Enter Vs Return

May 18, 2007

Im using an old IBM tb3270 mainframe as described in this historic post:

ive tried {ENTER}, ~, char(13), etc etc but every one of them is just going onto a new line! Anyone any ideas how to get it to send the enter fuction, from the keypad?

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Enter Formula Which Will Return Value Of The Range?

Oct 9, 2012

In Q3 I have a formula which determines the "next" date from today. In P3 I need to enter a formula which will return the value of the range (P6:P37) which is in the same row but different column as the value calculated in Q3.

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Enter A Date And Return The Fiscal Month

Dec 15, 2008

Is there any way to defined our own fiscal month. I have a fiscal year where the start & end date is different from the normal calendar. I have store the start & end date on the different column. What i need is that when people enter a date, it will look up to the table and return the fiscal month.It's something like If the value is >=column A and <=column B, then the fiscal month=column C(refer to the below table). But i have no idea how to make comparison on date value. what kind of formula i should use? And also how to write the code if i want to use macro to implement this?

Start End Month
09/21/08 10/18/08 Oct
10/19/08 11/22/08 Nov
11/23/08 12/27/08 Dec
12/28/08 01/24/09 Jan
01/25/09 02/21/09 Feb
02/22/09 03/28/09 Mar
03/29/09 04/25/09 Apr
04/26/09 05/23/09 May
05/24/09 06/27/09 Jun
06/28/09 07/25/09 Jul
07/26/09 08/22/09 Aug
08/23/09 09/26/09 Sep

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Start New Line Pushing Enter/Return In TextBox

Nov 8, 2006

Is it possible to change the behaviour of the return button within a textbox? What I would like is, once the return button is pressed, it starts a new line in the textbox rather than it moving to the next textbox within the form.

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Enter 4 Columns Of Data In Row Then Shift After Hitting Enter?

Jun 1, 2014

I really know nothing about vba so here goes. I would like to enter data in a row with 4 cells of info. then hit enter and return to the first cell and move the row down. all four cells must have data entered. and all four must move down. i tried some code as below i found and i modified but it did not work as expected. this moved the row down when returning the cursor to A2. It also should not copy the data style of the top row.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column <> 1 Then Exit Sub
Application.EnableEvents = False


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Formula Must Be Confirmed With CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER Not Just ENTER

Aug 15, 2008

This formula must be confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER not just ENTER. You will see { } brackets appear.

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Double Click Row To Return Data To Userform For Edit Then Return Back To Sheet

Jan 30, 2014

I am trying to create a data entry sheet to enter quotes on. When a quote is received, I click on my "Add quote" button and a userform appears. Data is entered into the userform (frmEntryForm) and returned back to the next available row.

I also need to be able to:

Edit a row by double-clicking it. When a row is double-clicked, data from that row is passed back to the userform, edited and returned back to the same row (to prevent duplicates).Validate that all fields are complete within the userform where relevant (i.e. if the work is not complete or in progress then the "Invoice Number" and "Actual Cost" fields are disabled and blanked to prevent entry (I think this is almost sorted judging by my tests)

I have attached my sheet : 2014 Gatwick Quote Log (Macro Enabled).xlsm‎

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How To Return Address Of Column Or Cell Select Not Just Return Value

Aug 18, 2014

How to return address of the column or cell I selected from Application.Inputbox, not just return the value?

[Code] ....

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Formula: If Value Return Is = To Value Of Cell Above Then Find Return Next Value

Feb 17, 2010

Is there a way with the following formula to tell it that if value return is = to value of cell above then find return next value?

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How Do I Enter 005

Feb 17, 2010

I am writing a macro and using the filepath, it will change from 001 to 002 etc. I would use a ' but when it gets to 010 it goes wrong! is there a formula I can put in a cell that when typing 5 it results in 005?

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Can't Enter Any Data

Feb 23, 2007

I've been using Excel for years and had very few issues. However, I recently went into a spreadsheet to update it and was unable to select and enter data into an individual cell. When I click on a cell and try to enter #s nothing happens (my num lock is on). Then when I try to click into another cell it just highlights that cell, along with any other that I move my cursor over. Once I click on one cell I can't stop the highlighting from happening. I can't even click on anything in the toolbar.

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Alt & Enter When Using Text

Nov 28, 2008

I have manually set all row heights to 12.75 to make sure they are the same. In these rows I have a comments box and when the end of the cell is reached I use alt&enter to continue writing underneath. Seems the comments cell has stopped re-sizing.

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Enter Value And Skip To That Row

Jul 15, 2013

I have two sheets open. On the first sheet i have a drop down list of dates from which I select. That list of dates is on another sheet. I want to be able to select a date from the drop down list, then when I go to the second sheet, excel skips down to the row that contains that date. I can also make it values if it is easier.

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Text Box Run After Enter

Sep 29, 2009

how can i define in code, that my code will start after pressing "enter"?
i have textbox, i write something and i have a code. I want only launch my code after pressing enter.

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Using Enter In Userform?

May 30, 2012

I have this series of userform modules that error check the user's input of a date value.

Private Sub txtDate_Enter()
txtdate.SelStart = 0
txtdate.SelLength = Len(txtdate.Value)


Everything works fine, but I'm looking to improve it's efficiency. Most people will by habit press [ENTER] after inputting the date in the textbox txtdate control. As it is now, for the code to execute after the value is entered is to push the {SUBMIT} button.

What would I need to do to allow hitting [ENTER] to do the same as clicking submit?

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Userform Tab Using Enter Key?

Mar 7, 2014

I have a userform made with excel. I need to tab to the next field (in the tab order) when I press enter instead of having to press the tab key. Is there an easy way to do this. Im not that savvy with VBA.

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ENTER = Activate?

Apr 8, 2007

In the following code, I have a find sub... when the user enters a date and hits the "Enter" key, is there a way to bypass the "Ok" key?

Private Sub cmdFind_Click()
Dim ws As Worksheet, myDate
Dim rFoundDate As Range

'check for valid distribution date (between October 1, 2006 thru December 31, 2014)
myDate = txtFindMyDate
With myDate
If DateValue(txtFindMyDate) < DateValue("10/1/2006") Or DateValue(txtFindMyDate) > DateValue("12/11/2014") Then
MsgBox "Please enter a date between October 2006 and December 2014"
Exit Sub
End If
End With

Cells.Find(What:=txtFindMyDate, After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, _
LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, _
MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False).Activate

Unload Me
End Sub

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Cell = Then Enter

Aug 3, 2006

Is there a way of a message being displayed if a cell has a specific value.

e.g. if cell A1 = 2 then a message is displayed to say 1 more and action will be taken.

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Vba To Check For And Enter Value

Jan 26, 2007

In vb would it be possible to make a macro to check if a cell has writing in and if it does enter a value underneath.

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Bind The Enter Key

May 22, 2007

I am trying to use the enter key to populate a range with a userform's textbox data.

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Enter Key Behavior

Jul 12, 2007

Some option must've changed recently in my excel spreadsheets by accident and now when I hit the enter key it doesn't drop down to cell in the next row, it just stays there.

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VBA - Prompt To Enter Data

Jan 15, 2007

After recording a macro that goes to last figure in data, how do I edit this to prompt for a new data value and enter it into 1st empty cell at end of data?

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Enter Date Without Day In Cell

Jul 31, 2014

I have to enter a ton of dates in cells that don't need to include the day. And so was hoping if there was a way to enter a date into a cell without having to enter the day.

In essence, it seems like I have to type in the date as month/day/year and excel will figure it out from there. I would like to be able to just type month/year without bothering with the day, such as 9/14. And then excel recognizes this as a date.

Excel has to be able to recognize it as a date because these dates are expiration dates. And I would like to conditional format these dates so that when the expiration date has past the cell turns yellow.

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Can't Enter Text In Cell

Aug 2, 2014

When I click on a cell to enter text, a new little text window pops up inside the cell and doesn't allow me to enter text. No matter where I click in the cell another little text window appears. I also can't delete the text in the cell because the little text window pops up again and again.

Here's a pic of it: [URL]....

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#NUM! Error When I Enter A Number

Jun 18, 2009

Why is it that I recieve a #NUM! error when I enter a number (monthly payment) of 233 or less?
The formular I use is: =NPER(C79/12,-E79,D79)

C79 - 7%
D79 - 40000
E79 - 233
F79 - #NUM!

This works:
C79 - 7%
D79 - 40000
E79 - 234
F79 - 1008

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How To Enter A Decimal Number

Nov 30, 2013

I am facing few problems with excel ever since I updated windows 8 to windows 8.1. Whenever i try to enter a decimal number in excel, say for eg. 3.4, it reformats to date- Apr03. I even changed the date and time formats for eg. short date is formatted to dd/MM/yy and long date to d MMMM yyyy. The format is set to enlgish (uk).. what should i do?

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How To Enter % Formula Into Cell

May 1, 2013

I need to take a figure that appears in a cell, take off 20% vat from it and then calculate 16% off what is left, that is the figure I need in the new cell ? Show me exactly how to write that formular into the new cell?

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Add Enter To Text From Array

May 17, 2014

I'm trying to add an enter space to text with the combination of a loop and an array, but I cannot find the right combination so that the final result appears as so:

Desired Text
or via excel
Desired Text"

Here is the code for the loop, trying to add the appendage to the first item after the if.

[Code] .....

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On Key Enter Event Within Worksheets

Jun 26, 2007

What is the method to trigger an event on a command button (placed on a worksheet - not in a form) when the return key is pressed? I.e. instead of moving to the next cell clicks the button?

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Enter In Multiple Vba If Statements

May 17, 2008

I have attached a copy of my monthly work schedule. Sorry if it looks too noobish but I am.
The question I have is on the schedule right now, it uses to of the same schedule, one is called request off and the other the final. The request off right now is where all changes are made, and they reflect on the final. I did it this way because I could not figure out how to make the cells autofill according to the day of the week, like if it was friday i needed it to fill in the shifts and normal days off automatically.

What I am trying to do now is eliminate the need for the second schedule, the request off one. I think I have figured out how to have the cells autofilled according to the day of the week, and also let the user enter in other stuff such as sick, vacation or whatever, and have it autofill if the cell is left blank, using vba. this is what i have so far, and it is working I was just wondering if it was possible to set it up for a range of cells instead of having to enter each one in manually.

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