Macro To Display A Message Before Closing Workbook

Jul 10, 2009

how I would display a message to the user before the workbook is closed regardless if any changes have been made e.g.

Ideally there would on be an “OK” option only by way of acknowledgement and also no option to close the message by the ‘x’ in top right corner.

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Pop-up Message Appear When Closing Workbook

Dec 6, 2007

Is it possible to pop up a message when closing the workbook?

if so, could the message only popup if a certain cell is negative?

For example, This is what i would like to happen.

When workbook close is activated:
If cell A1=(-20), then pop-up "Please check your work and correct".

else, close workbook

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Display Message On First Of Every Month When Workbook Opens

Nov 28, 2012

Is there a way of displaying a message box on the first of every month when a workbook opens ?

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Macro Is Closing Wrong Workbook Before Going To The Next Workbook

Aug 12, 2009

I run most of my macros out of a file called "Personal.XLS" and I have this bit of code at the end of this particular macro which is closing personal.xls instead of the active file it is working on. It is set up on a loop and it should go to the next file in the directory but since it closes the file I run the macro from, the macro stops immediately. It appears that it believes "ThisWorkbook.Close" is referring to the file from which the macro is initiated.

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Closing A Workbook Without Saving - Macro

Nov 28, 2008

Need the VBA code to close a workbook, and not save it? I need it to open a workbook, run a macro, and close without saving. The code I have thus far is:

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Macro Commands When Closing Workbook

Dec 13, 2011

Is there a way (with macros, I''m assuming), to make my workbook always return to the Main tab and Save automatically --- every time somebody closes the workbook from any tab - so that the next person who opens the workbook will have it ready to go on the main tab?

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Macro For Closing And Reopening A Workbook Read-only

Jul 21, 2009

I have a pair of macros that together close and reopen a workbook when the user clicks on a button labelled 'Refresh'. The reason for the macros is that any one of multiple users may have the workbook open for editing while the others have it open read-only, and those who have it open read-only will want to refresh it periodically to make sure they're viewing the most up-to-date version.

Now, here's the hitch. If I have the workbook open read-only and refresh it while no-one else has it open for editing, it doesn't reopen read-only (it reopens for editing). But I don't want it to reopen for editing (I want it to reopen read-only). Is there anything I can add to the macros to make the workbook reopen read-only, or is there a different pair of macros I can use? Here's what I have at the moment:

Macro 1
Sub CloseMe()
Application.OnTime Now, "OpenMe"
ThisWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=False
End Sub

Macro 2
Sub OpenMe()
End Sub

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Macro: Copy Cells To Another Workbook On Closing

Oct 31, 2006

I have a worksheet template with details in cell A1,B1,C1,D1,E1,F1,G1,H1 & I1and when the sheet closes I would like to save a copy of the cell contents to a different workbook called transaction history, is there any way that vba code could write this to the workbook and when the transaction happens again, it then writes the new transaction data to the next row within the same workbook transaction history

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Macro To Display Message Box

Mar 2, 2007

I am just having a problem where at the end of my macro, the macro is looking for a value in a cell and there is no value at the end of the game for it to paste so I get an error. Instead of getting an error, I would like the macro to display, "You win!", if cell e1 is =1, "You lose!", if cell e1 is =2, and "tie game", if cell e1 is =0.

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Macro To Display Message Every N Minutes!

Jun 11, 2009

I have a spreadsheet and a macro that creates a new sheet and enters some data into the sheet. The user gets to make some changes to the created sheet and then prints it out. I was wandering if there was any way to have a message coming up every 10 minutes remindnig the user about the new sheet untill it was printed out and then the warnings would stop. Could anyone sugest a good way to do that?

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Closing Workbook When Closing Userform

Sep 14, 2006

I have a userform which opens when the workbook opens. Ideally Id like to have the userform open without the workbook coming up and have the workbook close when you close the userform. If thats not doable then is there a way to just close the workbook when the userform is closed?

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Macro To Find First Empty Cell In Column And Display Message Box

Dec 17, 2012

I have a spreadsheet and in column D, I have look up formula which looks up value from another tab. What I want to do is if the look up finds #N/A or blank cell. There should be a message box appear warning that all the cells in column D might not be updated properly.

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Warning Message On Closing Of Excel Sheet?

Jun 24, 2014

I want when Mold Capacity is more than available. i.e only Show warning Message to user

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Message Box ( To Access The Sheet Without Closing The Msgbox Window)

Dec 27, 2008

I have created a message box but when the Message box window appears

I still wanna be able to access or edit thing in my sheet without closing the message box window.

I know in the UserForm you just have to set the "Show Modal" in the properties window to "False"

But how do I do this with Message Box?

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Display Alert On Closing If Cell Not Filled In

Sep 20, 2007

I have a spreadsheet which has a sales report for 100 stores. When a store opens the spreadsheet they login using a username and password on a userform. This then filters the report and brings up there respective line. The stores have to fill in certain cells on there line. I want to display an alert if they forget to fill in a cell when they login.

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Show Custom Error Message If Opening Workbook Macro Code Fails

May 17, 2008

I cannot figure out how to get my error handler to work, or actually, not work. It seems to work fine when there is an error, but the code still gets read even when there was not an error. Basically, I am trying to open a file, which may or may not be there. When it is not there I want a message to pop up informing the user. However, when the file is there and it opens, the error handler still gives the message box. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Private Sub btnOK_Click()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Dim LCSfile As String
LCSfile = frmSelectFile.Listbox1.Value
On Error Goto ErrHandler
Workbooks.Open Filename:=sPath & sDate & "" & LCSfile & "QUANT.CSV"
MsgBox ("File is not quantitated. Please select another file.")
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

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Display MsgBox With PERSONAL.XLS Macro Workbook

Mar 21, 2007

I want to run a program from my PERSONAL.XLS workbook, however, after a piece of code
where I close all the open workbooks different from PERSONAL.XLS, the code stops running.

How can I contour this?

Down is the piece of code used to close the other workbooks and the msgbox I want to show, along with a DialogBox:

For Each W In Workbooks
If W.Name ThisWorkbook.Name Then
W.Close SaveChanges:=False
End If
Next W

MsgBox "Abrir apenas a Origem a actualizar, que deverá ser obrigatoriamente do mês corrente ou do anterior", _
vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "Atenção"


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Closing Workbook At The End

Aug 22, 2012

I have a perfectly functioning piece of code. There is still one snag, however. In the process of running the macro, three new workbooks are opened. I would like to close all three of those workbooks at the end. I am using the following procedure for each of the sheets:

To open the worksheet

Dim wb As WorkbookMsgBox "Please select the Stakeholder File"SHFile = Application.GetOpenFilename("Files (*.xls),*.xls", , "Please select the Stakeholder Workbook")If SHFile "False" Then Set wb = Workbooks.Open(Filename:=SHFile)

To close the worksheet at the end:

If Not wb is Nothing Then wb.Close SaveChanges:=False

The only problem is that I am getting bugs when closing multiple workbooks (3). I have assigned the names wb, vb and ab to the three workbooks.

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Before Closing The Workbook

Apr 19, 2006

I have some VBA code which opens another workbook, copies data from the first sheet in there and pastes into the current sheet before closing the workbook it got the data from. Is there any way of suppressing any messages associated with closing the other workbook? i.e. do you want to save - or possibly automatically generating a no message to the prompts?

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Closing Workbook With VBA Without SAVING?

Nov 27, 2012

I'm trying to close a workbook without saving it. But everytime I get the message box popupped twice.

These are the codes that I use:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose _(Cancel As Boolean)
Dim YesOrNoAnswerToMessageBox As String
Dim QuestionToMessageBox As String


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Reminder When Closing A Workbook

Jan 11, 2007

I have 4 employees who at the end of their shifts have to email me an excel workbook. The issue is that some of them are forgetful and after placing numerous post-it notes on their monitors one particular employees just forgets.

What i want to do if possible is that when the workbook gets closed, a pop-up window shows up on their screen reminding them to send the workbook. Even better would be if their was a button that they could click that would email the workbook as an attachment in the pop-up box.

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Closing A Workbook Created?

Mar 25, 2014

I've created a macro which copies the current tab to a new workbook (Book X):


I then manipulate the copied data in Book X. Once this is done I move the manipulated sheet back into original file

[Code] .......

The problem i'm having is I'd like to close the newly created Workbook X file once the macro has run but Workbook X is usually called Book2, Book4, Book7, Book32 etc.

Workbook X will always be the previous file if i use the ALT TAB shortcut.

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Closing Workbook & Excel

Jun 26, 2009

How do I SAVE and CLOSE Workbook and it's instance of Excel.

I have other instances of excel open that I do not want closed.

I thought that I had this before, but I can't find it if I did. I do keep a list of all the requests where I ask for help and it's not in this list.

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From Userform / Other Workbook Not Closing

Nov 26, 2013

I wrote this macro where, from a userform, I click a button and it will fillout another form with certain data from the original WB to a different WB.

All is working fine and exactly the way I want it except, it won't close and save the other sheet. It will go back to the userform, as I want it to, but it will leave the other file in the background open.

This is the code:

Private Sub CommandButton6_Click()
'Allocation file fill out
Dim alloc As String
Dim allwb As Workbook
Dim ABA As Workbook
Dim Prompt As String
'Dim fd As FileDialog
Set ABA = ThisWorkbook


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Closing A Workbook That Is Open Via VBA

Jul 2, 2008

Well I seem to be having an issue in a form i created. What happens is that when the user clicks a button it saves a worksheet of workbook as its own file, problem is that it will actually open the new worksheet as a workbook when I really just want it to save without opening a new instance. Here is the code

Dim IntWirefilename As String
IntWirefilename = "International Wires Database"
Worksheets("Intwires").SaveAs FileName:="File Path" & IntWirefilename & (".xls")
Workbooks("File PathInternational Wires Database.xls").Close
I think the problem lies in the last line or it could be from the select and copy part.

I do not want it to open a new file after it saves it. Also can anyone help create a part that will bypass the overwrite existing file thing so that this file will just continuously save as the same file name rather than prompting the user constantly to Overwrite the file.

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Prevent Closing Of Workbook By Top Right X

Nov 20, 2007

I need to alter the Close command on the title bar (the 'X' on the top right corner on the blue bar of excel)

Is there any way to alter the close button on the title bar to have it call a sub I created instead of actually closing excel?

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Closing The Workbook & Saving Automatically

Jan 25, 2008

I have my Excel workbook open & have made changes. Now I close it and Excel prompts me if I want to save the changes. Is there a way to just close the workbook and automatically accept any changes without have the "Do you want to save changes" message appear?

What about if it is opened in read-only mode? Typically the workbook will not save any changes unless you save it off as another file name. If there is a solution to my question above, can it be enabled only when the workbook is opened in edit mode, or will it not auto-save changes over the file because Excel knows it was opened in read-only mode?

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Prevent Closing Of One Workbook When Two Are Open

Sep 23, 2009

I'm trying to prevent a user from closing a perticular workbook.

Here is some important factors.

Workbook(A) = "LA-01-04-10" This is only one of 52 other but only one is open at a time.

Workbook(B) = "LA.xls" Always the same name and is always opened when one of the workbooks(A) above it opened.

When workbook (A) is opened it will then open another workbook (B) at that time the window is hidden workbook(B) So the user can only see workbook (A) I have a button on workbook(A) that unhides the window to show workbook(B) After the user completes his work in Workbook (B) they need to click another button that sorts the list and returns them to workbook(A) (Which also hides the window for workbook(B).

The problem is I have users that are trying to close workbook(B) instead of pressing the sort list button. So what I want is to prevent the user from closing workbook(B) by displaying a msgbox saying they need to press the button.

Ive tried several approches to this but I'm still having problems. The below script works if workbook(B) is active or shown. The message is displayed and the workbook will not close. However if the user is in workbook (A) and trys to close the message is displayed and both workbooks close like they are suppose to. But why is the message displayed?

One other note I should say is that not only does workbook(A)Open workbook (B) but it also closes it. Which may be why I'm having problems?

I have also included both workbooks so you can see all the code.

I have this code in Thisworkbook of workbook(B)

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Before Close Not Working On Closing Workbook

Sep 29, 2009

I am hoping someone can help. I am new to writing macros and have the following in the this workbook page. When opening the macro does exactly what I want and expect, but does not do the "before close" part. If I select the macro in editor and run it, it does just what I want, so dont understand what is going wrong. Do I have to put in some kind of prompt, or manually run this before close - preferably I would like it to just run.

secondly, I have password protected the workbook, but have to put the password in the macro, is there any way of making this invisible to anyone who then reads the macro....

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Workbook Automatically Opens After Closing

Jan 6, 2010

I have a workbook on a share drive that is used by multiple people. In the event that someone leaves the workbook open after using it, I have a timer function that pops up a splash screen after 4 minutes of inactivity which states, "This workbook will close in 1 minute if there is no further activity". If there is no further activity in that minute, the workbook closes.

The code works fine...unless the workbook is manually closed in that minute between the splash screen and when the timer would have closed the workbook. If that happens, the workbook closes normally and then briefly reopens and closes a minute later when the timer would have closed the workbook. Is there any code to prevent this?

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