How To Disable Worksheet Functions Within Out Protection

Jun 19, 2009

I have a spreadsheet which has extra worksheets at the end that the user can move around, if they need them.

Then i found out that users were adding there own sheets, so i protected the workbook, but i found out that this stops the user from moving the sheet.

Whats the easiest way probably using code to disable the worksheet functions, ie the ones that appear if you click on the tab (insert,delete,rename,move+copy,select all sheets etc) but still allow the user to move the sheet within the workbook

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Disable All Excel Functions?

Oct 19, 2011

Is it possible to disable all Excel functions? not as in disable calculation, but actually make Excel's standard functions not available in a workbook.

My reason for wondering if this is possible is that I would like to write UDFs that perform special actions in addition to the typical Excel functions, but give them the same name as their Excel counterparts... essentially create polymorphisms / overloaded Excel functions.

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Re-enable Right Click Options, Disable Cut Functions

Sep 30, 2008

I need a macro to disable all cut options (ctrl^x, right click cut, cut button in ribbon above), disable drag and drop, but still allow copying and pasting (the cutting affects cell references). I've already locked the spreadsheet, but users need to be able to input information and paste information in from other workbooks. This code must also only apply to THIS WORKBOOK and not affect others. Please help with a macro for this, as well as where to paste and how to properly configure macro security settings. I'm a big excel user, but this is my first time ever with VB and macros so talk to me like I'm dumb! I've pasted links to the two codes I tried, and I think one of them enabled a macro that affected all workbooks and now whatever code I put in won't save upon re-opening. It's there when I navigate to it, but it is ineffective like it's not even there. In macro security, I've enabled all macros and have the "trust VB programming" box checked. So maybe do some damage control before re-programming. I am getting a new computer in less than a month, but I want to be able to try out the code and have it work first, and I don't want to transfer the harmful code to the new computer.

P.S. This first code allows copying and cutting, but then just disables pasting, which is not what I want. The second one works great, but disables the right click menu altogether, which is no good either. And neither allow for pasting from the outside. And this is for moderate excel users, they won't try to erase the macro. I just need to keep them from making mistakes with cutting.

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Hide Title Bar / Ribbon - Disable Keyboard Functions And Right Click?

Apr 24, 2014

Below are the codes to hide the objects within Excel, Disable Keyboard shortcuts and disable right click, all are placed in the ThisWorkbook and i placed them in a 'Private Sub Workbook_Open()' function.

'Change 'False' to 'True' to unhide
ActiveWindow.DisplayGridlines = False
ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False


There maybe simpler ways to do the above i just don't know them, it's just these have worked for me and i have had zero bugs come back from them!

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Worksheet Protection When Using VBA

May 2, 2007

I have a worksheet that I want to protect, but when I use the protect worksheet command on the tools menu, it renders all of my VBA useless.

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Worksheet Protection

Jul 23, 2007

On my worksheet i am using advanced filters to view the data in the sheet.
But when I protect the sheet they do not work, I have unlocked those particular cells (Row 1). But it still does not allow the use of the advanced filter when the sheet protection is on.

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Worksheet Range Protection

Mar 7, 2002

I'm trying to protect a certain range of cells in a worksheet from within Access.

My code is below:

Dim objExcel As Excel.Application
Dim objWB As Excel.Workbook
Dim objWS As Worksheet
Dim intColumn As Integer
Dim intRow As Integer
Dim intRecords As Integer

Set objExcel = Excel.Application
objWS.Protection.AllowEditRanges.Add Title:="Classified", Range:=Range("$A$2:$D$65536"), Password:="".........................

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Worksheet Protection With Password

Jan 13, 2007

I have a workbook where I need to protect the sheets with a password. However, for certain macros contained in the workbook to run the sheets need to be unprotected. I know the code to unprotect the sheet but the password is required. I do not want other users to know this password.

What I need is the code to protect a worksheet with a password. Then, when a macro runs, to unprotect without user having to enter the password and reprotect with the original password when the macro has completed its run. note: I am NOT looking for any form of password breaking code!!

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Prevent Worksheet Protection

Aug 18, 2007

I have a workbook for which I would like to protect the worksheets, while still allowing my code to alter the worksheets, which can be done with the line:

Sheet1.Protect Password="abc" UserInterfaceOnly:=True

However, I want allow some users (who know the password) to be able to unprotect the sheet if they need to edit it, then turn the protection back on after they are done. How can I make sure that they use my macro to protect the sheet with UserInterfaceOnly set to true, rather than the standard way to turn on protection?
That is, is there a way I can prevent the user from being able to protect the sheet with the Tools->Protection->Protect Sheet menu item?

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Private Sub And Worksheet Protection With Password

Jan 24, 2010

All my macros in Module 1 work OK when I password protect my Excel 2003 worksheet named: Data. The only code that does not work when I password protect my worksheet is the Private Sub shown below. If I do not use a password, it works OK. As soon as I enter a password to protect my worksheet, the code below no longer works.

In ThisWorkbook, the following code shows the password to be password. In reality, there is a different password.

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Worksheet Protection And User Rights

Aug 11, 2008

I have a worksheet that has been designed to allow the user to enter data, in certain cells of the worksheet are formula to do automatic calculations as the user enters data. Here is my dilemia

a) I need the cells with the formula's to be locked so the user cannot delete or alter them.
b) In cases there may be a case where rows will have to be deleted or inserted, depending on the data entered.
c) The sheet needs to be protected to avoid the user from altering the sheet i.e. design etc.

I have found the problem is that i can lock out all the cells that i do not want the user to alter, and i can protect the worksheet and allow users to have certain edit right. But the problem i am facing is that when you have locked or protected cells on a wprksheet and you protect the sheet, then you can not delete or insert rows.

Is there a way that allows the sheet and formula to be locked, but also allow the user to delete or insert rows if they need.

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Transferring Sheet Protection From One Worksheet To Another Via VBA

Nov 29, 2011

Any way to transfer the sheet protection from one worksheet to another worksheet via VBA.

Currently, the user selects a name from a drop down list, it unhides a workbook of the same name, copies from that workbook, and places the copied information in an area of the sheet with the drop down list. I would like the protection settings (in this case, selectivly unlocked cells to allow users to easily tab through and not make changes to data that should not be changed) to be copied with this information. Is this possible?

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Excel 2010 :: Remove Password Protection From Worksheet

Dec 12, 2011

I have created a worksheet and password protected, I know the password but now want to send to someone and remove the password protection option instead of them having to use a password to open it.

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Stop Deleting Formula Cells Without Worksheet Protection

Sep 12, 2006

I'm protecting a spreadsheet with Excel 2000. For that i used the Excel functionality : Data -> " Validation"

Unfortunately, I can not protect the all sheet or workbook (Requirement). So even if the cells are protected by "Validation", any user can delete the cells using the key DELETE or BACKSPACE on the keyboard !

VBA Macro (which could be activate at each change on the sheet for example...) ? or if it's possible to avoid cells deleting with the "Validation" in the Excel Data menu ?

If it's a macro, it would do :

1 ) see if a user is pushing DELETE or BACKSPACE on the keyboard

2 ) see if the cell contains formulas

3 ) if yes, make a box appears to say that is not possible to delete this cell

4 ) return on the Excel sheet without changes

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Adding Worksheet Protection But Allowing Form Controls - Macros

Jun 5, 2014

I have a worksheet with lots of things going on... the end user needs access to the Name field, DOB field, all the scroll and form control option buttons in the 9-question sheet, and the macro-enabled reset button at the bottom. Formulas are sprinkled throughout the worksheet, in columns T through AC... option button links go to AA and AB.

I would like to protect the entire sheet so none of the fields, except where indicated above, could be selected or edited... but when I protect the sheet, I get errors when trying to use you form controls, and the formulas do not respond. And finally, when protected, I get a debug error on the reset macro.

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Workbook Protection - Unable To Set Visible Property Of Worksheet Class

Dec 26, 2013

I am having problems with some vba codes when I protect my workbook; 'I get an run-time error 1004 Unable to set visible property of the worksheet class'

The code I am trying is:

Sub Stats1_Return_TextBox1_Click()
ActiveSheet.Unprotect "meme"
Application.Goto Worksheets("BCM Database").Range("L15")
Sheets("Stats 1").Visible = False
ActiveSheet.Protect "meme"

End Sub

How to sort this. One more question is there away of protecting you vba code? stop users being able to view or edit them for instance?

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Excel 2010 :: Hide Worksheet Password In VBA Code Without Project Protection

Nov 5, 2012

I have a 2010 excel workbook with several locked worksheet (to which I manage the PW). I and another staff member manage different section of the macro but the other staff member doesn't have access to the locked areas.

Is there a way I can encrypt the password within VBA so it's not visible to the other staff member?

Locking the VBAProject doesn't work as the other staff member has to be able to edit his VBA section.

Many staff run the macro (via a button) and don't need to access the Macro and don't have access to the protected sheets.

I understand excel isn't ideal with PW protection for people wanting to bypass the protection and this isn't an issue.

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Disable Printing Of A Worksheet

Feb 20, 2007

I have a workbook of some 15 worksheets - however there is just one of the worksheets I want to disable the printing of it. So that when users select print whole document - all worksheets will print except for thus one worksheet

The worksheet tab is named "15.ADMIN WORKBOOK CONTROL ONLY"

I know I need to put some vba code into the code area of that worksheet

I tried this code but it didnt work

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
Cancel = True
End Sub

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Disable Worksheet Button

Jul 27, 2007

I have buttons on each of my sheets, when one is clicked code is called in my module ("modAPI"), and from that code I wish to disable and enable certain buttons, and/or change the caption of those buttons. However when I try to do:

With ws
btnRefresh.Enabled = False
End With

I get Error 424, Object Required. I've tried recording a macro of what I wish to do, and it gives me ActiveSheet.Shapes("btnRefresh").Select, but this doesn't give me the option to enabled/disable or change the caption of the button.

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Worksheet Functions In VBA

Jan 15, 2007

Is possible to pass names into a worksheet function and whether values from other sheets are able to be passed in, eg i am trying to paste this function into the work sheet to find the left two characters of a certain string. However the string position varies:

= left(worksheet name! row(1) column.range("startno"),2

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Worksheet Protection From Editing And At The Same Time Allow All Data Source Links Within The Sheet To Be Refreshed

Mar 16, 2007

how to protect a worksheet from editing and at the same time allow all data source links within the sheet to be refreshed? I need my users to be able to refresh all data links as required but not be able to change the worksheet in any other way.

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Disable Close (X) On Specific Worksheet

Jan 9, 2010

I have a pivot table that's made visible from a "Drill Down" button on the source worksheet.

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VBA - Disable Form Checkbox In Worksheet

Jan 18, 2013

I want to have a Checkbox (Form) that is in my Worksheet to disable/gray-out once it is selected. I don't want people to be able to uncheck it again. I want them to be forced to click another Checkbox to enable it again.


Two Checkboxes:

Check Box 1 = "Apply"
Check Box 2 = "Delete"

Once "Apply" is checked, gray it out. This will force a user to click "Delete" in order for the "Apply" button to be enabled again. I do not want a user to click "Apply" once selected as their way of 'deleting' the information.

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Hide / Disable Worksheet Menu Bar - !

Feb 27, 2007

Is there a way to either hide or disable the worksheet menu bar on ONE SHEET ONLY, so that a right-click customize doesn't even work on that sheet. I want the user to be able to do nothing but what my customized toolbar allows on that sheet.

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Disable Copy/paste Within Worksheet

May 22, 2007

Is it possible to disable the copy/paste functions on a particular worksheet within a workbook, or failign that, on a complete workbook?

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Prevent VBA Functions From Being Available On Worksheet

Jul 9, 2014

I use a few Functions in my VBA code. All these functions, are declared as "Public", and reside in a single module. However, they are called from many different modules during code execution. (i.e. many functions called from many modules - hence the "Public" declaration).

My issue is that in addition to being available to different VBA Modules, these Functions are also available on the worksheet as a UDF (so if a user presses "=" in the formula bar, the auto-complete shows these functions when the first characters match). Is there a way to remove the availability of the function on user worksheet? i.e. to allow a Function to be called from different modules in VBA, but prevent it from being available on the worksheet.

My current work-around is to prefix all Public Function names with letter "j" - as no excel formula seems to begin with it - none of them show up as auto-complete options. Nevertheless, the Functions are still available to the user - which is what I would like to prevent.

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Worksheet Functions In Macros

Aug 2, 2009

I've been reading about usage of worksheet functions in macros, and I guess I'm still not getting it. What I want to do, is use Countif and Indirect worksheet functions in a macro but it always fails. Here is my formula

IF(Worksheetfunction.Countif(Worksheetfunction.INDIRECT("[DaysWorking.xls]'Collect No Stats'!$A:$A"),'2009'!Range("D" & x))>0)

Basically, I want to see if 2 different cells in 2 different workbooks match and then I would use the information to write different info in another cell. X is just a variable in a DO WHILE LOOP. Can these functions be used in a macro? Is there an alternative?

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Conditional Functions In Worksheet

Aug 4, 2009

I have an excel problem with formula. Iím not sure of the formula I think its sumif but donít know how to express the criteria . I am trying to create a spreadsheet that will total the data from Colum B, C & D. I have 3 columns with the following data.

Column B Heading Length
Column C Heading Width
Column D Heading Depth

Column E Heading LM (lineal meters) will have the data only from column B. Column F Heading M2 will equal the data of column B & C (remembering the math is M2 = column B x Column C. Column G Heading M3 will equal the data of Column B, C & D (remembering the math is M3 = column B x Column C x Column D. Thatís the easy part but in columns H to J, I have other headings and column K is my Rate.

Column L is my subtotal and this is where my problem lies, because the formula is =SUM(E1:J1)*K1 it has the potential to double up on figures when I use the dropdown formula for Columns E,F, and G all data is carried down with them. I want Column E to show only the value, if column B has a number and Columns C & D are empty. I want Column F to show only the value, if columns B & C have a number and Column D is empty. I want Column G to show on the value, if all columns have a number. If all these conditions are met, then only a value will be displayed in either column E, F, G Remembering that the values returned must be multiplied by the value of each number in the columns.

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Use Worksheet Functions In The VBA Code

May 16, 2006

How do I use excel functions in VBA code.

For example I do I use the max function which, gives the maximum value
from a range.

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Disable Cut / Copy / Paste And Delete In Worksheet

Oct 28, 2011

I would like to disable cut/copy/paste and maybe delete inside a worksheet. Reading earlier threads on this subject provided the code to put in the ThisWorkbook module, where it works great for all my worksheets. However, there is one worksheet where it is necessary to have copy/paste, either with control c or right click/copy. Here is part of that code provided by Tom Urtis:

Private Sub Workbook_Activate()
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Application.OnKey "^c", ""
Application.CellDragAndDrop = False
End Sub

What do I replace Application with to work on just the worksheet level?

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