Hyperlink Function: Links To A1 Of Sheet 1 To A1 Of Sheet 2

Nov 15, 2009

I created this hyperlink function. It links to a1 of sheet 1 to a1 of sheet 2. However, when I click on the a1 cell in sheet 1. an error message appears. I have attached the spreadsheet...

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Use HYPERLINK Function When Two Different Types Of Links Can Occur.

Jul 24, 2009

Basically my sheet links may appear as a cell in another tab or it might be to an http address... Here is my formula I have setup up right now.. Only problem is, no matter what I put into the logical test to get a "true" result for the http addresses it still says false..

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Copy Sheet Based On Table / Rename And Hyperlink Table To New Sheet

Jul 28, 2014

I've been working on a macro that makes copies of a template sheet based on a table in my Opps sheet. If column B isn't empty, make a copy of the template sheet, rename it to Opps column A, and then hyperlink column A's current A.row to the newly copied and renamed sheet.

I'm not sure what is wrong exactly, it keeps making duplicate Template(x) and stops renaming them, and the hyperlinks are not working. -This is my first go at VBA hyperlinks to internal workbook sheets

[Code] .....

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Copy Excel Sheet From One Xls To Another Without Links?

Mar 17, 2005

I want to use the move/copy worksheet function to copy a worksheet from one workbook to another. When I do this I want it to Not refer to the workbook it was copied from in the formulas and lookups. I have tried copy/paste special also and it doesn't work.

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Master Sheet With Links To Other Sheets

Jun 19, 2014

I work for a production hombuilder and I am developing a schedule to track community development. We have over 20 communities that we will need to use the sheet that I have devised to track progress. Is there a way that I can somehow create a link to an individual sheet within the workbook for easy navigation?

The alternative I believe would be to just have all of the communities on one sheet but have to scroll down a number of rows to display the timelines.

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Disable External Links When Creating New Sheet?

Mar 7, 2012

I have VBA code that creates three reports based on fields a user chooses. When the user clicks the button to create the first report, links are built to the files which contain the fields they chose. There are approximately 15 files that need to be linked in every report.

When the links are built, referencing the external files, the system is extremely slow.

I have Application.ScreenUpdating = False and Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual.

Despite these settings, the links pull in updated values.

Also, to create the last two files, I do a FIND/REPLACE to change the cells referenced in the links, causing it to choke.

would get the links in place without updating each one as it is created?

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Macro To Update Links In Active Sheet Only

Jun 15, 2009

I have a workbook which has links to another excel workbook (source). This workbook has many sheets -all exact copy- with different names. I changed startup prompt (edit->links) to "dont display the alert and dont update automatic links". Then I recorded a macro for updating links (from source) and assigned this macro to a button. What I want to do is when I click this update button I want links to be updated only on the active sheet that Im on. My problem is, when I press this button, it updates all links including other sheets (basically whole workbook).

My current macro is (I dont know coding but I tried changing ActiveWorkbook to ActiveSheet but it didnt work):

Sub update()
ActiveWorkbook.UpdateLink Name:= _
"C:Documents and SettingsAlperDesktopExcelsource.xls", Type _
End Sub

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Transpose Links From Individual Sheets To Master Sheet

Apr 21, 2002

I have multiple sheets on which users enter data in Cells B3 to B21 on each sheet.

I have a master sheet where the information entered on individual sheets is copied by links. On the master sheet the information is displayed in Rows. Thus data on Sheet1 B5:B25 is displayed in Row 6 cells H6:Z6 of Master Sheet, data on Sheet2 is displayed in Row 7 cells H7:Z7 etc. The formula in H6 of the Master Sheet is =Sheet1!B5, in H7 it is =Sheet2!B5 etc. It is of course not possible to use Autofill to copy formulas across on the Master sheet. It can be done manually but there are hundreds of cells to fill.

Is there an elegant way to copy the formulae on individual sheets onto the Master Sheet.

I want to be able to repeat the procedure later if additional sheets need to be added.

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Process To Remove Background Links From Entire Sheet

Jun 30, 2006

I have a spreadsheet that was given to me from an outside source, and a lot but not all of the cells (seem to be random) have links associated with them so that if you click a cell, it opens a new internet browser window directing to the link. Is there a way for me to remove every single one of these links without having to go cell by cell looking for each one ?

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Create Formula That Links To Another Sheet Based On User Input

Jan 8, 2009

I'm trying to create a formula similar to this:


The idea is that the user will enter a value in cell A2. That number will determine the appropriate rows in the formula above.

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Hyperlink To Sheet

Jul 27, 2008

on sheet 1, i have 6 combo boxes ... one for each semester of Grade 8, Grade 9, and Grade 10.

Each is completely independent of all the others and each shows the subject codes for that grade in that semester.

what I would like to do is ..

if I click on (let's say ) box 3, and choose the 4th subject code down the box, I would like to be 'teleported' to sheet that bears that same subject code.

Is this possible, and is it a problem that the other 5 combo boxes will still have a subject code in their display window from previous viewings ?

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Hyperlink Same Sheet

Mar 27, 2009

This HAS to be a simple fix. Could not find a string with this solution in it yet.

Trying to set up a hyperlink to reference another location in the same sheet.
Used the example in Excel as a model to set this up so placed this formula in cell B1:
this defaults to =hyperlink(Sheet1!a1,"LINK") since Book1 is the current wb.
clicking on "link" in cell B1 produces "Cannot open specified file" error.
I need the hyperlink to be dynamic, so I can't use the CTRL+K hyperlink function.

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Worksheet Protection From Editing And At The Same Time Allow All Data Source Links Within The Sheet To Be Refreshed

Mar 16, 2007

how to protect a worksheet from editing and at the same time allow all data source links within the sheet to be refreshed? I need my users to be able to refresh all data links as required but not be able to change the worksheet in any other way.

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Reference Different Sheet For Hyperlink

Oct 30, 2008

I'm working on a formula to get the the path of a picture on a different sheet in a workbook. I am trying to get use the hyperlink function to reference that cell on the the other sheet. It looks right but I get an error saying that it cannot open the specified file.

This is what my formula looks like:

=HYPERLINK(ADDRESS(4,12,2,,"Sheet 1"),2)

I need it to actually get the actual text value of the cell I am trying to reference. How would I do that?

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Hyperlink With Hidden Sheet

Oct 21, 2011

In a sheet I have a two hyperlinks with Sheet4 and Sheet5. when I am clicking on first hyperlink then the sheet4 is opening and when I am clicking on the other hyperlink then sheet5 is opening. But if I hide these two sheets it is not opening,

Is there any way so that hide sheets should be opened? will I have to write code for that?

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Hyperlink On Sheet Associated With Some Other Data

May 3, 2012

I have hyperlink on my sheet which is associated with some other data so when i use =hyperlink(reference cell) then it shown hyperlink but when i tried to open it, Its not opening. Click Here to see error message example.

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Hyperlink 120,000 Cells In One Sheet

Oct 27, 2009

I have a excel worksheet (2000 format generated by java excel api)that needs to hyperlink roughly 120,000 cells. After hyperlinking exactly 65534 cells, the remaining cells are just underlined blue text w/o hyperlinks. Even when it's saved as Excel 2007 worksheet, I was unable to add anymore hyperlinks manually.

I don't know if there is a way to make it work?

There are 30,970 rows and 11 columns in the sheet.

Is there any solution that does not involve spliting sheet, greatly increasing # of columns, or greatly increasing # of rows.

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Hyperlink To Top Position Of Sheet

Dec 16, 2003

I have an index on sheet 1 that hyperlinks to various cells on sheet 2.

Some of the links end up as the last visible active cell on sheet 2.

How can I have the linked cells in sheet 2 be the uppermost visible active cell below row 1 which is frozen.

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Updating A Hyperlink When A Sheet Name Changes

Aug 4, 2006

For the last few weeks this has been the place to be ;-). I have a question. Is there anyway to update a hyperlink automatically if the name of the sheet changes?

I have about 70 sheets and the names change every 22 days so I have it now for the value in the cell to update every time the sheet name is change but the hyperlink still is looking for the old sheet name.

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Picture Hyperlink To Different Sheet

Jan 17, 2007

One picture where i have added " sheet hyperlink" to excist sheet.

But how i´m trying to do same issue with application what i have made with VB, but there is two big walls .

VB application should work right this
User create picture name it "test". The user make sheet hyperlink with VB application and in sametime born new sheet named "test". Now we have picture what include link to test sheet.

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Convert Links Into Hyperlink Format?

Mar 8, 2013

I have the following code, which translates the url into hyperlinks updating this code, so it displays the links in hyperlink format.

Sub Extract_URLs()Dim Hyli As Hyperlink
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Range(Range("K2"), Range("K" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))


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Hyperlink To Another Sheet Using VLookup Results

Apr 22, 2013

I have a Sheet named Main, Juz and another called wordforword.

Currently on Main sheet I have a vlookup that displays the results from wordforword. Instead of showing the result, I would like the user to be directed to the wordforword sheet result, with the click of a hyperlink.

I do prefer formulas over macro if possible.

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Hyperlink To A Sheet Contained On Another Workbook

Apr 1, 2009

I have tried placing a hyperlink in a cell on sheet1 workbook1 to sheet1 of workbook 2 however it opens the workbook but does not take me to the correct worksheet stating: Reference is not valid.

Link is Abstractions.xls#Master for example

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Hyperlink Problem If Space In Sheet Name

May 14, 2009

I've a problem using hyper link when I've a space between sheet name…… Please guide me in this regard.

Where A5 is First Sheet Name "Jan" and B5 is second part of sheet name "Expense".

It works properly but when i've space in sheet name then unable to work. I've used below format but still no luck

=HYPERLINK(CELL("address",INDIRECT("'"&A4&" "&B4&"'"&"!C3"))

Also, If I have space in file name than its also not working.

Please give the solution in both cases of Space in File name & space in sheet name in my attached file.

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Hyperlink To Specific Sheet In Another Workbook

Sep 16, 2013

How to create a hyperlink to a specific sheet in a different workbook.

Both workbooks are located on the same drive if that makes any difference.

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Saved Sheet To Create Hyperlink

Nov 3, 2009

I have a workbook for Purchase orders.

how it works at the moment is when I fill in the Purchase prder sheet then save it, I have a macro that

Copies Sheet "Purchase Order" creates a new sheet to paste it to then also copies some details to A Sheet called "Register.

I would like to be able to (if possible)

1/ automaticly create a hyperlink between the P/o Nomber stored on the register as it is storing the new sheet &

2/ automaticly change the sheet tab to reflectthe P/order number in Cell G8

I have very little knowlage of VBA & am learning how to record macros so please be gentle.

here is the macro I recorded ....

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How To Hyperlink Sheet In First Worksheet From Several Other Worksheets

Aug 24, 2013

I have workbook that contain several sheets. I want to generate a code that will do "first sheet as Index sheet (no mater what is the name of sheet)". Now in this sheet (Index), I want to put sheet names in sheet's order. OR I want to find the sheet name by just one click in Index sheet (eg. Ctr + F, sheet name, it will go to that sheet) can find all the names of sheet. I won't interested to hyperlink the sheet manually many times on Index sheet.

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Hyperlink Not Working If Sheet Protected

Jun 1, 2009

I have a excel worksheet with hyperlink. If the sheet is protected I am unable to use the hyperlink even though I have unblocked the protected cells.

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Update Hyperlink To Accommodate Sheet Name Changes

Feb 24, 2005

Excel spreadsheet with approx 50 sheets with a summary page at the front.

Have put in hyperlinks to go to a sheet, but if the sheet name changes, the hyperlink doesn't update to reflect this.

Hence, broken hyperlink.

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Moving Position On Sheet After Hyperlink

Sep 27, 2006

There might be a really easy solution to this, I'm just having a tough time figuring it out. I have hyperlinks that link to cells on another sheet in the same workbook. I would like, after the cell is selected, for the selection to be positioned at the top of the sheet.

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