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Cross Reference Worksheets

I am trying to match/cross reference (check by ZIP CODE) two extremely large databases/spreadsheets in MS EXCEL. The vast majority of matches will turn up negative (no match) and only like <5% of all the rows/fields in my 31000+ excel sheet will actually match by zip to the records contained in another sheet (actually this second sheet is a large Seibel Sales database that I exported to Excel for easier access/manipulation) So it would be very tedious and a time waster to manually match the records by hand. My question would be, is there an automated way in Excel (or using any number of Excel addons such as ASAP Utilities etc) that would let the computer do the work for me?

Basically I have two large records, one that I exported from Siebel online to Excel, and the second one is the original work Excel database that I am to work on (ie find matches by zip code and mark them as matched)

Is there a quick way to do this? The power of the computer should really be put to use, but I just don't know /cant figure out how to go about this.

here is the screenshots and explainations if you don't know what I am talking about:

Just to clarify (I'm not sure I explained it very good)

Imagine two sheets

Sheet #1 <-(Seibel converted to xls) Sheet #2 (xls sheet to be worked on)
12345 --------------------------------54986 (mark as NO MATCH)
84596 --------------------------------25746 (mark as NO MATCH)
24578 --------------------------------12345 (mark as MATCH!)
96328 --------------------------------15789 (mark as NO MATCH)
45897 --------------------------------96328 (mark as MATCH!)

The problem is Sheet #2 is not only five rows, it is like 30000+ rows, and I
will have to do another 30000+ rows soon, so 60000+ to do by hand is very slow indeed.

Also, >95% of all the rows in Sheet #2 will be a NO MATCH with no matching zip codes to ANY of the zip codes of Sheet #1. So less than 5% will actually be a match, but the thing is I have to check ALL of them to actually know which ones match and which don't.

IS there a utility / macro or function in Excel that can quickly let me do this the automated way?

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Cross Reference Cells
I am involved with regional sales and have developed a spreadsheet to track various statistics and information regarding the various cities and clients.

On Sheet1 I have Column A for the city names. Columns B through R are various statistical information (all numerical) associated with that city.

I would like to use Sheet2 to quickly draw that information into a generic "printable" spreadsheet such that I type a city name into Sheet2 A1 and the rest of the cells automatically draw the information for that city into their respective cells.

Looking through other threads I thought that maybe VLOOKUP would be the ticket, but it's only returning a #VALUE! error.

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Cross Reference Numbers
I have a spreadsheet with Company A's part numbers, then the number for the same exact part from their rival company or competitor. When searching on our website I need for the customer to be able to find the part even if we are out of stock of Company A's part, we can let them know we have company B's part and it is the exact same part. So I am cross referencing the numbers.

In my spreadsheet I have all of company A's parts in column A and their competitor parts in column B. In another column I have cross reference #'s I did with the concatenate function. Where it gets tricky is one part can have 50 or more numbers associated with it. So far, I have been doing the concatenate for each one. I haven't gotten very far as you can imagine. Is there a way I can have it check a column, then when it finds the same exact numbers have it put the numbers from column B all in the same row seperated by a space(my delimiter)? See image at link. I couldn't figure out how to post the spreadsheet. Maybe I am too new to attach files.


so in the example above, cell E11 has company A's part number, it's own number, then the number above it and the numbers below it. It has every number associated with 74679142.

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Cross Reference Maybe Intersection
I am having to figure out a particularly painful excel formula. What i need is a formula that will count the number of times an issue label in text shows up, but it has to match a certain time.

we can get the excel sheet to round the time to the nearest thirty minutes, so if a call comes in at 3:12pm it rounds it to 3pm. We label the calls that come in with a issue description also like "dvr issue." So i need a formula that will allow me to count the number of instances where if it says 3pm AND dvr issue it will only count it and give me a total in a specified cell. Is that possible?

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Cross Reference Two Files
Basically I have two files. File A) Consists of a billing spreadsheet of approximately 2500 orders. File B) Consists of a Customer spreadsheet with about 2400 customers. What I want to know is there a fast way to confirm based on customer last name and customer number that for each customer in file b that there is a billing entry in file a. I've gone the V-look up way which is effective but time consuming also. File A & B are going to get progressively larger and larger; thereby making the v- lookup not a very timewise solution.

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Formula To Cross Reference
formulas i cannot get my head round at all i need e14 to work out how many times cell e1 appears in column h and in column b. so if yes is in e1. it then needs to look down column b and cross refernce it with column h and return the number of yes that appear in column b AND the same row in column h.

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Cross Reference Table
First as said in title i have no idea what these kind of tables is called in English and i didnt know how to formulate me when it came to the title (so hint me with a "right" name for this kind of table)

To the point i have alot of these cross reference tables. What i mean is table that have a horizontal titelbar (row) and a vertical titlebar (column) and in the table you have the diffrent stats or whatever that can be within it. Im having a really hard time expaining this so im just uploading a excel file with a little explanation of what im after.

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Cross Reference Values Amongst Columns
I have these data arranged in three columns as follows:


(where *** stay for blank cells)

I need to "report" somewhere and somehow within the spreasheet hopefully by means of some formulas the following data:

1. for column "C" the maximum value within first group of consecutive numbers that are exceeding 180: in this example equal to 201

2. for column "C" the total number of values within first group of consecutive numbers that are exceeding 180: in this example equal to 4

3. for column "B" the first number corresponding to the first group of consecutive numbers that are exceeding 180: in this example equal to 1

4. for column "A" the corresponding number to the maximum value within first group of consecutive numbers in column "C" that are exceeding 180: in this example equal to 5

and most of all I would like to generalise the problem so that to "report" the same data for all cases that are appearing in the above example;

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Cross Reference Multiple Columns And Copy
I am working with two sheets, Sheet one has 1 column of information with 12 columns to the right as categories. I want to be able to put an 'X' in any one of the 12 column rows, (category) and have a function that will copy/pastes the information from the main column (column #1, row=any) to the second sheet. I have tried True-False function, argument function, Vlook etc., I still cannot get it to work.

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Cross Reference Matching (or Not) Text Strings
What formula will check a text string value in a column against a master list of text strings and advises whether or not the text string appears.

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VLOOKUP - To Create A Cross Reference Tool
I'm using VLOOKUP to create a Cross Reference tool. CR is my "anchor" page that I'm attempting to tie the remaining worksheets WIT,TEC,COP back to the CR worksheet. I'm able to get VLOOKUP to work on the CR worksheet in columns H & I but unable to get the VLOOKUP to work in column J. The VLOOKUP function is entered but it does not return a value that I know exists in worksheet COP.

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Cross Referencing Names On Different Worksheets
I have three different sheets, each with a column of names, titled "list1, list2, list3." I also have a fourth list of names on a sheet titled "masterlist." I am wondering if there is any way I could cross check the three lists against the master list to see if any names appear on the master list but do not appear on any of the three lists. Is there any way I can cross reference the master list with each of these lists?

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TWo Way Cross Reference Formula Works But Not Across Entire Data Range
I have attached a sample of the issue. The formula is found in cell B49. If I enter a gravity of 2.76 or higher in cell B47 I get #N/A in cell B49. Why will it not read any farther over than 2.75. I have been starring at this for awhile now. I might look pretty dumb after someone else looks at it.

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Copy Rows Between 2 Sheets Based On Cross Reference Match
I am trying to drop (paste) in new data in a range in sheet 2 and cross reference a column with a table in sheet three and display all rows of matching instances in sheet 1. Example:

Sheet 3 has
a1 b1
amcdap amber connor
apsdap ashley simpson

sheet 2 has
a1 b1 c1 d1 e1
amcdap 300 400 2:00 9:00
apsdap 500 300 4:00 8:00
capdap 200 300 5:00 9:00
dlsdap 400 300 2:00 8:00

I need to return only rows 1 and 2 to sheet 1. I guess ideally I'd like to drop data in sheet 2, click button.

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Cross Reference Information From One Sheet With Another Sheet
I have a spreadsheet that shows a large number of folks we had working in a particular division from Jan. 1st until now, 1800 +. Some of the folks are on the sheet twice due to having more than one role. The sheet lists last name, first name, skill description, pay rate, company they worked at...etc. Most of the folks on the list are not currently working but some are. I have another spread sheet that lists the folks that ARE currently working. I'm trying to see if there is a way to compare the two sheets, via a formula, that will be able to identify when the first name, last name, company name, and skill description are the same and then have those identified deleted from the first sheet.

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Cell Reference To Other Worksheets
I basically have the following in my 1st sheet ( [indicates cells] )

[3][10]@[65] - which in laymans terms would mean 3 sets x 10 reps @ 65 percent of your 1 rep maximum.

Moving on, what I would like, is to get cell [3] to reference to 3 cells (without the number 3 showing up) on the 2nd sheet that has the workout program on it.. And adjacently to those cells, I would like [10] to be displayed as the number of reps and [65] to be referenced as the intensity as well.

So in the end it looks like this on the other sheet:

[65%] [10]
[65%] [10]
[65%] [10]

How would I go about doing that? If you don't know the exact answer but could point me in the right direction that would be great!


Is it possible to get a cell in the 2nd sheet to reference 5 merged cells (containing text) in the 1st sheet?

Basically, all I want to do is get the name of an exercise on the 2nd sheet to say the same thing that it does on the 1st sheet. The only problem is that the name of the exercise on the 1st sheet is contained within merged cells.

While I am pretty sure I could break-up the merged cells and just type the name of the exercise in 1 single cell in the 1st sheet to get it to show on the 2nd sheet without a problem, it would make the 1st sheet (which is the overall plan) much harder to read.

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Can't Reference Cells Across Worksheets
I've got an error whereby if i open a new workbook and enter the formula "=Sheet2!A1" in cell A1 on sheet1, Excel throws up a circular reference error. If i then try to select sheet2, excel highlights both sheets 1 and sheet 2 (i am not clicking incorrectly here).

Excel then thinks that i've entered the formula into the second worksheet - it dissapears from the 1st and the circular reference makes sense. In other words, it appears that i'm not actually entering a forumla on the hightlighted worksheet.

This was happening in Excel 2003 so i updated to 2007. I'm guessing this is something to do with an incompatibilty with another application but i can't work out what i might have installed. Does anyone have any idea of apps which might cause this type of error?

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Formula To Reference Different Worksheets When Copied/Dragged
My worksheet "Ledger" has a column of 1-31 days, with row headings of MC/Visa, Amex, Disc & Cash. I also have sheets "1-31" within the same workbook that contain the data I need under each heading. I can get the data for "Amex" in sheet "1" to appear in the first cell underneath "Amex" in the sheet "ledger" by typing the formula ='1'!$B$29.....

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Compare Data On 2 Separate Worksheets And Pull A Reference Cell
I have on inventory sheet that has all the data in each cell 2612 to be exact! That changes month to month with deletions.

The format is: Sheet 2

The master worksheet has about 5000 items and the (A and B) data are both on it with other data ranging from (A-Y). My question is how do I have a cell look up data and return that it exists or doesn’t exist on the inventory sheet?

35/ 465/881676311350/311350/UEMR8ZTU

My other problem I need to take that months inventory list and have it look at the master list and return the system number from the master list (B) next to the matching inventory number (C). Allowing me to cross match inventory to master each month and save inventory worksheet each month.

I know I can copy the column and past is as a value so I won’t lose the numbers as the master changes but getting the data onto that months inventory has been a pain.

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Formula Copy & Paste: Reference Other Worksheets Within The Workbook, Are Copied Over As Links
I'm trying to perform a copy & paste operation by hand which to me should be easy in theory. I have a worksheet whose formulas have been corrupted. I have a backup of this sheet- I'd like to copy the backup sheet into the workbook. The problem is that the formulas, which reference other worksheets within the workbook, are copied over as links to the backup workbook instead of the new workbook they are being copied too. This seems simple, but how do I copy the worksheet and the references without having to go through all of the references by hand to only apply to the local book.

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Cross-referencing Lookup?
I am trying to match a person's name in the A column (A3) with particular course requirements in Columns B through to BB (ie. B2). Not every person will have taken every course. I have the master list of data on another worksheet with 4 columns of data: A-Student Name, B-Course Name, C-Final Mark, D-Additional Notes.

What I would like to do is have Excel find the student name on sheet one as well as each of the courses listed from B-BB and check sheet two (master data) to find if the student name and course name appear on the same line. If it does I want it to return the value in column C (the final Mark).

I thought that I could do this with VLOOKUP but it only works with the left most column correct? I saw something about a VLOOKUP2 but couldn't find that option in Excel 2007.

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Cross-Validation Rule
Is there any way to create a cross-validation rule between 2 cells?

For example,

Cell A5 will have one of the following values (AA, BB, or AB) ....

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Cross Match Before Calculation
I have two sets of data and each set consists of two columns as in the example. The first column is the X value and the second set is the Y value. The X values of each set are similar but not the same. I need to multiply the Y values of the two sets with same X value.

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Cross List Of Numbers
If i have two list of numbers one list in cells A1:a50 and one B1:b50 i want in c1:c50 to see me the same numbers

Also if i have more lists of numbers a1:a50 b1:b50 c1:c50 d1:d50 e1:e50 then in row F show me the numbers that they are in all lists

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Cross Matrix Calculations
I have 2 tables. One has a listing of items and the work centers that they use and their associated hours. The other has the items and the amount we will produce each month.

What I need is to be able to calculate the number of hours for each item by month and then make a summary so I can see the capacity needed for each item, work center by month.

I have used the VLOOKUP and it works but when I overwrite the second table with new data the calculations get messed up

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Cross Boxes In 2007
I am creating checkboxes and linking them to IF statements. I have figured it out all right but I really cannot go through 500 rows and insert checkboxes manually in each row.

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Cross Platform Formatting
I'm creating a workbook on a Mac, with Office 2004 for Macintosh. I took the file over to my client's office, who is on a Dell, with Office 2007. When I opened the file on the pc, the formatting (fonts, print area, column width) were all totally different as if they defaulted to a pre-existing setting in Office 2007. How can I get that pc to read my workbook as intended

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Cross Referencing Between Sheets
In my application, I am reading a barcode label whose first three digits are a code for the model number (stored in Sheet1, Column C). On sheet 2, this 3 digit code appears in Column C also, and the exact model number for each 3 digit code is stored in Column A. I would like to display the information from Sheet 2 Column A in Sheet 1 Column H, depending on the value of Sheet 1 Column C. (for example, Sheet 1 Column C contains the code 011. On Sheet 2, Code 011 is the code for Model # HTE14WABWW. I would like to copy HTE14WABWW to column H on every row where the row's column C equals 011.

I see several examples of sorting data across sheets but nothing that really answers my specific question.

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Lookup & Cross Match
I am trying to create a project on excel in which there exists four worksheets. I deleted "class 2-4" due to file size but are very similar. My question here is i need a macro to located the number from the "current" column in the Manual Input section in the "Main Page" worksheet. The current number must match column A into the appropriate sheet (depending on class) and then look for the volume in row 5 and then round up to the nearest number. My goal is to input the "proposed" number into the appropriate column and row. This will be done for four different classes. My goal is to develop this table so that i can look for trends.

Eventaully i would like to concatenate multiple proposed values for each cell as the macro will need to add onto what is located in the cell should the value already exist. Code must be a module so it runs when ever data is entered in the current, proposed, and volume cells in the manual input.

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Cross Referncing A Range Of Cells
I'm trying to achieve this. I've been trying vlookup, index and match but can't seem to get anywhere.
I don't mind using a macro if it's easier, but I wouldn't know where to start with that.

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Place Tick & Cross In Cells
I am trying to use WINGDING FOnts on some forms. I am not having full success with them. Sometimes they seem to work, other times not at all, and then sometimes if the code is less that 127. I am programically creating the forms from a worksheet.
The code used to create is as follows:

Sub MakeUserForm()
Dim TempForm As Object
Dim NewButton As MSForms.commandbutton
Dim NewLabel As MSForms.Label
Dim NewTextBox As MSForms.TextBox
Dim NewOptionButton As MSForms.OptionButton
Dim NewCheckBox As MSForms.CheckBox
Dim x As Integer
Dim Line As Integer
Dim MyScript(4) As String
Dim BC As String
'This is to stop screen flashing while creating form
Application.VBE.MainWindow.Visible = False
Set TempForm = ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents.Add(3)
'Create the User Form
With TempForm..............

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Moving Things To The Right (cross Match Up) With A MacrO
Sub Moveit2()
Dim Quantity As Range
Dim Cell As Range
Dim Cell2
Dim Breaks As Range
Set Quantity = Range("a2", "a21")
Set Breaks = Range("g1", "s1")
For Each Cell In Quantity
For Each Cell2 In Breaks
If Cell2 = Cell Then
Intersect(Cell2.EntireColumn, Cell.EntireRow) = Cell.Offset(0, 1)
End If
Next Cell2
Next Cell

End Sub

I have this macro to move things to the right. Sort of like a vlookup in a way. However, it runs using one range @ a time. For example it will look up the quantity in A2 versus what's in Row 1 and if they match, data from B2 would be moved into correct column. However, I'd like to run for multiple columns at the offset so I can don't have to keep changing data in the macro. Like want to run for these ranges at the same time as running the first range.

Set Quantity2 = Range("c2", "c21")..........

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Cross Check A List Of Alphanumeric Numbers?
I posted my question on another site and didn't get very many responses. I've got a list of alphanumeric numbers that I'm trying to cross check against a bingo grid.

The bingo cards are in a PDF format, so here's a screenshot. There's a separate sheet for Red; White; & Blue.....

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Index/Match Cross Search And Extract
sheet 2
column C is list of chemicals (to give context)
column A is a list of the publication numbers they apear in
column B is GOING to be the list of publication titles they are in

sheet 3
column A is a complete list of every publication number in our library
column B is the corresponding publication title

what i would like to do is extract the title from sheet 3 and input it into column B sheet 2 corresponding to whatever pub number is listed in column A of sheet 2

the code i have so far is in column b sheet 2 "=INDEX(Sheet3!B:B,MATCH(A2,Sheet3!A:A,0))"

now the problem i have is this works perfectly when only one pub is listed in a cell in column A sheet 2 but when there is more than one pub listed (ie "pub number" next line in cell "another pub number") it gives a N/A result.

is there anyway to call up multiple pub titles from the multiple pub numbers within one cell

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Cross Referencing Cells To Input Values
I am attempting to cross reference sheets to match up IPs to building names. I have attached an example. Essentially, I am trying to take column E on the TEST sheet and match it to column A on the IPs sheet. Whatever the Building Name (column B, IPs sheet) is, I want that filled into Column G on the TEST sheet. This would be a very labor-intensive process if it cannot be done automatically.

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Delete Columns Which Cross Merged Rows
I am trying to use a macro to delete 2 columns from a spreadsheet using a macro.

This sounds easy, but due to the fact the columns needing to be deleted ‘cross’ merged rows the macro then deletes all the columns based on the merged cells.

In the attached spreadsheet (ColDel) if you manually highlight columns D and E and then use Edit/Delete this will delete columns D and E correctly.

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Crate A Cross Table With Only Total Numbers
I want to make a crosstable (7 columns X 6rows) but the thing is that I only have the total number for each row and for each column, how do I do to get the whole numbers of the crosstable?

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Show Tick Or Cross Upon Checking Cell
i don`t know how to make this in VBA

But please allow me to explain, if I have numbers in Cell F9 I want image to be displayed as (X <---- which it means wrong) on G9 and message to be appear in H9 says only words are allowed. In case, cell value are words; I want it to show image <---- which it means right) and the message to be say correct. And if cell is empty I want it to show image (!) and the cell beside it the message should say (Please Fill up).

I want to apply this to words instead of numbers as well.

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Red X Cross In Place Of Controls/Images/Pictures
I have created an excel application on a PC. Then i moved the file to a PC on which I've just installed office. When I open the file on the new PC - the controls show up where they are but then immediately disappear leaving a transoarent box with a red cross (where the control is supposed to be).

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Lookup & Cross Match 2 Columns In 2 Workbooks
I have 2 reports with the same column headings. I want Excel to compare each one on the common OrderID and then just show me the ones that don't match--either one invoice can't be found on the other, or in the cases where they are found, the invoice amounts do not match (IOW create an exception report).

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Cells Cross Referancing Data From Another Sheet To Fill Themselves In?
I would like cells to fill themselves in automatically on one sheet, by getting the figure from the cell to the right of them, and seeing where the same figure lies on a different sheet. which ever row this figure lies in will be used to grab a different figure from colum "C" of the same row. This is the figure i would like to be put back on the first sheet.

Im aware that i havent explained this very well but i hope that my attached spread sheet with a couple of notes and highlighted bit will explain it much better.

Thank you very much in advance to anyone who can help me with this!


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VB String Written Cross Refers Tab2 On A Spreadsheet
I had the following VB string written for me recently, that cross refers Tab2 on a spreadsheet to tab1 with any duplicated fields in Tab1 being moved to Tab3.

Column B is the column I am comparing over the 2 sheets...


Dim Master As Worksheet 'Tab 1
Dim RefTab As Worksheet 'Tab 2
Dim NewTab As Worksheet 'Tab 3
Dim Cell As Range
Dim iRow As Long
Dim jRow As Long
Dim ff As String

The addition I would like to add is after this first action has taken place, I need all all of the data that is in Tab2 and not Tab1 moved to Tab 3.

To summarise, I need any info that appears in Tabs1 & 2 moved to Tab 3 and any remaining lines that are on Tab 2 and NOT Tab1 moved from Tab2 to Tab3.

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Cross Check Names And Associated Values To Give A Total
which formula achieves the following:

i have a simple table design with the dates running across the row, below each row i write the name of the person on shift. in the 3rd row i mark the time they are late for work (if any).

below that in a seperate table i have a list of my staff next to that i would like there to be a running total of their lateness. I need a formular that will look for their names and then total any lateness that i have inserted. I have include a basic spreedsheet of what i want to achieve, the column in RED is where i wan the totals.

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Cross Referencing: Know How Many Of Each Item In The Same Type Of Material And Size, Need To Be Made
I have a list of products that have individual item numbers that share some common sizes and some common materials and are ordered in different quantities. When it comes to re-ordering the raw material to remake these items, I need to know how many of each item in the same type of material and size, need to be made. The attached spreadsheet shows more clearly what I am probably failing to explain! I have tried various combinations of VLOOKUP combined with MATCH but I can’t get anything to work – I guess I’m getting a little punch drunk here having spent the whole morning trying to find a solution!

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Open & Cross Match Files And Show Differences In Another Worksheet
I am running some VBA code that works fine, until I specify a filename that contains embedded blanks. Hopefully, the following code and screen captures will demonstrate what is happening. First the code that opens the files ...

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Stop Formula Column Reference Changing On Insert But Not Row Reference
A 'Days Attended' cell (N8) and a 'Days Absent' cell (O8). N8 needs to count the number of "Present" values there are on another worksheet. The other worksheet has dates across the top and names down the side.

When i use
=COUNTIF("Attendance!C9:Z9", "Present"),
and the next date comes along the formula changes to
=COUNTIF("Attendance!D9:AA9", "Present")

ie. the reference moves a column across - the new date's absent or present is not counted. Using =COUNTIF(INDIRECT("Attendance!C9:Z9"), "Present"). is no good because when i add a new name i need the row reference to move down as a row is inserted. ie. both person's formulas count the same row. So, my question: I need the columns to stay the same - C:Z (leyway for future dates) and the rows to change as i insert or delete people from the system.

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Cell Reference :: Formula To Reference New Cells
I have lets say 12 months of data. I have formulas that reference the latest 6 months. When I insert a new column to input a new month, how can I make the formulas include the new months without manually updating them.


12 months of data exist in cells B3:M3 going from B3(oldest) to M3(newest). Formulas reference latest 6 months of data in cells H3:M3. When a new month hits, I insert a column after column M.I would like the formulas to now reference cells I3:N3 which is now the newest 6 months.

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Absolute Reference (cell Reference Behind The Table)
I have a table that displays data from another worksheet. This is what the cell reference behind the table look like:

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Cross Check 2 Ranges For Matches & Return Row Number Of Matches
I have several worksheets (Labeled Sheet1,Sheet2,sheet3) What I need to do is to step through each row in sheet3, and do a search in sheet1, it the data was found, then return the row number. I then will need to copy data from sheet1 (rowfound columnA , through rowfound CoulmnBd to sheet3 current working row columnK

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Circular Reference With Formula But No Reference To It
=INDEX(INDIRECT('Quote Detail IP'!$C$10&'Quote Detail IP'!$C$5&"!$A:$DC"),MATCH(B1,INDEX(INDIRECT('Quote Detail IP'!$C$10&'Quote Detail IP'!$C$5&"!$A:$DC"),,1),0),MATCH(A1,INDEX(INDIRECT('Quote Detail IP'!$C$10&'Quote Detail IP'!$C$5&"!$A:$DC"),1,),0))
A1= "M16" and B2= "185%RPIT630"
'Quote Detail IP'!$C$10&'Quote Detail IP'!$C$5=QxTermAge63
Can some on tell me why this is raising a Circular Reference!!

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Copy Rows To Worksheet If Cross Match & Another If No Match
I have 2 worksheets named sheet1 and need_to_delete that are in the same format: 7 digit number, 5 digit alpha numeric, text, dollar amount. I need to copy every row into sheet2 where there are no matches in the column A of the two source worksheets, and copy every row that does have a match in column A into sheet 3. I also need to keep the rows in their current order.

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