m][/trn]
[trn][m1][c blue]€ [/c] = Euro. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of EU contries[/c][/m][/trn]

Result of replacing the first "[/c]" with "" should be:
[trn][m1][c blue]$ = Dollar. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of USA[/c][/m][/trn]
[trn][m1][c blue]€ = Euro. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of EU contries[/c][/m][/trn]

Result of replacing the last "[/c]" with "" should be:
[trn][m1][c blue]$ [/c] = Dollar. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of USA[/m][/trn]
[trn][m1][c blue]€ [/c] = Euro. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of EU contries[/m][/trn]

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Replace The Letter

Dec 3, 2008


i want to replace the letter A,B,C,D,E, with numbers from 1-5.
When I take of the """" and replace the letter with the numbers the formula does not work.

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