Excel 2007 :: Divide Operation Executes More Than Once

Mar 12, 2012

Using Excel 2007.

My vba code seems to be dividing a range by 1M more than 1 time

My initial value is 51543942

After by code runs the display is 0.00 MB and the value in the formula bar is 0.000000000051543942 or 5.15439E-11

I would like the final display to be 51.54 MB

what I might be doing wrong?

'Format columns
r = .Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
Set rng = .Range("C2:C" & r)
.Range("IV1").Value = 1000000


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Excel 2007 :: VBA Macro Executes When Press ESC?

Jun 4, 2012

I have an excel workbook created in 2007, but now running in 2010. In the workbook I have a form Combo box with a macro assigned to it. When I click any value in the combo dropdown list the macro executes. In 2007 I could click the combo dropdown box and then press ESC to exit from the form control without executing the assigned macro. Similarly I could also click on any other cell to exit from the control without executing the macro.

But, in 2010 if I press ESC or click on any other cell the macro will execute. Sometimes I want to be able to exit from the combo box without executing the macro.

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Excel 2007 :: VBA Find Macro Executes But Copy / Paste Not Working

Mar 23, 2012

Excel 2007, Windows XP Pro

Dim strLoan As String
Dim longCat As Long
Dim rHere As Range
[Code] .....

I can see the cursor move to all the desired cells when this macro executes; it just isn't dropping any data where it should be. I have been working at this stage for the last five hours with no success. I don't know whether my copy-paste methodology is broken or if it is my selection criteria

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Fill Each Hour Train Operation With Excel?

May 15, 2014

I have two tables excel: Table1 and Table2, as shown in the attachment below. I wish that: in Table 2 to be filled in each cell how many hours (eg. 0.166 hours) worked every train. There is an Excel function to look in Table 1, reading time intervals and automatically fill them in each cell of Table 2?

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Excel 2010 :: How To Create Automatic Operation

Jan 6, 2014

I am not too sure what this is called but I am using Excel 2010 and need particular document that I use repeatedly. Basically, if a particular cell in the document does not contain a phrase then I want Excel to automatically change the text in that cell to bold and red and 2 other cells in Excel to bold and red as well. For more information, the cell is 19–20 and K–O and the phrase in the cell is "No Inconsistency".

So if "No Inconsistency" is not found in that cell then it automatically changes the text in that cell to bold and red, and it also changes two other cells that are found in that document to bold and red as well. The coordinates of those two other cells are 19 with H–J, and the other one is 17 with H.

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Excel 2003 :: Perform Operation Variable Number Of Times?

Jan 29, 2014

I would like to perform a sum of randomly generated numbers between 0 and 6, but I want the number of independent random numbers to be dependent on another cell. I have =SUM(RANDBETWEEN(0,6) and then I get stuck. Is there a way to perform the RANDBETWEEN(0,6) a number of times stated in another cell? In this case that value is 67 but it will vary from around 5 to 150. I think there is a way to do this with macros, but I am not versed in visual basic. I am using Excel 2003.

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Excel 2010 :: Automation Error When Click On Button That Executes Macro

Aug 22, 2012

I keep getting an automation error in excel 2010 when I click on the button that executes the macro. Excel crashes when the box appears. There is no code in the error box. Why I get this error message.

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Preventing Excel Divide By 0 Error?

Jan 21, 2014

I've the following formula but some of the results are returning the #DIV/0! result I know I need to bring some logic into my formula to rectify this but am at a loss as to how to do this.


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How To Divide Excel Sheet Vertically Into 4 Parts

Feb 16, 2013

I have many excel sheets with 1000 columns and 100,000 rows. I have to import these sheets into SAS system which wont let me import more than 250 columns per sheet (it misses the remaining columns, though rows it can import all of them). So, one solution is break each such sheets into 4 individual sheets. Ofcourse I can manually take the cursor to 250th column and copy/paste that data into another sheet and so on. But this is cumbersome and also means there is chance of mistake.

Is there a way I can divide the sheets into 4 sheets separately with each sheet having equal number of columns? Another thing I need to do is that on the top row there are company codes -most of them start with a letter which is fine. There are few which start with a number and I have to add a dummy letter x before the number. Now since there are 1000 columns, I have to scan the top row of all 1000 columns to find number codes which are scattered unevenly. So I was wondering if there is a way to tell excel to change all such number codes with extra x behind each number?

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Excel 2010 :: Testing Userform - Divide By Zero Error

Mar 26, 2013

I'm the final stages of testing a userform that, in response to a button click, copies certain cells from a big messy worksheet and pastes the relevant ones (based on user input) in a clean sheet. Suddenly, I started getting a 'divide by zero' error for the following line:

VB : UpCount = PickNum - 6 + ((PickNum / 12))

UpCount and PickNum are both declared as Double, though this shouldn't matter. UpCount is being assigned a value here for the first time, and PickNum varies from 1 to about 250 depending on input.

Obviously I'm only dividing by a constant here, which is VISIBLY not zero. This error only occurs for certain ranges of PickNum...something like 50-70. Interestingly, in trying to debug it, I added:


...since PickNum was 54 as I was getting this error. Just dividing 54 by 12 ALSO got a div by zero error.

Perhaps I should mention I'm using VBA in Excel 2010 for Mac.

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Algorithm For Addition (operation For Each ID)

Sep 25, 2009

Have an excel table with following data:
- ID
- number of bottles
- number of bottle crates (there are 20 bottles in one one bottle crate)


I need to write a macro which will do this operation for each ID:

(bottles/20)-crates = x

and if "x" is not 0 then write down the value of "x".

There are two points I would like to point out:
- One ID may contain 3 or more rows (see 20168880)
- The macro will work with hundreds IDs so the algorithm should be fast (but it is not necessary)

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Macro That Executes Upon Open

Aug 18, 2009

I have the code below that puts in the file name, date and time and page numbers. That works fine, however, I changed the name of this macro to AutoOpen thinking that this would execute upon opening an Excel doc -- I think this works for Word, that's why I tried it. Anyway, it doesn't execute upon opening an Excel doc. Can anyone tell me how to get that going? Also, the font of the file name comes at at 12 point while the other entries come in at 6 pt - any way of making these all consistent, say 8 pt? Thanks for your help.

By the way, I'm a novice at Excel macros so being fundamental in your answer would be very helpful (i.e., don't know why there is a distinction between Regular Modules, Worksheet Modules and Workbook Modules. Seems to me I should always be creating Regular Module macaros so that they are accessible to all Excel docs but, again, I'm new at this so I'll have to read more about these items as well).

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MsgBox Does Not Appear After The Code Executes.

Jan 5, 2010

I have a code, which works, but I want msgbox appear after the code executes. But it does not.

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Copy And Rename Sheet In One Operation

Jun 14, 2014

Is it possible to copy sheet and rename the copied sheet in one operation .... have a hidden worksheet that needs to be copied and given a variable name dependent on the work sheets that are already present.

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Data - Text To Columns Operation

Feb 21, 2008

I have an issue with the Data - Text to Columns operation.

I paste some data into a sheet that is comma delimeted. I have a macro that runs the Data - Text to Columns operation and then moves the data to another sheet.(The data I need to paste is coming from a non-Excel application.)

I then copy a second set of data to another sheet and when I paste it, it automatically does the Data - Text to Columns operation but I do not want it to. I have seen this several times before and when I am manually manipulating the data it isn't a problem. When I use macros to manipulate the data, I don't get the desired results because my macro includes this operation.

I have done a little testing and this issue doesn't seem to always present itself. How can I paste the data without Excel trying to out-think me and just leave the data in the comma delimeted format it is in when I paste? What causes this? Its seems like Excel is seeing similar data and "assuming" I want to perform the same operation I just performed.

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Does An Add-in Script Executes From A Remote Computer?

Dec 2, 2009

i have an excel file with some vba code that includes some functions of a third party add-in also. It works fine when i open this file on the host machine. (Assuming host machine is where the Excel File is placed) But when i try to open the same file from some other computer(remotely/by sharing folder), the add-in malfunctions because of one reason that it considers the remote machine to be its host. Is it possible to set a permanent host machine for that any add-in. Or is it possible for that add-in / Excel file to do its calculations and updation of links on the host machine where it is placed.

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Timer Running While Macro Executes

Jun 2, 2013

Is there a way to have a count up timer display in a cell while a macro is running, and then stop when the macro stops

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Sort Code Only Executes When Debugging

Nov 15, 2006

Within the code I am asking excel to sort two difference worksheets with virtually the same code, except that one of the worksheets does not get sorted. If I step through the code, it works and the worksheet is sorted, but if I just run the macro the worksheet does not get sorted, as if the line of code in question is being skipped. Pointedly, my question is - Why does the code work while debugging (stepping through) but not when I generally run it?

Also, as far as the code is concerned, I am sure that the all variables contain the information I need them to and am also sure that any ranges created from those variables are also the ranges they should be. Here are the two lines of code that are supposed to sort. The UBOC cash sheet gets sorted, but the LNB cash sheet does not.

'Sort the UBOC cash sheet.
wsUBOC.Range("A5:G" & lUBOCRow).Sort Key1:=Range("A6"), Order1:=xlAscending, Key2:=Range("D6"), _
Order2:=xlAscending, Key3:=Range("G6"), Order3:=xlAscending, Header:=xlGuess, OrderCustom:=1, _
MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom

'Sort the LNB cash sheet
wsLNB.Range("A1:G" & lLNBRow).Sort Key1:=Range("A2"), Order1:=xlAscending, Key2:=Range("C2"), _ .............

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Scrambled Charts After Code Executes

Jan 11, 2007

I have an excel based report consisting of several worksheets. Each worksheet contains VBA code which allows the user to generate custom reports with a series of Excel Charts being generated. I have two related problems with the output/display.
Whenever I save the file the code is triggered causing each sheet to update and scrambling charts. (To fix this I have to leave the report and then re-enter, which then works fine).

Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening? For example, to avoid the code being run on save or to refresh the active screen. A couple of things I should mention: I already have screenupdating turned off so the user is not seeing each action being calculated. At present to avoid the chart display glitches with complex tasks, I have added a line to my code at the end which moves off screen and then returns to the current screen. That ensures the chart no longer lingers on screen, however it does mean that for a split second a phantom graph appears in the middle of the screen before disapearing.

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Error :: 'operation Is Not Allowed When The Object Is Closed

Jul 28, 2009

I keep getting an error in this code while trying to write the results of a query to a sheet in the current workbook. The error i get is 'operation is not allowed when the object is closed'... since i didnt close the recordset before trying to write the results to the worksheet, im at a loss to explain why im erroring...

Public Sub fillWorksheetWithData(dataSheet As Worksheet, conStr As String, sqlStr As String)
'clear datasheet
LastRow = dataSheet.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row
If (LastRow < 2) Then
LastRow = 2
End If
dataSheet.Range("A2:A" & LastRow).EntireRow.ClearContents

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Code Executes 8 Times Without Loop Statements.

Feb 8, 2010

I was playing aroung some VBA code, but the code executes 98 times and I don't know why. For example, range A1 contains 5. When I type, say 3, in A1, I want A1 to show me 8 (5+3). Then I may type 10, in this case A1 must show 18 (8+10). And so on. I decided to place entered values in different column, then sum them in A1 with below stated code

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Make Sure User Is Within Certain Rows Before Code Executes

Aug 14, 2007

I have created code to enter data from the Active cell. However, I would like to edit it so that the user can only make this work if they are on Rows 6 through Row 29.

Here is the
Sub DropDown7_Change()
'Right here I want: If ActiveCell. is in Row 6-29 Then
Application.ActiveCell.Value = Range("D3").Value
Application.ActiveCell.Offset(, 1).Value = Range("F3").Value
Else Msg = "Move into the proper rows"
End Sub
How can I do a check before the code is executed to be sure the users active cell is in Rows 6-29.

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Do Operation On All Sheets Except The First Sheet In The Book Every Time I Update It

Jun 5, 2007

I have a workbook that I would like the same operation on all sheets except the first sheet in the book every time I update it (which is once a week).

I get data (currency format) for all of my employees on a weekly basis. Unfortunately this data is shown as a negative number and I need to invert these values. (So I use the formula below)... but I have to do this manually for about 35 sheets and I figure I could automate this somehow with a macro. Here's what I do usually and what I would like the macro to do automatically:

I want to insert a column after column G.
I would like to enter the following formula into H2:

=IF(G4="u", "u", IF(G4

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Hyperlinks :: This Operation Has Been Canceled Due To Restrictions In Effect On This Computer

Mar 6, 2010

while trying to view a hyperlink i just created in a cell within a worksheet, a message popped up saying:

mircosoft office excell:

X this operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

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Hide Workbook Opening/closing Operation On The Screen

Jul 6, 2007

I am running a script that populates about 70 or so workbooks based on information from the database. Naturally this script is quite slow but what seems to take the most time is opening and closing workbooks. Is there a way to "hide" the workbook opening/closing operation on the screen? I have tried using the

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

this sped the code up but you still see the workbooks opening on the screen.

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Mouse Click Freezes Screen - Code Still Executes

Jun 16, 2006

it would be possible to have text disappear after being displayed in Excel for a while.

My son and I played around with games (helping create a photographic memory, I told the youngster!) on the thing and until yesterday neither of us noticed that clicking the mouse anywhere (actually just clicking it) causes the screen to "freeze" while the code still happily erases the text in the background.

Hitting ESC allows the screen to cath up to the actual code EVEN THOUGH the ESC key is actually disabled from breaking the code.

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Macro Code Executes Very Slowly: Filling Some Cells On Different Worksheets

Nov 9, 2006

I have the following code attached to a userform. It works perfectly (for what I need) although I know it may not be perfectly written. However it does seem to take for ever to execute considering it's just filling some cells on different worksheets. Have I missed something out or got it tied up doing something that takes a long time. If it's just a fact of life that it takes this time then I can live with it.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
Dim wsCB As Worksheet, wsLL As Worksheet, wsBond As Worksheet
Dim rngFound As Range
Set wsCB = Sheets("Current Bonds")
Set wsLL = Sheets("Landlords")
Set wsBond = Sheets("Bond")
TenancyStartTxt = Format(TenancyStartTxt, "dd-mmm-yy")
RnwlDteTx = Format(RnwlDteTx, "dd-mmm-yy")
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
10 MyBond = Application.InputBox("Bond number for renewal?", "Bond Number")
strFindMe = MyBond
With wsCB
Set rngData = .Range("c13:c490").......................

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Excel 2007 :: Create Visio Diagram From Excel?

May 9, 2014

I need to write a code to create visio flow diagram with excel inputs(Excel 2007). Attached is the requirement.


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Loop: Macro To Go Through The Table And Preform An Operation In The Corresponding Cell In Column B Depending On The Value In Cell A

Mar 27, 2007

I have 2 columns and 10 rows (A1:B10). In column A are certain text values. How do I write a macro to go through the table and preform an operation in the corresponding cell in column B depending on the value in cell A? for example, if A3 = "Complete", overwrite the formula in B3 with the value (paste value)?

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Fundamental Operation ("Compile Error, Invalid Use Of Property.")

Mar 9, 2009

It seems so basic that I hate to ask, but I cannot figure out why this doesn't work. The subroutine is in ThisWorkbook. I keep getting: "Compile Error, Invalid use of Property."

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