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Detect Add-in

I need to send a file to hundreds of users so that I can tell who has a particular add-in installed. This file will then be saved to a particular directory. The problem I'm having is controlling the error that occurs when the add-in is NOT installed. The below approach (using On Error Goto) clearly isn't the way to go. I need something like
If(Iserror(AddIns("AmartaSpecs") Then Cells(2,3)="No"

The code I have so far is:

Sub Amarta_Specs()
Dim a

'ActiveSheet.Shapes("Button 1").Delete
Cells(1, 1) = "Username"
Cells(1, 2) = "Computer Name"
Cells(1, 3) = "Add-in installed?"

Cells(2, 1) = Environ("Username")
Cells(2, 2) = Environ("Computername")

On Error GoTo Error
Set a = AddIns("AmartaSpecs")
Cells(2, 3) = "Yes"

Cells(2, 3) = "No"

ChDir "E:FinanceSQL Add-in test"
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="E:FinanceSQL Add-in test" & Environ("Username") & ".xls"

End Sub

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Detect MsgBox
How to detect msgbox pup up event.

Does any function like msgbox.activate=true or somrthing can used.

I want to avoid msgbox show up and close msgbox automaticly.

I know


But it's seem not to apply to msgbox close.

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Detect Changes In A Row
I am trying to create a code in the Worksheet_change event. I have hundreds of rows of data in a sheet. Each row of data is one unique project. What I am trying to do is figure out if any cell in a specific row has changed, and place a date at the end of that row idicating the date of the change.

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Detect Cells With Links
How can I detect on an excel workbook which cell have links(formula =) to
other workbooks without have to put my cursor on top of each linked cell.

I have had a hard time finding this cells. I can see the links by choosing Edit
then links, and excel will display list of links, but it does not specify
which cells contain those links

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Function Or Sub To Detect Doubles
I have a column with employee id's. Sometimes two or more employee ID's are double. I need to dedect if there are ID numbers that appears more then ones. If I found such a number I can copy that.

Has someone an idea or is there a build in function to handle this?

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Detect If User Prints
Is there anyway to detect if the user has just printed. I have code which transfer data from the sheet to an access file when the user prints using the button I placed on the sheet, unfortunately some users are using the print button on the toolbar.

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Detect Operating System
how can I detect the OS of the computer a sheet is running on and launch a macro accordingly?

I have built a calculator that utilizes an embedded wave file but doesn't work correctly with Vista. With Vista it actually causes WMP to be launched instead of just playing the file. So I was hoping to be able to skip the sound on Vista machines but play for all other OS's.

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Detect/Prevent Text
In column A i have a range of dates
In column B i have a range of descriptions
In column C i have formula which calculates an interest figure based on the date entered in column A and a date entered in a cell elsewhere. It also makes the cell display a couple of different strings of text if conditions are not met e.g. It displays "too early" if the date entered is more than 4 years before the date entered in the cell elsewhere

The problem that im having is this:

When i try to calculate column C i want it to throw an error if there is anything but a numeric value in the column. But it is obviously considering the cells in column C with for e.g. "too early" as a "0". I have tried all sorts of formula to do this to no avail, IFTEXT, IFNUMBER, ISTEXT, ISNONTEXT etc etc.

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Detect Changing Color
How can I with vba detect when someone changes the color of the font in a cell

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Detect Blank Cell Value
I am trying to detect if a user leaves a cell empty. I have tried If statements like:

If Target.Value = "" Then


If (IsNull(Target.Value) Then

The problem is when the user uses the spacebar to delete an entry in that cell. If they leave any spaces after exiting the cell those if statements fail to run.

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Detect Characters? Change Combobox?
let's say combobox1 has a list of:
apple (KG)
apple (PKT)
apple (BAG)
orange (KG)
Orange (PKT)
Orange (BAG)

and a command button.

Can I make it in a way that when command button detects (kg) in combox1, the caption of commandButton will change to "KG"? if detect (BAG) combobox1, then commandButton is "Bag"?

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Macro To Detect Cell Range
I am currently using the following macro to input a formula into my worksheet:

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Detect Method Of Opening Workbook
Is there a way to tell (using VBA in the workbook open event) whether a user has opened a particular file by double clicking on the file icon or by using the Open Command in Excel ?

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Detect If Cell Contains A Formula Or Constant
I need an equation that lets me determine whether a cell contains a static constant value (either a string or a number), or an equation that generates a value.

Problem: I have a cell that contains a default equation that generates a default value, depending on a few conditions. The user can overwrite this cell with a constant. In another cell I need to know whether that cell is still the default equation or a new constant value.

I cannot simply test the value of the contents to see if they match my default, because the user may choose to enter that value.

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Detect/Return Computers IP Address
Is there a formula or VBA script available which, when executed, will find the IP address of the computer on which the code / formula is run (obviously - through Excel)?

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Macro To Detect Cell Colors
We have a workbook with over 20 worksheets, each sheet with one or more tables in it. Several people use the workbook and we have decided that when someone changes a cell, they should mark the changed cell by filling it with blue using Format Cell. We have then nominated one person at end of each week who will check all the changes made during the week and either approve or reject them. So her task is to find all the blue cells, check them and then take the shading off.

What I would like to do is to create a macro to help her. I would like the macro to automatically identify all the blue cells in the workbook and give her a list of these cells. I wonder if someone could give me direction on a couple of things:

1) The command in the macro that would return whether a cell is shaded blue

2) The way in which I could cycle through all the content of each worksheet. I'm thinking worse case I would have to write instructions to go to each sheet, and then do an outer loop to go through each row, and an inner loop for each column (and the number of active cells varies by worksheet) -

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Detect Key Press Upon Startup
Is there some way to detect that a key (specific or any) is being pressed when an Excel workbook is being opened to activate optional precessing in the macro code?

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Detect Change Or Edit In Textbox
I need to detect when changes are made to a TextBox (Manual changes). In VB 'TextChanged' fulfills that function but there is no equivalent in VBA.

I also need to differentiate between adding a value to a TextBox which has a vbnull value (Does not need to trigger event) and editing or replacing the current TextBox value (Trigger an event).

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Detect When Web Query Has Updated
I'm trying to automate a spreadsheet that downloads a set of tickers from Bloomberg and then fills across a range with a series of data. I have most of the VBA code I need, but my problem is that on opening the spreadsheet, the code moves on to fill the range before all the tickers have downloaded correctly.

I've tried using application.wait and setting up loops until the time reaches a certain value, but these seem to stop Excel updating the list of tickers (presumably the loops stop excel gathering the data?). I suspect that what I need to use is something like the querytable. afterrefresh, but am not sure I'm using it correctly since my knowledge of VBA is very rudimentary.

(i) is there a way of getting the sheet to open, and then just wait for a period of time while still allowing the tickers to download, and/or

(ii) any way to detect when the tickers have finished downloading before the next step of code can commence?

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Detect If Specific Workbook Open
Problem: I want a macro to detect if a workbook is open so I can skip the workbook and move onto the next item. I do not want the user to be prompted in any way. I do not want the workbook to be shared. I simply want to pass over the workbook (but be aware I have passed it over).

--Long Version--
About forty team members have their own workbooks and at dayís end the team leader uses a macro to poll each team memberís workbook in turn to gather work results. When gathering these results the macro also needs to write some admin data to each workbook.

I am aware of the workbook sharing option in Excel, but I am wary of using it. It is not a show stopper if a team memberís workbook is already open and work is not gathered on a particular day Ė weíll get it the next day. I just need to be able to trap the event and manage it. The central command I use to access a team memberís workbook is :

Workbooks.Open FileName:=WorkBookName................

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Detect If Text Or Number In Cell
I am try to do a test on cell to see if itís a string, and then do something if it is: IF Range ("a1").value "equal a string" THEN. But I am not very experience in VBA

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VBA Coding To Detect Internet Connection
Afternoon All - i have an excel workbook that runs on 20 remote machines that i do not have direct access to - i am placing upgrades on the net but looking at finding a way for excel to detect the update what i need it to do first is check if the machine is connected to the internet.

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Detect End Of Data In Row And Move To Next
if i have data across multiple rows than is it possible to analyze that data in say row 1 and once row 1 ends move to row 2. example

Array Data

Colmn A B C D E
Row1: 3 1 4 6 8
Row2: 6 7 8 9 10
Row3: 4 5 1 2 8
Row4: 6 4 3 2 1
Row5: 2 4 1 2 2

OutPut Format

Colmn F
Row 1: Age is 3
Row 2: Always Same - Note this appears even though not part of data
Row 3: Year is 1
Row 4: Time is 4
Row 5: Hour is 6
Row 6: Minute is 8
Row 7: !
!Not Part of Output Comment: Now row 1 data has ended. Move to Row 2!
Row 8: Age is 6
Row 9: Always Same - Note this appears even though not part of data
Row 10: Year is 7
Row 11: Time is 8
Row 12: Hour is 9
Row 13: Minute is 10

also note that the text that comes up in each row is not part of the data portion. Its just the number or string that gets pulled from the data portion.

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Parse A String And Detect ALT-ENTER?
I will have a cell that has company names in it and I need to parse each name an then do some work with them but when I started this project I was told each company will be seperated by some number of spaces.

Ex.) |Company1(534553) Company2(3544)|
Right now this is how I'm parsing a line like this:

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Detect Matching Values In Very Large Lists
I'm trying match values (and set a Yes / No result) from values in two very large lists.

List 1 (approx 170,000 rows) contains the 'Find What' values
List 2 (approx 980,000 rows) contains the 'In What' values

Values in list 1 will be unique in list 2, but not all values in list 1 will appear in list 2. The values in each list are all 16 character stings. This is a one-off otherwise I'd probably import into a AccessDB.

Using formulas is taking an absolute age to calculate using MATCH function, so I'm wondering if coding is the better angle.

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Detect When Autofilter Drop-down Selection Made
Is it possible to detect when a auto-filter selection has been made ? Is that when an autofilter hides rows, the activecell could become hidden, which potentially may cause errant data entry, not knowing what cell is receiving entry as it is hidden from view.

if the worksheet contains a change event that autosizes the target row, it unhides the filtered hidden row in the process. I could say if target is hidden ignore autosize, but i would prefer to activate a visible cell (first visible cell for filtered column) on selection of autofilter.

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Detect Auto Refresh In VB And Run A Macro
My Excel spreadsheet is linked to an Access database to Get external Data. When the data is periodically refreshed ,while the spreadsheet is open, I need to automatically detect it so that a macro can be run each time to format the new data.
The Excel data is not a pivot table. The spreadsheet is for display of data only (no user updating).

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Sub To Detect Any Change In Cell Selection Within Any Open Workbook?
I know of

Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)

but I would like to expand this idea to detect any change in cell selection across all open workbooks.

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Detect Duplicates In User Form Text Boxes
I have a user form with 4 text boxes and a command button. I have no problem looping through the textboxes to retrieve the value, but what is the best way to detect if any duplicates exist between the four text boxes? For example, in the command button's
If textbox one's value is "test" and textbox four's value is also "test", it should throw an exception. If a question like this has already been answered, a link to that post would surely suffice.

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Detect Cell Conditional Formatting State Of Specific Condition
Is it possible to check the conditional state for a specific condition for a specific cell.
For example a cell has 1 or more conditions.

A condition will toggle to a condition if true or false etc.
The specifics is i use red (color 255) if a cell has not met a specific condition (of 1 or more conditions)
So if the cell is mandatory to be populated, and is blank, it will be red, if not it will be something else.

But i want to loop all visible cells with conditional formatting, and where the cell has a condition when true will show interior color = to 255 return the cell address.
To msg the user where data entry is still required etc.

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Vba Detect When A Specific Set Of Cells Gets An X Typed Into It And Calculate 1 Cell = 36.50 Hours
I'm working on a timetable for my boss and i'm trying figure out how to have vba detect when a specific set of cells gets an x typed into it and calculate 1 cell = 36.50 hours and input into the appropriate Sum column. The Sum Total is Column AR and i've put x's into some of the cells that will be containing them, i'm sure if i just get the basic code needed i will be able to implement it.

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Detect Cell Address Of Cell Directly Under Mouse Pointer
I've a sheet that presents the profitability of sales locations in a geographic layout (similar to Tables in a restaurant), each sales location is a cell, with roughly 1,600 locations presented. Each location is colour coded based on performance / measure, in a basic thermographic way [e.g. dark blue for very poor, solid red for high performance] with users being able to change metrics and re-colour cells accordingly.

The sheet is already information rich, but I'm wanting to detect the cell address directly under the pointer and populate a text box or other cell based on the value in the cell directly below the mouse pointer.

My question is; Is there a simple way of detecting the mouse position on the XL Grid? nb. Want to avoid having to activate cell beneath pointer.

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Delete Rows Error "could Not Detect Range"
When I run it the message "could not detect range" comes up. I selected my desired range then ran the macro and did not get the desired results. It looked like maybe only one row was deleted. My data has seemingly random blank rows between it, some small row ranges, some very large.

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How To Detect When # Of Characters In One Column Does Not Match # Defined In Other Column
how to create a macro that:

- In each row, pops up a Warning Dialog Box if the amount of letters in column "J" doesn't match the # defined in column "B"?
- Preferably this would pop up the Dialog Box as soon as the error occurs (so it's always running)

Two Exceptions:
- Does not look at Rows 1 & 2
- Does not look at Rows where column B = 0 or null

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Detect If Cell Is In 'editing' Mode
I'm doing the vba programming for excel where I added a button to the excel, and when user click on the button, it will trigger my function.

My question is: if currently there is a cell been focused, how can I know whether that is in the 'editing mode' (ie, focus on that cell and double click on that) or merely 'focus' on that cell? Any of the excel object property for this?

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Change Event To Detect Cell Change
I have a simple bit of code that fires some code when it detects a change in cell $P$5 but it doesnt work and I cannot understand why - can anyone assist with this one? I am very green but keen:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address = "$p$5" Then
Range("D9:D81"). AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="<>"
End If
End Sub

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Custom Add In: Add The File Name Extension And Relevant VBA Code
Has anyone got the add in code? I have my own custom menu bar on my excel. But every time i want to add a new link i must go into the code and manually add the file name extension and relevant VBA code. Is there a method of just entering the file extension in a cell range and excel will automatically update or pick up or link from this location?

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Vba Calculator: Click Add After Inputting The Digits Just To Have It Added To He Variable, Which I Just Add Up At The End
i have 1 - 9 number buttons, the +, - , * , / , and a C for clear, as well as an exit button. the display is a label. i have to click add after inputting the digits just to have it added to he variable, which i just add up at the end... terrible.

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Dim var1 As String
Dim var2 As String
Dim first As String
Dim second As String
Dim sign As String
' on load
Private Sub form_load()
Form.Caption = "this calculator lab sucks."
Me.lbDisplay.Caption = ""
End Sub
' on clear
Private Sub cmdClear_Click()
Me.lbDisplay.Caption = ""
var1 = ""
var2 = ""
End Sub.............

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Add Cell Number To Date & Add Weeks
I want to add a numeric number eg: 4 to a date format eg: 15/08/2007 so that it calculates 4 WEEKS from 15/08/2007 and returns the CORRECT date in a date fomat itself. How do i do this through a VB code ?

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Not A Valid Add-in Message Loading Add-in
I am using the GetSaveAsFilename function to save a file. I have the filefilter as "Excel Add-In (*.xla),xla", however when I save a file this way as an add-in, then try to load that add-in, I get the following error message.

'C:Documents and SettingsUser1DesktopBook3.xla' is not a valid add-in.

Does this mean that the GetSaveAsFilename is not capable of saving a valid xla file?

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Add-in Created; And Added Via Tools, Add-in
I've created and excel spreadsheet that has code like this in a Module named Print w/ in the workbook:
Sub Print_wsPrint()
End Sub

I have saved it as an MS Office Excel add-in.

I added the add-in to my excel environment via Tools, Add ins...and let it copy it to my C:Documents and SettingsjohnApplication DataMicrosoftAddIns directory.

But yet when I create a menu button and assign the Print_wsPrint to a custom menu, it complains and says "The macro Model.xls!Print_wsPrint cannot be found," where Model.xls is the workbook I am in. It's in my add-in, not in the current wb.

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Add-in Not Showing Under Tools | Add-ins
I placed an add-in (.xla file) with a " function" and a "sub" into C:Microsoft Office XPOffice10Library. When I go to Tools-->Add-Ins the Add-In doesn't show up. When I browse the file it says it already exists and still doesn't show up. The strange thing is that the "function" does work, but the sub (which is a sub worksheet_change) doesn't run. I also tried doing the steps as they are laid out in and ended up with the same problem. The function works when I open up a brand new Excel application and use Book1, so I know the function isn't embedded in the sheet.

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Reference Add-in Sheets From Add-in
how to get a workbook containing macros to save as an addin xla format to include hidden worksheets?

I have referenced them in the code, in unhides, copies as a new sheet and then rehides it.

Yet when I run it as an addin, when it goes to unide the sheet, it says Im referencing something which doesn't exist (because it's not included in the xla addin).

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Add-in - How To Use Code In The Add-in
I created a worksheet as an add-in, and I am trying to use some code out of it to add to some of buttons in other spreadsheets. How do I call a subprocedure out of an add-in in another worksheet in VBA. I have tried several things. I have tried calling it like it was in a normal workbook by using the keyword Call, and I have done some other things like

Application.Run "'WorkbookWithSub.xls'!TheSubName"

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IF - How To Add More Than One IF
I have figured out how to return the correct "answer" based on an IF formula, based on one parameter only (either true or false). This is the formula in cell G2 of the first worksheet called MREC-1 data, and it is based on the age category in column F. What I would like help with is returning the correct answer from the other 3 possilbilities (what the correct answers should be are stated in cells H3, H4, and H5. Can someone please show me how to add the other 3 "IFs" to my formula?

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Add +1 To A2 If A1=1 HOW TO
I simply want to record the number of occurances, without date or time.

if cell a1 = 1 I want it to add +1 to cell a2.

The cell a1 will only be a 0 or a 1, every time cell a1 changes from a 0 to a 1 I want it to add +1 to cell a2. so if a2 has 0, and a1 changes from a 0 to a 1, it will add +1 to a2. a2 now =1. the next time a1 changes from a 0 to a 1, it will add +1 again to a2, a2 now =2.....and so on.

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Add Value
I have the following formula. Problem is I need to Add the word Value in the formaula sheet


I use the following sub. is there anyway I can get this sub to past the word value in every column Row 1 before any text that is there before?

Sub pastespecial()
Worksheets("pcsoutput").Cells.pastespecial xlPasteValues
Worksheets("pcsoutput").Cells.pastespecial xlPasteFormats

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Add Duplicates
The data is copied daily to load and duplicates are removed and new entries are copied to list sheet, by searching on the concatenation.

The problem i have is that i also want to add to the list, the row lines from the load sheet if the date changes in column G. Not really sure how yo approach this. I have attached sample data.

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Add Rows
I am trying to create a macro, that adds rows to the worksheet.
That when it runs, opens up a dialogue box and ask
"How many rows whould you like to add?"

The result I would lie to do is:
1. I would like it to have the same properities & formulas and other cells in the same column.
2. It only needs to be a range of columns (ie A:X not all the way across)
3. it add them one row above the totals row (which would move each time rows were added (if that is too hard then at the top would be fine.
4. This can be run if the sheet is protected. (though I can add a script to unprotect & protect if need be.

I think the hardest part for me is how to allow the number of rows to be added to be based on a dialogue box, that adds them smoothly

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Search And Add
I'm trying to write a macro that will find any cell containing something, here's the trick, I need it to find any cell containing a string (such as "x"), but it also has to be the right color, font face, etc. and then look at the value one cell to the left of it. (I can do the rest of the macro, which would add them all up and place them all somewhere)

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Add A Line
I have a very simple spreadsheet. Two columns: Date and Comment. I would like my employees (2) to go in and leave each other messages. I have setup conditional formatting so that when they enter their names the row will format with a different color for each person.

What I would like to do is:

That when they hit the enter key at the end of their comment that a new line is added above this line.

What I am trying to do is have their comments entered in ascending order so that the latest comment is always at the top. These two employees are completly excel illiterate and I really dont want to do the sort function.

They will be entering data on a daily basis.

I did do a search but couldnt find anything that helped me.

The rows start at A4 through B50.

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