#NUM! Error When I Enter A Number

Jun 18, 2009

Why is it that I recieve a #NUM! error when I enter a number (monthly payment) of 233 or less?
The formular I use is: =NPER(C79/12,-E79,D79)

C79 - 7%
D79 - 40000
E79 - 233
F79 - #NUM!

This works:
C79 - 7%
D79 - 40000
E79 - 234
F79 - 1008

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Error When Trying To Enter Value In A Cell

Jan 10, 2014

I must have added a line of code like this in a VBA module a thousand times before and I have never got an error. The main code is run from the Worksheet Change event, which is ...

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
End Sub

Sub Enter_Container_Category()
With ActiveCell
Cur_Row = .Row
Cur_Col = .Column
End With

[Code] ..........

The error message I am getting is...

Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)':

Method 'Value' of object 'Range' failed.

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Error If I Enter Wrong Criteria

Oct 27, 2008

The following code works like a dream for me, but if was to enter the wrong letter, not "N" or "R" and i tried to delete it, a debug message appears?

Is there a way to allow any letters to be deleted?

Here is my code

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column = 17 Then
With Range("C" & Target.Row & ":R" & Target.Row).Interior
Select Case Target.Value
Case "R": .Color = RGB(184, 204, 228)
Case "N": .Color = RGB(120, 120, 120)
Case Else: .Color = RGB(255, 255, 255)
End Select
End With
With Target.Font
Select Case Target.Value
Case "R": .Color = RGB(184, 204, 228)
Case "N": .Color = RGB(120, 120, 120)
Case Else: .Color = RGB(0, 0, 0)
End Select
End With
End If
End Sub

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Number Formatting: Enter A Number It Seems To Divide It By 100

Nov 28, 2008

I having a bit of trouble entering numbers in Excel, every time I try to enter a number it seems to divide it by 100. For example : - 1 entered in to a cell becomes 0.01, 100 becomes 1....etc. I've tried formatting the cells and had no luck, tried Tool>Options but not sure where to look.

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On Error Enter Sheet Name Into Cell Then Next Argument

Jul 31, 2014

I have some code I wrote that copies sheets from another sheet in another workbook to my current one, in order. However, depending on activity within these sheets, there might not be a sheet for the month.

I have the on error code to go to the next argument, however I would like it to tell me on my errors sheet that it did not exist.

The error sheet will simply have 2 columns of copied sheets and non-existent sheet.

On Error Resume Next
Workbooks("GLTemp").Sheets("981715").Copy After:=Workbooks("MHSGMR").Sheets("981715 Budget")
sheetName = ActiveSheet.Name
ActiveSheet.Name = sheetName & " GL"

[Code] ......

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Vlookup Error: "Please Enter Vaild Numeric Response'

Jul 10, 2009

I have been doing vlookups for ages and have never seen this error. The vlookup works in some columns but not in others.

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How To Enter A Decimal Number

Nov 30, 2013

I am facing few problems with excel ever since I updated windows 8 to windows 8.1. Whenever i try to enter a decimal number in excel, say for eg. 3.4, it reformats to date- Apr03. I even changed the date and time formats for eg. short date is formatted to dd/MM/yy and long date to d MMMM yyyy. The format is set to enlgish (uk).. what should i do?

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Enter A Number From A Table

Apr 21, 2006

I am working on a spreadsheet and I want to enter a number from a table and
have the associated values from the table transfer with the number into my
spreadsheet. What functions and formulas should I use? (Below is the Table,
the PTM# is the one I would query for.)


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Move One Cell To The Right And Then Enter The Next Number

Apr 27, 2009

In my excel spreadsheet I used to be able to enter a number then use my arrow key to move one cell to the right and then enter the next number. Now when I enter a number in a hightlighted cell and use the arrow key to move one cell to the right the cell does not move my page shifts to the right but the highlighted cell stays in the same spot. I must of hit some kind of key combination to cause this. how to fix this?

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Enter Number Of Spaces In The Text

Jul 12, 2014

How can I enter a number of space in the text file and yhis number is existing in other cell.


=CONCATENATE(G4," ",I4," ",J4," ",K4," ",L4," ")

the number of spaces is given in other cells.

First space is F1 = 4
Second space is F2 = 8
and so on

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Input Box Where The User Can Only Enter A Whole Number Between 1 And 99

Jun 30, 2009

I am trying to create an input box where the user can only enter a whole number between 1 and 99. i can create the input box but am having trouble specifiying it can only be a whole number between 1 and 99.

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Enter Page Number In Cell

Jun 16, 2007

I have a long list of items that I need to add what I call tag numbers too. I need the numbers to reset at the top of every page

page 1

item1 101
item2 102
item3 103
item4 104

page 2

item5 201
item6 202
item7 203

Is there any macro or formula that anyone knows of that will reset my numbers on every page break?

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Enter Missing Number On Specific Place

Jul 20, 2009

I have some 9digit numbers and i have to enter the number 9 afther the fourth digit. Example : 50200491 - turned into 502900491.

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Delete Row Values In Which Serial Number Enter Textbox

Feb 4, 2014

I have a Challenge want to delete the row values in which serial no enter the textbox1.

Conditions:- find the Serial no. and delete the values except serial No.

Attaching file for reference : Example.xls‎

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How To Enter Text (Assessment Number) Into Website Textbox

Aug 21, 2013

I'm trying to enter text (the Assessment Number) into a website text box. the site is Solano County - Online Tax Information the relevant section of website code is

My code is

Sub Solano_View()
Dim IE As Object
Dim url As String
Dim tags As Object
Dim tagx As Object
Dim parcel As Object


This is creating Run Time error code 438 I've also seen Run time error code 91 while trying other methods

I have also tried getElementById() without sucess

Does this have something to do with tables or java?

Should I be using $("#id") I don't know how to use this though.

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Enter Number Into Cell Based On Multiple Of Number In Another Cell

Jul 18, 2013

I have numbers in b2 to b5 say

I have numbers in c2 to c5 say

I have numbers in cells d1 to kq1 (1 to 300) d1=1, e1=2, f1=3 and so on

What I want to do is:

In D2 through to kq2 it puts the number in to the cell that correspnds to a multiple of the number in b2.
That would put 1000 in cells m2,w2,ag2,aq2, ba2 and so on
In D3 through to kg3 it it puts the number in to the cell that corresponds to a multiple of the number in b3
that would put 1580 in cells y3,au3,bq3,cm3,di3 and so on

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Custom Number Format - Automatically Enter Dashes At Appropriate Spot

May 7, 2014

I am needing a custom format for the following. I need a cell entry to be 1 letter, three numbers, a dash, 5 numbers, a dash, two numbers, a dash, and then two number. Example: A109-54785-13-00. The first letter will almost always be an "A."

To further complicate the matter, the entry is copied from an email and pasted without the dashes. In the above example, the number in the email would read, "A109547851300." I copy it from the email and paste it in the proper cell in the worksheet. I would like the custom format to automatically enter the dashes at the appropriate spot.

If it was all numbers, this would be easy. I created a custom format for the numbers, but when the A is included, Excel no longer treats it as a number and the custom format did not work.

Is this possible in Excel (without VBA).

I could use the custom number format I created and then later go back and add the "A" at the beginning, but that is as much work as manually adding the dashes.

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Number Enter Creates New SHEETS And Auto Assign Names

Jun 29, 2007

B20 is the number that the user enters. It can be any number and it will create new sheets below and text of sheet name in B21:F21.

If i change the sheet name below, B21:F21 would also automatically change.

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Use One Template To Enter Data With Users Being Able To Start Entry From A Number Of Different Starting Points

Jul 30, 2009

We're trying to use one template to enter data with users being able to start entry from a number of different starting points. this changes they way the look-ups have to work. The attached sample explains it a whole lot better.

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When I Enter The Password For Six Of The Files, I Receive The "Unable To Read File" Error Message

Apr 2, 2007

I have about 20 files that all have separate passwords. When I enter the password for six of the files, I receive the "Unable to Read File" error message.

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Enter 4 Columns Of Data In Row Then Shift After Hitting Enter?

Jun 1, 2014

I really know nothing about vba so here goes. I would like to enter data in a row with 4 cells of info. then hit enter and return to the first cell and move the row down. all four cells must have data entered. and all four must move down. i tried some code as below i found and i modified but it did not work as expected. this moved the row down when returning the cursor to A2. It also should not copy the data style of the top row.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column <> 1 Then Exit Sub
Application.EnableEvents = False


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Formula Must Be Confirmed With CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER Not Just ENTER

Aug 15, 2008

This formula must be confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER not just ENTER. You will see { } brackets appear.

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Sum Error If A Value Is Not A Number?

Aug 20, 2012

I have a column with a sum formula at the bottom. One of the entries in the column is an if formula that reads


Even when the answer is Error, the sum formula adds the balance of entries. I do not want it to provide a sum in this case...I want an error message.

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Error Number 400

Jul 21, 2009

Macro Goal - collect specfic raw data on sheet 1 and paste relevant data as Values on sheet 2

Error - I get the ERROR 400 pop up once I include the instructions to paste the raw data to a new sheet. (The code to paste works on its own, just not when I add it to the end of my existing code)

Sub sort()

Range("A1:CH327").sort Key1:=Range("CH2"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:= _
xlGuess, OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _

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Sum Nth Number Error

Jun 13, 2006

I looked in the FAQ for this forum and I found something similar to what I am looking for. I tried entering the formulas to sum the nth number, the problem I am running into now is that I would like to have the sum at the end of the column I am summing. I know this formula will not allow this, is there anything else I could try?

I have various sections in my spreadsheet, each section has a macro that would enable the user to add additional lines to each section as needed. The problem I am running into is that once the new lines are inserted, the formula to add every 3rd lines omits the second last cell it needs to add in the formula. I want to add G13+G16+G19+G22+G25+G28+G31+G34

Then I hit the macro button to add 3 more lines and now I want the formula to add G37 ito the list of cells in the previous the formula, instead I get


and if you add 3 more lines you get G13+G16+G19+G22+G25+G28+G31+G40. Why is this happening and how can I correct it?

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Error Message If Value Not Whole Number

Feb 3, 2014

I get spreadsheets sent to me with hours and minutes in decimal format. Frequently a quarter of an hour or three quarters of an hour are posted as 0.15 or 0.45 instead of 0.25 and 0.75. Other odd fractions can also appear.

I want an error message if the value when divisible by 0.25 is not a whole number.

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Error Number Listing

Nov 30, 2006

Is there list anyway of all the error numbers and their descriptions?

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Error Number 1004

Oct 26, 2009

I work a lot with PCOMM and I have a macro that I can't get to work for the life of me. I have tried error handling, but unless the code passes the test it just gives me the 1004 error.

HTML Sub Testvlook()
Dim Calc1 As String
Dim Res As Variant
Dim scalc1 As String
'Find the TOPS window
If Loops = 0 Then
Set TOPS = New AutSess
TOPS.SetConnectionByName "A"
End If
Loops = Loops + 1

scalc1 = TOPS.autECLPS.GetText(13, 27, 6)
Calc1 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup("scalc1", Range("p:q"), 2, False)
If Err.Number = 0 Then
MsgBox "Works"
MsgBox "Didn't Work"
End If

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Type Mismatch Error Getting Row Number

Oct 21, 2013

I am trying to get the row number of the row containing the value in AO1 in column A.

with wshgroup
mrow = Application.Match(.Range("AO1"), "A:A", 0)
end with

I'm getting a type mismatch error.

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Searching XML File - Get Error Number 9?

Dec 11, 2013

The sub i'm currently using does an instr search for a unique string in an xml file. This works fine but i'd like to speed up the search if possible because I have a large number of xml files to search. My problem is that i have very little experience in parsing xml.

I notice that if i load the xml file and look at the namespaces i see item(1) through about item(20) and the unique string is always contained in one of those items. Note that the number of items can be different for each xml file i load.

The xml file is loaded into an object i define as oInstance and i'd like to do something like:

counter = counter+1

if oInstance.namespaces.item(counter) = uniquestring then[code]....

but now i get Err.Number 91

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