Countif On Multiple Sheets

Oct 30, 2007

Is it possible to do a countif formula using a range of sheets.

i.e. I have info on 6 sheets (same layout on each) and I want to do a countif "Internet" that's in column G in all the sheets.

Is it possible to count them all together?

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Using Countif To Look At Multiple Sheets???

Oct 8, 2008

I am trying to create a formula that will tell me how often our sales reps are going to specific accounts. I have a master list of each persons accounts and next to each account name there will be a cell with a formula in it. This formula will look at the cell next to it, "the account name", and then count how many times that name comes up over each months sheet. I was also wondering if I can then get the average over 12 months in the same formula. If not thats ok.

The problem I am having is that I keep getting an error #VALUE!. I had no problem with it looking at only one sheet, but when I do more than one it gives me an error. I think it is the was I am breaking up each sheet. I have tried to do it every way I can think of... ,;) Nothing seems to work.

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COUNTIF On Multiple Sheets..

Mar 8, 2009

I have a workbook with alot of sheets, each sheet is identical in format. What I am trying to achive is a way of counting all the occurances of a name in a range of cells on all sheets.

To try and explain, each sheet has a drop down list in cells C5:V5, and I need to try and get a way of a summary sheet showing how many times "J.Bloggs" appears in All Sheets accorss the range C5:V5, but am finding it impossible.

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Countif Over Multiple Sheets

Feb 26, 2008

I'm trying to count the number of sheets that have the word, "Active" in the same cell on each sheet. Here's the formula I'm trying to use:


When I do this I get the value error.

I will have any number of sheets that say Inactive or Active and I want to have a "master sheet" that will tell me how many sheets say active and how many say inactive.

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Countif Function With Multiple Sheets

Feb 27, 2009

Can I use the "countif" function using a group of sheets as the range and the criteria on a separate sheet or manually typed in?

I have tried and continue to get the #VALUE error.


Can I do the same thing and perform the "countif" function by using a specific value as the way to count?

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Countif Across Sheets

Aug 26, 2009

I have one sheet with data and want to have the data transferred automatically into another sheet.

Let's say, column A of Sheet1 contains information like
A1 - F
A2 - M
A3 - F
A4 - F
A5 - M

In Sheet2 I want to have a cell in which, f.e. the sum of all Fs is added AND kept up to date whenever I alter the information in Sheet1.

I've tried countif.3d and also sumproducts(countif(indirect...),

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Countif Function Between Sheets

May 24, 2007

I'm trying to simply count a range of cells using the countif function. The range is on a different sheet within the same workbook then where the formula is. The formula is
=COUNTIF('Aggregated Results'!L3:L22,"yes"). It returns 0 (zero) for the count which is incorrect as three Yes's appear in the range of cells.

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Shorter Version Of Countif Function To Count Search Term Across 20 Sheets

Jan 8, 2014

=COUNTIF(Sheet1!$A$1:Sheet1!$A$32515, IndexSheet!B2)
+COUNTIF(Sheet2!$A$1:Sheet2!$A$32515, IndexSheet!B2)
+COUNTIF(Sheet3!$A$1:Sheet3!$A$32515, IndexSheet!B2)....
+ COUNTIF(Sheet20!$A$1:Sheet20!$A$32515, IndexSheet!B2)

Above formula check for the value in IndexSheet!B2 and searches it across all 20 sheets and returns total sum

Is there any shorter version of this?

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Select Multiple Sheets And If Value In Cell Is True Then Copy Values In All Sheets And Hardcode Data

Feb 26, 2012

I have a workbook that updates from external source and creates sheets depending on a cell range.

I have put tab 1 and tab 0 on either end of where the new sheets will be inputted, will never know how many sheets

What i need to happen is if someone fills in "complete" in A7 in my "summary" sheet then the values in row 6 in all the other sheets get hardcoded. This needs to happen from A7 down to A26, so A8 = complete then copy row 7 etc
This is what i have so far

I get compile error here ........Sheets(ArrSh(1)).Activate

Also need it to work for all the other rows.

Sub hardcode()
'Sheets("Summary"). Select
If Range("a7") = "complete" Then
Sheets(Array("1", "0")).Select

[Code] ......

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Run-time Error '1004' Method 'Add' Of Object ' Sheets' Failed Adding Multiple Sheets

Aug 9, 2007

I have been running a simulation for about 18 hours now and just received:

Run-time error '1004':
Method 'Add' of object ' Sheets' failed

I have been creating new sheets, importing data, pulling some values from the data then deleting the respective sheet. I am using:

ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add after:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)

The sheet is actually being added to the workbook, seemingly before the error. I resume the code, and a new sheet is placed in the workbook and it errors again. The Debugger stops and highlights on the code above.The sheet count number was 10895 at the error, just as an indicator of how many times the simulation has performed successfully. I am hoping this is something I can fix without having to start over...

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Working Out Multiple Countif's?

Sep 24, 2008

Following on from:

I used the above formula to work out how many days a call went out of our SLA, that works great (puts the values into K)

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Countif Multiple Conditions....

Nov 16, 2008

I have a table like this:

Name (A).....Date-in (B)....Date-out (C)

I want to count the rows (in the entire table) that B and C dates intersect with a reference dates (say J1 and J2).

It is a booking table so I want to know if the apartment is available for the reference dates (i.e. no bookings for that days).

I tried first a simple double conditional to know if a date is inside two dates but it didn't work:


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COUNTIF For Multiple Columns

Mar 19, 2009

I am trying to tally answers for a survey. Column A specifies one of 3 locations (Boulder, Larimer, Westminster) and column C specifies a grade for services between locations (Not Uniform, Slightly Uniform, Very Uniform). I was able to tally each separately using 'COUNTIF' and the conditions, but now I would like a total for each of the grades by location, i.e. a count of people answering both Boulder and Uniform, etc.

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Countif With Multiple Conditions?

Apr 14, 2009

In my Sheet "List" I have list of persons working on different projects.
I prepared graph after putting conditions on Project Type, Project Size, Project Year & Position (PM Project Manger). Every thing was done a in a nice manner with the help of below formula.

PJ TYPE , PJSIZE, PJYEAR, POSITION are ranges names.


But the problem was occured that in a year if a person work on small project more than once then he will be counted only once. But if he has worked in same year on Medium or Larage project then they will be counted separately. I tried to oversome the problem with the help of Pivot Table and put manually some legend P1, P2 & P3 against the person name if he is working on same type of project in same year. then count only P1 in my formula to count how many Project Manager worked on Project. like


Now i am trying that in a separate columm of # of PM there must be a formula which only put P or 1 for a person if he is working on same project in a year but i want that p or 1 only appear against his first entry i duplicate. for other persons it automatically enter 1 or p if they are appearing only once. i have tried a lot while using countif with multiple conditions but all in vain.

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CountIF() On Multiple Criteria ..

Jan 9, 2010

i want to use Countif() when 3 ceritera are true

1) Branch Name
2) Status
3) Login Date

can this be done by any mean

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Using Countif With Multiple Corresponding Criteria

Feb 12, 2010

what I'm trying to do is to make a logbook for a machining center. Each part has an op10 and an op20, essentially front and back. And each part number falls into the category of OS or FS. I've used AND logic to make tables in hidden columns to be used by a countif statement to determine my totals. I.e. to determine if a scroll is completed, op20 has a a value of 1 AND column C is "OS".

I use
=IF(AND(A9=1;C9="OS");1;" ")
Then I countif criteria is 1 in the column i created with that statement.

That works just fine. Now what I want to do is to be able to create daily totals of OS and FS by simply modifying a variable date in a formula. So I'd like to essentially say: Countif Column C =OS and Corresponding column D = 1, and corresponding Shift date = 10.02.12(date to be variable). I'm at a wall here. Is there any way to do this somewhat simply?

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Using COUNTIF In Multiple Worksheets

Nov 11, 2007

I have 50 worksheets with shirt sizes. I am trying to count the number of instances that we have "XL".

So I use the formula:
=COUNTIF(worksheet1!A1:worksheet50!A1, "XL")

I also tried:
=COUNTIF(worksheet1!A1, "XL")+COUNTIF(Worksheet2!A1, "XL")+COUNTIF(worksheet3!A1, "XL")...etc

Niether work, in fact, excel decides just to leave the function as written above in the cell when I enter out of it or go to another cell. Sometimes it works if I "COUNTIF" multiple cells in one worksheet but will leave the formula as is if I try to manipilate it.

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Countif Multiple Criteria.

Oct 9, 2008

I'm trying to count multiple criteria from a second page in a work book, all the formulas i've looked up and tried do not seem to work... here's the formulas i've tried. DKOBULAR is the name of the 2nd page. D is the column used for the different resolves.


=COUNT(IF(DKOBULAR!D:D="resolveA",IF(DKOBULAR!D:D="resolveB",IF(DKOBULAR!D:D="resolveC",IF(DKOBULAR! D:D="resolveD")))))

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CountIF Multiple Parameters

Jun 18, 2009

I have a long list of past jobs, around 4000+. I have multiple fields, but I really wish to concentrate on the:

1) Job Type - Example would be Medical or Imprint

2) Job # - Correlates when it was done - Example would be 91059 would be a job within 2008-2009 fiscal year.

All the jobs are listed in the first spreadsheet. The second spreadsheet will hold generalized data broken down by the Type of Job and the fiscal year it was done.

I wish to first count how many jobs fit a specific job type. This was easily done:


A7 = Medical
A1:A4121 = the range of the names.

Count comes up as 346, which is correct.

I then want to add another parameter to break up the 346 by fiscal year. It ranges from 05-06 to 08-09. I came up with this:


Since the job # correlates to the fiscal year it was created, anything starting with 9 is a job done in 08-09. Anything starting with an 8 would be of course 07-08 range. I would have multiple fields with each different fiscal year.

However, when I put the 2nd formula in the function didn't work. It keeps the count at 346, which I know is wrong. I am not sure if I did something wrong here. Been looking at this for an hour and can't figure out what is wrong. The jobs that are medical within 08-09 fiscal year should be 120, but it keeps at 346.

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Countif With Multiple Ranges

Jan 20, 2010

Countif: Is there a way to have a single criteria (a persons name) and multiple ranges example: a6:a10 c6:c10 and recieve the sum of that criteria and ranges?? I know there is I just cant get it.

I need to count a persons name entered in multiple ranges (cells or areas) on the same worksheet. I cannot make one big range because i will need to do the same for the b6:b10 but for a different "need" the a colum and c colum bieng "completed" the b colum bieng "not completed". I have tried =countif(a6:a10 + c6:c10, cell_with _persons_name) and for obvious reasons that wont work,

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Countif Over Multiple Worksheets?

Mar 26, 2014

I currently have a workbook with multiple sheets and would like to use countif in order to get the information I need.

this formula:


works however this workbook will be given to several people and the problem is that the sheet names will change. For example they will be working on several suppliers and will re-name Sheet 1, 2, 3 accordingly to the supplier name.

Is there any way that that i could still get this to work where the sheet names change?

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Countif With Multiple Column

Mar 26, 2008

looking to use =countif for an address file and want to filter out duplicates of last then first name.

col F has last name
col d with first name

I've tried using the Conditional Formatting funtion, but am not understanding how to incorporate multiple columns,

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Using Multiple COUNTIF + AND Formulas

Nov 17, 2008

Is it possible to use multiple COUNTIF combined with AND formulas in a single cell?

The current cell equation is =COUNTIF(C14:C83,"Alpha Full")+COUNTIF(C14:C83,"Beta Full")+COUNTIF(C14:C83,"Final Full")

But I need to to only add those cells if another parameter, namely if another cell continas a certain month.

For example something like this =COUNTIF(C14:C83,"Alpha Full")AND(b14,"November")

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Multiple CountIf Criteria

May 19, 2009

In Excel 2003, I need a countif to check for 2 criteria: (1) the left function looking for the value "Territory" in column A and (2) value > 0 in column G. I only want to count the rows where both the criteria are met. I have tried different combinations of countif including "and" in the formula, but I cannot get it to work. What is the proper syntax?

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COUNTIF On Multiple Columns

Jun 6, 2009

When using the following:

I get what I want.
What I can't figure out is, I want to get the count of columns G, J, N, and R which has the criterior that I'm looking for, added together for a total.

And in reality, the rows do not go down that far, but they might, so I put 200 in there to be safe.

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COUNTIF For Multiple Ranges

Oct 30, 2009

How to use COUNTIF when there are multiple criteria. For eg. I have 3 columns, and I want to count the # of employees in each row if all 3 criteria in columns C, D, and E hold true.

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COUNTIF Across Multiple Worksheets

Aug 1, 2006

I'm after a formula (or a piece of quick code) to count how many times a value occurs in a range of sheets. I've tried COUNTIF, but it only seems to work for one sheet, not a range.

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Countif Multiple Criteria

Aug 16, 2007

I need to create a formula which counts the number of times a username appears in column X based on a given value in Column Y. This data will not be static - will need to be refreshed regularly. Countif does not support multiple criteria - what is the best way to create this formula?

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Printing Multiple Sheets In Workbook With Hundreds Of Sheets

Feb 18, 2014

I have a work sheet named "Main_List"...In column D starting with "D2" I would like to list worksheets that I would like to have printed via VBA.

The workbook has several hundred worksheets and I would like to list in column D only worksheets that I would like to print with VBA code.

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Copy From Multiple Sheets (26), PASTE To 1 Sheet From 26 Sheets

Dec 26, 2009

I have a workbook with 26 sheets, labelled A to Z. Column A in all the sheets have names from rows A6:A35.

I need a macro or a code to extract all the names from each of the 26 sheets and paste it to a new sheet 'Names' under column A, such that names starting with 'B' paste under all the names 'A' and so forth till 'Z'.

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