If Function With Letters - Calculate And Convert Units

Apr 11, 2012

I am making an IF function that calculates and converts units, for example kg to g and g to kg etc.

This is the formula I typed in

=IF(E6=kg, ((F6/D6)*G6/1000), ((F6/D6)*G6))

When I evaluate it I get the #NAME error. What do I need to change to make it work?

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If Function- To Calculate The Units

Jul 24, 2006

I have a spreadsheet that keeps attendance. Now I need to calculate the
units (1 unit= 15 minutes) the children are actual here. On a normal
schedule they are here for 16 units but if the are late the units get
subtracted. When entering the data, they would like to use letter instead of

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Deleting The Units (letters) In Two Cell Ranges And Graph It

Jun 26, 2009

I would like to build a Macro to delete units (ex: 10V --->10) of two cell ranges that are not beside each other and eventually automate it to graph these two ranges because I will be running samples and have to produce a graphs for each sample.

I tried the code below, but I can't figure out how to include 2 ranges without deleting letters in other cells in in between the ranges.

for ex: I want to delete the non numerical characters in the two ranges C3:C1000 and H3:H1000 and graph these ranges.

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How To Convert Units Within A Cell

Dec 13, 2007

What I am trying to do is take entered data in a spread sheet, and convert the units within that cells.

I have several entries for data in this sheet. Here is what I want to do:

-I have 104 entered in cell B2
-I want to convert that reading (which is F) to C in that same cell
-I would like a button or selection from a drop down box to select Metric or Imperial

I want to do this so if the whole spread sheet is entered in metric, I can select a name or click a button to have all the data switch to imperial. I know I can do this with two sheets in the same file, but I am not sure if this is possible to do in a cell I entered the data in. Any help would be great. I am using Office 2003.

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Calculate Dollar Value Based On Number Of Units

Jan 30, 2014

I am attempting to calculate a dollar value that is based on a number of units. Each unit has a different dollar value depending on how many units there are. for instance,

if the spreadsheet reports one unit, then I need to return $45
if the spreadsheet reports two units, then I need to return $65 or 1st unit at 45 and 2nd unit at $20.
if the spreadheet reports three units, then I need to return $ 75 or 1st unit at $45, 2nd at $20 and 3rd at $10
all subsequent units 4 and up need to add $10 per additional unit.

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How To Convert Numbers To Letters

Apr 5, 2007

i want to convert numbers to letters in the excel Sheet
I.E: when the number is 1000.00$ it write in another cell
on thousand dollar only

1500.00$ one thousand five hundred dollar only

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Convert Symbols To Letters

Oct 21, 2008

way to convert all symbols ( ) to their equvilant letters (u a) I know that I can do this manualuy with Find replace but I was hoping there was some magic that I am missing.

Please note that the exapples are only 2 of the symbols I need to convert the sheet could contain all of the varieties of symbol.

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Convert Numbers To Letters. A=1, B=2 Etc

Feb 15, 2007

How do I give letters a value in Excel? i.e. How can I make A = 1

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Convert All Arabic Letters Into English?

Jun 26, 2014

I want to convert all the Arabic letters into English (ie. Translitertaion) Not translation. I have found the below sample code in google and I have just tested but it is not working

Const cyr = "123456789" 'the cyillic alphabet in order
Const lat = "abcdefghi" 'the latin alphabet in the same order
Function convertchar(inchar As String) As String
Location = InStr(cyr, inchar)


If I type any number in cell A1 and run the above convertcells, it is not converting to latin.

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Convert Numbers To Single Letters

Jun 8, 2007

In row G, I have a wide range of values from -3000 up to 2500.

These values are generated from a formula. =A5-B5.

I need a script that will scan row G between G5:G500 and give them a letter value.

Convert anything less than 0 to an A
Convert anything equal to 0 or equal to 1 to a B
Convert anything between 2 and 7 to a C
Convert anything greater than 7 to a D

It can place the new categorized letter value over the original formula in row G or put the letter value right next to it in H.

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Convert X Digit Number To Letters

May 11, 2008

Nice to meet you all. I'd be grateful for any help I could get on this as I have tried it and I'm a bit stumped...

What I need to do is the following:

Convert a 4 digit number (e.g. 1234) in a single cell to a 4 letter string (e.g BCDE) and have the output appear in another cell.

The conversion should be as follows:


So, for example, 3678 in one cell should be converted to DGHI in the target cell.

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Macro To Convert Numbers To Alphabet Letters & Sum Range

Sep 23, 2008

First my goal is to sum a row and column. For example i want the sum of row 1 a to row 1 g. However, I'm using a loop for an automated macro. So i want to be able to say something like cells(1, count), so during the loop count goes from 1 to 7 representing the letters in the alphabet. But I'm not sure how to do so.

Secound, in my vba script to pull information from specific pages i say "sheet1.activate" how can i had the sheet switching during the process to speed up the calculation? and last but not least,

If Cells(1, locd) = "2008" Then

When i run my script, i get a runtime error 1004 application-defined or object defined error. The weird thing is, i can move what line it is on and then the macro will run ONCE and then it breaks again with the same error for that specific piece of code.

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Difficulty With IF Function For Cells Containing Both Numbers And Letters?

Feb 1, 2013

I have a sheet with part numbers, costs and wish to add varying number to the cost in each row, based on a certain aspect of the part number:



In the example, 01/1X/2X/3X are the differentiating aspects of the part number. To rows in column A containing 01 (preceding the dash) I want to add nothing, 1X+.75,2X+1.5,3X+9.

I have researched the nested IF formula and can use it in a test as long as column A contains either numbers or letters. The problem I have is because there is both numbers and letters, the logical argument won't validate "if true". Here is my formula (omitting my attempts with parenthesis etc. around the letter in the logical argument):


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Extracting Consecutive Letters From Cell And Applying IF Function

Mar 8, 2013

I'm working on an email database and am looking to sort them into type. I am trying (without success) to use the IF function as follows.

If A1 contains the letters "isd" consecutively, then B1=TRUE

If A1 contains the letters "google", "yahoo", "hotmail", or "austin.rr" consecutively, then B2=true

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VBA Find Function - Search Through Selected Range Of Cells For Key Letters

Jan 6, 2014

I am trying to code a macro that will search through a selected range of cells for key letters, for instance this cell may contain any combination of B, C, Te, Tc, RH, or LH. I would preferably like to search with capitalization being a factor but it is not a deal breaker. Below is a sample of what i have if the cell has a B, C it works for B but ignores the C i need it t o recognize both.

If InStr(1, ActiveCell.Text, "B") Then Range("O" + CStr(ActiveCell.Row)).Select
With Selection.Interior
.Pattern = xlSolid
.PatternColorIndex = xlAutomatic
.color = 65535
.TintAndShade = 0
.PatternTintAndShade = 0

[Code] ........

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Convert A Group Of Numbers To A Group Of Letters

Aug 9, 2006

My store uses a retail price "code" wherein a price like 99 in expressed as a
code like "PP"--exchanging the number digits 1-0 as letters.

Is there a function to do this automatically?

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Removing Two Letters From A String Of Letters And Numbers

Jul 29, 2014

i have a list of 2000 fields which have the same format IE "AB10014"

I need to remove the "AB" from every field and leave the #.

Besides putting a space and running text to columns I'm not sure how.

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Macro For Creating Letters To UPPER Letters

Dec 7, 2009

I have words in cell range (i.e. A1:A1000) and I want them to became upper letters.

Excel forum to EXCEL FORUM

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Remove Letters From A Column Containing Both Numbers And Letters

Jul 24, 2012

I have a column of cells, some blank, some containing just numbers, some containing just letters, some containing numbers preceded by the the letter 'p'




In the cells containing the number preceded by the 'p' - i would like to remove the 'p' leaving just the number, with all other cells remaining unchanged.

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How To Seperate Small Letters And Big Letters

Mar 9, 2009

how can I seperate small and big letters from one collumn, example:


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Column Letters- VBA Command To Get The Letters

Nov 17, 2009

Is there a VBA command to get the letters, instead of the numbers, of the column of a selected cell?

I have to letter a list whihc means setting up a loop using character codes.

I may have to go into double letters so I am working on how I would set up the loop for if and when it gets past 90 and starts on double letters. so far the highest is the letter "U"

of course the easiest would be to pick up a column value as a letter

NT values do not get a number

A_____ _____NT###
D____ _______NT####

i am guessing the loop might involve some arithmetic test between the count and the character set 65-90. or maybe a mod thing.

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Convert Function GetComputerName To VBA

Dec 7, 2007

I don't have a clue as to how to convert this to VBA code.

When installed as a macro, the function works fine in a cell on my PC, but when I send the file to another pc, it still gives the name of my pc. I need it to return the name of thier pc.

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Convert It To A Usefull Function I Get A #Name

Dec 7, 2009

Sub xxxxxxx()
Keli = Cells(13, 8).Value
Valid1 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Day(Keli), Range("ToTalList"), 2, False)
Valid2 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Month(Keli), Range("ToTalList"), 3, False)
Valid3 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Int(Year(Keli) / 100), Range("ToTalList"), 4, False)
Valid4 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Year(Keli) - Int(Year(Keli) / 100) * 100, Range("ToTalList"), 5, False)
MsgBox Valid1 & " " & Valid2 & " " & Valid3 & " " & Valid4
End Sub

When I try to convert it to a usefull function I get a #Name? Error
What do i do wrong? The purpose is to create a date in to words function

Public Function DateInWords(Keli As Range)
Valid1 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Day(Keli.Value), ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Range("ToTalList"), 2, False)
Valid2 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Month(Keli.Value), ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Range("ToTalList"), 3, False)
Valid3 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Int(Year(Keli.Value) / 100), ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Range("ToTalList"), 4, False)
Valid4 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Year(Keli.Value) - Int(Year(Keli.Value) / 100) * 100, ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Range("ToTalList"), 5, False)
DateInWords = Valid1 & " " & Valid2 & " " & Valid3 & " " & Valid4
End Function

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ACOS Function: Convert Using COS

Sep 11, 2006

i am trying to get COS to perform correctly, Basically i have an equation, that gives me a figure i want to convert using COS. My scientific calculator allows me to press invert, then i press COS this gives me the correct mesurement.

Cos .22553 = 77 degress

To get excel to work it out is deluding me

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Convert Mid & Find Function To Vba

Oct 18, 2007

I am writing VBA code that dissects a cell which always contains some alphanumeric characters a colon ":", some more characters, another colon ":" and some more characters.

For Example this is what is in my cell "Deposit:93121:Southern California"

what I need is to cut and paste everything that is located after the 2nd colon ":"

Say that my cell is D433 and in non-vba world I can chop off the first part of the cell to the left of the first colon ":" by using the following formula:

=MID(D433, FIND(":",D433)+1,50)

assuming there are less than 50 characters in my cell, which is a safe number, then I cut and pastespecial this cell as values into the same cell and repeat that same formula and voila, what remains in cell D433 is what I am looking for "Southern California"

how can I replicate this surgical process in VBA, is there a way to combine this process in one command on any given target cell?

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Round Up In Units Of 80!

Jan 11, 2009

I need to work out how long the batten has to be so the roof sheets fit evenly, the measurement has to start from 1460mm and go up in increments of 80mm eg 1540mm, 1620mm, 1700mm and so on.

But the number has be closest increment of 80mm over the shed width if this makes sense, the size of the battens for 2400 width shed would be 2420mm but i need this to work out for any width shed not just 2400.

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How To Convert From COUNTIFS To SUMPRODUCT Function

Feb 25, 2014

convert this equation into sumproduct function..??


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Function To Convert Marks Into Grade

Nov 15, 2013

I am looking for a function that would convert any mark into a grade. For example in cell B4 I want to enter the total score, cell c4 the score that a student gets and in cell d4 the grade. It is like a grade calculator. I do not want to limit cell b4 the total score cell with a specific total score number. It can be 100, 50, 30 or 10. The moment I enter any total score and the mark that a student actually scored, the grade is given. I attached an excel sheet.

Marks and Grades Calculator.xlsx‎

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Function To Convert All To Upper Case?

Oct 24, 2012

In cells A1:A45 i have all lower case names...how would i use a function to convert all to upper case

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Function To Convert Long Value Into IP Address

Jul 29, 2014

Any function to convert a long value into an IP address. I have an extract from a mySQL dbase that has the ip addresses in long format. I need to reverse them back to IP Addresses.

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