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Load Image Based On Cell Value

How do I load an image based on the cellref value already in the sheet? I have pictures in a worksheet labelled picture 1,picture 2. If Cell A1 = 1 I want it have picture 1 loaded in that cell. if cell a2 = 2 load picture 2 in that cell. also if changes to =2 replace picture1 in a1 with picture2.

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HOW To Load Image Based On Cell Value
Step1: Type the picture name that is store somewhere in the computer (C:/MyDocument/Pics)
Step2: After typing the pic name into the cell, the pic that is the same name as the cell text will be display (Type "apple" and the other cell load out the apple pic that is stored)

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Is There A Way When Type Image Name In Textbox It Load Out That Image
is there a way to load an image out when u type the image name in the textfield.
Example when I type in my name it load my image out beside the name.

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Display Image Based On Image Name In Cell
Is there a way to have image box display an image with a name matching data from a cell? example: if I type "hello" in cell a1, Image box will load image named "hello". And display new images by changing the name in cell a1. Note: the images will be located in a permanent folder.

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Load Pictures From Folder Into Image Control
I am able to work out a code to upload pictures from my files using this:

Option Explicit

Private Sub cmdfind_Click()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Dim strfind As String
Dim rsearch As Range
Dim strfolder As String
Dim strname As String
Dim strpic As String
Dim b As Range
Set rsearch = Worksheets("m").Range("ap3", Range("ap65536").End(xlUp))
'define path to images
strfolder = "F:SEC FILESMAC2PIC"
'get data from userform
strname = frmsearch.txt201.Value
'check if pic exists
strpic = strfolder & strname & ".jpg".......................

How do i avoid the 'File Not Found' error if the picture is not available in my file folder?

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Load Worksheet Picture Into UserForm Image Control
I have an image box on a userform in Excel VB. Is there ANY WAY to load an image into this image box from an object that I have loaded into an excel worksheet something like

If userform1.checkbox1=True Then
userform1.image.picture = loadpicture (Worksheets("Sheet1").shapes("Object 1"))
ElseIf userform1.checkbox2=True Then
userform1.image.picture = loadpicture (Worksheets("Sheet1").shapes("Object 2"))
msgbox "No image"

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Display An Image Based On A Cell's Value?
I have two bitmap images, and I would like to show only one image at a time, based on the content of another cell's pull-down list. If the user selects "AIR", then display the AIR image. If the user selects "SERVO", then display the SERVO image.

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Show Image Based On Cell Value
Question: I would like to have two pictures (one in cell B2, the other in cells D1-C10 to I10) display based on a data validation list that I have in A1. So, for example, if you click U.S.A., two pictures for U.S.A. show up; if you scroll down to Canada, two pictures show up. If you're interested, I have included the history of what I have tried in the past.

History of what I have tried:

I used this code before [url] , but that makes all pictures but 1 invisible and I need two.

So then I used this one,

Sub HelloWorld()
'Message box to say hello
MsgBox " Sub GetPicture()
Dim oPic As Picture, imgFlag As Range, imgMap As Range

' Loop Flag and Map images
'imgFlag = Worksheets("Image").Range("B1")
'imgMap = Worksheets("Image").Range("D1")

For Each oPic In Worksheets("Summary").Pictures
If (oPic.Name = Worksheets("Image").Range("B1").Text) Then
oPic.Visible = True
oPic.Top = Worksheets("Image").Range("B1").Top
oPic.Left = Worksheets("Image").Range("B1").Left
ElseIf (oPic.Name = Worksheets("Image").Range("D1").Text) Then
oPic.Visible = True
oPic.Top = Worksheets("Image").Range("D1").Top
oPic.Left = Worksheets("Image").Range("D1").Left
oPic.Visible = False
End If
Next oPic
End Sub"

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Hide Or Show An Image Based On A Cell Value
I have a spreadsheet with two bitmap images inserted into it. In cell E2, I will enter a number, either a 1 or a 2. if I enter a 1, I want only the first image to be visible. If I enter a 2, I only want the second image to be visible. Is there a way to accomplish this (hopefully without the need for macros)? I've attached a spreadsheet as an example of what I'm trying to do. Also, note that I'd like the images to be stacked on top of each other so that they show up in the same place regardless of wether there's a 1 or a 2 in cell E5

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Display Image Based On Cell Content
I'm trying to display a different image based on the contents of a cell. For example if cell A1 = "Gerrard" I would then like to display a picture of Steven Gerarrd. Is this possible? If so can anyone give me a steer in how I might acheive this.

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Embed Image In Cell :: HTTPS URL To An Image
I have a dataset that includes the path and optionally an HTTPS URL to an image. Is it possible to embed this image in a cell?

Short of that what might be some other options?

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Data Load (search And Load .csv Files Automatically In Workbook)
I need to do a macro that will open a search window, the user would select a folder and it will search for a .csv file within it. Then after locating the file, it would automatically load it into a specific sheet in the workbook.

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VLOOKUP To Return Image Based On If Statement
OK i have put the membership cards on the same sheet as my raw data so to make the formulas easier. On the membership card i have under membership level i have the formula : =VLOOKUP($J$3,A:E,4,FALSE)

there is 3 types of level bronze, silver and gold

what i would like is if the level is gold after then an image to be placed in the cell rather than the word gold and a different image for silver and a different image for bronze.

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Flashing Cell & Picture Load Additional Code
At the moment I have two macros. One loads up a background picture into my work sheet
when I start it up, the other two are called ‘StartBlinking’ and

This is the macro code I have to load up the picture:

Sheets("CASHFLOW + FUNDSFLOW").SetBackgroundPicture Filename:= _

What I hope to achieve is:

1. Get the picture to ONLY load up if it actually exists on the G:
drive, otherwise do nothing.

2. If value 1 to 13 is input in Cell C3, run the macro

3. If Cell C3 is left blank again, run the macro StartBlinking.

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Add Image To Worksheet Image Control
I am trying to display an image ("image") on an image control ("Image1") placed in a worksheet ("Sheet1"). The problem is that I want this action to take place when I press a button in a user form. I am trying to use the following code, but it seems that VBA does not recognize the image control ("Image1") in the worksheet.

Private Sub cmdDisplayImage_Click()
Dim image As Variant
image = ThisWorkbook.Path & "sun.jpg"
Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(image)
End Sub

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Fit Image To Cell
I'm looking to see if there is a feature similar to using F2 to paste text into a cell and having the cell automatically expand to the needed row height. I just need it for images. Is there a feature that will allow me to paste a picture/image into a cell and have the cell automatically expand to the height &/or width needed to accommodate the size of the image?

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Link Image To Cell
In Excel, I have a sheet for each team that I manage. Each sheet lists the team members and displays their picture below their names. Some people are on multiple teams/sheets.

I have a master list with everybody's name and picture that I copy and paste the pictures from when putting a team together. This has become a very tedious process.

Is there a way I can type the person's name on a team sheet and have their picture automatically appear below their name? I don't know if this can be done with some kind of lookup or if it will involve VB. I tried making the picture the background of an Autoshape or comment, but I could not figure out how to dynamically change the picture based on the name in a cell.

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Embed Image In Cell
why there is no option for adding a picture manually to the comment of a cell? when editing a comment the Insert picture from file from the Insert menu is disabled ! (Office XP)

and can you please edit the code so the Width and Height of the comment box is set exactly to the dimensions of the picture? (that is how to get the exact width and height of the picture being inserted from code in excel ?)

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Add Image To Cell Comment Box
I have a set of data with text in one cell and images in a cell adjacent the text to illustrate the text. I am trying to figure out how to add a comment to the cell containing the text and take the image in the adjacent cell and put it in the comment.

Is there a way to do this, or do I have to write a macro that saves the images as their own files and then insert the image files into the comment?

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Display Image In Cell
I am trying to add a feature to an excel spreadsheet that will display image files (map files, .emf if possible), whenever its respective cell is clicked. I have a reasonable amount of experience with macros, although it was purely in excel which completely limits my vba skills. I could probably figure something out if I spent a few weeks on it and then it would probably be like 90 mb and slow.

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Picture In Cell Into Image Control
I need to move a picture in a cell on a work sheet to a user form image box. I have tried loadimage(range("I3") however it will not work

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Displaying A Particular Image Depending On The Value Of A Cell
I have 3 'speedometer' type images one for green, one for amber and one for red. I need to display ONE of these on a number of occasions depending on the value of a cell.


If the value is 8.0 or above then I want to display the green one

If the value is 4.0 or above but below 8.0 I want to display the amber one

If the value is less than 4.0 I want to display the red one

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If Cell Equals Then Image File
I am looking for a formula to allow an image file to show when a cell equals a certain text string. If it can be done can it be achieved with multiple images? I am making a database that will calculate from many variables my required glass sizes, given the size and window type and I was hoping to go one step further by making it raise a purchase order from a series of images and other related data.

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Insert Image Into Cell From Internet
I want a function that takes a URL string and then inserts a picture into the cell and fits it into the size of the cell (which I made square). The images are small but over 50 000 so it would be impractical to download them all; thus I want the spreadsheet to insert a specific one, based on my formula.

Tried a macro I found but it only gave the the '1004 Picture class' error.

So the function must be simple to use, maybe: ....

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Customize Background Of A Cell With An Image
I have excel 2003

I would like to identify text cells of my document containing names of speakers in a conference with their nationality. I would like to do that by setting the background of the cell with the national flag of the country where the speaker comes from.

I tried to select the flag as an image and put it over the name with trasparency but then it result very not convenient to modify the text in the cell and the image makes the worksheet very heavy

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Image Dependant On Cell Content
i have a column with numbers in, in numerical order, however some cells are null. ie.


etc. I need to put paste images from a folder next to these numbers. (1.bmp next to '1' etc) and i need to leave the empty cells in. This code is sort of right..

Sub aids()
Dim strPath As String
Dim strFile As String
Dim lngRow As Long
Dim objPic As Object
Dim sngMaxWidth As Single
On Error Resume Next
lngRow = 2
strPath = "C:images"
strFile = Dir(strPath & "*.bmp")
With ActiveSheet
Do While strFile <> ""..........

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Place A Thumbnail Image Inside A Cell For Each Row
I want to place a thumbnail image inside a cell for each row of my spreadsheet and have those images STAY in that cell. Once I get the images in the cell, they float - if I sort the rows, the images get all mixed up.

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Insert Image Using Cell For Part File Name
Split from Open Image Using A String & Cell For File Name. what it looks like, but maybe I am not using the FollowHyperlink correctly?

Sub testFloodMap()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
'Picture = ActiveSheet. Range("W4").Value This works manually with the path in "W4"
'Now I tried to use the FollowHyperlink next
Application.FollowHyperlink "C:Documents and Settingsjim hutchMy DocumentsNarrative1My Appraisals2009-" & Sheets("Base").Range("B2") & "floodmap.jpg"
Exists = Dir(Picture, vbNormal).....................

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Image Is Hyperlinked To A Cell With Specific Text Entered
Is there any way I can make it so an image is hyperlinked to a cell with specific text entered. After clicking on the image, the cell where the image is hyperlinked to changes text.

For example:

An image of a strawberry is hyperlinked to a cell which contains the word "strawberry".
After clicking on the strawberry image, the cell which contained the word "strawberry" now contains the word "strawberry1".

If you understand that, I would so love the help.

I also posted this is question here

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MouseOver Cell That Makes Apear And Disappear An Image
I would like to do a routine in VBA on excel 2007 that makes the following:

1- When the mouse is over a cell it pops-up a window that shows a picture;
2- When the pointer is removed from the cell the window that contains the picture closes;
It is very important that the picture that is shown be adressed by a relative path from the folder in which is the excel file.

The pictures can change; this is the reason that the picture should be addressed by a path.

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Image Manipulation In Photoshop To Lose The Cell Data
I've created a humongous spreadsheet in Excel- 26 million cells and a file size of about 500mb. The result of these calculations is a pattern derived by conditional formatting. I'd like to get the pattern into Photoshop- It would actually simplify image manipulation in Photoshop to lose the cell data, and the underlying formulas are of no use.

The file seems to be too big to save into a PDF file. Is there another way to get the Image into Photoshop?. The other alternative is to reduce the file size by stripping out unnecessary cell data and formulas without losing the pattern.

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Format Cell: Changing The Format Of Sheet2 To Exactly Like The Following Image Below
I need in changing the format of sheet2 to exactly like the following image below.
*there are some codes in sheet2 which I think is the place to change the format.

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Pre Load Userform
how I can pass a value to this function. For example I know the record id that I want loaded, it is 42, so I want to create a button that brings up record id 42 when clicked. I think to do this I would load the form, then call cmbSelect() and pass it Me.TextBox1 = Value "42", but I am not sure on the syntax on how to do this

Private Sub cmbSelect_Click()
Dim r As Integer
Dim cell As Range, rngRecord As Range

' Locate indicated record
For Each cell In MyData
If CStr(cell) = Me.TextBox1 Then
For Each rngRecord In cell.Range("B1:AS1")
If rngRecord.Offset(-rngRecord.Row + 1, 0) <> "" Then
Me.Controls(CStr(rngRecord.Offset(-rngRecord.Row + 1, 0))) =

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Load List Box
I have this piece of code that loads a list box and it has worked without 1 problem for the longest time.

Today, there have been 4 or 5 instances when it doesn't work, where I hit the load button and it does nothing.

I have closed down and restarted and it seems to work but this is very annoying

If txtBusinessName = "" Then
MsgBox "Please enter search criteria"
Exit Sub
End If
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

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Load Picture
I have made the next code

Filename = Application.GetOpenFilename("JPG Files(*.jpg),*.jpg,GIF files(*.gif),*.gif")
If Filename = False Then
Response = MsgBox("Er was geen file gekozen!", vbOKOnly & vbCritical, "Er is iets fout gegaan")
Exit Sub
End If

Userform.Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(Filename)

I can choose a picture and it will be vissible in the Userform.

The problem is it's not saved into the userform it self.
How can i make it so that when i choose a picture it's also the picture i see the next time i open the userform.

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Load Many Combobox
how assign a variable to the combobox into a bucle, (they are many combobox)
can be this way?

Dim combo As String
Dim cell As Integer


For combo= 1 To 10
With combobox(combo)
Do While cells(cell,1).value <> ""
.add item activecell.value
End With

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Spreadsheet Load To Another Computer All I Get Is #VALUE
Using some custom VB code to put the filename of the document into a cell.

I save the spreadsheet and load it up on another computer and all I get is #VALUE.

How do I fix this so its loaded on every machine without problems? (Multiple people will be using these sheets)

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Load External Xls Files
if it is possible to have one xls file load all .xls files that are inside a folder or a folder with subfolders and so on?

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Making A Checkbox Load A Value Of Yes Or No
I have a checkbox with a userform. I can get it so that if I enable it and add data then it correctly shows as "Yes" or "No" within excel. However if I open the data using offset the checkbox is greyed out with neither Yes or No. Is there a way to make the checkbox allow and show a value of Yes/No?

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Load Data From One Form To Another
I have a main form (Form1). From this main form another is loaded (form2) and then if necessary another form is loaded (form3). On form3 I have the following

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Load The XML File In 2007
I'm trying to load the following XML file in Excel 2007 (from Excel 2007 VBA Programmmer's Reference) and get the error "Strict Parse Error" when I do so.

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Very Slow To Load Files
i had a file with 10,500 lines, 18,000 kb and it seemed slow to load (about a minute) every time i made changes and then saved it or reopened it.

so i broke the file up into 3 smaller files by cutting and pasting. i deleted all empty lines and columns beyond the file content. i defragged my compter. i cleared all excess format in job history - but -

one file now has 3,900 lines, 22,300 kb and takes 4 minutes to load.

one file now has 2,000 lines, 20,100 kb and takes 4 minutes to load.

one file now has 4,900 lines, 14,500 kb and takes 1 minute to load.

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Load XML With Msxml.dll References
We've developed some Excel spreadsheets which load in XML data from the web and then parses through it.

Dim oDoc As MSXML.DOMDocument
Dim fSuccess As Boolean
Dim oTimeProperty As MSXML.IXMLDOMNode
Dim oAttributes As MSXML.IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap
Dim oChildren As MSXML.IXMLDOMNodeList
Dim oOpChildren As MSXML.IXMLDOMNodeList

To do this we add "Microsoft XML, version 2.0" in the " References" menu (which is from C:WindowsSystem32msxml.dll). This works fine on Windows XP and 2000 but Windows Vista doesn't have msxml.dll so it doesn't work. I've searched the web and found a page recommended using msxml6.dll as a direct alternative but unfortunatly the VBA script fails when implementing the MSXML object.

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Load Custom Functions In An Add-in
I have created some user defined functions and have associated them to a custom category. To simplify things, I wanted to add these functions and the custom category macro to an Addin I already have installed for all my employees. How do I get the the custom category macro to excecute? It should run as soon as excel is opened...but I am not sure what event should be used and where is it installed?

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Load Text In Userform
I have an userform, with a label and several commandbuttons(for instance, command button A, B, C, ...) . Now if I click the command button A I would like to load in the label A text previously written in sheet1 range A1, if I click the command button B I would like to load in the label another text previously written in sheet1 range b1 (the old text shouuld obviously disappear)

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Popup Window When You Load Excel To Say Something
I am very new to programming in excel, so bear with me. I need to have a window that pops up when you load excel. I need it to say something like

If A2 > A1, then the popup should say "value exceeded in row 1"
If B2 > B1, then the popup should say "value exceeded in row 2"

If both of the statements above are true, then I would like both of the errors to be in the same window/popup, instead of two seperate ones. I hope thats clear.

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Macro To Auto Load A Lookup
I have a worksheet called "City State Matrix" this contains two columns 1) Location which has the names of cities and 2) State - that has the names of appropriate USA States

I have another worksheet (called Data) and I if I enter the location into Column C of that worksheet I want to auto load the state (based on the data stored in the "City State Matrix" worksheet) into column M (State) of the worksheet called "Data"

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UserForm Cause Crashes Upon Load/Show
i have a user form which is activated by a button. when this button is clicked excel crashs every now and then. i get an error message run time error 75, could not find object. it asks me to debug or end. whatever option i choose when i try to save the worksheet there after excel crashs and closes. any body else have this problem, what could be the cause?

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USERFRM To Load Second Workbook For Compare
In a previous post I found how to tranfer data from 1 workbook to another workbook, but its hard coded. I been working on a userfrm to load a workbook (WKb2) then do the data tranfer. As the bottom Hard code not good as workbook2 name changes each release (7 days).

I would like to know how can make upper Userfrm code below of the path, Have it provide the WKb2 value for the cod eat the bottom. I know it easy and must be over looking something.

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Load Form From Customized Submenu
I have created a custom submenu in Excel that uses the "SheetBeforeRightClick" event in the "ThisWorkbook" object to initialize. In the custom submenu, I want to use one of the choices to load a form that I have created. I am trying to do this directly when selecting the submenu entry, by using "MyForm.Show", but this doesn't work. As a workaround I use an intermediary subroutine, "Sub Load_MyForm" where I put the same command, and then it works! Anyone who knows how to load the form directly from the submenu click event without going through an intermediary subroutine?

The workaround (which works) in "ThisWorkbook":

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Document Load Up In Full Screen
How do I make my Excel-document automatically display in full screen-mode when it is loaded?

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