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Compare If Multiple Cells Are Equal

I need to compare the data in three fields and if the same ignore but if different then add them with a space and a hyphen.

I use this formula for 2 fields and it works great I just can't get it to work with three.

=IF(TRIM(Data!BC2)=TRIM(Data!AY2),TRIM(Data!BC2),TRIM(Data!BC2)&" - "&TRIM(Data!AY2))

I use the trim command as the users entering data often add unnecessary spaces etc. and it combines the data even when the same.

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Compare Cells & If Equal Perform Function
I need to vba help on the following:
For 1st A1 to Lastrow
if cells are equal
F1 = (C1+E1) - (B1+D1)
below is the records that i'm trying to worked on..has about couple thousands rows...
Description Debit Credit Debit Credit Profit
74HBHZMPXC 3,321.00
74HBHZMPXC 3,321.00
74HBHZMPXC 10.00 10.00
75HBCTIWSI 30.55 30.55
75HBJWFZEU 1,095.60
75HBJWFZEU 1,095.60
75HBJWFZEU 2,198.00 8.00
76HA25FYGB 925.00
76HA25FYGB 925.00
76HA25FYGB 1,856.00
76HA25FYGB 1,856.00
76HA25FYGB 1,856.00 6.00

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Compare Two Cells But Accept Them As Equal Is One Is Plus/minus 0.1
I'm trying to create a formula where I can compare two cells but accept them as equal is one is plus/minus 0.1.

Cell A1 is 3, Cell A2 is 3.2, I want Cell A3 to turn red (or report "1")
Cell A1 is 3, Cell A2 is 3.1, I want Cell A3 to turn green (or report "0")

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Function To Compare Multiple Cells And Provide A Result..
I need to look at 2 different cells and have a 3rd cell provide a number based on the first two cells.

Column A: either 1 or 2 (2 results in +5)
Column B: either yes or no (yes results in a +5)
Column C: function would result in either 0, 5, or 10.

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Multiple Variables To Equal Constant
I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that will tell the user how much of two products to use in order to get a desired percentage of total fat. For example: if the total pounds is to be 3000 at a fat percentage of 30%. There would be two products (a lean meat and high fat meat). The percentage of fat in those two meats will change each time. The user will enter those percentages and then the formula needs to tell how many lbs of each to use in order to get the desired percentage of fat.

Each time there is a "target" amount of each product to use. For example: 1000 lbs of Lean Meant and 2000 lbs of Fat meat. Those are based on the ideal levels of fat in each.

However, sometimes the fat is not at the ideal so the formula has to be adjusted in order to compensate.

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Deleting Rows NOT EQUAL To Multiple Criterion
I have a spreadsheet with several thousand lines on it and I only want certain rows from it. Unfortunately I cannot use a sort as I have to keep groups of data in the same order (the line count in between the data that I need left behind isn't always the same so I can't go that route either). I was hoping there was some code to delete all rows other than those where the cell in column A contains either "NAME"; "Data1" or "Data 2".

I tried the code below but that didn't work.

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Equal Value & Formatting Between 2 Cells
Is there any way to make one cell on a separate sheet appear EXACTLY the same, including formatting and values?

As in this for example:

Pieces of Paper (Blue)

I would like to keep the formatting for (Blue) , color and bold, but I have not figured out how to do this.

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Run Macro Only If 2 Cells Are Equal To Each Other
I have a macro to insert a row and I would like it to be triggered by conditions in a IF statement or whatever is best? Macro has a ctrl+shortcut.

eg =IFa10=a12
do nothing
or run macro

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Why Aren't These 2 Cells Equal
I have a date on one sheet, and what I thought was the same exact date on another sheet. I want to vlookup off the date, however the values aren't the same. i.e. when I check to see if they = I get a false. They're both formated the same, custom date m/d/yyyy h:mm, and when I ran the check to see if one was text (t=(A1)) I get confirmation that they are both non-text!

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Average If Cells Are Equal
Columns L, M and N are always fully populated.

Columns D, E and F may have some missing values, along with H, I and J.

Lets just concentrate on D.

I need to create a formula where I get the anser in C1 This is an average of L only where D has a value.

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Select Cells Equal To Zero
How can I select all rows where certain cells are equal to zero?

(i.e. in Column A

1 Bob
2 Joe
3 Smith
4 0
5 0
6 0

I want to select rows 4, 5 & 6.

I've used Go To>Special:Errors to write a macro to hide all rows with errors, but I also want to hide all rows that have zero values

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Hide Row If Three Cells In That Row Each Equal Zero
I am trying to hide rows if cetain cells in that row equal zero using a button on the page. Each cell has lookup formulas that will return a value. If coulmn B,F & I have a value of zero I want to hide the row. As of right now I am using the following code but I keep getting the following error message runtime error '13': type mismatch

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Cells That Appear To Be Equal, Aren't
I have 2 text cells (A1, B1) that appear to be the same, however, when I typed the formula "=if(A1=B1,"Yes","No)" in cell C1 the result is NO! (see attachment)

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Shift Cells Up If Cell Equal 0
In the range A1:Y66, for every cell whose formula returns a 0, I want it to delete that cell and shift the cells up.

Here is the code I tried, but nothing happened:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column > 25 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Rows > 66 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Value = 0 Then Target.Delete Shift:=xlUp
End Sub

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Comparing 3 Cells As Equal Or Unequal
Columns E and F can have a 1 or a Zero
If e2, d3, e4 = all 0's or all 1's, count = 3 in col F
If either e2, d3 or e4 is not equal the count is 2 in F


0 3
0 1 2
1 1 2
1 1 3

Also, why would this formula work with numbers but not letters?


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Identify Which Cells Equal A Total Value
Is there a formula or macro that will identify which cells on a spreadsheet containing various dollar values will add up to a predetermined total? I work in Accounts Receivable and sometimes vendors send in payments for several invoices with no instructions as to the application. I want to be able list the available invoice amounts on a spreadsheet, and be able to tell which of the cells add up to the payment amount.

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Ding Sound For Cells With Equal Values
how to apply this code to include specifically these ranges in pairs: H50 & H51, H102 & H103, H154 & H155, and H206 & H207.

'tried to cut and paste the code from Private Sub to End Sub changing only
the Ranges (see above), but it didn't work.

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Set 2 Cells Equal, While Allowing Either One To Be Manually Changed
Is there a way to set 2 cells equal, while allowing either one to be manually changed? So if I put in value of 10 for Cell1, Cell1 and and Cell2 will both be equal to 10. Then if I change Cell2 to a value of 20, both cells will be equal to 20.

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If Not Equal To: Test If The Value Of Cells AZ2:AZ2000 Are MB50017
Collumn AZ 2:2000 should always have a value of MB5017 in the first 6 positions on the left, with an additional four digits following. I need to test if the value of cells AZ2:AZ2000 are MB50017 - leaving the variable last four digits. If not than replace them with "MB50017"

Column AZ


The first 5 characters should always be MB50017 plus the last four digits
The column should then look like:

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Conditional Formatting :: A1 Is Equal To Data Highlight Cells On A2
how to create a conditional formatting formula that looks like this..

"If A1 is equal to DATA highlights greater than zero on cells A2 to A1000.

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Draw An Arrow Equal The Size Of The Selected Cells
I want to select some cells (like A2-A20) and have it draw an arrow down the selected cells. Tried a few different things, none of which worked...

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Cell V7 To Tell Me If The Number In U7 Is Greater Than Or Equal To The Individual #'s In Cells U7-U40
I am using cell V7 to input the formula but I want cell V7 to tell me if the number in U7 is greater than or equal to the individual #'s in cells U7-U40 and I would like it to put a 1,2,3 in the cells of V7-V40 for the three highest numbers in order of largest to smallest if is this possible?

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Join 2 Cells & Show Equal Sign In Cell
For Exempel


I have even tried with concernate and indirect in A3 but no difference there...

I want A3 to return =B1 but it only returns it in text but i want it in form of a formula. Is there a formula that returns text directly into a formula or an easy way to do this?

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Add Formula To Cell To Equal Product Of 2 Other Cells Via Macro Code
I'm trying to set a cell on one sheet to be equal to the product of two cells on another sheet. The problem is that one of the cells on the other page is dependent on the variable T. This is what I've got and it's giving me errors

Worksheets("Output").Range("K14").Formula = "Worksheets("Calcs").Range("D17")*worksheets("Calcs").Range("D17").Offset(10+T,0)"

When I record a macro it gives me this, but again, I need the last cell in terms of "T"

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=Calcs!R[3]C[-7]*Calcs!R[14]C[-7]"

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Values Which Are Equal Not Treated Equal
I'm having trouble with a small vba macro. At the end of the macro I test to see if two variables are equal and then print out true or false. However, for some reason even though the variables are equal vba is not treating them that way. I have put the values that represent the variables on a spreadsheet and used the if(x1=x2) formula and it says it is true, also, when I debug the macro and watch the values when it comes to test the logical expression the numbers are the same. I don't understand why vba does not say that the two variables are equal. I have attached a screenshot of the breakpoint where I double check the values are equal.

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Compare Across Multiple Columns
I can find lots of ways to compare two lists with single columns, but I need a very basic guide to comparing multiple ones across two sets of data and then highlighting or extracting the unique records. I would prefer to keep the data in the existing columns for later sorting and other purposes.

I currently have the two datasets as two separate worksheets in an Excel 2003 file. The two datasets consist of the same three columns containing strings of text, but there is quite a difference in the number of rows. Dataset One is c. 3550 records, Dataset 2 is c. 1600. There are no duplicate records within each dataset, but there are duplications across the datasets and the records are in a different order, so it's not a matter of comparing Row 1 to Row 1 and so on. The data look a bit like this (semi-colons to show columns):

PM;Smith;Mary Anne
PM;Jones;Fred Henry
PD;Wilson;Peter John
PG;Green;William Laurence

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Compare Multiple Columns To Each Other
I would like to create an excel formula that will easily compare multiple columns to each other. For example

C1 C2 C3 C4
-- -- -- --

I want to create a formula which will compare these 4 columns to make sure they are all the same. If they are all the same, then TRUE else FALSE. I could compare C1 to C2,C3&C4, then C2 to C3&C4, then C3 to C4 but I am thinking there must be an easier way to do this.

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Compare Datas From Multiple Tables
I have 2 tables

One is paycheck issued

The other one is paycheck cashed

My goal is to find out which paycheck is not cashed

Table 1

Table 2
Name Net Pay Last, FIRST 76.28
FIRST LAST 76.28 Last, FIRST 163.14

Last, FIRST 193.48
FIRST LAST 193.48 Last, FIRST 156.97

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Multiple Sheet Compare And Delete
I have several (Child) sheets of data which I need to compare to a (Parent) master sheet. If a cell in column "A" on a child sheets matches a cell in column "A" on the parent sheet, I need the row on the Parent sheet deleted so in the end, only the rows with no Child matches are left on the Parent sheet.

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Compare 2 Sheets By Row With Multiple Values
I have attached an example to better explain. I have 2 sheets that I need to compare. The main comparison is the Account #. So You take the account number on the inputted info sheet and look for it on the invoice sheet. This is what it needs to do:

If account is on user inputted but not invoice the information gets put on the results sheet. If the account is in both compare the code values columns F:Q. The main issue I'm having here is that the value aren't always in the same spot. for example you could have "5C" for code 2 and "5J" for code 3 on the user inputted sheet but on the invoice sheet "5J" could be code 2 and "5C" could be code 3, with the quantities in their respective places. When placing information on the results sheet the job info should come off the user inputted sheet.

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Compare Values From Cells To Shapes To Cells
In the attached excel file I have two macros that create hyperlinks:

1. BalloonToNumber - Creates hyperlinks from "Oval" shapes on sheet "Op60_1" to sheet1 (column D).

2. NumberToBalloon - Creates hyperlink scheme from sheet1 (column D) to sheet "Op60_1" "Oval" shapes.

In Q #1 my macro seems to skip some shapes on sheet "OP60_1" and I simply can not figure out why.

In Q #2 my macro creates hyperlinks to shapes that do not exist and hyperlinks to numbers that are not a "100%" match, IE: 182 and 82 would share the same hyperlink?

If you open the workbook and use the hyperlinks on sheet1 they will take you to sheet "Op60_1" and shape hyperlinks from sheet "Op60_1" take you to sheet1. On sheet "Op60_1" there are some red arrows indicating the shapes that get skipped when running the "BalloonToNumber" macro.
Shape color changes as the hyperlinks are selected from sheet1.....

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Join Cells & Compare To Single Cells
i've put this previously on here with no results. There is a formula already in there though does not work because what I want to achieve is to have Column A & Column C to Match Column E & Column F, to Return the Value YES or NO. Iíve Highlighted in ROW 947 one that should Say NO yet Says YES.

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Compare Multiple Columns & Copy Matches
I am trying to compare mutiple columns of data, match them and copy select data. Find matching cells in 2 different columns and copy select info into that row. See file attached

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Compare Multiple Conditions To Calculate Result
I am trying to compare two types of conditions, one that has 3 variables and the other that has 8 variables (each variable has a numeric range), which places the correct result in F6 and F7 of the atatched spreadsheet.

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Compare Values In Multiple Columns And Return A Result
I have a spreadsheet with three years worth of data for a property I manage. Each column has cost data for the year and the specific department/cost for that year as the row value.

I have a column between the years that calculates the percent of gross revenue for the specific department/cost.

I would like to find (or create) a formula that will compare the percentage (or specific cost) for the three years within the specific row and if the increase year over year over year exceeds a trigger value it returns something (check me out/true/false) whatever.

The cost items for the property are in the hundreds so I'm trying to come up with a way to quickly see what specific cost items are going up (or down) more rapidly then what would be considered normal.

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Combining Multiple Cells In Multiple Worksheets In Multiple Workbooks Into One Table
I'm currently doing a survey using an excel workbook that contains multiple questions across multiple worksheets using radio buttons linked to certain cells.

I have around 400 workbooks coming back to me, so what i want to do is take specific values from across many worksheets within each workbook and combine them into a large master table in a seperate workbook.

I've tried using VBA, but not being very proficient at it i've hit a brick wall with that, so i'm hoping that there is an easier way to do it than what i'm currently pursuing.

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Compare Cells & Value To Others Cells For Calculation
I am trying to code for the following conditions and will like to know how I can embed these conditions into one statement.

IF(AND(X>365, A>B), C*D
IF(AND(X>365, A<B), E*F

If neither of the conditions apply, then 0.

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Compare Various Cells
I want to do is create a function that will allow me to compare various cells. For instance, we have people scoring applications and I want to see if raters' ratings are within 10 points of each other. If raters differ by 10 points I want to print conf call on my spreadsheet (so I can schedule a conference call for raters to discuss the 10 point difference). If raters are within 10 points then I want to print "compute mean" (so I will generate a mean for each applicant).

I can get Excell to compare one rater against another (=IF(C3-C4>10,"conf call","calculate mean"), but I do not know how to make it compare all raters. For example, I have four raters and I want to be able to compare rater 1 to rater 2 and rater 1 to rater 3 and rater 1 to rater 4 and then rater 2 to rater 3 and rater 2 to rater 4; and lastly rater 3 to rater 4. Then if any rater dyad is different by 10 points I want to print our "conf call", but if there are no differences (by 10 points) then I want to print our "compute mean".

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AND OR IF: Compare 2 Cells
I would like to compare 2 cells, Sheet1!B2 and Sheet1!B3
If sheet1!b2 is between the values of "D101" AND "D105", OR EQUAL TO "D201", OR EQUAL TO "D203", OR EQUAL TO "E110", OR EQUAL TO "E111", OR between the values of "H107" AND "H110" OR between the values of "H107" AND "H110" OR between the values of "H203" AND H205
if sheet!b3 is EQUAL TO "E" )

then output a 1, if not, output a zero

The formula, which I deleted, excel reports back as being too long

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Compare Cells Which Appear The Same
I converted a very large PDF to Excel. I want to run a logical formula that will compare a mailing address and property address. My formula goes like this: =if(a1=b1,"yes","no"). However, when I run my formula I am getting False for every line even though I can plainly see the answer should be yes. My guess is that it has something to do with the formatting of the text inside the cells that I'm comparing but they seem to be formatted the same. The strange thing is that if I manually type the information and run the formula, it comes out fine. I have more than 37,000 lines of text so I cannot manually retype the whole thing.

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Compare Multiple Sheets And Paste Unique Records In Seperate Sheet
I have 1 workbook, with 3 sheets. Sheet1 (EVER) has 3000+ rows and 12 columns of customer information. This sheet is for all customers who have ever placed an order. Sheet2 (06-07) has 1500+ rows and 12 columns of customer information. This sheet has all customers who have placed an order in the last 2 years. Sheet3 has 1 row, which consists of the column titles (12 columns) that are on Sheet1 and Sheet2.
I need to put all customers that are on Sheet1, but not on Sheet2 in Sheet3. I have tried VLookup; advanced Filter and a number of codes in the last 3 days and have not been able to figure this out.

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IF Formula- Mileage Cells To Automatically Equal The Mileage
This is for mileage purposes. I have two sheets. 1st sheet I have Date, From, To, Mileage. I want the Mileage cells to automatically equal the mileage it is from and to. Right now I have it setup like this on the 1st sheet B7 is Date, C7 is From and D7 is To and E7 is Mileage. I have a drop down menu for C7 and D7 for our facilities such as Ming Ave (MNG), Coffee Rd(COF) and so on. On the 2nd Sheet I have the chart that show the miles.
example MNG to COF is 8.3 miles.

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Make Now () = 06/29/2009 (make To Cells With Dates Equal Each Other)
I need to figure a way to make to cells with dates equal each other if the
day,month and year are the same but are placed into a cell at different times during the day. "Making Date Now () = (06/29/09) In another cell". Therefore, A1= Now() and E11 = 06/29/09

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Multiple Sum If A Cell Value Equal Another Cell
I'm doing a spreadsheet where there is ten cells or top ten positions. Where there is one sheet for where the ten values and another sheet with cells that might or might not match the other sheet. For instance.

If any cell A1 on sheet 1 matches cell A1 on sheet 2 Then give cell A15 the value of 10. The If cell A2 on sheet 1 matches A2 on sheet 2 Then add another 10 giving A15 a total of 20. And so on up To A10. Then If it doesn 't match exactly lets say If cell A4 on sheet 1 match cell A2 the Minis 4 from 2 giving you 2 Then minis 2 from 10 giving 8 While still totaling In cell A15, which would equal 18 now.

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Compare Multiple Column Of Data And List Out Common And Unique Component In Adj Columns
I am trying to compare multiple column in a worksheet to find
common component in all the columns and what is unique to a particular
column only. And list the results/finding in adj column. What i am
trying to accomplish is something as below.

Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3
Column2 Column2 Column2
02-1234-12 07-1234-12 02-1234-12
04-1234-12 03-1234-12 02-1234-12
05-1234-12 02-1234-12 06-1234-34

Common to all Unique to sheet1 Unique to Sheet2
02-1234-12 05-1234-12 07-1234-12

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Compare Formulas In Cells
i wonder if there is a way to compare the formulas in two cells and not their result. I use a worksheet as a model and i want to track unwanted changes in the formulas between any new worksheets created and my original worksheet.

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How To Compare Two Cells For The Same Numbers
Is there a way to compare two cells to see how many
numbers are same?

For example, A2 contains 16, 17, 19; B2 contains 16, 17; and I want to put
in C2 the result 2.

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Compare And Merge Cells
I need to create a micro that can compare the value of the cells and if it is the same, it will merge. currently my code is ......

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Compare Text Between Cells
I've got a very big spreadsheet with over 40,000 lines.

The text is sorted alphabetically, and on its side I'd like to have a column displaying how different it is from the cell above.

A1 - Mediterranean Sea. -----
A2 - Mediterranean Ses. ----- 5.55%
A3 - Atlantic Ocean. ----- 100%

Basically, 'Atlantic Ocean' is 100% different from the cell above, but A2 has only one letter different (out of 18, including the space and the dot) compared with A1, so it's only 5.55% different.

This would help me find which cells that are supposed to have the same content, have errors and thus are slightly different.

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Compare Three Cells And Delete Row
I am trying to write some code that will compare three cells on a row and if they match then it will delete the row.

Column U-has Y, N entered
Column V-has Y, N entered
Column O-has 1, 2, entered (some cells may have the fill color set to red)

I need the macro to look at Column U and Column V and for example if the cell U2 has a N, and V2 has a Y then the macro would look at O2 and it there is a 1 with the fill color set to red the macro will delete that row.

The spreadsheet will vary on how many rows it contains. It can contain up to 5,000 rows and the macro would need to go through all the rows.

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To Compare Two Cells, And If The First Cell Is Either
I'd like to compare two cells, and if the first cell is either >150, <161, OR =165 AND the second cell is ="E" to output a 1, and if false, output a zero.
I have =IF(AND(AND(Sheet1!B3>150, Sheet1!B3<161, Sheet1!B3=165 ),Sheet1!E2="P"),"1","0")

But i know that is incorrect because Sheet1!B3 can not be greater than 150 AND less than 161 AND = 165. I can't figure out how to make it >150 AND < 161 OR = 161.

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