Excel 2010 :: 32bit - Microsoft Date And Time Picker Control 6.0 Missing

Nov 7, 2013

I am trying to add a calendar picker to Excel 2010. Everything I read online says that it is possible, you just need to use the ActiveX control "Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control 6.0", and that it should be listed under Developer Tab -> Insert -> More Controls ->... But it's not listed.

I also tried downloading the Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0, but when I tried to add it to Excel using "Register Custom...", it says "Cannot register this control".

Why this control is missing? and I can't add it?

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Excel 2010 :: Microsoft Date And Time Picker Control Not Appearing On Controls List

Jun 14, 2013

I was trying to use this guide to add a date picker in:


and noticed that the date picker does not appear in my active x controls list.

I am definitely on Excel 2010 so it should be there right?

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Use Microsoft Date And Time Picker Control 6.0 (SP4) In Protected Sheet?

Apr 23, 2013

I am using the Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control 6.0 (SP4) from the more controls option on the developer Ribbon. The issue I have is when I protect the sheet I lose the functionality?

I have ranges selected as editable by user when the protect is on - this includes the linked cell to the date picker but it still doesn't work.

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Microsoft Date And Time Picker

May 14, 2006

i have just discovered the Microsoft date and time picker. at the moment i have a text box on my userform into which i put the date.can i use code to transfer the date to the text box or do i use the date picker instead of the textbox. if i used the date picker what is the code for the date picker

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Date And Time Picker Control

Feb 28, 2003

I recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled my software. Now I don't seem to have the Date and Time Picker Control (among others) that I used to.

I did a thourough install of Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, and switched from Windows 98SE to Windows 2000 Professional. Isn't that control standard in such an installation? If its not, where can I get it?

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Date And Time Picker Control In 2007

Aug 29, 2007

I have some excel tools developed in Excel 2003 which uses the date and time picker control (DtPicker). When I open my files in Excel 2007 the DtPicker is missing and the change_event will not load the calendar. I cannot find and activate the datepicker in the Reference base.

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Date And Time Picker Control Value Messes Up Subsequent Formulas

Jun 17, 2013

I have just added two date and time picker controls to my spread sheet to allow the user to select the date range.

They are linked to cells C9 & C10.

The problem is that the formula I using to check whether the first selection pre-dates the second has stopped calculating correctly when using the date and time pricker controls.

The formula is:


I have checked it on the same sheet by just typing the dates in and it works fine...I have tried formatting cells C9 & C10 to short date, general, text, number but it still does not calculate correctly.

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Microsoft Date Picker And Applying To Database?

Feb 17, 2014

i built a form and in the date section i have a date picker and once i fill the form out i have a button that saves all the data on another sheet like a database, what do i need to do to make it were it adds the date to the database itll add all the other data but cant seem to figure out how to make the date display

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Excel 2010 :: How To Put Date Picker

Oct 15, 2010

I need to put date picker in excel 2010, the earlier doen't work.

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Excel 2010 :: How To Add A Date Picker In Spreadsheet

Oct 14, 2013

I just want to add it to my excel 2010. How can I add a date picker in my spreadsheet, when the cell contains a date format????

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Excel 2010 :: Userform Date Picker Textbox Will Not Select Current Date

Feb 10, 2012

I have userform with date pickers and have text boxes overlaid on these, when I select todays date from the date picker it does not display the current date in the text box (I have 8 date pickers on the userform). If I select another date then reselect the current date it works. It has occasionally worked but why.

Below is the code for populating the text box from the Date Picker.

Private Sub DTPicker1_Change()
TextBox1.Value = DTPicker1.Value
End Sub

The initialize userform code uses the following to format and set the textbox


TextBox1.Value = Format(Date, "dd-mmm-yy")
TextBox1.Value = ""

Windows 7 with Excel 2010

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Excel 2010 :: Date Picker To Default To Named Range

May 6, 2012

I am new to VBA. Using Excel 2010. I have a date picker on a userform named LtPayCalFm1. I have created a named range on a sheet within the workbook called LQD which is a date. I want the date picker to show the date LQD when the form opens. The code I have is


Private Sub LtPayCalFm1_Initialize()
Dim LQD As Range
DTPicker1.Value = LQD
End Sub

I get Run time error '380': Invalid property value How do I correct this?

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Excel 2013 :: Can't Find Date And Time Picker

Nov 21, 2013

I just installed Office 2013 Pro. In my Office 2010 Additional Controls toolbox, the control toolbox has a Date and Time Picker(DTPicker1) . I cannot find it in the Additional Controls toolbox in Excel 2013. I certainly hope they did not choose to not make it available in Excel 2013 - this is an extremely important control for my Excel spreadsheets as it allows inputting a date range on a userform with DTPicker1 and DTPicker2 and generating reports using VBA in conjunction with Autofiltering code on a Generate Report button.

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Excel 2007 :: Dropdown Calendar - Date And Time Picker

Apr 13, 2013

I want a drop down calender to choose date from and found that i can use More Controls> "microsoft Date and Time Picker 6.0 (SP4)" for excel 2007 but it doesn't work with other excel and shows a "x" not recognised in some other machines.

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Custom Date Picker Control

Mar 29, 2007

I'm building a userform excel application and am using the MS date/time picker control. I've run into the familiar "computer doesn't have OCX" problem and want to avoid using a custom OCX.

I was thinking of just making my own control instead. Has anyone made one in VBA? I found some VB examples which I could port over, but they use a lot of api calls. For reliability, I'd like to keep this as simple as possible though.

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Date And Time Picker

Aug 24, 2009

On the attachment i have a userform which pops up when cell B2 is selected. It is a month view from the additional controls on the control toolbox. I've also added a couple of text boxes with spin buttons.

A few amendments i want to make to it are:

User form pops up next cell B2

'Enter button' enters date and time into cell B2

Spin buttons increase/decrease hour field in incremnts of 1 and minutes field in increments of 5

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Date/Time Picker In

Jan 7, 2004

I'm trying to use the Date/Time ActiveX control in Excel 2000 and it is giving me problems. I am attempting to use this control contained directly on a worksheet (not contained on a separate form). My problem is that each time I start the workbook, the date/time control resizes itself to have an extremely large height. I set the control's height at 18 but upon loading it shows the height as about 5x that value. However, the properties of the control still show it listed with a height of 18? No matter what I do, I cannot seem to find a way to have the control maintain its initial height. I've tried this in several different workbooks, and it does the same everytime.

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Reformat The Date And Time Picker?

Dec 26, 2012

How should i reformat the date and time picker? at this moments, it shows the date in the format of mm/dd/yyyy but the format that i want is dd/mm/yyyy.

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Date And Time Picker On UserForm

Dec 24, 2008

I am trying to use the Date and Time Picker 6.0 and I have add it to the userform and named it DateofContact.

When I play the userform I get a error stating:

"Compile Error-Method or Data member not found"

Below I have added the code and it shows in red where the problem is.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()

PSA.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 2).Value
cboTypeofContact.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 3).Value
DateofContact.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 4).Value
TimeofContact.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 5).Value
End Sub
I am not sure what to put in its place.

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Excel 2010 :: Insert Date And Time In Column Upon Data Change For First Time Only

May 3, 2013

I am looking for a macros VBA where a user insert or update a data the date and time should be insert in column I and save the workbook.

Note: If the column I already have the date and time inserted before then it should give message record already have date and time.

I am using office 2010.

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Excel 2007 :: Date Filtering - Change Date Format Supplied By Date Picker

Apr 24, 2012

I have a table of data (total 142 rows). Column contains dates, in the format dd-mmm-yyyy.

I tried to filter using DATE FILTERS->EQUALS and in the custom filter window, I chose EQUALS then picked a date from the date picker icon. The date I picked was 5/4/2009 (this is May 4, 2009, formatted automaticall by excel as m/d/yyyy).

When I clicked OK, nothing showed up despite the fact that there are 6 occurences of May 4, 2009 (formatted as dd-mmm-yyyy in the data table)

So my questions are:

1. Is this due to the formatting?

2. Is there a way to change the date format supplied by the date picker?

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Date Time Picker Custom Format Property?

May 13, 2005

I'm trying to use the Date Time Picker control as a time picker and only want hours and minutes to show. Can this be done with its custom format property (Example)? The usual number formatting string doesn't seem to work.

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Date / Time Picker Not Returning Date

Feb 2, 2012

I inserted the Date & Time picker Control into my worksheet. I have it linked to a cell. When I change the date, the new date goes into the cell, but it does not appear to be a "date" . The date formulas that use that cell do not evaluate properly. It looks different than when I type a date directly in to the cell (it is left justified). I tried formatting the cell as a date and the format property of the control is set to shortDate.

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Excel 2010 :: Average Calculation For Given Date And Time Range

Jul 9, 2014

Please find the attached 2010 version excel file <For a given date Time Range average .xlsx>.

I want to calculate the average value (Column C) for the given date (Column A) and given time range (Column B).

Values to be plotted in the color cells yellow and light pink / magenta.

Voting Results.xlsx‎

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MISSING: Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0

Feb 19, 2008

I have windows XP and Excel 2003. In Visual Basic Editor, References, I have missing the Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0. How can I enable it? When opening the file, excel prompts Error compiling some modules. Opening the file in another pc with this common controls enabled, it works fine.

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Missing Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library

May 27, 2006

i'm using a user form and i have the microsoft forms 2.0 Object Library checked. i have sent to another user, and i can't compile, when i took at this vba tools reference, microsoft forms 2.0 Object Library checked is missing (and not available in the drop down)...?

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Changing Date Format In Microsoft Excel?

Oct 27, 2013

in the date fields excel only recognises some of them as date, so when I try to change the format of dates (mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy) it only changes some of them so I end up with some wrong dates.how I can make excel read them all as date?

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Excel 2010 :: Using Current Month / Date And Time In A Folder Path In VBA Code

Feb 4, 2014

I’m working on a project using Microsoft Excel 2010 and I want to add some features to facilitate saving and retrieving files process.

1.How can I save the daily created workbooks (Assume 15 files a day) in order to contain the current date (and time if possible) linked with certain cell(s) I have at my workbook forming the file name? (XYZ 2-4-2014) and/or (ABC 2-4-2014 23:11) and so on …

2.I’ve been through some other posts and I found VB code which saves the active file into specific path, but it is only useful for single workbook because multiple files are getting overwritten automatically. Is there a code which allows multiple/different files saving & creates daily folders?

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Excel 2010 :: Calendar - Set Up Specific Time Frame And Due Date To Exclude Weekends And Holidays

Apr 9, 2014

I'm using excel 2010 on a pc. I need to create a calender. So far I have been using the tutorial for the pop up calender. The result I'm looking for is to set up a specific time frame and have the calender provide the "due" date. I would like the due date to exclude weekends and holidays. Would I be able to do this with the pop up calender?

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Excel 2010 :: Compare 2 Sheets And Add Missing Row From Sheet 1

Nov 4, 2012

How i could this one in formula or macro, first my 1st sheet is just as show below (maybe use for a template)

1st sheet (full list)




then 2nd sheet, report i get which something like this :




then i want result like this on 3rd sheet :



so basically i want add missing row on sheet 2 from sheet 1

I am using office 2010.

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