Get User Name :: Windows User Name?

Dec 8, 2009

How can I set a TextBox in a user form to the Windows's User Name?

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Allow User To Choose From List Of Open Windows?

Mar 27, 2009

I have a few macros that need to work with various worksheets which are in different windows.

1. Make the user name the files a certain way for consistency
2. Make the user type the name of each window at the start of execution

I was wondering if there was a more flexible option though: one which would allow the user to choose from a list of open windows (similar to the Window>More Windows>Activate function in Excel).

Ideally the macro would run and say something like, "Which of the following open windows contains dataset1?" "Which of the following open windows contains dataset2?"

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VBA Recognize Windows User Accounts And Allow Edit Access

Jul 22, 2009

I'm working on protecting a spreadsheet to where only certain people would be allowed to unprotect and edit it... I've used a standard password protection and created a userform prompting for password and unlocking the sheet, and this works fine.

On the other hand, I was interested if it's possible to write the code to where once the "unprotect" button is clicked it would seek User Account name from windows and try to match it with a list of users somewhere within the workbook. This way the user wouldn't be prompted for a password, but rather the unlocking would simply work or not depending on user account.

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Making Excel File Accessible For Few Users But One User Should Not See Other User Entries

Jul 11, 2012

I have an excel file with multiple sheets. I want my HR team to update that file, but one user shouldnt see the entries of other users. I want to make a consolidated file out of three files. This excel template is for salary input.

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Prevent The User From Saving The Data Input From The User Form If Any Of Those Three Fields Is Left Blank

Feb 9, 2010

I have a user form that has a combo box "City" two text boxes one called "Flight" and the other "Date". What I'm trying to do is to prevent the user from saving the data input from the user form if any of those three fields is left blank. The code that I have so far checks all of the required fields, if any are left blank a message notifys which field(s) is left blank and return the focus back to that field. But the rest of code also fires.

What I really need is either to stop the code if any fields are blank and return the focus back to the blank field, the user completes the field(s) and clicks the save again, or better yet, pause the code until all the required fields are completed and then complete the save. (There is actually another 200+ lines of code in this sub, but I deleted it to keep the post a little shorter.)

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Exl2K User: Sheet Is Password Protected But User Can Change Color In Unlock Cells

Jun 16, 2006

find attached zip file . if you open the file then you can understand the problem.

I need to change cells color and text color as per user choice in Password protected sheet : (user is useing excl2000)

Kindly open attahced file i putted the note inside the file.

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Check A User Input To See If The User Has Entered The Date Correctly

Feb 17, 2010

I am trying to check a user input to see if the user has entered the date correctly. I am using the code below but it keeps giving me a "Type Mismatch" error.

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Prevent User From Accessing The Excel File When It Is In Use By Another User

Jul 22, 2013

An Excel file named CLEARING is availble in thr central server system. it will be accessed by 5 or 6 staffs from some other systems what i need is when one person accesses/edits this file the others should not even able to open in the read only file ,when the file is saved and closed ,then only the next person should access it

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Logon Box - User / Pass - Unique Actions Per User.

Apr 2, 2009

I have a workbook that is used to track overtime hours worked through the year. I've received some help from users on this forum, and others, to create the necessary macros and formulas to allow a supervisor to make use of the form; however, the workbook is also used to track those that wish to volunteer to work overtime each weekend. The sheet has a list of names for the employees on each shift, then a column to allow a "Y" to be placed under the date - designating them as a volunteer for any overtime available. I've found this spreadsheet (attached - from this site) that will allow individual users to access the workbook and have unique passwords for each. I don't completely understand how it works, but I feel it may be a start to getting what I want.

Essentially, once the user selects their name and inputs their password, I'd like the workbook to be opened and then allow them to only manipulate the row associated with their name. That row will change from week to week, so specific numbers will not be able to be used, but their name will be the same as the name used in the logon.

I feel like I'm asking for a lot here, so just some initial guidance on whether this type of thing is possible would be an acceptable answer.

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User Forms- Create A User Form That Will "pop Up"

Oct 25, 2007

I have a spreadsheet with the following headings:

Claims Number





I need to create a user form that will "pop up" and ask the administrator to enter the above details.

A - should be created automatically (ie last claim number + 1)
B - user enters manually
C - data retrieved from a list
D - data retrieved from a list
E - date is the date the information is entered

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Get User Name :: For File Used By Another User

May 13, 2004

how to get informazion with VBA code about the name of the user who opened already a workbook on the network.

Usually if somebody wants to open a file that is opened by another user, office applications give informations that the file is open and about the name who opened that file.

Is it possible to get this information with VBA code, too?

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Log User Changes

Jul 28, 2007

I am trying to integrate an optimization model to a simulation model using VBA in Excel. I am using ShellandWait and calling some batch files to call scripts for application command line operation. Everything ran fine until I tried to read in additional data using modules from an Excel add-in that I customized (err, more like butchered actually). Now, as far as I can tell sporadically (the call to the new module occurs randomly), Excel just closes in the middle of the simulation. Are there certain types of errors that behave this way? Is there someway to view or create an error log or similar, that I can go over after the crash?


I actually solved the problem (it was a database timer expiration initiated in a fortran routine by the customized add-in). This was just pure dumb luck - in effect, I was trying the brute force approach and happened to hit the solution relatively early. If anyone knows of some method of logging Excel or VBA activity (I guess that is the right term)

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User Name And TimeStamp

Dec 29, 2006

Is there a way to put a time stamp with the users name into an adjacent cell when a cell is updated?

In case that didnít make sense I will tell you what I need this for. We are creating new time cards that require both employee and manager approval on them. We have many remote employees and getting their signature can be a pain. If they could click a button on the time card that stamped their name and time that would be ideal. They would then send to their manager they would click to verify the time and it would stamp it as well.

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User With AutoSum

Apr 3, 2007

I have a user that is having problems with AutoSum updating after a cell is deleted. He has the following...



If he deletes one of the cells, (lets say 200), the autosum number stays at 400. I reinstalled his MS Office and it worked for a few days, but now he is having the same problem.

So now he has...



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Add A User Name To Spreadsheet

May 6, 2007

I have designed a spreadsheet in the office where I work, and think it would be quite flashy (gimiky) if I could have the spreadsheet show the name of the user logged on.

At the minute if I try and access a sheet currently open by another user it will come up with the standard message 'workbook1.xls is currently in use by xxxxx' then you open a read only copy until they have finished.

I was thinking there must be some way of importing this information to excel to display something like 'welcome (xxxxxxxx)(user currently logged on)'

The other part of my problem is that the excel sheet will only display the network uername of the user, but I have seen spreadsheets that cross reference this to the Microsoft Outlook global address list on the MS Exchange server, and display the users actual name.

In a nutshell, I just want to know is there anyway the excel spreadsheet can display the username currently logged into the shared spreadsheet.

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User Name & Password Log In

Jun 10, 2009

I have a 3 2 user forms, plus a calandar pop-up user form. One is a Log In Screen with a user id combo box and a password textbox referenced to ranges in a very-hidden sheet.

My second form is a spend tracker with mulitple fileds, text boxes, combo boxes, etc.

One of the fields in the spend tracker is user name, what I would like to do is when a user enters their user name and password the entered user name as long as it matches one in the database be populated in the user name field and not allow it to be edited. Is there a way to do this, if so, what is the code and where do I put it.

I will attach my file so you can check it out. Log in: tester

Password: test01

Programmers Access Code is 1234.

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User Restriction

Jan 5, 2010

In my User Form, one of the combo boxes has names. How can I restrict this box so the name chosen is the same as the Windows user?

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VBA Re User Prompt

Oct 4, 2008

I have created an addin that runs several macros. To enable the user to undo any changes, I keep a backup prior to them using any of the macros in the form of a worksheet named back00xx. I want a prompt to be displayed to the user to remove these backups at the closing or saving of the file. The problem is that as an addin, how do I get it to display this prompt as the open workbook is not part of the addin.

Could one have a looping routine that is checking every xx min/sec to check if the current workbook contains any sheets starting back00

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Retrieving User Name

Nov 14, 2008

When I run it it returns in A1, Jeffrey.Brown2. I would like to turn this into Brown, Jeffrey but because another user may have a shorter or longer name the Left & Right function does not work for every scenario?

Sub who()
Range("A1").Value = Environ("username")
End Sub

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User Form

Feb 24, 2009

I have a user form that I want to take the information and have it input on the worksheet. I want it to start at A3 and check to see if that cell is "" and if it is not then enter the data from the from horizontally. If A3 is not "" then continue down column A untill the first nonblank cell is and then select that cell and have the data entered horizontally.

I have this code so far but it is not working.

Private Sub cmdSubmit_Click()
Dim Month As Variant

Month = Me.cmbMonth.Value


I have done a bit of excel programming last year but have not done any for the last 4 months so I am a bit rusty.

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User Enters The Value Of Z5 Into Z6

Jul 2, 2009

Is it possible that unless a user enters the value of Z5 into Z6, Excel will not continue, or allow any futher data to be entered, this after a user first selects a institution from a drop down list in H6, which will determine the value of Z5.

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Show The User Name

Dec 4, 2009

I need to add a function to a worksheet that shows the name of the previous person who used the document.

I know about the Function GetUserName, but obviously this just shows the username of the person who has just opened the document. Is there anyway that we show the previous user????

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Check User Name

May 31, 2006

I am using the following code which works fine:

'Checks user name before opening
UN = Environ("USERNAME")
If UN = "lemons" Then

End If

But when I change the code to check for more than on user as shown, I am getting a complile error.

'Checks user name before opening
UN = Environ("USERNAME")
If UN = "lemons" Then

If UN = "LEMONS" Then
End If

I need to add or a better way to check the user name

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Show User Id/Log On

Oct 9, 2006

I need either a formula or VBA code to display the user ID with which the user is logged on to the computer where the Workbook is opened.

Is there a way to get that with Excel?

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Return User Id Or Name

Jul 22, 2007

i have been looking everywhere to find a way to get user info.

in excel, is there a formula or macro so that when saved, the user info is put in the file without the user putting their own name or id?

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Marquee With User Entered Value

Mar 13, 2013

I am new to excel. I want to use Marquee in excel which takes user inputs from a message box and display those values in the web browser (found some old topics about web browser) untill we click the amend or new button.

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Wait For User Input

Jan 24, 2014

How do I pause my macro until the user selects a chart in the worksheet? Or Keep prompting a message to the user till he selects the chart and when a chart is selected run the macro.

Step 1: Check if a chart is Selected
Step 2: If yes, run the macro
Step 3: If no, prompt the user with a msgbox of Retry/Cancel.
Step 4: If the user selects Retry, wait till he makes a selection.
Step 5: If the selection is a chart, run the macro. If the selection is not a chart prompt the same msgbox again and keep looping it till he selects a chart.

Sub test5()
Dim chtSelected As Chart
Dim UserResponse As Integer

On Error Resume Next
Set chtSelected = ActiveChart

[Code] .....

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Formatting Cells By User?

Feb 11, 2014

I am trying to get different people to add dates onto a spreadsheet but need a way to differentiate whos dates are whos. Is there a way to color the cells according to which user put the dates in automatically?

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New User- It Just Goes To A Blank Page

May 30, 2009

I am a new user which I am trying to post a question but when I try posting it, it just goes to a blank page.

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User Defined Formula With CF

Jul 8, 2009

I'm having trouble getting a User Defined formula to work. I received an email containing a User Defined formula for SUMCOLOR and COUNTCOLOR. The first sums all the values in like-colored cells, and the second counts all the cells of like-color in a given range. The VB code for the module is as follows:

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