Macro To Search For Character Then Divide Value Following It

Oct 1, 2013

I have a large numeric spreadsheet of water quality data for a range of metals. On occasions where a particular metal is below the limit of detection, the entry reads ".

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Search For A Character In A Cell From Macro

Jun 10, 2009

i would like to use a macro to check whether the string present in a cell contains special characters like @,#,$,%,^,&,*. i need to do this using a macro. is there an in-built function to do this or is there any other way to do this.

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Search By Special Character?

Feb 8, 2013

just had 11,000 customer account arrive and they are all messed up!

I am working through all the email address's and lots are not valid ones, is there a way i can make some sort of rule that willl do the following

If ther is no @ symbol, in Cells A ( any of A ) it drops them to the bottom of the list, or anything that just splits them up



This would split the bottom 2 email address away from the others as they dont have the @ symbol!

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Search For The Character- Not Wildcard

Nov 20, 2006

I need to get rid of the questions marks in the text on my sheet, but am unable to get my VBA code to search for an actual question mark and not the wildcard. I'm using the replace function as follows:

wsReport. Cells = wsReport.Cells.Replace("?", "")

1. What's the trick to searching for wildcard characters?

2. Is there a slicker way to do this?

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Search From Cell And Replace With New Character

May 14, 2014

I have a requirement... which need to search from a cel if it march then replace with below name. When user gives a selection screen, month displays in a cell A1.

For example: If this cel (A1) is jan then it should replace with Jan, if mar then replace with mar, if MAI then replace with MAY, if sep then replace with SEP, if OKT then replace with OCT.... and so on...
It search the cell A1 for MAI, then replace with MAY & also should search for if A1 is OKT then replace OCT, & also if A1 is DZC then replace with DEC.

I know the function of ....


This formula brings me only 1 search, but I need 3 search if match replace with respective character. this should search for OKT & DZC ALSO....

present - new


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Search And Replace Specific Character?

Jun 1, 2012

In a cell(s) I have for example {text}dd%2BMore_Text}

what i want to do is search and replace the final }

so it should be {text}dd%2BMore_Text

the regular search and replace in excel removes all } which is not what i need.

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Search And Replace Character With Cell Value

Mar 24, 2014

B1 value: WH

Want to search for the character "-" and replace it with "WH" from B1 Cell

Do this for all $A column

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Unwanted Character, Can Not Search And Replace

Dec 18, 2007

I have a sheet that I often have to edit and import into SQL database.

I have no control over the format of the sheet given to me and it seems that something has changed causing me the following problem.

When I try to import the Data its showing ten times as many items than are actually there.

The problem I think is in a text column. Ive tested this by using an old column from a previous sheet and pasting this into the new sheet and I can import it ok.

What I seem to have is a rectangular box character but Im not sure what it is.
I can copy and past it into Notepad as it is, but pasted into Word it seems to be a carriage Return.

So whether its an actual charter or not Im not sure.

Are there any tools out there so I can hover over characters in Excel to see what it is! So at least I can be sure what Im trying to Search and Replace?

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Search For Special Character * (Asterisk)

Jan 2, 2008

I'm working again with a large Inventory Database dump into a workbook and in the past the company appended the * character to designate an updated price on an item(column C). Its rocking my world to sort through things with this character as you can tell. I'm trying to find rows that column C has a * in, cut, and paste them into another sheet called "Updated". I would even accept just how I'd do a simple "find/replace all" on that character and then I can just update my macro and be on my way Anyway this is the macro thus far and as you can see it would just cut all rows and paste them to "Updated".

Sub Updated()
With Worksheets(1).Columns("C")
Set c = .Find("*", LookIn:=xlValues)
If Not c Is Nothing Then
firstAddress = c.Address
c.EntireRow.Cut Destination:=Worksheets("Updated"). Range("A" & Worksheets("Updated").Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1)
Set c = .FindNext(c)
Loop While Not c Is Nothing And c.Address <> firstAddress
End If
End With
End Sub

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Search Character In Cell And Split To Two New Cells

Sep 19, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that I have to extract from a web based report at work. The problem is that the column that contains the department name also contains the department code in brackets. For example cell A2 will have: (DE) Department A and cell A3 may be (DEPT) Department B.

Now as seen in the example above a code can range from 2 to 4 letters. I wondered if there was a way in code that would search for the ')' character and copy that to the M column and then copy the department name into the N column. So M2 would have 'DE' and column N2 will have 'Department A'.

Also in column G contains the grade name and grade point which are separated by a '/' I would like this to be copied to 2 separate cells say O2 and P2 and so on.

I know this can be done by a formula but I have to do this every month and it would be nice to just click a button to run a macro in my personal.xls file.

The row number various and are usually several thousand. I have attached a sample spreadsheet that only contains 4 rows of data.

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Find Column Character Search Result

Jun 9, 2009

I'd like to search for text and get the column character where the cell with the found text. The combination the two 'demands'/formulae into one are giving me problems. And the fact that the column character can exist out of two characters I cannot solve.

I can get the column number with HLookup right? and it gives me the column number, not the character. I can solve this partially (and ugly even more) with =Char(((Hlookup etc)+64 (letter before A))).

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Excel 2010 :: Using Find Function On A Range And Search For (,) Character

Jan 22, 2013

I want to use the find function on a range and search for a "," character. If I get a "," I want to return a True otherwise false.

I tried just recording a macro using the find function but no code shows up.

how to use the find feature in a macro, can this be done?

excel 2010

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How To Create Search Macro Button That Allows To Search In Multiple Worksheets In One Workbook

Oct 11, 2011

Im am trying to create a search marco button that allows me to search in multiple worksheets in one work book. I came across this CODE the first part of it works. It pops open user input box and ask for the word that i would like to search but the this error message pops up Runtime error1004 Method 'range" of object'_Global'failed and i dont know what to do

Private Sub SearchButton_Click()
SearchString = InputBox("Enter Search String", "Search")
If SearchString = "" Then Exit Sub
For Each c In Range(myRange)
If InStr(LCase(CStr(c)), LCase(SearchString)) Then


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Macro For A Formula To Divide One Cell By Another And Past It In A Third Cell.

Apr 9, 2009

I am trying to write a macro where I divide the value of one cell by that of a second cell, multiply it by 500 and then to paste the outcome of the formula to a third cell. This is what I wrote

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Macro To Hide CHR(10) Character

Feb 11, 2010

I have the code below, which works fine apart from I get a little square coming up every time I run the code, as this gives you a line the Chr(10) has to be there. When I tale the Chr(10) out the little square disappears but then I don't get a new line. I have set the formatting to "wrap text" but it is still showing up. I am not quite sure where to go from here, I have also done a ="test"&CHAR(10)&"test" and that worked fine with no little square.

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Change Character Macro

Jan 27, 2009

In column A if have strings like this: X-100-X10 or C-100-1X00 etc.

I need to change the X at the end of the string to "." e.g. X-100-.10 or C-100-1.00

Can't figure it out since there can be 1 "X" or more than 1 "X" and the second "X" that needs to get changed can be in a different location i.e. not alway 3 from the right or 7 from the left.

Is there some macro code I can use to make this change? Otherwise I have to change hundreds of these manually.

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Macro To Add Character To Selected Cell?

Jun 3, 2014

I am trying to create a button that when clicked it will add a character to the existing cell. Eg if cell had LDs and I click button I like it show LDs₂

The ₂ is character code 2082.

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Macro To Delete One Character In A Cell

Oct 2, 2007

I'm trying to use Excel 2003 macros for the first time and am very frustrated by it's recorder function. I've used several standalone TSR macro recorders several years ago and they were much easier but certainly not as feature rich.

I have a spreadsheet that I've been using for a couple of years where I have manually entered data. My company has recently started to dump data into an Excel sheet but instead of pure numeric or date values being used they are extracting the values with the ' character starting the value. I want to strip this ' character.

What I do is select the cell I want to edit and invoke the macro. Then press {F2} to edit the contents of the cell, {Home} to move to the left, {Del} to delete the first character - the apostrophe, and {Enter} to complete the edit and move down one cell.

Using the recorder captures the following. Unfortunately it doesn't simply delete the first character, it copies the value of the previous cell to the next cell when I invoke the macro again.

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Adding Character Then Concatenating Macro?

Mar 8, 2013

I'm looking for a quicker way to take a list of numbers and adding commas, then putting them in the same cell so I can input them into a web database much faster. I can do it long hand by using concatenate first on the list to add commas to each cell, then making another concatenate to put them all in one cell, but doing the latter takes quite a while because of having to input each cell into the formula. Is there a way I can combine the 2 into a macro to accomodate for any length of cells?

Example, I have this list


As my list of numbers, and I need it to look like this in one cell:


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How To Remove Special Character Without Disturbing Other Character

Nov 27, 2012

To all sifus out there, how can i transfer from these:


To these:


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Append All Digits Before Character To All Numbers Between The Same Character

May 18, 2008

I have got a list of numeric abbreviations, for instance 10739011/21/31/41. What it should really display are the numbers 10739011, 10739021, 10739031 and 10739041 (the first six figures stay the same). All the numbers in my list are 8 figures long. I want to change the list from the list seperated by the backward slash to the complete numbers. I have uploaded an example of the list with backward slash between the numbers. Is there a way that Excel can automatically change these numbers to the full numbers?

Because all the numbers are 8 figures long, I thought the first 6 figures of the 1st number can be copied and those 6 figures pasted before the other two figures after the backslash. Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;sorry, pressed OK too quickly. The problem is that there are sometimes 4 numbers in the cell, sometimes 6 and once three. I would like Excel to complete all the numbers in the cell and then move on to the cell underneath it and so on. Also, I would like each number to have it's own cell.

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MACRO - Removing Everything From Cell After 10th Character?

Feb 4, 2014

where i copy up to 1000 products ID's like this: "1234567890 AA11111"(ofcourse there is allways differend code for every product its just a example :)) and paste it to exel, and the problem is i need only the 10-digit number (it's allways 10-digit number but the second one is sometimes diffrent) so it is possible to make makro that will remove every character after 10th character ?

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Creating Macro To Add Character To A Cell With Existing Text

Sep 7, 2012

Is iy possible to create a macro to add a character to a cell with existing text, such as:

Progressive Insurance $

Where the name is in "whatever" font,color,format, and then the macro could insert the $ as pictured above different font,color?

I have played around with trying to write, or copy as image...with no luck.

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Macro Of Formula That Shows Character Location Number Of Text File

Aug 14, 2014

I am looking for a way to show the character location number of a text file, possibly in the first row or a macro that I can run at any given location that will give me the location # I am currently viewing.

Currently, when I open the file I can see the character # at the opening screen (see attached file) but they disappear when it actually converts. I would like to be able to keep the character location ruler once the file is opened in Excel so I don't have to manually count.

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Look For Character In Cell And Insert New Character - For More Than One

Sep 20, 2009

I have a cell which will contain SER01+SER02+SER03

and what i need it to contain is [SER01]+[SER02]+[SER03]

and shocker is i've got this to work for the first instance but not the other two

code as below... be grateful for your help

Sub measure1()
Dim list As String, pos As Integer, refl As String, refr As String, newlist As String
list = Cells(1472, 16).Value
pos = InStr(list, "+")
refl = Left(list, pos - 1)
refr = Right(list, pos + 1)
newlist = "[" & refl & "]"
Cells(1472, 17) = newlist
End Sub

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Userform To Control Macro Features. Macro = Search For File Type

Jan 26, 2009

I have a macro that I found somewhere on the net to look within a folder and list all the files of a certain file extension.

The macro to do this is in the attached example and is called 'Get_File_Names_Within_Dir_ext'.

I have created a basic userform outline, 'UF1' for the user to define:
Select File Extension
Select Folder to Search
Destination Sheet

I just don't have any idea how to sync the two.

If you type 'exe' into 'TB1_File_Extension' of 'UF1' the macro should search for '*.exe' files within the specified folder.

The search folder 'RefEdit1' box should open a windows explorer box (or some such) so that the user can select the directory in which to search for the previously specified file extension.

'TB2_Destination_Sheet' is a text box for the user to type the sheet within the workbook in which to list the files found within the specified directory.

'CB1_Find_Files' should activate the macro to find any files for the specified criteria.

There is also a Button 'Find File Types' in Sheet1 of the file which should activate the userform 'UF1'.

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Divide By Zero Error

Apr 8, 2014

I have conditional formatting on a cell based on a formula, when I entered the solution of "if then 0 " but the cell doesn't see the result as a 0, if I manually enter the 0 the conditional format works.

I even tried putting the formula in another cell and then referencing to that cell, still didn't work...

The "divide by zero error won't trigger the conditional either......

[Code] ....

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Divide A Given Value Into Several Cells

Oct 10, 2008

If I have a value of lets say 53, I need it broken down into equal and whole numbers across the spread sheet with the last one being the remaining value.

Currently for example in cell F5 I have a value of 41 that I need to break down so
I have done the following:
In Cell P5 =IF(F5>=25,F5-21,F5)
Then in Cell Z5 =IF(P5>=25,P5-21,P5) and this goes on until I have zero value from the original value in the last cell can i not do this all in one formula and have the results populate in other cells.

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Divide By Zero Error

Aug 20, 2009

I am creating a 'weekly average spreadsheet' (Excel 2007) for a teacher. It has a column for each student's name and his test grade for each day (M-F). The last column gives his weekly average.

She also needs an average for all the students' for the week (vertically). My formula is correct, i.e., =AVERAGE(H2:H11). However, I'm getting a divide by zero error because I have some blank rows above my formula (so she can add new students' names as they come.

How can I get rid of the divide by zero error so she can see the running averages as she inputs grades (but still leaving empty rows for new names)?

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All Cells Divide By 100

Feb 2, 2014

I have just started to try and learn VBA for excel. the resource I have been using are books and the WEB. Some how, not sure how there was/is some code where all enteries in all worksheets are divided by 100, i.e if I enter 2222 after clicking the enter button the result in the cell is 22.22. I have deleted all macros and code however the problem still exist.

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