Load Only Non-Blanks From Range Into Data Validation Dropdown

Dec 12, 2013

On the Control Panel sheet of the attached book, I need to load only the non blank cells from BQ3:BQ9 into a data validation drop down.

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Remove Blanks In Data Validation Dropdown List With A Condition

May 13, 2012

I would like to be able to make the same thing and select items for my drop down list, that are not blak and follow a specific condition. But I don't know how to include the condition in the array formula.

The condition I need is follow:

I want to have a dropdown list with Items that are not blank, and First N > Last N.


It would be preferred to have formulas.

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Make A Data Validation Dropdown List That Also Enters A Range For Cells

Apr 5, 2009

Make a Data Validation dropdown list that also enters a range for cells, for example:

Kitchen High Upto 100 Easy Blank 2 Daily >6 hrs Medium >1 week
Lounge Low Large Easy Blank 0 Daily >6 hrs Medium >1 month
Bedroom Low Large 100 Easy Blank 1-3 Daily 1-3 Low >1 year
Bathroom High Upto 100 Easy Blank 0 Weekly 1-6 Low <1 year

I can make a dropdown list for:


But if I select "Kitchen" I would like it to enter the rest of the cells in that row:

Kitchen High Upto 100 Easy 2 Daily >6 hrs Medium >1 week

The total number of rows I use is 10, and the number of items in the dropdown list will be 30.

The data in the cells 2 to 10 does not change from that first set to its data menu name.

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Error In Data Validation - Unable To Load Spreadsheet?

Sep 4, 2013

Error in data validation: "A named range you specified cannot be found." However, the named ranges are in the Name Manager, and if I go to the sheet and select the range, I can see it is already named.

Full description:

I created a spreadsheet model (no VBA, just formulas, etc) in a workbook that another coworker took and added VBA to. However, he was not working with the most updated version. So last night I checked the sheets which had the same names, made sure there were no differences except the changes I had made since that version, and then moved the ones from my current workbook into his workbook.

On the sheet where the user was to input details of the report, there are 4 cells that each contain different lists (non-dependent). I want the user to only be able to choose one of the 4 drop down menus - that is, if any of the 4 cells are filled in, I would like the other 3 to default to N/A (or somehow not be allowed to be chosen). This was solved in a previous thread:

Using A1: =IF(COUNTA(A2:A4),NA(),G2:G6) from the other thread solution, I used a named range instead of G2:G6 and it worked well.

When I merged the files together, the 4 cells no longer worked at all. It was suggested that I look at the Name Manager, and some of te named ranges I had were in there multiple times. I cleaned them up.

I tried to enter the same formula again, and it gave me the specific error: "A named range you specified cannot be found." However, the named ranges are in the Name Manager, and if I go to the sheet and select the range, I can see it is already named.

I am unable to load the spreadsheet due to sensitive data, and removing the data would make the workbook make no sense.

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Load Rows Data On Selection Of Data Validation List

May 28, 2014

I want to load the actual data exist in the rows by selection value from the data validation list.

E.g I have two worksheet in one excel file. One has a data activities of persons with their name like two columns i have in which one exist the name of person and second exist the activities which they perform.

On the second sheet, i made a data validation list of all the person names

Now my requirement is, when i select a person name from the list, load all the data from the 1st sheet to second sheet. Is this possible without VB code, because I want to share it on the Google sheet with my boss, where VB sheet is not supposed to work.

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Data Validation, Ignore Blanks

Sep 22, 2007

I'm trying to do a Data Validation list where there is a range from A1:A10 named List, but there are only values in A1:A5.

For the drop down menu, I've done the Data Validation and List, and made it =List. The problem with that is, I only want the drop down to give the options if there is a value (A1:A5 not all of A1:A10). I thought that the Ignore blanks feature would do that, but it does absolutely nothing.

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Data Validation List :: Blanks?

Mar 6, 2009

I have created data validation list which has 3 flags (Yes, No and Blank). Normally the user will select either Yes or No from column C but i want each time there is no value in either row A or B; i want the code to automatically to select Blank. So basically every time row A or B are blank i want the corresponding row C to be selected "Blank". See attached for more details.

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Data Validation Dont Allow Blanks

Mar 13, 2009

I have a data validation list, but i dont want the user to be able to make the cell blank. I have 5 items in the list and i wont to make sure they choose one. But the data validation allows them to enter blank.

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Can Data Validation Allow Blanks Entered With Space Bar

Dec 30, 2013

I have a data entry worksheet where a user may use the space bar to delete a wrong entry instead of the delete key. How can I allow this without triggering an error message for a cell which is valid for blanks or a positive number including 2 decimals? The checkbox for "Ignore Blanks" does NOT ignore this is the cell is blanked with the space bar.

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Data Load (search And Load .csv Files Automatically In Workbook)

Dec 16, 2002

I need to do a macro that will open a search window, the user would select a folder and it will search for a .csv file within it. Then after locating the file, it would automatically load it into a specific sheet in the workbook.

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Data Validation List: Ignore Blanks Between Data

Nov 1, 2006

In column A I have a list of text. There are blank lines in between the cell that actually contain text. What I am trying to accomplish is create a validation list that will give me only the cells with text in them and ignore the blanks. For example in column A1:A7 I have the following text:




My validation list will return those names but will also give me the blanks in between the names.

Is there any way to ignore the blanks?

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Create Data Validation Field That Doesn't Allow Blanks Or Duplicates

Jun 4, 2014

I have a table for gym members and each member is assigned a unique member number.


I wish to create a data validation field that wont allow you to leave the cells blank or use the same code twice.

this was my attempt that failed: =AND(ISERROR(MATCH(A:A, A2, 0)) <>FALSE, A2<>""

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Selecting Named Range From Dropdown Validation List To Use In Formula?

Jan 18, 2013

Basically on a summary page, on sheet 1 say I have a formula which picks up the unit cost (I have this as an array across 5 years)

What I then want to do is multiply this by a volume driver. I have a list of these drivers on a seperate page, so for convenience lets say DRIVER_01,DRIVER_02 etc. These are also 5 years arrays.

So what I want to do it be able to select which driver I want to use for volume on the summary, from a drop down box I have set up, and then the formula pick up that named range, and not just recognise it as a text cell.

I need the ability to change the driver in the future, hence the drop down box. I can also get the unit array part to work fine, I'm just struggling to get this driver array to work..............

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Dropdown With Data Validation?

Mar 31, 2013

Have a drop down with data validation, or just manually enter the names? I have a list of 500 names, and sometimes people who enter data can spell names wrong; which I have to fix at a later date. What are some thoughts as to a best way to go about this?

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Data Validation Dropdown

Jul 16, 2009

i put together this code. it works ok in 97 (but not if a cell is changed in col A by validation dropdown which i believe is correct)

it works ok for me in 2007(either thro dropdown or direct input) but user with excel 2003 cant get it to work at all, named range "drop" is just A B C D and is used in data validation dropdown col A

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Dropdown List Using Data Validation

Feb 25, 2014

I have a list on one worksheet and I use a dropdown list from Data Validation to select the name required.

My list is so long that I would like to be able to type a letter or two to access to the name quicker instead of scrolling down.

I copied a formula that worked for someone else that put this formula in the data validation


I do not wish to use VBA is possible.

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Create A Dropdown Box (data Validation)...

Apr 9, 2009

We've got a dropdown box (data validation - list) which is picking up data from a specific column. The data in the column is in the following format:

1 Sales
2 Contracts
18 Opening Stock
27 Purchase

When we select an entry from the dropdown box the cell obviously displays both the number and the text description to the right. What we need it to do is just display the number after selecting an item from the list. The text is descriptive and to make it easier for users. Is there a way of configuring the dropdown box (or another way) so that say if a user selects "1 Sales" from the dropdown it just displays "1" in the cell.

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Dropdown Data Validation List

Mar 6, 2013

I have a query with data validation.....

Can I have a cell rage.. say A2:E20...and every cell in it has a drop down data validation list, from data inputted into L2:L27 (For examples lets say L2 is A, L3 is B, L4 is C, L5 is D and so on).

if somewhere in the range A2:E20, say B6 I was to select D from the drop down list, I want the remainder of the cells in range A2:E20, to have the drop down list without the value D in it, and so on, so the more cells in the range I fill from the list, the list for empty cells gets smaller and smaller until there are none left.

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Dropdown List From Data Validation?

Jun 13, 2013

i created a drop down list from data validation and it's a list of names. as i select from the list of names, i just want the initials of the names to be shown, not the entire name itself.


based on this example, what i want is to select from the list of names and only the initials are shown!

i believe its something related to custom number formats...

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Dropdown Menu Data Validation?

Sep 12, 2012

I am trying to create a drop down menu in Excel to display certain values but it's not working. I want to input certain data in the cells. eg, 019, Quebec, Agent, Direct etc. I want to create a drop down list where if 019 is selected, all 019 entries would show up hiding all others. When nothing is selected all values would show up. I created a list but if I have 10 "Agent" entries in the cells, the drop down list also shows 10 "Agent entries rather than letting me select "Agent" and then displaying all agent entries below. I don't know if it makes sense but I basically want to make it easier for people to look for certain entries that they need rather than going through the entire spreadsheet to find all 019's.

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Data Validation - 2 Dropdown Menus

Jan 31, 2013

I am trying to add two drop down menus - part number and material description. I would like to be able to choose an item from either menu and have it populate the rest of the row with the item information.

I know how to create the drop down, but I don't know how to make it work so I can choose from either one of the two drop downs and have the other automatically populate.

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Disappearing Data Validation Dropdown

Jun 26, 2006

All of a sudden, the data vaildation dropdown boxes on a specific worksheet have disappeared. The list reference is still correct and the data validation dropdowns work just fine on other sheets in the same workbook. (BTW-I'm using Excel 2003 and the panes are not frozen).

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Data Validation - How To Create Dropdown List That Excludes Duplicate Data

Sep 26, 2013

I'd like to create a drop down list in data validation from a column of data that contains numerous duplicates.

For example, let's say column A contained hundreds of transactions with either North, South, East and West, how could I create a drop down list in another cell that only had four selection options?

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Font Size In Data Validation Dropdown

Dec 11, 2013

Do we have control over the font size in a drop down list created using data validation?

Mine looks like this and I would like to make it more readable by increasing the font size.


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How To Add Dropdown List AND Customer Data Validation

Mar 14, 2014

I have a very detailed spreadsheet with drop down lists. I would like to block other cells if previous cells have certain selections. I have 7 columns of data that get inputted throughout the month. These cells have drop down selections that I have created. Is there any way to create a drop down menu AND another data validation? So If a selection is made, then the next cells will be blocked, using data validation "custom"?

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Data Validation And Dropdown List Using Criteria

Jun 1, 2014

It is basically a simple sheet that lists the price (Column C) of different items (Column B) based on their Category (Column A).

I am trying to have an automated pricing sheet (on different sheet) utilizing data validation and drop down lists.

For example each row should have this, the drop down list in the first columns should list all the Categories available (This part works fine for me and i can take care of the duplicates).

Once that has been selected, i have now the option of selecting using drop down list also (in second column) the items corresponding to the Category selected in first column (Only the items that are part of that specific category should be listed in the drop down list).

Once the item has been selected, the price of that respective item should be listed automatically in the 3rd column.

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Data Validation - Dropdown Font Is Very Tiny?

Feb 20, 2013

In a time sheet I created using Data Validation for the employee names, the drop down font is very tiny for some reason. Changing the font in the list doesn't make any difference. Is there a preferences for this somewhere?

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Duplicates In Dropdown List From Data Validation?

Sep 11, 2013

I have giant excel spreadsheet that I am trying to clean up. I want to make one of the columns (with around 3000 rows and may of them are the same) into a drop down list. However, when I try doing so from the data validation tab, I get duplicates, triplicates, etc. of the same item.

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Data Validation To Create Dropdown List

Sep 12, 2012

I am in the process of creating a database, and have used 'Data Validation' to create drop down lists in order to obtain information quickly from the database.

I have encountered an issue where if I have a list the resembles the one shown below, the drop down list will show spaces.

This is particularly an issue for myself and my database because there is over 1,000 items in the list, and there are countless empty cells within the list. I have tried sorting the list, BUT because the database is quite large, sorting it will disrupt other functions of the database.

Ideally, I would like the drop down list to show only entries within the list that are not empty so the drop down list is entirely relevant, and more user friendly.

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Data Validation And Dropdown List Scrolling

Mar 23, 2014

When it huge list of data for drop down list, it is too much time consume. If i type a letter, it will show all those quarry or data which start with that letter. It need not to scrolling huge list.Scrolling is barrier for use of data validation for me . I tried all dependable data validation.

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