Creating Pivot Chart

Jan 15, 2007

I am trying to create a Pivot Chart. My data consist of staff whom had errors in their work done. The data has a time when the work was completed by the staff. I would like to generate a Pivot Chart that has a line chart that shows when the work was completed based on the time and can be sorted easily by team, date, staff ,shift and errors.I know the easiest way is by Pivot Chart. I am not sure how to accomplish this as I had tried with the Pivot Chart and it did not work.

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Pivot Table With Dynamic, Updatable Chart, But Not A Pivot Chart!

Dec 19, 2008

My boss wants me to design a dynamic, updatable chart in Excel 2003. I initially made a Pivot Chart based on a Pivot Table which worked perfectly, but it doesn't look professional enough when printed (or viewed) and she wants me to approach it a different way.

So, I created a graph based on the data in a Pivot Table, and used dynamic ranges as the source for the graph series so that the chart updates when the criteria fields are changed for the Pivot Table. I then added two combo boxes (ie data validation lists) to the Chart sheet, and wrote VBA code so that whenever the combo box values are changed, the Criteria fields for the Pivot Table on the 2nd sheet are updated accordingly, and this in turn causes the graph to be updated as well.

This solution also worked perfectly, but now I've been told to create the graph without macros.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The requirements/details are as follows:

1. The Pivot Table is on sheet "PIVOT", and the graph is on sheet "GRAPH"
2. The Pivot Table has two criteria - School Name and Year Level
3. On sheet "GRAPH" there are two data-validated fields, School and Year, which only allow the selection of valid Schools and Year Levels

Is there any way to make the Pivot Table update when values are changed in the fields on the CHART sheet so that the chart also updates, but without using code nor a Pivot Chart?

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Pivot Chart Object: Find Any Suitable Object To Choose From To Make A Pivot Chart In Powerpoint

Mar 21, 2007

1) i have office 2003 on a laptop. within powerpoint, i can create a 'microsoft excel chart 11' object. to create a link to the excel data source, do i have to go through the odbc sql setup? it works, but i don't want my powerpoint to be dependent on some excel file somewhere. what are the other options to insert/make a functional pivot chart in powerpoint with the data also within powerpoint? the data as sheet option does not result in the chart being a pivot, it's just a plain chart. it has to be a proper object, not an image paste or a chart that updates links with the excel file open.

2) i have office 2007 on my other laptop. i can not find any suitable object to choose from to make a pivot chart in powerpoint. what's the best way to go about in 2007 version?

3) am i going about this the wrong way with the objects? should i be after vba code?

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Show Missing Values In Pivot Chart (line Chart) Axis?

Apr 18, 2013

How can I add missing values to the axis in a pivot chart line chart? I have a numerical X-axis with values such as 0,1,5,8,14, etc. I have another set of Y values that correspond to the X values. If this was an XY-scatter plot I'd be able to plot X vs. Y and connect the dots for "gaps" in the X values. Since it's a pivot chart I cannot use an XY-scatter plot, I can only use a line chart. The line chart doesn't give me the ability to add the "missing" values, so it gives the impression that my data is more closely packed than it is. The data source is external to my spreadsheet, so I cannot add the values before creating the pivot table/chart.

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Pivot Chart Error: Unable To Set The _Default Property Of The Pivot Item Class

Aug 15, 2006

I have created quite a nice little macro that;
drills through a lot of key figures, updates a pivot chart and copies the chart to powerpoint.

However it crashes on one particular data set every time with this error:
Run-time error '1004':
Unable to set the _Default property of the pivot item class

The code where the debugger stops is the last line below here.

lngKpi = Sheets("Helpfile"). Cells(lngRow, 2)
ActiveChart.PivotLayout.PivotTable.PivotFields("KPI # (overall").CurrentPage = lngKpi

I can manually change the pivot chart to the keyfigure it crashes on and thereby workaround the problem in the macro. Also it works for more than 50 other keyfigures without problems.

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Convert Chart Into Pivot Chart

May 16, 2006

Please look at the sample workbook below. The chart you see below is fine BUT I would like in a pivot table chart, so I could select any days on the pivot chart. I have tried it to do it myself but for some reason the time is not displaying on the pivot chart correctly. Any help please ?

P.S. If not possible then can we add a scroll bar or something?

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Pivot Chart Changes Chart Upon Refresh

Aug 12, 2006

I have created a pivot table and chart. The pivot chart consists of three sets of data from the pivot table. Two of the data sets are lines and the third data set is displayed as columns. I made the third data set into columns by right clicking on the data series line and selecting chart type. I change the chart type for that data set to a column and it worked great. The only problem is that when data is refreshed in the associated pivot table, the entire chart turns into columns with completely different formatting. Does anyone know how I can maintain the graph with the two lines and one column data set when I refresh the data?

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Creating A VBA Chart

Jul 8, 2009

I have wriiten some simple code to create a chart which works fine. I have a problem applying formatting to my chart. I am using the With construct to apply the formatting, but the problem is that the chart name keeps on incrementing from "Chart 1" to Chart 23" etc. each time I run the chart and I get an error message before the With code?

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Creating A Chart ..

Apr 21, 2008

I have creating a chart. All the information in the source data appears to me to be ok but the chart isn't been displayed.

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Macro Creating Second Chart

Aug 8, 2006

I'm not too familiar with VB, and I'm trying to narrow down why my macro (and how) is creating a second, duplicate chart. I only need the chart to be created (and the corresponding data fields on the 3rd worksheet) once.

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Creating A Chart Using Non Numeric Values

May 20, 2014

I'm trying to show learner progress during our half term collections but the values we track are similar to that below


When I attempt to make a chart in the normal format it doesn't recognise the value.

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Looking At Creating A Combine Chart For 3 Variables?

Mar 25, 2014

i am looking at creating a combine chart for 3 to achieve that?

A X 20
Y 25
B X 10
Y 20
C X 15
Y 10

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Creating Chart With Segments Another Color?

Jul 15, 2014

I am creating a graph for data that I collected. It was pretty easy to create. The problem is that I want to be able to have certain segments a red color. This is the data that I have


I would like to create a line segment which is easy to do. But I need certain segments to be red. Such as this the line segment between 10006-10450 should be red. And the segment from 11424-11691 should be red too. I have attached my current chart that does not have the red.

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Creating Bar Chart With Acceptable Range

Dec 29, 2009

For work, I'm doing a project for Quality Control. I'm looking to create a Bar Chart (horizontal bars) with 2 "vertical" lines to indicate the range of acceptable values

Attached to this Post is a *.pdf that (hopefully) further explains what I'm looking for.

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Creating Word Chart From Excel Via VBA?

May 2, 2013

I have a bunch of data about companies in an Excel workbook. I need to be able to create a "summary document" about a selected company in word. One of the items that needs to be in this summary is a pie chart.

This code works fine for generating the basic text of the document:

Sub export_to_word()
Dim wrdApp As Word.Application
Dim wrdDoc As Word.Document
Dim companyName As String
Dim address As String
Dim revenue As String


Creating the chart has been more problematic. I adapted the following code from an example found on MSDN:

Dim valueChart As Chart
Dim chartWorkSheet As Excel.Worksheet
Set valueChart = wrdDoc.Shapes.AddChart.Chart
valueChart.ChartType = xl3DPie
Set chartWorkSheet = valueChart.ChartData.Workbook.Worksheets(1)
chartWorkSheet.ListObjects("Table1").Resize chartWorkSheet.Range("A1:B12")


What I've found though is that this code is based on a macro inside the word document, not excel. So it runs fine from within word, but within excel it throws an error at this line

Set chartWorkSheet = valueChart.ChartData.Workbook.Worksheets(1)

because ChartData is not in the object model in Excel. how to proceed at this point.

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Creating Excel Line Chart?

Mar 10, 2014

My chart is coming in blank when I set up a line chart. This is my data that I selected and then pressed chart. 1997



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Creating Chart By The Number Of Values

Jun 12, 2014

I have a column with values​​:

15 1 16 11 2 15 31 30 26 49

Need to build a diagram, like parabola.

Once again, the task:

For example, we have a number 2, 5 and 10. It will hit 1-2 3 times, 2 times 3-5, 6-10 1 times.

And that we get a parabola.


How to do it?

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Creating Chart On Multiple Worksheets

Jul 7, 2014

I am working on an excel macro for work to work with data processing. Basically, it takes a bunch of CSV files and creates a workbook with each file as a new Worksheet; then it has the user enter some calibration data; and finally fills a column with the calculations to convert the data into the correct units. I would like to get it to put an XY Scatter chart of the data on each pages, but I'm having some problems with it. I recorded a macro to get an idea of what the code should look like, but when I put it into the macro I'm writing it places all of the charts on the last worksheet.

Here is the code that I came up with for the chart generation:

ActiveChart.ChartType = xlXYScatterLinesNoMarkers
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Worksheets(i).Range("D:D,F:F")

Columns D and F are the two that contain the data that I want to plot. In my macro this is running inside a look so Worksheets(i) is selecting the correct ranges on the correct worksheet. I think my problem is that after the merged workbook is created it is defaulting to the last worksheet being the ActiveSheet, and I don't know how to change that.

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Creating Link Between A Chart On A Webpage

Feb 16, 2010

I am not sure if this is possible. I wish to have a chart in a worksheet linked to a stock chart on a webpage.

For example, consider this chart on Yahoo Finance. At present every week, I have to go to the webpage and copy the chart and then paste it into a worksheet.

Is there a way I can automate this task by linking the chart to an Excel object or by any other way?

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Creating Chart With Mutiple Axis

Oct 20, 2006

i have this data.

WeekFRM CURRCY Account val val2 val3 val4
43100BK200 001310
45100ABK200 9043
48100EBK200 503527

How do i get this into a chart, with week along the bottom, Amount on the left. This is starting to be a pain now as i need to seperate by currency, but a pivot chart looks really realy messy with all the drop down boxes and stuff. I dont mind using drop don boxes, in fact, its going to be essential. but the pivot one look horrible.

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Creating Pivot Table In VBA

Mar 27, 2012

I have the following code to create a pivot table in VBA

Dim data As Range

Set data = Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(1, 1).End(xlDown).End(xlToRight))
Set pt = ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Add(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:="data").CreatePivotTable(TableDestination:=Sheets("summary").Cells(1, 1), TableName:="ItemList")

When I run this I get the error message Runtime error 1004: Reference not valid.

There is something in the "set pt=....." that it does not like.

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Creating Pivot Table

Feb 16, 2009

I would create a field in Access that would have the Names of the Counties (for my Row Labels) and I would create a field that would contain Years (for Column Labels) rather than using each individual date from my database. I want to be able to do this on the run in a Pivot Table.

For my Row Labels I am using the Municipalities in Wisconsin. Each one is assigned a number such as: 67-251, 67-015, 67-123. The "67" identifies the County and the "251" or "015" identifies the City, Town or Village. We need to use the whole number for the Rows but we only want to use the first 2 Digits to sort by the County. 67 is Waukesha County as is 40 Milwaukee County. I want to total the county's using the first two digits of their name. The field is called "SC" and it's a 6 char text field.

For my Column Labels I have many different dates that span a period of about 15 years. I would like to only use the Year for my Column Labels. And that year would accumulate all the dates for that County for the year I want to use..

In the end I would like to be able to get a Count of Permits for each County by Year. I would also like to be able to specify only certain years that I might want to see data for. Every time there is a date in the "First" field that is a count one home for the "SC" field.

I used to be really savvy with Quatro Pro, most people don't even know what that is anymore. In that program I had a line of text where I would enter the criteria that I was interested in for my Table. Such as 51, 40, 45, 60, 67 would be the counties I want to use. 2000, 2002, 2005 would be the column values I want to use.

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Creating A Date Format Using OCW Chart Control

Jan 18, 2009

I am using the VBA Chart Control and I have the following instruction;

Me.ChartSpace1.Axes(ChartAxisPositionEnum.chAxisPositionCategory).Numb erFormat = "mm/dd/yy"

The chart is a "chChartTypeLine". the problem is that i cannot change the format of the X-Axis to a Date (mm/dd/yy) format no matter what I try? I keeps wanting to keep it as "General", here is the code;

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim ser As ChSeries
Dim cht As ChChart
Dim MinValue As Double
Dim MaxValue As Double

MinValue = Sheet1.Range("D2").Value + 10
MaxValue = Sheet1.Range("A2").Value

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Add Horizontal Line To Chart Without Creating New Series

Aug 25, 2006

I have a line Chart and want to create a static horizontal/indicator line.

I cannot create a new series to plot this horizontal line as I'm using an external data source (OLAP cube) as source data for the chart.

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Creating Pivot Table Format?

Jul 21, 2014

I have a table (attached example with only a SMALL part of all data) I would like to transform this into pivottable format without copying and pasting. In row 2, all of the numbers pertain to years. Column B has the number of years in force for each property account (Column A). I

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Creating Multiple Pivot Tables Using VBA

Apr 1, 2009

I am having a lot of trouble with pivot tables in Excel 2007 VBA. I am trying to create pivot tables using macros (connected to buttons the user can press to create the pivot table) - please don't ask why, but i need to do this!!!

I used the record fuction in excel 2007 to produce macro code which will produce the required pivot tables when the user presses a button.

Unfortuanately the coding seems to work fine when i have one pivot table in a file but breaks down if i record code to produce another pivot table.

I have attached some code below (which was produced by the record function) and is intended to produce 2 seperate pivot tables (the macro submacro2 produces the 1st pivot table and the macro submacro4 lower down the page produces the 2nd pivot table). I have also indicated the point in sub 4 where the code breaks down - basically submacro4 just doesnt run!

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Creating A Pivot Table Using A Macro

Mar 23, 2004

Creating a pivot table using a macro ...

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Excel 2010 :: Creating A Chart With More Than 2000 Dates (each Day)

Apr 26, 2014

I am creating a chart with more than 2000 dates (each day). How can I format the axis so it only displays the 1st day of each quarter (01/01/2010, 01/04/2010, 01/07/2010...).

At the moment I cannot format the axis and minor/major units remain numbers.

I am using Excel 2010 and European date format.

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Offset Formula - Creating Dynamic Line Chart

May 28, 2014

I am trying to create a dynamic Excel line chart.

All is well, except for my x-axis (which is a text axis). It currently looks like this: Dynamic axis.jpg

I am using the Offset formula. The formula for my x-axis is =OFFSET(Worksheet1!$D$4,0,-3,COUNT(Worksheet1!$D$4:$D$36)). This is to show the axis if cells in Column D are filled up appropriately.

However, in the cells containing the axis name itself, this formula is used =IF(D9=0,NA(),'Worksheet2'!A6). I've tried removing the formula from these cell, but that didn't solve the problem.

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Creating Organisation Chart In Excel From Employee List?

Nov 3, 2011

I am trying to automatically generate an organisation chart in excel from a dynamic list of employees. in column 'A' will be the "manager's name", column 'B" will be the "employee name", column 'C' will be the "employee number" & column 'D' will be the "employee days" number (an potentially a few more employee attributes)

I would like a printable org chart that is created on another tab which is generated from this list, ideally with the "employee name" and their other attributes shown in the chart.

how this can be done in excel, maybe VBA?

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