Date Conversion To Number

May 7, 2006

I'm trying to convert a number from word to a number in excel. Example: 10-12 input in word to a cell in excel. Unfortunately it treats it as a date an gives me 39002. I want to be able to use both numbers and add them together to get -2 not 39002. How to format the excel spreadsheets in order to complete this calculation.

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Conversion Of Gregorian Date Into Islamic Date

Nov 1, 2008

if it is possible to convert Gregorian date into Islamic date by using a formula or VB code in excel? If yes, what is it?

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Number Conversion

Aug 26, 2009

I have two sets of data that I need which is obtained from one source.

Basically, the stats I am working with in excel are Processing Time (minutes/seconds) and Volume Per Hour. I desperately need a formula that will allow me to convert the processing time into Volume per hour.

Example: Average Handle Time, 7min 7 seconds = x per hour. If it was just 7 minutes flat I could simply divide that into 60. I also can't make it 7.7 and divide that because 7.7 doesn't equal 7m7s.

Does anyone have any thoughts on a way to do this? I found a conversion chart online that allowed me to do this work manually 'Conversion Chart: Fraction of an Hour to Minutes', but I haven't determined a way to make a formula out of this.

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Date Conversion

Apr 3, 2007

I am trying to convert numbers from three cells into a date in one cell. I tried using the =DATE function, but it did not work. In A1, B1, C1, I have 1, 15, 2002. I would like cell D1 to take the info from the preceeding three cells and display "January 15, 2002"

Presently, I have A1...C1 formatted for "General." D1 is formatted for "Date." Yet I get the answer "August 23, 1907" (or 2792 as 'General').

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Character To Number Conversion

Aug 15, 2006

I have a spreadsheet which I automatically generate using VBA. One of the columns lists account numbers. After the macro is complete, the account numbers are non-numeric and left justified. However if I select one of the account numbers by clicking on its cell, and then edit the account number in the formula window, it changes the cells property to numeric and right-justifies the cell.

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Text To Date Conversion

May 20, 2014

I would like to convert date written like this "April 24, 2014" in Excel Date format.

Is it possible to do it with a formula or data import?

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5 Digit Date Conversion

Nov 14, 2006


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Date Conversion Macro

Aug 28, 2009

I use the following codes to convert YYYYMMDD into DD/MM/YYY


I use this on quite a regular basis, I would like to convert this to a macro so I can simply select the cell/cells and press the button.

Firstly is this possible and can anyone provide a script?

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Date Time Conversion

May 4, 2006

Basically my requirement is to find out the time difference in terms of minutes between two days of time.

For example. the difference between(in minutes) 27/04/2006 10.01 and 29/04/2006 11.02. The reasults i want is in terms of minutes only.

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IBM DB2 Date Format Conversion

Mar 19, 2008

I have come across an issue and I am not sure what the best way is to achieve my goal or if it's even possible. We are importing dates that are in IBM DB2 Date format. Example: the date is imported as 1060318(C/YY/MM/DD), which is is actually 2006 March 18th. I would like to convert 1060318 to something that Excel can format into March 18th 2006.

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DATEVALUE Conversion (Text To Date)

Feb 6, 2014

I have a text string from a regulatory site for a date and time
01/11/2013 1607

I'm trying to convert this into a date and time stamp but having problems with datevalue
11-Jan-13 16:07:0

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Min & Max (30+ Cells Selection) + Date Conversion

Feb 9, 2010

Excel won't take more than 30 cells when using Min or Max function. I am trying to get min & Max of the following:

=min(M3,O3,Q3,S3,U3,W3,Y3,AA3,AC3,AE3,AG3,AI3,AK3,AM3,AO3,AQ3,AS3,AU3,AW3,AY3,BA3,BC3,BE3,BG3,BI3,BK3,BM3,BO3,BQ3,BS3,BU 3,BW3,BY3,CA3,CC3,CE3,CG3,CI3)

Is there an alternate to this? The selection is every alternate cell starting M3, O3 & so on.

Also, All of the above reference columns have date stored in "2002 Aug 02" format. Is there a quick way of selecting the columns automatically & converting it to DD-MMM-YY?

I tried various methods but nothing works unless I manually enter the date. I am looking for an easy way because I have 100's of sheets to fix with 30+ columns. It will be a big and tedious job if I try to create a separate column beside each and then convert using a formula.

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Text To Number Conversion In Validation List!

Dec 3, 2007

I have 2 sheets;

Sheet1 (Also named "TicketNames") and Sheet 2 ("Day1").
On TicketNames I have 4 Columns the first 3 columns with about 5 names per columns.
Each list of five are given a specific Name ("One","Two","Three"). The last column is just
a list for Day1 dropdown menu. (3 names, "One", "Two", "Three").

On Day1, I have a validation list on A1 which will allow the user to select either ("One, Two or Three").

On B1, another dropdown menu, but it will only show the items related to the selection they made on A1.

My problem is that on A1, instead of having "One" show up, I want it to say "$1" for One dollar. But because it is a number not a text it won't allow me to use a validation list using this.

I'm using Excel 2007

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Date Time Conversion To 2 Separate Cells

Mar 25, 2014

How to convert this cell date time to 2 separate cells

A1 = 20140320 093000,

to B1 = 2014/03/20 and C1 = 09:30:00 am

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Recognize Conversion (word To Number) And Multiplication Factors?

May 20, 2009

I'm trying to make a table of the total amount of a liquid used throughout the day. Here is what I am trying to do: In cell D4, I want to be able to enter something similar to the following: 3cup+2bottle+1liter

and by doing so, Excel can automatically recognize that 1cup is 8oz, 1bottle is 17oz, and 1liter is 34 oz because of the reference chart provided on the side. Also, it would be able to notice the 3, 2, and 1 amounts so it would multiply accordingly so it would know to do this: (3*8)+(2*17)+(1*34)

and then put the calculated amount in the cell. The correct answer should be 92oz. Is there a way for Excel to recognize the conversions (i.e. whenever it sees 'cup' it will multiply by 8) and multiplication factors (i.e. 3, 2, 1)?Is there a formula I can enter that I can just "drag" down to the upcoming days in column D?

I know I can just do something like this: (3*G4)+(2*G5)+(1*G6).

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Macro Not Working Properly For Conversion Of Date Format?

Apr 13, 2014

In the attached sheet, one macro is developed which is not working properly. My req is to convert date from dd-mon-yyyy to yyyy/mm/dd format. (23-jan-2010--> 2010/01/23)

If incomplete date is there, then hyphen should place the gap i.e.

For date like APR-2014------> Output should be 2014/04/--
For date like 1998 -----> Output should be 1998/--/--

The below macro works only for row number 11, 15 and 16.


Attached File : date.xlsm‎

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Date Conversion Formula For Dates Formatted With Period

Aug 19, 2012

How to create the formula for dates formatted with periods.

Dates are as follows:

01.07.12 - should return as 1-Jul
01.08.12 - should return as 1-Aug
02.08.12 - should return as 2-Aug

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Excel 2007 :: Conversion Of Text Into Date Format

Dec 24, 2012

I have a question about conversion of a text format into date format.

2 computers, the first windows vista, the second Windows 8, both Excel 2007.

The purpose is to calculate the difference between 2 dates with hour:minutes:seconds, like for example:
18/12/2012 19:20:00 and 18/12/2012 19:23:03.

So in this example the result should be 00:03:03.

Both dates are formatted with 'personalized' : dd/mm/yyyy hh/mm.

In the first computer everything works like it should, but in the second it is apparently impossible to transform the first of those date h:m:s which is originally in a text format into a date format. I tried all the methods which i found to transform a text date format into a date , like multiplication with 1, Datevalue and others, but nothing seems to work, the result is always "#Value".

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Serial Date Conversion To Semi String Data

May 6, 2006

I need this: 38842.8287152778 to be converted into 05052006_075321PM. This is the date for May 5th 2006 @ 7:53:21 pm in VBA. How do i get there from 38842.8287152778?

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Text To Columns Function Picks Wrong Number Format After Conversion

Jun 16, 2014

Using the text to columns option on a comma separated file in csv format leads to the right preview in the text to columns wizard.

The column titled "ATTIC: Zone ..." shows the desired format in the preview window. Please look at the screenshot 1.jpg.

After pushing the finish button to obtain the result the number format gets suddenly changed and differs from the preview.

Again check for the "ATTIC: Zone ..." column as reference: 2.jpg

Is there a menu where one can look up, or specify how to format data to force the right comma placement? What settings might be wrong?

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Date Conversion And Use A Variable Of Type Long As A Search Criteria

Jul 22, 2008

How to assign a variable of type Long to the below code.

1) Dim searchField as LOng
ActiveSheet.Range("N2").FormulaArray = "=MAX(IF($A$2:$A$200=""" & searchField & """,$C$2:C$200))"

2) ActiveSheet.Range("N2").FormulaArray = "=MAX(IF($A$2:$A$200= searchField,$C$2:C$200))"
1) code failed because I want the variable searchField to have a data type of LONG.

2) code failed because it seems like excel thought the search criteria is of same searchField.

How to convert date to general format and store it in a variable of data type Long. I.E if I convert 3/15/2008(data type of Date) to data type of General, it should be 39522. What is the VBA code for doing this conversion?

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Count Unique Instances Of Date While Filtering Based Upon Date And ID Number

Aug 14, 2014

I have a list of ID# (Col A) and dates (Col B). The ID # of reference is Col (F) and today's date (Col G). I need to count how many future dates there are in the list (Col B) that are unique and in the future from today's date.

I'm still fairly new to all these formulas and functions which is why I'm not attempting this in VBA.

I've attached an example work book and I would like the result in H2.

Example Workbook.xlsx‎

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Date Countdown: Results Of The Number Of Days Between Today And A Future Date

Apr 8, 2009

I am trying to get the results of the number of days between today and a future date. I am using ="cell containing futuredate"-today() and it gets me the correct number of days. The problem comes in when I have yet to populate the future dates. I am getting -39991 (numeric value between today and jan 01 01) and because I am also using conditional formatting this is even more of a problem. Is there a way get excel to display nothing if it is a negative number? or to give a specified resut if the number becomes negative such as Expired or something of that nature?

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Calculate The Number Of Days From A Date Entered Into Cell A1 To Today's Date

May 19, 2009

I need a formula that will calculate the number of days from a date entered into cell A1 to today's date. Whether it's before or after todays date. Example:

5/10/2009 to today is -9

5/22/2009 to today is 3

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Calculate Number Of Days Between Two Date Within A Current Month Including End Date

Apr 2, 2009

I have two columns of dates, leave start and end dates (when people start leave i.e. annual leave). Would need to introduce column(s) to calculate how many days fell within the month including the end date and excludes weekends.

For example, if the staff on leave from 31st March to 6 April, i need to show that the number of leave taken as 1 day in March and 4 days in April.

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Find Corresponding Date Range Based On Single Date And ID Number

Mar 28, 2014

I'm trying to combine the hours that a employee worked on a single date, with one of multiple time periods that exist for that employee.

I have two sets of data.
Set 1 (hours)
Employee number, date, hours
12345, 1-2-2014, 6
12345, 1-3-2014, 8
12345, 1-10-2014, 8

Set 2 (periods)
Employee number, start date, end date
12345, 1-1-2014, 4-1-2014
12345, 6-1-2014, 1-2-2014

What I'd like to do is to add the start and end date of Set 2 to Set 1 for every row in Set 1

In above example the result should be like this.
12345, 1-2-2014, 6, 1-1-2014, 4-1-2014
12345, 1-2-2014, 8, 1-1-2014, 4-1-2014
12345, 1-10-2014, 8, 6-1-2014, 1-2-2014

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Show Week Number Of Today Date From Starting Date

Jun 27, 2014

is it possible to display the week number of todays date (today()) from a physically entered start date (which would obviously be week one), the start date would be november 4th 2013.

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Date Number Sequence Reversed - Not Recognized By Excel As A Date

Jul 31, 2014

I have a column of figures in a file sent to me recently which are dates but for some reason have been reversed eg 20140321. This is 21st march 2014. However I have tried formatting the number as a date (as we would normally see it in UK eg 21/03/14 or similar) and I cannot get Excel to recognise it as a date - I just get a long row of asterisks. How do I get a recognisable date sequence?

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Extract Character From Date Format & Number Of Days Between Date

Jan 17, 2010

I have two questions regarding date format and hope you can provide input.

1) say 01/01/2010 displays as Jan-10 and i need a new column to state it as JAN. What function should i use to achieve it?

2) i need to state the difference between first day and last day of the month. What function should i use to achieve it?

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Return Value Of Date Using Addition From 2 Columns That Represent Date And Number

Feb 21, 2014

I want to get a return value of date in column C whereas column A represent a date and column B represent a number. Simplest formula in excel is Column C (Feb 26, 2014)= Column A (Feb 21, 2014) + Column B (5). I want it to have in macro code.

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