Data Validation And Conditional Formatting Unable To Save?

Jun 4, 2013

I have a pretty simple spreadsheet (because I'm not an expert on excel) to track temp staffing requirements each week over a year. It only has about 150 rows and a bunch of columns but when I try to make it bigger (add more rows so I can put about 70 staffing positions instead of 19) it will not save (cannot save all of the data and formatting). I have read on the microsoft site that there are limits to data formatting, but it describes over 2000 rows?

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Data Validation And Conditional Formatting Using VBA

Jan 14, 2010

I am using Data Validation for my drop down list, using “List” and “source” =$A$132:$A$159 along with Conditional Formatting that changes different fill colors, depending on selection. Is there a way to use VBA with a command button that when selected would give the user a dialog box so that they could enter additional comment that would be added to existing list and would also be able to select a fill color for that new selection.

Below I have a recorded Marco to give an idea of what I would like to achieve, but of course using a input box of some sort to make selections of text and color

Also I'm using Excel 2007

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Data Validation & Conditional Formatting?

May 21, 2009

I have conditional formatting for a range of cells eg. =COUNTA(AC3,AD3,AE3,AH3)
It is currently set so that cell A3 changes to Green if AC3 is populated, Red if AD is populated, Orange if AE3 populated & white if AH is populated.

AE3 has data validation (Yes or No).

I need AE3 to change to White if no is selected and Orange if Yes is selected.

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Conditional Formatting On Cells With Data Validation

Jul 24, 2009

I have column of cells, both of with have drop down menus to select information from. I have an adjacent cell to display an error based on conditions. Is there a way to have conditional formatting to apply to the cells with Data Validation to change the color, based on the error. I have tried using the Conditional Formatting options but it still does not change the color of them. I believe i have to use the formula option, but not exactly sure what to put, i know a if statement could work but unsure on how, there are only two conditions that i would need for it to apply, if the adjacent cell has an error, and when it does not. Is this possible?

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Data Validation Lists And Conditional Formatting

May 19, 2008

On sheet 1 I enter data such as:
Visit Date | Customer Name | Customer Number | Job Number | Product

On Sheet 2 i have a list of our 130 products which would be similar to '1130Tots Standard 24" ' I have made these as a list so we can choose from the list using data validation.

Now, out of the 130 products we have about 4 main different Catagories - Tots Direct, Tots RTS, Direct, RTS. - I could put what category they are in in a column next to the list on Sheet 2.

What i would like to happen is if e.g. a product is chosen from the drop down list, it could look in the cell in the column next to it and see what Catagory it is in and format the entire row on Sheet 1.

E.g. Direct changes colour to grey, Tots RTS to Pink, Tots Direct to Grey/Pink stripes, RTS stays standard no colour.

A bit of a development on a question i asked last week to cut out another stage. Currently people have to enter the product, then choose in the next column whether is is Direct, RTS, Tots Direct, Tots RTS then conditional formating will colour the rows. - Want to know if it is possible to do this all in 1 go by selecting the product from the list.

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Conditional Formatting If Cell Does Not Meet Data Validation

Dec 12, 2012

I have a table that is a list for validating values in a column .what I want to do is instead of getting an error message anf stopping if the entered value is not valid the cells become red.

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Unable To Apply Conditional Formatting With Numbers ( Font And Fill Of Same Color)

May 22, 2014

I m unable to apply conditional formatting with numbers ( font and fill of same color).


if press 1 , cell and font should be of same color and if 2 with different color and so on

as of now either formula is applying on cell or font but not on both

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Error In Data Validation - Unable To Load Spreadsheet?

Sep 4, 2013

Error in data validation: "A named range you specified cannot be found." However, the named ranges are in the Name Manager, and if I go to the sheet and select the range, I can see it is already named.

Full description:

I created a spreadsheet model (no VBA, just formulas, etc) in a workbook that another coworker took and added VBA to. However, he was not working with the most updated version. So last night I checked the sheets which had the same names, made sure there were no differences except the changes I had made since that version, and then moved the ones from my current workbook into his workbook.

On the sheet where the user was to input details of the report, there are 4 cells that each contain different lists (non-dependent). I want the user to only be able to choose one of the 4 drop down menus - that is, if any of the 4 cells are filled in, I would like the other 3 to default to N/A (or somehow not be allowed to be chosen). This was solved in a previous thread:

Using A1: =IF(COUNTA(A2:A4),NA(),G2:G6) from the other thread solution, I used a named range instead of G2:G6 and it worked well.

When I merged the files together, the 4 cells no longer worked at all. It was suggested that I look at the Name Manager, and some of te named ranges I had were in there multiple times. I cleaned them up.

I tried to enter the same formula again, and it gave me the specific error: "A named range you specified cannot be found." However, the named ranges are in the Name Manager, and if I go to the sheet and select the range, I can see it is already named.

I am unable to load the spreadsheet due to sensitive data, and removing the data would make the workbook make no sense.

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Conditional Formatting With Validation

Apr 10, 2004

Sheet 1 has a LIST of hockey player

Sheet 2 has my friend's team (12 players). Each, a dropdown list on the player of sheet 1.

When a player will be eleminated, i will manually change his background to red in the list of sheet 1.

I want the background of the sheet 2 related to the player eliminated to change to red as well at the same time... how to do it automatically, without having to put a conditionnal formatting on EACH cell in sheet 2 ?

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Conditional & Validation Formatting - ISIN - Contains

Jul 19, 2006

Conditional formatting: If a cell contains a string, say "NCT" or "nct", conditional format shall work. The string may be with a date entered i.e. "05/05/2006 NCT"

Same said cell is currently set to only allow dates. How can i achieve that Data Validation: Can data validation be set to only allow a date, and/or "date NCT" as above?

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Apply Conditional Formatting If The Cell Contains Validation List?

Jul 13, 2013

I have a table. I want to apply conditional formatting to the entire table so that wherever a cell contains a dropdown list (validation list) the cell is formatted with a different colour.

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Excel 2003 :: Unable To Allow Users To Make Changes To Workbook But Only Be Able To Do Save As Not Save

Dec 3, 2012

I have an expense report, which was originally done in Excel 2003. It still prompts users to open as read only however if they select no, they are not prompted for the password, and it has allowed them to save, so when the next person opens it, they have the previous person's report instead of the clean workbook. I have tried everything to put a password onto it. I know this is really basic stuff, but maybe I am missing a step? I want the end user to be able to make all the changes they want in read only mode and then do a save as, but if the select No when prompted "Open as Read-only?" they should have to put a password in.

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Too Much Formatting - Save Error "Could Not Save All The Data And Formatting"

Jun 5, 2008

Does anyone have a workaround for the following error "Excel Could Not Save All the Data and Formatting" Error Message ( I am applying validation to many, many cells

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Excel 2010 :: Data Validation Won't SAVE

Dec 8, 2012

In 2010 I can save a file with data validation and it says it saves it OK but when I reopen it later It removes all data validation.

Is this a bug in 2010??? I had saved it under different formats same results.

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Formatting Cells Based On Data Validation

Jun 10, 2006

I have tried to modify the examples here on the site, but can't seem to get it. Cell G1 has list data validation of 5 numbers,6 digits long. In the cells below G10:G500, these numbers are listed. However, in the G10:G500 range the numbers have 8 digits. The first 6 digits remain the same and only the last 2 change. Here is what I would like to see happen: When I chose a number from G1, I would like to highlight all the cells with the first 6 digits matching G1 in the range G10:G500.

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Validation/Conditional Formatting Cell From Cell

May 16, 2008

Excel 2003 Scenario:

Column H contains text data as follows down the rows: BIKE/CAR/TRUCK.

Column N contains text data that would be entered free text by user down the rows; however, if the data entered in column N is not contained in column H it would warn the data is not contained in column H. Example: BOAT is not found in column H. Note; it could contain all text in column H for that row or just one word in column H for that row.

The goal is to recognize the text entered in column N is not contained in column H, warn and change the color of the text in column N to red.

I attempted to use Data/Validation, and Conditional Formatting; none seem to have a contain function.

Is there a formula or VBA I may use or any thoughts?

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Conditional Data Validation Drop-down Lists

Oct 27, 2008

Sheet1 is my database and looks like the following:


Sheet2 is for the user input, in which Columns H and I would have a data validation drop-down list and looks like the following: ...

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Conditional Data Validation: Show All Values

Jan 6, 2009

I need someone to go through them assigning a building number, level and location to each of them. I am using drop down menus, the first choice is building and has the following options:


Depending on the option selected there maybe different locations, i.e. B1 has the following available locations:


Whereas B7 only has: ALL. The third column, level, operates in a similar way.

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Unable To Save External Link Values.

Nov 24, 2008

Due to the large number of VLOOKUP functions on my page of data whenever I try to save I get the following error codes. Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications. Unable to save external link values. The problem itself may not be solvable but is there away to prevent these messages from coming up when I save (or when it autosaves?)?

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Excel 2007 :: Unable To Save As PDF File

Apr 26, 2013

I have an Excel worksheet (2007 version) which I am trying to save as a PDF file. However, the PDF option is not listed in my "Save as type" drop down window.

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Could Not Save All The Data And Formatting Recently Added

Jun 4, 2008

I am running the below code to basically apply a defined list to a cell containing the string "WORKDAMNIT". This list is used as validation. I am running into a HUGE problem where once I apply the validation on about 17,000 cells and try to save the spreadsheet I get an error saying that "Excel could not save all the data and formatting you recently added to...". Thus, the IF loop basically does a save of records everytime I hit about 1000 records. I can even see the file being saved. However, whenever I close the spreadsheet it asks me to SAVE!! If I try to save it I get the same error and if I dont NOTHING gets saved.

Sub Valid()

Dim listCount As Long 'counter
Dim cellCount As Long 'cell Counter for save function
Dim foundCell As Range 'found cell in sheet Find
Dim foundList As Range 'found cell in sheet list
Dim fwb As Workbook 'workbook value
Dim fsheet1 As String 'find sheet
Dim fsheet2 As String 'list sheet
Dim strMatchCol As Integer 'address value of column number
Dim col As String 'actual value of column string
Dim strFind As String 'The string we are searching for (eg. "blah blah")

Set fwb = ActiveWorkbook
fsheet1 = "Data"

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Runtime Error 1004 - Unable To Save File

Mar 30, 2014

I am executing code in a workbook that has been working successfully previously.

Suddenly I get a run time 1004 error in any macro in the workbook that tries to execute a command?

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Excel 2000 :: Unable To Hide Hidden Column When Save As Webpage?

Aug 15, 2013

Currently I'm using excel 2000. Can't hide hidden column when save as webpage?

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Conditional Formatting Groups Of Data

May 28, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with data in a table with order numbers in column A. Although each order is given a unique number, the data populates with multiple rows, one for each line of the order, all with the same order number depending on how many lines where on the order (which is generated via other software and cannot be altered). Therefore the data, when sorted by order number, appears in groups:

[URL] .....

Is it possible to conditional format each line in groups of the same order number to make it easier to differentiate between each individual order which will still work when the data is sorted or filtered?

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Conditional Formatting - No Data No Colour

Nov 4, 2008

On this particular formula but my colleagues have informed me that they require cells with no dates in to have no colour fill. Firstly, I have searched and tried myself with no success on stopping the below formulas from filling empty cells with red, they are as below;

Code below for 11 months after entered date:

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Conditional Formatting - Colour A Whole Row Of Data

Jun 8, 2009

I am trying to colour a whole row of data (in columns A through to AA) based on the numeric entry in column AB. The numeric entry is either 1, 2 or 3. I reckoned I needed to use the IF function, but as writing formula is not my strong point I am struggling to enter the correct data! The first row of data I wish to use is 3. I have tried the following but to no avail: =IF($AB3,1). =IF($AB3=1). =IF($AB3="1").

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Data Bars Conditional Formatting

Mar 5, 2012

I am using the simple conditional format "Data Bar" to make a progress bar, going from 0-1 (0-100%), works fine .5 is halfway...ect. but what i would like it to do is to change to a different colour only when it reaches the 100% or 1 in this case so you can see quickly that this progress is complete.

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Conditional Formatting From Data On Different Sheet

Jan 24, 2014

On one of my excel spreadsheets I have someone's name and a drop down list of "subscribe" or "unsubscribed" in the next column over:



amazing company

[Code] .......

I have their names in column A on another sheet and a load of contact details and details on subscription price etc. I want to be able to conditional format these rows of details according to if they are subscribed or not. I'm struggling to come up with a formula that works and the conditional formatting menu isn't working much.

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VBA Conditional Formatting - Refresh When Data Changes

Jul 13, 2006

I searched, but couldnt find a thread which covers a VBA code which covers writing a conditional format into cells and changes each time contents of the cell are refreshed. The conditions are:

If activecell.value < 0 Then
.interior.colorindex = 3

If activecell.value >=0 Then
.interior.colorindex = 4

and i want this to happen for a big range of cells (range(a1:k1500) So basically, once the macro is run(which has the code to insert the conditinal formating for all the cells), if the user makes any change to the cell(within the range), the color of the cell should change automatically(like Conditinoal formating works by default). Prior to this, i was doing my cell coloring using the 'for loop' approach, but that of course does not reflect once the macro has ended.

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Conditional Formatting Based On Cell Data?

Jan 29, 2014

I would like to be able to change the color of fill in a cell if there are 3 occurrences in cells. Attached is a sample.

In the attachment, if the cells A2, D2, G2 all have a number "1" in them I would like cell K2 to have a color fill for the cell.

The same would be for the other cells, if B2, E2, H2 all have the number "1", K2 should have a fill in the cell as well, same as if C2, F2, I2 have a number "1", fill K2.

I only want the fill color to be in cell K2 if all 3 of the cells, ex: A2, D2, G2 have a "1" in them. Also, some of the other cells may have a number "1" in them but I would not want them counted unless it is 3 of the consecutive cells.

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