Inserting String Variable Into VBA Command Line

Oct 8, 2012

I have a userform with a numerous textboxes, which I have labeled with similar text and a unique number at the end (num1_txt, num2_txt, num3_txt, etc.). I am trying to create a for loop that sequentially references the numbers of the text boxes and pulls the user-entered value in the text boxes into an Excel document.

Here is the code I have so far...

i = 1
For i = 1 To 18
Dim cyltrack As String
cyltrack = "Me.cyltrack" & i & "_txt.Text"
If Me.cyltrack.Value = "" Then
Cells((cellcount + i), 13).Value = "*"
Cells((cellcount + i), 13).Value = cyltrack
End If
Next i

I am running into problems in trying to convert the string variable, cyltrack, into hard code that I could insert into Me.cyltrack.Value.

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Using Variable String In Shell Command

Nov 1, 2013

I'm trying to use a variable that hold a string in Shell string command. This shell is the command to take a snap picture over a given region and store the picture to a pre determined file name

***The code do compile***

The string variable is : StringAddress = "g: estsnapasnap1.jpg"

The following shell command will work

RetVal = Shell(("C:Program Files (x86)HyperSnap 7HprSnap7.exe " & " -hidden
-snap:x3602:y155:w1432:h830 -save:jpg g: estsnapasnap1.jpg"))

This one, with the string address variable, wont work

RetVal = Shell("C:Program Files (x86)HyperSnap 7HprSnap7.exe " & " -hidden
-snap:x3602:y155:w1432:h830 -save:jpg " & StringAddress)

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Inserting New Line With ONLY Formula From The Line Above - Basic VBA / Macro

Apr 30, 2013

I have a worksheet that I need to be able to easily copy and paste the formula/formatting from the row above, but not the Values entered, (if any). I am using columns A to DG.

I just really need to be able to copy all the formula in these cells down - nothing exciting or fancy.

I've tried formatting as a table as per some searches and that was difficult! My column headings changed, and when I inserted a row, two of the formula's wouldn't copy down - plus the shading and borders went wonky in places.

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Menus, Inserting Line

Aug 6, 2009

I have a problem I am working on (see attachment for better understanding).

I have 4 sheets
1) quote
2) invoice
3) delivery note
4) products and settings

Now in the quote sheet I am trying to add a way of from a drop down menu, selecting the product from the products sheet and then a new line will be added automatically.

Then what ever is in the quote sheet is automatically copied to the invoice and delivery note sheet.

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Automatically Inserting New Row/line

Aug 6, 2008

I have no experience programming although I'm vaguely familiar with Excel offering ways to automate many processes. My current situation involves me having to insert a new line whenever a there's a change of term in a row after a long sequence of repeated terms in a specific column. So, for instance, we have something like this:

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Command Line

Mar 7, 2006

Is there any way to run a command line from excel?

E.g. i want excel to call this command:

ping and then return the result to a txt file?

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Inserting Carriage Return And Line Feed?

Dec 29, 2011

I've written this code:

=IF(((BP3="1")*AND(C3="Visit")),"The following code rule is being tested: "&D3&". This test is for the Family Practice specialty.","")

What I need to do is insert a carriage return/line feed right before the first & sign so that it is easier to read.

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Command Line Parameters

Mar 27, 2008

How can I get at parameters passed on a command line to Excel 2007?

For example invoking Excel from Vista's Run command with:
"C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Office Excel 2007" "C:GZNORPWeather StationParamTest1.xlsm" /e/abc/def

Should reveal the parameters "abc" and "def". But this does not happen!

Supposedly, the API function GetCommandLine does this, but I cannot seem to get it to work. Here's a sample of what I've been trying:

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7-zip Command Line Via Excel?

Feb 10, 2012

I've got an Excel file that uses 7-zip. It can execute a command line that will use 7-zip to go to a folder and zip each of the folder's files into its own zip file, placing the zips in a single, specified destination folder. I can specify whether to look in the source folder, or to also look in all of the source folder's subdirectories.

Question is, how do I tell 7-zip to just zip ONE file, and how do I tell 7-zip to zip a SPECIFIC LIST of files that I name (instead of looking through a whole folder)? how to use command line...

Sub a_zip_with_sub_directories()
Shell "cmd /c for /r ""C:Users aiDocumentsmonthly reportsFinal Copies of Monthly Reports"" %i in (*.*) do ""%ProgramFiles%7-Zip7za.exe"" a -tzip ""C:DATA aiipped\%~ni"" ""%i"""
End Sub
Sub a_zip_no_sub_directories()
Shell "cmd /c for %i in (""C:Users aiDocumentsmonthly reportsFinal Copies of Monthly Reports*.*"") do ""%ProgramFiles%7-Zip7za.exe"" a -tzip ""C:DATA aiipped\%~ni"" ""%i"""
End Sub

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Macro Generating Email But Not Inserting Signature Line

Jul 17, 2014

I have a the following macro that looks through a range of cells and generates emails based on the date. The macro generates the email but does not insert my signature line.

[Code] .....

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Inserting 1 Line In Sheet1 To Enter 5 Lines In Sheet2

Jul 23, 2006

One has around 129 lines for the first years 2006 in sheet1.
The other links to the first 129 rows. Then I've linked the top 129 in sheet2 130 down for 2007 and so on for 5 years.

How would I add a line in Sheet1 then would insert 5 lines in sheet2 keeping the same order.


Name Rev Year
John 120 2006 Row 5
Jack 150 2006 Row 6

Sheet2 (linked)
Name Rev Year
John 120 2006 Row 5
Jack 150 2006 Row 6
John 130 2007 Row 134
Jack 160 2007 Row 135
John 140 2008 Row 263
Jack 160 2008 Row 264
John 150 2009 Row 392
Jack 170 2009 Row 393
John 155 2010 Row 521
Jack 180 2010 Row 522

The Rev changes by formulas in Sheet 1

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Get Command Line From Batch File Put It Into VBA

Dec 17, 2012

i have batch file that run from VBAexcel But the thing is i dont want to run batch file

i want everything on VBA . for example you use vba to cmd and then run this line of command

i have try but i just new to VBA and programing

how can i do it

here the code

this is from batch

@echo off
>summary.txt (
for %%F in (*chkpackage.log) do findstr /l %1 "%%F" nul||echo %%F:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A

and this is code in vba


FileSet = Sheet1.Range("C13")
txtFpath = Sheet1.Range("C7").Value
FilePath = txtFpath & "


i have to admit that i'm really not good in programing if you can add some explaination is a great thing for me to try to study

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Print Workbook From Command Line

Mar 25, 2004

Is there a way to print an Excel Workbook from the command line? Is there a command line reference anywhere for Excel?

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VBA To Pass Command Line Parameter

Oct 17, 2008

I found the following link that got me started [url], so now I have my code for reading/analyzing comand line parameters. Here is an example of the parm I'm passing in ....

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Vb Code Freezing At Line Input Command

Feb 26, 2007

I have created an AddIn for a project I'm working on using the 'Open' command in Excel Vb. While this worked perfectly for the file I was testing it on (1,740,754 bytes) it doesn't work on a new file (121,445,125 bytes).

On testing the code, one line at a time, it gets stuck on

Line Input #1, DataLine

The files only contain one line so I suspect there is too much data for the command to handle.

Is there an alternative?

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Inputbox Value Can Be Compared To A String Variable Or A Numeric Variable At The Same Time

Dec 7, 2008

I am trying to develope a "goto" page macro where the page value maybe 1,34,7A, 256C etc. I am not clear on how an inputbox value can be compared to a string variable or a numeric variable at the same time. This is what I have done, but when the texboxvalue is "7A" it doesn't work.

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Prefill Cells With Command Line Switches From A Browser

Jan 28, 2014

I'm looking to have an excell file shared on a windows network to a simple LAN (samba sharing), and then for a user to be able to click on a HTML link that will launch that excell pile, and to have it populate specific and predeterminined cells with information that will be handed to it by the HTML link from the website.

Think of a CRM web app that href is a link like: "LAN1Filesexcellbook01.xls?Mrs%20Wendy%20Jones?4%20Skin%20Street"

From something like that I would like to launch excell and have Mrs Jones' details populate into the predefined excell sheet. The HTML website can dynamically populate a HTML link depending on the customer being viewed.

So I'd like to know how two things

1) How to launch a network file in this way, while correctly handing it parameters or switched that it will be able to later:
2) Collect that information and distribute it into the cells I choose in VBA.

I'm familiar with Visual Basic .Net primarily, and have a small amount of VBA experience.

We would like to continue to use Google chrome if possible...

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String Variable To Call Defined Range Variable

Nov 10, 2006

Say you define a public range variable called Inputworksheet and you set it to refer to the worksheet called Inputworksheet. You have a separate string variable with the value Inputworksheet. How do you get this string variable value to call/control the range variable Inputworksheet?

I am getting an excel worksheet value from a lookup function that corresponds to the name of a VBA range variable. Once I have this worksheet value, I would like to use the range variable that has the same name as the worksheet value.

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Excel Command Line Switch For (Read Only) Shortcut Not Working

Jul 31, 2014

I've recently created a macro which takes a .csv file and scrubs the data and dresses it up for a report. I've finally got it running without any problems and have added it individually to 5 different user accounts on my network as an add-in, but need a way to share it across a computer network without allowing others to edit the file.

The report is generated multiple times a day by the different users, none of whom are very computer literate (not that I am much better, myself), and the macro over-writes the old file each time. I've read that it's possible to simply create a shortcut to the file that automatically opens the spreadsheet in read-only format, which would be perfect for what I'm trying to do, but I haven't been able to get it to work so far.

My current shortcut pathway is similar to this:

"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15EXCEL.EXE" /R "C:UsersBenDocumentsOT Master.xlsx"

On my computer at work (Windows 7) the shortcut simply opens the spreadsheet so that anyone can edit it, instead of as a read-only file. On my computer at home (I'm trying to experiment) (windows 8.1) it won't even let me save the shortcut, saying I need to provide administrator permission & then cutting to a window that says "access denied".

I won't have the pathway for the actual file I'm trying to create a shortcut for until tomorrow when I get back to work, but I've formatted it essentially the same, directing to the excel.exe file, running the switch "/R", and then directing it to the actual file location.

The ultimate goal is to have multiple people be able to view the file without locking out those who need to update it.

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Inserting Text In Mid String

Aug 24, 2006

Is there any function or methodology to insert text in mid string? ex. I would like to insert a string after the dashes below.


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Inserting A Variable Formula With VBA?

Nov 23, 2012

I have a data set which is structured such that there are variable numbers of products (column A) from 1 - 48 and these repeat multiple times for each "Name" held in column B. I have attached an example of this which uses a data set with 7 entries reapeating 7 times.

I need excel to insert 2 formula for me multiple times which needs to varry according as follows

1. Calculate the average value of data in Column C - G for n cells starting at a specific cell (C2), I have inserted an example of this and highlighted it in yellow. This then needs to repeat down column C several times, the number of times this will repeat depends upon the number of different names held in column B. But I have this calculated already and stored in a cell im my main document.

2. Calculate the variance of each value in the x cells above from the average calculated in point 1 above. I have highlighted this also in yellow.

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Insert String And String Variable Into Cell

Feb 18, 2014

I'm using a userform to create a new sheet. The form already creates the sheet and names it what was typed into the userform. Now I want it to place that variable in a cell along with a string. the following code will place the variable from the form (tbname) into cell b5.

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Inserting Characters Into A String Of A Certain Length

Jun 6, 2008

I need to insert 00 if the string of text = 13 in a specific column.

eg. Column K can contain any amount of lines of data. The data will either be 15 or 13 characters in length. If its length is 15 its fine, if its 13 I need to get it to 15 characters.

The first 6 characters are letters so if the length is only 13 I need to add the 00 in after the last letter.

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Inserting Rows In Variable Positions?

Nov 23, 2012

I'm analysing some data sets with variable content, and need to insert blank rows every so often to provide space to do some analysis. The problem I have is that the position of the blank rows change according to the data set, I have been able to calculate how often the row needs to be inserted using VBA as part of my import routine and saved this value to a cell, but I cant figure out how to write the VBA which will insert rows using this value and stop at the end of the data set.

In the attached example I need to insert a row each time the data in column 2 (name) changes, this is the value I have calculated which in this example is 7. So in this attached file I need to insert a row in row 2, row 9 and so on etc. But this is what changes depending upon the "Product" held in colum 1.

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Inserting Variable Into Column When Corresponding Value Is True

Nov 28, 2011

I have a workbook with 2 worksheets. 1 Worksheet contains a data table and another table contains a form

Worksheet 1 (Data)
[A] [B] [C]
1) [Material #] [Batch #] [Destruct Form #]
2) 10 100A 1A
3) 10 101A
4) 20 200A
5) 30 300A 2A
6) 30 301A

Worksheet 2 (Form)
[A] [B]
1) [Destruct Form #] [3A]
3) [Material #] [Batch #]
4) [10] [101A]
5) [20] [200A]

I am looking to create a macro which, when executed, will:

1) search sheet 1 column B for any instances where a "batch #" from sheet 2 column B appears
2) add in the corresponding "Destruct Form #" from Sheet 2 Cell B1 into sheet 1 column b

Therefore after the Macro is run, sheet 1 will look like this:

Worksheet 1 (Data)
[A] [B] [C]
1) [Material #] [Batch #] [Destruct Form #]
2) 10 100A 1A
3) 10 101A 3A
4) 20 200A 3A
5) 30 300A 2A
6) 30 301A

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Inserting VLookup With Variable Source Name With VBA?

Feb 23, 2012

I'm trying to create a macro that will open automatically generated report outputs and manipulate the data.

The macro will run from it's own workbook (Report Macro.xls), sheets / cells within this workbook are available as 'helpers'.

So far what I have working ok is;

Via a browse dialogs in a userform in Report Macro.xls I select 5 different report outputs. I'm storing the full filename & path in Sheet Data, Cells B1:B6 (B1 being the filename & path to the macro file). In column C I have just the filename

The first file is opened and manipulated as required. The next thing I need to do with it is to open the second file (filename / path in B3) and put a Vlookup in cell 02 of the first file which will look for data in the second (the second file will only ever have a single sheet).

As a formula I'd be using

=VLOOKUP(A2,'Email 22FEB12.XLS'!$B$7:$C$13120,2,FALSE)
In VBA if I use;

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=VLOOKUP(RC[-14],'Email 22FEB12.XLS'!R7C2:R13120C3,2,FALSE)"
It works great. However, the second filename will change and I need to take it from the macro file, sheet 'Data', cell 'C3'.

How can I use the contents of sheet Data, cell C3 in the VBA code above instead of the filename being hard-coded?

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Variable In Range Command

Oct 28, 2006

If I want to specify a range (such as (A1:A10), but I don't know the 2nd part of the range (the A10), but I do have that value in a variable, how do I specify that? For instance, if the integer variable named 'r' has the value of '10', how would I specify (A1:Ar), which I want to translate to (A1:A10)?

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VBA For Inserting Input String Alphabetically Into Column Of Names?

Oct 2, 2013

I have a list of names in the A column of the sheet. I wish to use the input string, a new name, of a vba box to insert into the column of existing names in alphabetical order by inserting an entire row, which I suspect will be the case anyway. Also 'Return' key doesn't seem to be inserting a CR on the page that I typed this request upon.

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Inserting Variable Number Of Rows And Populating Data

Jan 25, 2010

Inserting Variable Number Of Rows and Populating Data

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How To Get First Line Of String

Aug 3, 2013

get the first line from a string which has several lines of text in it. I believe the Ubound function in VBA should do it, but I can't seem to get the syntax right. The lines are seperated by a return character.

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