Maintain Formulas & Formatting In New Table Row

Mar 12, 2008

I am working on a macro to insert a row below if a cell with a validation list has an item from the list selected. The new row needs to maintain the same format and formulas as the original row. To explain this better I have attached a very generic spreadsheet Called Custom Order. In this example cell A3 has a validation list. If the user selects one of the items in the list... I need the macro to insert a row below and maintain the format and formulas found in row A3.

Also this is posted on another forum.

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Maintain Source Data Formatting In Pivot Table?

Nov 20, 2010

I have some source data which is used to generate a pivot table. The data is conditionally formatted to color certain cells based on some other values. Once the data is transferred to the pivot table this formatting (as well as the number formatting) is lost.

I have found some code to fix the number formatting issue but can't seem to locate something similar to set the interior color of the cells in the pivot table to match that of the original source data.

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How To Maintain Formatting (such As Highlighting) When Importing In Ms Query

Apr 3, 2013

My current solution is to filter the Master Log so I only see Region 2, copy everything, then paste over Region 2, and repeat with 3, 4 and 5.

I have a master log (attached) that I import using Microsoft Query to 4 other spreadsheets (called Regional Logs), depending on the contents of the column "Region." I have all this figured out, but I can't figure out how to have the highlighting persist through the export and refresh. I don't think the attached file has any highlighting, but how I use this is I edit the Master Log throughout the week and highlight changes as I go. Coworkers use the 4 Regional Logs throughout the week to monitor different cases, particularly the new ones, so they need to see all changes for the week highlighted in yellow, which means the Regional Logs need to be linked to the Master Log and the highlighting must be visible any time a coworker opens the Regional Log. In addition, they are emailed across the state to county directors and they need to see the yellow-highlighted data, as well.

Currently, when exporting data using MS Query, no formatting persists. How can I ensure the highlighting persists? Or, is there another way to easily export the data, depending on the contents of the column "Region", which would allow the highlighting to persist

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Date Formulas And Formatting?

Jul 31, 2014

I need to enter a range of dates and have any date that falls within that period (regardless of year) highlight. I currently have it referncing two different years, but I need more range than that and I can't get it to highlight dates in July if they were dates that happened 1, 2, 3, etc. years ago.

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Formatting Cells In Formulas

Jul 25, 2009

I am trying to adjust a simple formula that I am using:

=IF(D3<>"",1,"") **Note this is clunky, but ISBLANK doesn't seem to work due to D3 containing a formula**

to also change the fill color of A3 to "Red" if data exists in D3. Everywhere I look online for the formula reference tries to point me to Conditional Formatting, Which doesnt seem to apply to seperate cells so I can't use this.

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Formatting/formulas To Work

Jan 19, 2010

I'm trying to get some formatting/formulas to work, but apparently I'm not doing it right (otherwise, I wouldn't be here ):

1. Column A has dates. I want Column A_ to be red if the date is a week old or more from today's date, and white if it is not.

2. Column A has dates, and column B has dollar values. I want three four summations:
-Total dollar value from dates a week old from today's date
-Total dollar value from dates 2 weeks old from today's dates
-Total dollar value a month old from today's date
-Total dollar value year to date

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Conditional Formatting Cells That Contain Formulas - NO VBA?

Mar 28, 2013

I need to apply conditional formatting to cells in a column that contain formulas, or more accurately cells that do not. I have a spreadsheet with default values in a column based on a lookup function. I need to know if the user overwrites the default and cannot use UDF's or VBA. I don't think it's possible so my alternative is to include a hidden column that does the same lookup and do the conditional format off of a comparison.

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How To Change Conditional Formatting With Formulas Concerning Dates

Jan 19, 2014

In my workbook I have several column with dates, these are benchmarks that I need to follow and have my patient's follow. They concern the dates of treatments and of lab work. My last column is Contact Needed and does not contain any formulas or code. Is there a way to change the color of the row to adjust for how close we are to the treatment date or the lab draw date.

I was thinking if I were +/- 7 days from each blood draw the row would be yellow, so I could contact the patient and remind them to get the labs done. If it was over 7 days past scheduled blood draw, the row would be light red, as the urgency to get labs and continue treatment has increased as they are past due. In like manner, if treatment are within 14 days, the row would be yellow so i could call them and set the appointment. If past the treatment date, the row goes red and I have 14 days to get them in or we have to start treatment s all over again.

Book0.5 template.xlsx

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Formatting Sheet To Show Formulas In Different Color

Apr 21, 2009

I would like to be able to format a worksheet, to show cells which have a formula in a different color and those with a value.

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Copy Rows Formatting And Formulas But Not Values

Jun 4, 2009

How would you copy a row's formatting and formulas but not value. for example: A1 1 B1 =a1+2
I would like the copied row to be: A2 (blank) B2 =A2+2

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Can Conditional Formatting Formulas Have Multiple Statements

Aug 20, 2009

Can you have IF and AND statements in Conditional formatting formulas?

I put this and I get an error: =IF(AND($G5=""($H5=<>"")) I was testing the water for adding and OR statment also. I really want if cell G5 is blank and cell H5 or I5 has text, then G5 should be red.

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Conditonal Formatting Formulas: Value Between 90% And 94% Will Be Highlighted In Orange

Jan 20, 2010

In the attached spreadsheet you can see I have a chart with three columns. In the third column, I've inserted a conditional formatting formula so that any value between 90% and 94% will be highlighted in orange. What I'd like to do, based on the results in the third column which I've already formatted, is have the other two columns in the same rows highlighted in orange as well. For instance, you see that the 92.30% is highlighted in the third column because it is a value between 90% and 94% per my formula. When that is true, I would also like the 56.02% and the $4,100 (the two cells to its left) highlighted in the same color. I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

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Macro To Copy Formatting / Formulas To New Blank Row

Apr 22, 2014

I am looking for a macro that will copy the row above it, to include formatting and formulas, however not the actual contents. I need the row that's being copied to be hidden from view, which is where the problem stems from. The macro is also copying the 'Hide' formatting and I want to exclude that. This is the current macro I am using:

[Code] .....

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When User Inserts New Row Copy Formulas / Formatting From Row Above

Jan 29, 2014

If the user inserts a row, I want all formatting/formulas/data validation from the row above to be inherited in the newly inserted row. I want this to occur on sheet1.

When you insert a new row, although the entire new row is selected, the active cell is the cell in column A. So I figured I could base a routine off of the active cell. Here is what I tried:

[Code] .....

I am trying to reference a range. The first cell in the range is above the active cell. The second cell in the Range is above, the active cell, then to the right of the range, then down one. By referring to this Range, I am then trying to use the FillDown method. This code isn't doing anything.

Also, I need Excel to automatically run this code when the user inserts a new cell on sheet1. Would I need an event handler or just put this code inside of the Sheet1 code window?

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Automate The Copying Of Formulas And Cell Formatting

Oct 31, 2009

is it possible, after inserting new sheet rows, to automate the copying of formulas and cell formatting into the newly created space, instead of manually copying the formulas and formatting down into each column?

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3 Color Conditional Formatting Formulas Rules?

Jun 23, 2012

How do I create 3 color conditional formatting formulas for the following rules?:

if today is 15 days or greater before the day in the cell then green

if today is between 14 and 7 days before the day in the cell then yellow

if today is within 6 days to zero days before the day in the cell then results

anything is clear


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Excel 2002 :: Conditional Formatting And Formulas?

Jun 11, 2013

I'm currently trying to set up a spreadsheet on excel, when certain documents need updating. Basically I have a column with the dates in that each document was last updated, I want the cells to turn red (fill colour) if the document has not been updated within the last 6 months and orange (fill colour) if the document has not been updated in the last 4 months. How do I do this?

I am currently using Excel 2002 and am on a Windows XP computer.

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How To Copy Blocks Of Formulas Or Conditional Formatting

Sep 11, 2007

Lets say I have a block of cells (lets say A1:E5) that all reference the value in the upper left hand cell (A1). Could be a formula by itself or one embedded within a conditional format. I reproduced the formula and formats in the A1:E5 block by using the absolute cell reference $A$1.

I now want to reproduce that entire block (including the referenced cell A1) multiple times on the sheet, but the catch is that each new block must reference the cell in IT'S OWN upper left hand corner. (e.g. a block located at F10:J15 must use as it's reference F10, not A1).

How can I quickly reproduce those blocks? I have done a search and replace to eliminate the $ symbols within the formulas to make them relative, but that doesn't seem to work within conditional formats.

The issue right now is I am trying to apply conditional formats to a sheet I already constructed. I don't want to overight the formulas in the UL corner, so I am trying to copy and paste the conditional formatting only. Can't seem to figure out how.

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Conditional Formatting To Highlight Cells With Formulas

Dec 29, 2008

I have searched for a while but can't seem to find where the original thread is at. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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Apply Conditional Formatting To Range Of Cells That Contains Formulas?

Aug 11, 2012

Is there a way to apply conditional formatting to a range of cells that contains formulas?

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Copying Conditional Formatting Formulas To Multiple Cells?

Jul 9, 2013

I have applied conditional formatting to a cell using formulas and i want to copy that formatting to a new cell using similar formula but pointing to different cells. Is it possible to do so? I have tried to copy and paste special>formats, but that just copies the conditional formatting with the same formulas.

Sample: =IF($C$5/$C$295>$R$5,TRUE,FALSE)

I want to copy to $D$5/$D$295>$R$5,TRUE,FALSE) without having to paste the new formula in each time.

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Excel 2010 :: Conditional Formatting 1 Cell With 3 Different Formulas

Feb 16, 2014

Excel 2010

Conditional Formatting 1 cell with 3 different formulas

I am monitoring tank levels using a program called "PI". I need to know if the tank is rising, lowering or staying the same.

I am using conditional formatting to turn red if high, blueif low and yellow if stays the same. Column B, F and J are tank volumns, Column C is in feet and D is in inches.

2 7:00 3628 18 11 9:00 3456 18 0 11:00 3321 17 3

1305 5600 3600

I started using formals =$B$2=$AD$2 COLOR YELLOW

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Macro Or VBA To Provide Conditional Formatting Based On Formulas

Mar 13, 2014

Is it possible to record a macro or write VBA to apply conditional formatting to certain columns of cells where there are exceptions/conditions for the different types of conditional formatting? If possible, can those exceptions/conditions be based on a specific type of formula?

See my DATA EXAMPLE picture linked below. On that example, Columns K-Q need conditional formatting but manager wants row 38 to be blue based on the fact that it is using a =SUM() formula. This represents one "part" out of 75 that could be on a given sheet, each "part" has a different number of sub-parts that are used. So I can't just highlight columns K-Q because of the occasional SUM row that needs to be blue.

The conditional formatting that I am currently using in Columns K-Q only apply to K3:Q37 and not to row 38 at all. I currently have conditional formatting on columns K-N, P-Q where when '=ISNUMBER(xx)' returns TRUE is white and when it returns FALSE is light orange. Column O uses '=ISTEXT(xx)' for the same colors. Manager doesn't want to copy paste that formatting and wants it setup as a Macro/VBA.



Columns K-Q need conditional formattingColumn K - Formula pasted in only on lines that require the Sales Price to show, will return a number value or error

(=VLOOKUP(B38,'SaleWS'!C:G,5,0).Column L - Formula pasted in every cell in column except L38 is '=IF(Hxx="G",IF(Exx"Description EX",VLOOKUP($Dxx&$Gxx,'PriceWS'!$D:$F,3,0),""),"")'.

L38 has a sum of all above valuesColumn M - Formula pasted in every cell in column except M38 is '=IF(ISNUMBER(Lxx),Ixx*Lxx,"")'.

M38 has a sum of all above valuesColumn N - Formula pasted in every cell in column except N38 is '=IF(Exx="Description EX",VLOOKUP(Dxx,'Material'!A:O,15,0),"")'.

N38 has a sum of all above valuesColumn O - No formulas here, just manual entryColumn P - Formula pasted in every cell in column except P38 is '=IF(H38="P",VLOOKUP($Dxx&$Oxx,'PressWS'!$A:$L,12,0),"")'.

P38 has a sum of all above valuesColumn Q - Formula pasted in every cell in column except Q38 is '=IF(H37="W",VLOOKUP($Dxx,'WeldWS'!$A:$F,6,0),IF(Hxx="T",VLOOKUP($Dxx,'WeldWS'!$A:$F,6,0),""))'.

Q38 has a sum of all above values.Rows where they are using SUM for all the rows above for that part need to be blue

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Conditional Formatting To Highlight Cells With Formulas (versus Constants)

Nov 24, 2010

Is it possible to use conditional formatting to highlight cells that use formulas, as opposed to having constants?

I have a sheet that uses formulas to provide a default value, but you can type in a number if you want to replace the default. I want to be able to easily identify which ones use the default formula.

If I use functions like FIND, they look at the result of a formula, and not the formula itself.

I know I can write a UDF that will figure it out but I was wondering if there is some built-in way.

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File Size Increased And Slow After Formulas And Conditional Formatting

Jan 28, 2011

I have an excel file which consist of 12 sheets. The main sheet contain columns from A to EL and 556 rows.

At the moment, i have data on from column A to AI (we will add more data day by day). All data in main sheet are linking to another 4 sheets which basically using IF, VLOOKUP, and Conditional Formatting. My file originally was only 4.6MB in size.

However, after adding the formula (IF & Vlookup) and conditional formatting to the fourth sheet (number of columns is from A to BZ) then the file size increased from 4.6MB to 13.7MB.

My excel file also became very slow and i need to take off the Automatically Calculation option.

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Maintain The Columns Using Macro

May 6, 2007

Imagine the spreadsheet contain informations.
(For eg, columns A to Z all got contents)
Then i want to delete columns A, B, C, K,L,M, X,Y,Z

Problem faced:

When i delete A,B,C
D,E,F . . will shift to the left.. becoming A,B,C
I need to use macro buttons so that next time i dont need to remember what to delete and what not to delete.

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Maintain Control Focus

Jan 20, 2007

is it possible to always have the entire combox highlghted?

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Copying Table Without Its Formulas?

Jul 7, 2014

I wanted to see if it is possible to copy a table from one sheet to another sheet, but only the values of the cells, without the formulas in it. As there has to be a different calculation in the new table, when the calculations are done, the numbers go all crazy in the Row that has a formula in it.

This is the code I have got so far:
Sub Copy_fromSheetinMA()
Dim CellValue As Range
Sheet2.Range("Table1").Copy Destination:=Sheet1.Range("Table2")
For Each CellValue In Range("D2:CW50")
CellValue.Value = (CellValue.Value) * (135)
Next CellValue
End Sub

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Maintain Range When Inserting Columns

Sep 30, 2009

I have a macro recorded that inserts into column E in the attached report, and then retrieves data from another worksheet in the workbook. In column D I am trying to keep a 6 month average which includes the latest inserted data, however every time I insert a column the relationship with column D is moved out by one. e.g. range E8:J8 becomes F8:K8.

I am also stuck with setting up a macro to import a new model into the report. I have set up a worksheet called new model with the manufacturer, model and fail descriptions, however all macros I have recorded fail when trying to insert the manufacturer and model into mulitple cells.

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Maintain History Of Exam Results

Mar 29, 2007

I want to maintain a history of exam results held on different dates

For this purpose I created a file with three sheets named Inputs, Working & result history. Description of all sheet is as follows :

“Inputs” Used as main Input file to feed marks for each subject on certain exam date.
“Working” Linked with sheet inputs and perform calculations ( total marks, % etc)
“Result History” Date wise history of exam results based on sheet (working).

Required Solution Steps:

1.Score entered for different subjects in Sheet “Inputs” for a particular exam date.
2.Obtained marks are totaled and score % calculated based on scores entered in sheet inputs.
3.Date wise history of exam results recorded based on working sheet.

To transfer/copy/paste results from “Working” sheet to “Result history” sheet I recorded a macro which is linked with a button. This macro copy record from working sheet and paste it as value to result history sheet....

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