Delay Macro (Put In A Statement Within A Macro That Populates Cells With The Values)

Jan 11, 2010

Put in a statement within a Macro that populates cells with the values that I want it to but instead of populating all at the same time, is it possible for the values to be delayed.

I have designed a mock spreadsheet (attached) it has two columns 'Before' and 'After'

After = Before values (in this mock)

When you press the button, the values are populated straight into the 'After column' can we add the delay between the values? So that the values dont come up straight away.

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If Statement In Macro: Macro To Change A Range Of Cells Colours Based On A Single Cell?

Mar 16, 2007

1st - Need a macro to change a range of cells colours based on a single cell having a value greater than 0.001. ie. cells A1 - G1 need to change to grey based on cell F1 having a value greater than 0.001 entered in it?

2nd - Also a macro for deleting the text contents of cell C1 based on cell F1 having a value greater than 0.001. Therefor if cell F1 has a number greater than 0.001 it changes the colour of celss A1 - G1 and also deletes the text in cell C1?

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Put Delay In Macro

Sep 26, 2008

I'm downloading data from a database that takes sometimes up to a minute to download the data. However I have a sum function in the macro that calls the cells that the downloaded data will be in. The problem is the sum function is occuring before the data is downloaded so the sum is always 0. Any way to build in a delay timer?

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Calculation Delay Using Macro

Dec 3, 2009

Is there a way to delay the result of a cell formula by three seconds or so? For example, I need to delay the result value of cell B12 for 3 seconds.

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Add Time Delay Between Macro Steps

Jan 15, 2009

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "3.1"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "3.2"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "3.3"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "3.4"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "3.5"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "3.6"
etc . . .

Basically, I just recorded a macro to change the cell value. This code continues to 4.8 . . .Is there a more efficient way to code this??
Also, I'd like to add a time delay (say +-5seconds) between each step. So basically it would say:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "3.1"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "3.2"

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Time Delay When Executing Macro In VBA

Mar 14, 2013

I am trying to see if it is possible to create an intentional delay when executing a macro. Basically I would like to pause the macro for 5 seconds and then continue with the rest of the code.

Is such a thing possible with Excel?

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Delay Parts Of A Macro From Running

Oct 13, 2006

I have created a macro that goes to a report application. The report application runs a script that extracts certain parts of various reports (the script asks for user input to pull the various reports) and exports the data to a spreadsheet. The script gets one report, writes the data to a spreadsheet, gets the next report, appends the data to the spreadsheet, etc. The macro then moves and formats the data in a customized way to be put to second spreadsheet. My problem is that the macro tries to format the data before the script has completed - how can I stop the macro from running until the script has finished? The script varies in run time - anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes.

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Macro Paste- Macro To Get The Values From Cells D29 And H24 In The Resource Calculator Sheet

Sep 17, 2009

I need a macro to get the values from cells D29 and H24 in the Resource Calculator sheet and populate it into cells N8 and O8 in the Input form.

Users will then be able to change the information in the calculator and click the macro again to populate N9 and O9 and so on.

Is there a way to do this?

I've attached the file for you to see.

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Macro To Replace IF Statement That Compares 2 Cells

Nov 21, 2007

In cell M32 there will either be an O or the cell will be blank. In cell T51 I had placed an IF statment like this:


Now that works ok but there is a glitch on my part. If T51 is blank because of M32 containing an "O" then the user will also enter a number into T51. Because I was using an IF formula in the cell it gets overwritten because of the user needing to enter data in the cell because of M32 containing a O. How do I write a macro so that a similar formula is used but still able to enter data manually without overwritting the formula?

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3 Cells Must Be Answered Before 4th Cell Populates?

Apr 10, 2013

I have a spreadsheet where my agents need to answer B3, B4 and B5 before B12 provides the answer. Currently, B12's formula works but it doesn't require the 3 other cells to be completed - it defaults to "No" until all 3 are complete and then changes to "yes" if the 3 cells match the formula I have set up already. Is there a way to prevent B12 from showing "No" until the 3 cells are filled out? I would prefer it stay blank until the cells are complete. I have tried the ISBLANK route but I'm not sure it is the right way because both B3 and B5 are set up with Data Validation lists so I dont think its picking those up as truly being blank...(maybe?).

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Macro To Transfer Values From Cells

Dec 16, 2008

I have some values in Range F2, F26 ,F48 and so on.

I need to transfer these values using a macro to
C8778 and so on.

Since there are a lot values , I would like to have a macro for this operation;

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Macro To Check Values On Two Cells Should Be Equal

May 2, 2014

I have cells that they're values should be equal B6=B11, B7=B12, B8=B13, E6=B14, E7=B15, E8=B16, I want a macro that if the values are not equal then the background should be RED and a pop up message "The values should be equal".

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Macro For Coloring Cells Based On Other Values

Apr 15, 2014

I have two columns, A and B (I technically have a lot more in my sheet but to make it simple just focus on these two columns). The two columns are Company Name and then Company Color. I want to write a macro that based on what color is in Company Code (B1:B500) to highlight Company Name (Column A) based on those values in column B.

Below is an example:

I would want GE to be Red for example.

Company Name
Company Color


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Macro To Leave The Values In A Range Of Cells

Nov 20, 2009

I need a macro to leave the values in a range of cells.

The macro needs to work on which ever cell is high lighted

For example if I high light cell G8 it needs to leave the value

in cell G8 to G24 then
in cell G29 to G45 then
in cell G50 to G66 etc

all the way down to the last cell range G1142 to G1158

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Macro For Average Of Values - Dynamic Range Of Cells

Aug 1, 2013

I need to find average of the values , the count of the cells will be dynamic (may be 5 or even 200).

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Macro To Delete Rows That Have Cells That Don't Contain Values From A List

Mar 7, 2014

Each day I am going to have a list of about 300 different ID numbers, which i have already got a macro for creating, that outputs them into a single column on a sheet.

The next challenge Ill face now, is that I'll have a list of maybe 500 ID numbers in another spreadsheet.... I need a way to basically tell excel to keep rows that contain the numbers in 1 column on the list of 500, that correspond with those on the list of 300.

Numbers that are not found on the list of 300 ID numbers, must be deleted, along with the entire row.

I essentially need a macro that runs something like this that i found online, but instead of it just looking for the word "apple" as rows to delete, i would need it to check to see if the number is one of the 300 on my list.... and delete the row if it is not on the list

PHP Code: 

Sub Delete_Rows()Dim rng As Range, cell As Range, del As RangeSet rng = Intersect(Range("A1:C20"), 
ActiveSheet.UsedRange)For Each cell In rngIf (cell.Value) = "Apple" _ThenIf del Is Nothing ThenSet del = cell
Else: Set del = Union(del, cell)End IfEnd IfNext cellOn Error Resume Nextdel.EntireRow.DeleteEnd Sub 

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Macro To Check If Range Of Cells Values Are Balnk.

Jan 8, 2009

I am looking for a macro that will check 2 things....then do something.
The first is if a range of cell values in are blank. lets say

Next is if a particular cell contains a given value ,
Sheets("sheet1").Range("E5") should equal "Year 1" if true.

If both these are true then I want the macro to copy a range of cells from
Sheets("Sheet2").Range("H6:H48") to Sheets("Sheet1").Range("D6:D48").

I tried to use IsEmpty but it seems to return a "False" if a range of cells
are being tested.

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IF Statement Help With Values In Multiple Cells

Jul 24, 2009

I need to see if it is possible to set up an IF statement that can pull information from cells based on the results already available in those cells.

ABCDEFGHIJKLM1Non FeaturedGoodGoodIdentical IMEIsGoodNeeds RLM NumGoodGoodGoodChk DOA BoxGood32Non FeaturedNo ExchangeGoodGoodGoodNeeds RLM NumGoodGoodGoodChk DOA BoxGood23

What I need is a formula in cell M1 that will check each cell B1 thru K1 for the data "Good". If it does not equal "Good", then I need the checks true/false value(s) to show the reason shown in the other cells.

In other words, for row 1, i need a formula where the outcome would be "Identical IMEIs" because D1 is the first box in the set that does not equal "Good". Then if D1 was corrected to "Good", the outcome would then be "Needs RLM Num".

I tried to do it in sections such as {=IF(B7"Good",B7, then the next check )} but the number of statements exceeds the number of IF statements that can be nested. And I really need the formula to fit in one cell.

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Macro To Find Correct Data In Cells That Have Multiple Values

Jan 27, 2014

Script Example.png (Picture)
Script Example.xlsx (Example Workbook)

I have a report that I pull that I pull fairly often that is in this format and shows which footage of products each store is getting (out of over 1800 stores)!

Above is the format that it comes back as. And here is a spreadsheet that shows what steps I take to find correct values in detail.

So each FTG has an ID# and Desc. The ID is in text format and each ID is seperated with a comma, no space. Description also. Date is seperate by a space and comma. Stores change footages a lot so I want to find out which footage is effective today (1/27/2014) For ex: Store 63 would have the 5ft effective right now because we are between 5/23/08 and 5/22/14. So each ID# and Ftg Description is in the same order as Date.

When I have hundreds of stores, it is difficult to go through and get each one (even with the way I've been doing it.) But my ultimate goal is to create a macro to put only the current footage ID#, Desc, and Date in Columns C,D,and E. I'm not sure even where to start with doing a macro.

I usually just find the store with most ftgs, count them, insert that many rows after ID and Description columns, then do a text to columns (comma, delimited), sort by 2nd date column (so they all come up top) and then manually go through them and delete unneeded columns once I have them all.

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Macro To Set Current Time In A Cell Without Changing Similar Values In Other Cells

Mar 4, 2012

I have a Macro 'Timenow' to give current time in a Cell of MS Excel, but then it changes all Cell values of sheet where the macro was used.

Sub Timenow()
' Timenow Macro
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+b
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=NOW()"
Selection.NumberFormat = "h:mm"
End Sub

Even assigning value to variable does not work:

Sub Timenow()
' Timenow Macro
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+b
Dim TN As String
TN = Format("=now()", "h:mm")
ActiveCell.Value = TN
End Sub

how to restrict the macro to change the value of current/active cell only without effecting other cell values?

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IF Statement: Look At Different Cells And Return Different Values If Ture Or False

Nov 6, 2009

I have an IF statement that I need to look at different cells and return different values if ture or false, depending on what is selected in cell J2

Cell D2
if J2 = "FMB/FPI" then retrun the value of cell Y7
if J2 = "FPI/FPI" then N/A
if J2 = "FMB/OTHER" then return the value of cell Y7

Cell E2
if J2 = "FMB/FPI" then retrun the value of cell AC7
if J2 = "FPI/FPI" then then retrun the value of cell AC7
if J2 = "FMB/OTHER" then N/A

Cell F2
if J2 = "FMB/FPI" then N/A
if J2 = "FPI/FPI" then N/A
if J2 = "FMB/OTHER" then then retrun the value of cell AC7

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Can You Run A Macro From An If Statement

Nov 4, 2009

I am a teacher in London and have set my class a problem and I am not sure if it can be solved the way I thought (Duh!)

They are designing an ATM screen that moves on to another worksheet/screen according to whether a password is correct or not.

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If Then Statement To Run A Macro

Mar 5, 2009

is it possible to write an if then statement in a macro (in Excel) in order to run a specific portion of it. I.e. If C4="blank" then continue running the macro, if not skip to a lower portion of the macro.

I'm attempting to write a macro to format specific sections of a generated output from another system. The issue is that there could be 2 sections or 75 sections, so I would have to write the if then to skip repeating the macro and skip to the end, which would format the footer, once it hits a specific blank cell 2 lines below the last section it formatted.

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Run Macro From And IF Statement?

Oct 28, 2013

I need to run only one of three Macros depending on the contents of an individual cell. Logically speaking, if cell a1 is "YES" , run Macro 1 which will unhide worksheet1, If it is "NO" , Run Macro 2 which will unhide worksheet2, and if it is N/A, run macro 3 which will unhide worksheet3.

Is "IF" nested the best approach for this ?

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Running A Macro From A If Statement

Jul 28, 2008

Is it possible to run a macro from an IF command?

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If Statement When Writing A Macro

Dec 10, 2008

I am trying to write an if statement in my macro. It is not returning what I want. Can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong.

Dim D As Variant
D = Sheets("Instructions").Range("n3").Value
If D = 1 Then
End If

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VBA Macro Change From Case To If Statement

Nov 19, 2013

I want to use wildcards and it seems I cannot do it with case select, is it possible?

Its required because for the list of PSV's I have more than 2000 names and I would like to use *PSV* for them all instead of typing them all.

Here is the code below:

Option Explicit
Sub Colorize(Rng As Range)
Dim Cel As Range

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.EnableEvents = False

[Code] .......

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SortSheets Macro For Statement Does Not Run Correctly

Jul 15, 2006

i have tried 2 different ways of sorting my worksheets in alphabetical order. Each time i try these it does something to all the sheets where it's not letting my For statement to run correctly. It was running correctly before I added the Sort Sheets macro. My workbook has a bunch of sheets for every agent and one summary sheet. The for statement looks in A1 for the condition. the condition is in every sheet except for the summary sheet.

Here is my For statement. Its was looking in A1 for the criteria before and working fine but for some reason it now is finding the criteria in the "summary" sheet when there criteria is not there?!?!

Sub run_it()
If Range("A8") <> "" Then
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select
End If
Dim month As Integer
Dim month1 As String
month = InputBox("Enter the MONTH (Number) you are reporting")
If month = 1 Then
month1 = "January"
ElseIf month = 2 Then
month1 = "February"
ElseIf month = 3 Then .............

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VBA Macro - If Statement Based On Length Of Text

Feb 11, 2014

I'm having a bit of trouble with a macro designed to read the length text in a cell and if it = a certain length then perform an action (in this case Text to column)

Here is a small sample of the data I'm working with:

Tue 02/11/2014
20140211082244.222441+000 <<

Tue 02/11/2014
20140211082244.222441+000 <<

Tue 02/11/2014
20140211082244.222441+000 <<

Tue 02/11/2014
20140211082244.222441+000 <<

Tue 02/11/2014

Tue 02/11/2014
20140211082244.222441+000 <<
*End Sample*

The text length I want it to perform the action on is highlighted with "<<" if the length of text does not meet the required number then I want the statement to skip and move onto the next one.

I have the text to column code already done with relative references however the long text string I want the statement activated on is not always present which means that the pattern (0,3) is not always consistent.

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Inserting A Muliple IF Statement In My Recorded Macro

Sep 21, 2009

I recorded a macro (which worked), then tried to get more out of it by adding code to add a further function (which didn't work). The code is as follows:-

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