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Pivot Table Showing Duplicate Names

When I make a pivot table I wanted to know why it is showing duplicate names. Here is an example workbook below. It should group all the same names together. However it isn't doing so. Anyway around this problem?

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Pivot Table Not Showing Data :: Selecting From Drop Down
i have a pivot table that shows the customer names. when i select the customer drop down box i can all the customer i want to see. but in the table itself there are some customer not showing. this is the first time this has happened

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Pivot Table Not Showing Data :: Only Headers Coming
I have one excel sheet where I write a macro to create pivot table.

It was successfully ran and created the pivot table but there is no data in that table. Only headers are coming.

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Clear Old Pivot Table Field Names
I am having a problem with Excel Pivot Tables using 'old' field names for new data that has replaced older data. i.e. i will type over data in a column but on the drop down menu's the old 'names' still appear but the new ones to not'

I have had an extensive search and am familiar with (and use) the 'clear old items' macro. Whilst this macro does work it is not helping me as the items in my drop downs do not need to be cleared but their names changed to my new data. The only way i can seem to get round this is to delete and re-create the pivot table from strach - very time consuming.

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Pivot Table :: Data Field Names And Growth %
I have excel 2007. My data sheet has columns for the sales for May 2009 and the sales for May 2008. Next to it is a column for the % growth between the 2 periods. When I put all this info into a pivot table and add the formula as below to the pivot table it shows the correct values for all the individual customers but not for the Grand Total line. Here it just shows a zero.

Can you also help so that the names on the data side of the Pivot table is the same as on your original sheet where it is reading the info from, and doesn't say "Sum of May 2009, but only says "May 2009".

Please show how you would work out the % Growth between the two different columns, as I tried it, and on the individual cell the data is correct but on the grand total line it shows it as zero and does not apply the formula.

I used the formula

=SUM('MAY 2009 H&B'/'MAY 2008 H&B'*100-100)

=sum(33,296,271 / 46,852,649 *100-100)

Result should be -29, but it shows zero

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Delete Duplicate Rows :: Duplicate Company Names
I have a spreadsheet with 3300 rows. In column A there is a list of company names and in column H there is a corresponding Sales Rep name.Column A has many duplicate company names. I would like to run a macro that will find the a company name and then delete all the rest of the rows that contain that same company name.

Attached is a sample of that spreadsheet.

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Create Pivot Table: Cannot Open Pivot Table Source File
I'm trying to write a macro that will create a pivot table, and am getting an Error code 1004: Cannot Open Pivot Table Source File "Sheetname". My code is below. I've tried to note what each section does, and it all seems to work well except for the Pivot Table creation.

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Pivot Table Query: Make A Pivot Table To Summarise The Data
attached is a spreadsheet 6 people in my area use daily(ive copied and pasted the sheet in question to a new worksheet, as the file was too big). Ive been trying for about 3 days now to make a pivot table to summarise this data.

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Showing Duplicate Values
I have to compile spreadsheets as tables of various values. One column in particular is a column of ID numbers and the worksheet is very very long. I need a method for checking this one column for duplicate ID numbers.

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Change The Date On One Of The Pivot Table And Pivot Table Match
I have data that develops 3 to 4 pivot table each day. I would like to know if there is a way to change the date on one of the pivot table and have the other pivot tables date change to match with the first pivot table. At this time I am going to all 3 or 4 pivot table to select the correct date. The date is in the page position of the pivot table. I have attached a small sample of the data and the pivot tables.

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Showing The Top 3 Most Popular Names
I have a long list of names in a Sheet and would like to show on another sheet what the most common name is and also the top 3 names.

I've tried using various functions but they only appear to show the most common for numbers and chuck back errors with names.

It would be good if I could present the result like this:

Row1: Top Name 1
Row2: Top Name 2, Top Name 3

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Not Showing Pivot Values Of Zero
Did you try filtering the list see Debra Dalgleish's index page

David McRitchie, Microsoft MVP - Excel [site changed Nov. 2001]
My Excel Pages: [url]
Search Page: [url]

"BorisS" <> wrote in message
> I am getting lots of values in my table which are zero. I have a calculated
> item, and don't know if that is the problem. How, if at all, can I get any
> line which has all zeros to not show up? the table gets excessively long
> with them, not to mention the calculation takes forever.
> --

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Months To Be Sorted In Ascending Order In Pivot Table, Want To Use Multiple Colors In Pivot Charts
My input data for Pivot table has a column named "Month". The month values are like April 07, April 08, Nov07 in random order for period between Jan 07 to Aug 08.

When I create a pivot Table, this column is sorted alphabetically (April 07 is followed by April 08) but I need it to be sorted in the ascending order with respect to month (April 07 is followed by May 07).

I further use this data to plot a Pivot Chart. There is another issue here. I want to use separate colors for each series. I do not know how to achieve above 2 things.

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Refresh Pivot Tables Linked To Pivot Table
I currently have several pivot table that's linked to a single pivot table(let's call it X) in the same workbook. I'm doing this to limit the file size because the data in X comes from a text file that has millions of lines. However, it's such a pain every time I need to update the tables because simply clicking "refresh" does not update those tables that are linked to X with new data. I would have to instruct the wizard in every linked table to point to X every time. I'm trying to write a small program to re-point to X for each of those other pivot tables whenever i refresh data. However, after trying to record the steps to do this I'm still unable to run these

Sub Macro1()

ActiveSheet.PivotTableWizard SourceType:=xlPivotTable, SourceData:= _

End Sub

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Pivot Table Based Off Multiple Pivot Tables
Is it possible to create pivot table from another multiple pivot table.

Example: I have two diff pivot table "Income" and "Expense" as well
and I need to preapare new pivot table using with those two pivot table

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Table Showing A Basic RSA Algorithm
I wonder could anyone help me with a problem i'm having, I have a table showing a basic RSA algorithm in excel, for example,

M 13 2197 19 8893887173 13 M
N 14 2744 5 788125 14 N

etc etc,

How the numbers are derived isn't important, what i want to do is create a visual basic form, to allow a user to input a letter, for example M in a text box, click a button, and then the 5 related digits are shown.

So the user inputs M into a text box clicks a button, then 13, 2197, 19, 8893887173 and 13 is output to 5 other text boxes.

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Stopping Duplicate Sheet Names
I have a very simple userform that i'm using to allow users to name their 'location'

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
If Me.TextBox1.Value = "" Then
MsgBox "Please give your location a name"
Sheets("Template").Visible = True
Sheets("Template").Copy Before:=Sheets(1)
ActiveSheet.Name = TextBox1.Value
Sheets("Template").Visible = False

Unload Location

End If

End Sub

As i'm sure you've already guessed, there is nothing stopping a user from trying to rename the new sheet with an existing name. Is there anyway of checking the entry and workbook for duplicated enteries?

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Finding And Highlighting Duplicate Names
I have two columns that is use to record last name first name. I need a macro that will find matching names in the columns. i have found some examples for searching one column but have not had any luck finding someway to do 2 columns. in the example below i need it to find and highlight The names Smith John.

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Check For Sheets With Duplicate Names
I have written some code which asks the using for a name, selcet's a sheet, copy's the sheet, rename's the copied sheet then hide's the original sheet and makes the copied sheet with new name active.

My problem is that I need some sort of code to check for sheets with duplicate names and if true ask the user to rename the sheet or maybe delete the sheet.

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How To Mimic A Pivot Table Without A Pivot Table
I have a list of items and their associated quantities, many items appearing multiple times. I need a concise list that summarizes each item and sums all of its quantities.

The obvious solution is a pivot table. However, I update this list frequently and for some reason the pivot table is difficult to update. is there a function or simple vba code that I could put into this workbook that would work better than my unflexible pivot table?

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Duplicate Names, Combining Data Across Columns
I am waaaaay in over my head here. I've not done any scripting/macro/vb/whatnot work in Excel, but I'm staring down a potential all-night project manually merging data.

Here's what I have:

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Return Offset Details For Duplicate Names
I have a list of about 1000 names with 2 columns next to it. The first contains a list of different groups that the names belong to (there are 19 possible groups). The second contains a list of figures ranging between £10,000 and £500,000. I want a formula that will look for a name in the list and, when it finds the name, return the corresponding group and corresponding amount. My problem is that some names are in more than one group and therefore appear in column 1 more than once. I have tried to use the LOOKUP formula [eg looking for the GROUP =LOOKUP(Sheet1!B33, Sheet2!A:A, Sheet2!B:B)] but when a name appears more than once I cant get all the results - for example:

Mr Phil LittleGreen Group35,000
Mr Ed GrantRed Group20,000
Mr Robert SmithOrange Group10,000
Mr Robert SmithRed Group50,000
Mr Robert SmithGreen Group75,000
Mr James MorrisonGreen Group100,000

On my summary page (Sheet1) I would like to type in Mr Robert Smith (into cell Sheet1!B33) and in the rows below (obviously in 9 different cells) have the results appear but I can only ever get Mr Robert SmithGreen Group75,000 as a result. This is my first post so I hope I have obeyed all the rules and this is clear

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Pivot Tables: Pivot Table Layout
if there is a way to display a table as column percentages but have the totals as raw numbers.

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Count Pivot Fields In Pivot Table
I am trying to find a way to count the total number of pivot fields in a pivot table so I can remove ghost pivot items that are no longer in the pivot table data. My code for this subroutine is as follows;

Sub RemoveGhostPivotItems()
Dim ghost As PivotItem
Dim pt As PivotTable
Set pt = ActiveSheet.PivotTables(1)
pt.ManualUpdate = True
For Count = 1 To 10
On Error Resume Next
For Each ghost In pt.PivotFields(Count).PivotItems
Next ghost
Next Count
pt.ManualUpdate = False
End Sub

My code makes an assumption that I have 10 Pivot Fields or less. It would be nice to actually know the number of Pivot Fields so my "For Count" Loop would be more efficient. In otherwords;..............

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Import Data From Access Table To Pivot Table - Enable Auto Refresh
I have enable Refresh on Open for my excel pivot table, but user need to click "Enable Automatic Refresh" , only solution i came across is to change the registry setting. Which i dont have access to edit registry(admin disable the access).

Alternate solution i try to use Access macro to automate the process and use Outputto save it as a excel file A. Then use excel file B to update pivot table from excel file A.(as excel A data is always latest)
The problem is i will get "....A file name already you want to overwrite.." prompt.
Which defeat the automate process.

Any other solution to enable the automatic refresh on open the excel workbook?

Or Access can overwrite the exist file or save it as another file name with timestamp ?

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Find Largest Invoice For Each Individual Identifying Code Number In The Table Without Using A Pivot Table
Data Table including-

List of Identifying Code Numbers for customer invoices

Multiple repetitions of individual Identifying Code Numbers in list

Various data in table range including Various Values of invoices from different dates for each repetion of Identifying Code Number.

- Wish to find largest invoice for each Individual Identifying Code Number in the table without using a pivot table.

i have tried combining Max and Large functions with Vlookups etc.

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Apply A Filter In A Pivot Table And Extract Results In A Table
I have made a pivot table and I dlike to identify with a macro the documents with net value over 1000. Then extract these values next to the respective sales documents in an are near the pivot table somewhere. The fields are called Document and Sum of Net value. Of course the pivot is very variable one time it has 3000 records and another 5000.

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Pivot Table An Extract Of Each Data Contained In This Table
i have a pivot table an extract of each data contained in this table.

[img]Count of NAMdate
SERVICENAM12-oct10-déc11-décGrand Total
Commercial-laura Totalgh11

custody-jonathan Totalgh1113

settlement-ludovic Totalgh11

SPQC-elodie Totalgh112

Grand Total1337

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Pivot Table: Table That Shows As A Header The URL
I want for my set of data. The attached .xls is pretty straight forward: the first column is a list of people (identified by their customer number) and the second column is the URL they visited.

Since many people went to multiple pages, there are dupes between the two columns, but all of the rows are unique. What i am looking for is a table that shows as a header the URL (just one) and then the list of people that went to that URL under the header. So it's really just one column of information. It seems like a perfect task for a pivot table.

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Duplicate And Sort A Table With Formulas Only
in the attached WB you'll find a Source Table that should be duplicated and in the same time sorted as per the Points. The task should be accomplished with NO VBA, NO Helper Columns and NO Manually Copy+Sort.

Column "H" formula was no problem but I'm stuck with the "G" formulas as you can see in cells G5 and G7. I found it difficult to handle two different names with the same points. What would be the correct formula for column "G" ?

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Delete Duplicate Rows In Table
I would like to achieve is a Yes there are Duplicates & NO there aren't any in Column H. If Column A,B,C,D & E ALL Match & there is another Row that Exactly Matches A,B,C,D & E Then Return a YES or NO in Column H. Though I DO WANT ONE ROW TO STAY as I will Delete the Rest of the DUPLICATES.

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Look Up Names From A Table
I have attched my workbook. As you will see I would like to use this as a template.
Worksheet 1 (fixtures) has the layout for the first half of the season all the places are numbered. Worksheet 2 (teams) has the numbers but as yet I do not know the names of the teams. Is it possible that when I receive the names of the teams I can put them in the teams worksheet and Excel change the numbers on the fixtures list to the names of the teams. I have been doing this for a couple of years now and have done all the working out with pen and paper which can take a while.

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Pivot Table With Dynamic, Updatable Chart, But Not A Pivot Chart!
My boss wants me to design a dynamic, updatable chart in Excel 2003. I initially made a Pivot Chart based on a Pivot Table which worked perfectly, but it doesn't look professional enough when printed (or viewed) and she wants me to approach it a different way.

So, I created a graph based on the data in a Pivot Table, and used dynamic ranges as the source for the graph series so that the chart updates when the criteria fields are changed for the Pivot Table. I then added two combo boxes (ie data validation lists) to the Chart sheet, and wrote VBA code so that whenever the combo box values are changed, the Criteria fields for the Pivot Table on the 2nd sheet are updated accordingly, and this in turn causes the graph to be updated as well.

This solution also worked perfectly, but now I've been told to create the graph without macros.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The requirements/details are as follows:

1. The Pivot Table is on sheet "PIVOT", and the graph is on sheet "GRAPH"
2. The Pivot Table has two criteria - School Name and Year Level
3. On sheet "GRAPH" there are two data-validated fields, School and Year, which only allow the selection of valid Schools and Year Levels

Is there any way to make the Pivot Table update when values are changed in the fields on the CHART sheet so that the chart also updates, but without using code nor a Pivot Chart?

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Find Duplicate Table But With The Numbers In Each Of The Cells Doubled
I have a table that is 94 columns *12 rows each cell has a different number I need to find a way to duplicate the table but with the numbers in each of the cells doubled.

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Add Sheets With Names From Table
On sheet1 of my workbook I have a table containing the colums : Title, Name, Street+nr, postal code + city of some people, Telephone, email.

I would like to do the following (by clicking a button perhaps?)

- For all the records in my table on sheet1 I would like to insert a new sheet in my workbook named to their names (as in sheet1).

- The new sheet must be an existing sheet that I've already made the content (a kind of expence sheet)

- Somewhere on the top of the sheet I would like to have their names , titles en addresses (fetched from sheet1)

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Create Ranking Table With Names
I have an excel ranking 8 participants in a tournament.

In the excel you can see the people participating and there cumulative score next to their name.

What i want to do now is create a table that reads:

Cell A Cell B

1st place "name of individual with minimum points"
2nd place "name of individual with min points, from the leftover people"
8th place

I have used vlookup function, but I can either get it only to display first place individual but not the rest, sometimes it wont work because values of peoples scores have to be in ascending order.

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Table To Refer To Sheet Names
I have 50 sheets (1 sheet per staff member) that will be linked to a Master Sheet that compiles the data. The staff members are based in 5 teams of 10. The names of the sheets are based on the person's initials plus the words Progress Day,

All formulas in the master sheet are based around linking to 10 sheets so I can view the performance of each team. My problem is that the composition of each team changes quite often and so the links have to be manually updated for each team. Is there any way, for example, of compiling a table of team initials like the one below:


that could easily be edited so that the formulae containing the sheet names relate to the table rather than static sheet names?

Eg., If AT left the above team and was replaced by PG then I would update the list above and the current formula

='C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersShared DesktopProgress Day Daisychain[AT Progress Day.xls]Sheet1'!D32+'[EF Progress Day.xls]Sheet1'!D32

would update to:

='C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersShared DesktopProgress Day Daisychain[PG Progress Day.xls]Sheet1'!D32+'[EF Progress Day.xls]Sheet1'!D32

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User Box Options If Cell Entry Is A Duplicate Found In A Table Column
I have a table that i use for a customer database. and the end user adds new customers to this table, what i would like is for a message box to pop up whenever cell B2 matches an entry in a column in the customers table. the table starts on row 25, and the column i would like to check for duplicates is column B. I would like the message box to give the user the message "A customer by this name already exists, Would you like to load this customers file?" If the answer is yes, then the row that the match was found on would be copied and pasted onto row 1. if the answer is no, then nothing else happens. I hope this makes sense, i am posting this sheet of my workbook for reference.

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List Names For Cells With Greater Value In A Table...
I'm trying to List names for cells w/greater value in a table w/ 5 columns.
name that has greatest value for each row should show in column B. See example booklet.

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Create & Name Worksheets Based On Names From Table
I'm trying to create a macro which will run through every salesperson in a list, and copy and paste their product and client data (from separate sheets) to a template sheet. The template sheet will then by copied to the Salesgroup workbook, and renamed to the salesperson's name. Then the macro should go back to the original workbook and do it all again for the next salesperson, putting them into the same workbook.

The problem I'm having is that the references to the Template worksheet seem to be being messed up by copying the template sheet to the new workbook, and it then ends up creating all the worksheets, but it stops taking the data from the data sheets, and ends up copying the previous worksheet and pasting that into the new copied template, which means that I get the template multiple times across the same sheet.

Sub SalesSheets()
Dim Salesbook As Workbook
Dim NewBook As Workbook
Dim SalesDataSheet As Worksheet
Dim ClientDataSheet As Worksheet
Dim SalespersonListSheet As Worksheet
Dim Template As Worksheet
Dim rRange As Range
Dim rCell As Range
Dim strText As String
Dim SalesGroup As String
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Set Salesbook = Application.Workbooks("2008 Salesperson TEST.xls") 'change filename here
Set Template = Salesbook.Worksheets("Salesperson Template")
Set SalesDataSheet = Salesbook.Worksheets("SP product YoY")
Set ClientDataSheet = Salesbook.Worksheets("Client YoY")
Set SalespersonListSheet = Salesbook.Worksheets("Salesperson List")..........................

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Pivot Table Pop Ups
I have some code that creates a pivot table the only problem is that two small windows keep poping up on the screen, I thought I could use the Application.DisplayAlerts = False at the begining of the script to disable those windows?

The windows that pop up are Pivot Table and pivot table field list.

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% In A Pivot Table
I am trying to add a column to a pivot table that shows the percentage of another column.

I have Sales and Returns listed for my company's products in the pivot table columns.

Lets say the numbers are: Sales are 10 and returns are 4. I show both columns and want to add a 3rd column that shows 40% (4/10).

Does anyone know how to do this in the pivot table? There are plenty of percentage options, but none to do this simple one.

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Add Pivot Table With VBA
The macro does the following:

- Sort products on Partno.
- Per partno, export the file to a new file with an auto name.

I now tried to add a function so in a new workbook it would create
a pivot table. which is easyer for our customers. But the debugger keeps
hammering on the line just beneath the line: With New WB

Sub SplitToNewWorkbooks_CD()
Dim NewWB As Workbook
Dim UR As Range, UniqueList As Range, f As Range
Dim myPath As String, Partno As String
sDate = Replace(FormatDateTime(Now(), vbShortDate), "/", ".")
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
myPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & ""
With Sheets("file")
Set UR = .UsedRange.................

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Value 0 In A Pivot Table
This dataset I have has empty cells, but there is a formula in these cells.

When I make a PT from that dataset, the cells which are empty in the dataset do show up in the PT, as zero's.

Say in the first column of the table are employees, in the second column is a number that is of interest. I want the employees with a number of interest that has value of zero not to show up.

Is there a way to leave those rows out of the table?

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Pivot Table Max Value
I have a number of values for a particular places,
-say, 'A' has 5 values named 1 2 3 4 5 each with a value and 'B' has 3 values names 6 7 8 each with a value and so on.............

-If I use a pivot table to give me the max valuesit will for return the largest value for A, B and so on.

However I also want to know for A, which one is the largest 1 2 3 4 or 5? and for B, 6 7 or 8? and so on.

Basically, is it possible for pivot table return the location of the Max value as well as the max value?

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Pivot Table(VBA) In SAS
I am a green hand in VBSCRIPT. The following code by VBSCRIPT is to
automatically produce Pivot Table for the rawdata below. Actually, both code
and data are generated by SAS. But I always meet problems in process the
VBS code.


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Refresh Pivot Table VS Refresh Pivot Cache
Will someone please tell me the difference (if there is a difference) between the following 2 lines of ....

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Pivot Table - Subtotals
I have a seemingly very simple question but even though I've worked a lot with pivots I can't find the answer.

clientcode Amount countries
a1 1.000,00 kenia
a2 2.000,00 kenia
b3 1.000,00 kenia
b4 3.000,00 kenia
b5 2.000,00 kenia
c5 1.000,00 senegal
c6 3.500,00 senegal
c7 4.000,00 senegal
c8 5.000,00 senegal

Lets say I have a list like this and I want to count the number of clients (3) or countries(2).

I can only get the total of rows per client but not the subtotal 3 for the number of clients.
a - 2
b 3
c - 4

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Pivot Table - Percentages
I am trying despeartely to finish this out. Here is the deal. I created a pivot table (see attached). The issue is that I need the numbers in the red boxes to be a percentage of the total number below - so the 2 should be a percentage of the 9 (22%) and the 3 should be 100% and the 7 should be 78%. I cannot seem to get this to work. Also, there are multiple rescue groups that need this and each needs to be the % of its own total number of animals.

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Pivot Table :: How To Get The % Data Above A Particular Value
I have a excel sheet with following 4 columns

Division Name:

Location Name:

Transformer capacity:

Transformer earth resistance:

Now how can I get answer of following queries in Pivot table. (Excel 2007)

1. % of a particular capacity of transformers in a division say % of 400 capacity transformers in all divisions.

2. % number of transformers having Transformer earth resistance value above a particular value in all divisions. Say % of Transformers having Transformer earth resistance above 2.6 in each division.

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Pivot Table Uses Raw Data
I'm using Excel for bookkeeping and balancing a budget. I've created one sheet for all my raw data and the other is to summarize the data using a pivot table. On the raw data sheet I have labeled my columns for the pivot table. I was hoping that in the pivot table I can select a year and have all the months for that year and data of that year be available, but not other years. I was also trying to have only the month selected of a year selected and that data be available. I also wanted to show an accounting of money spent by item.

Instead, I have a pivot table that is confusing and very unattractive. The example of this will show my limited knowledge in pivot tables. I'm hoping some of you more affluent "guru" members may be able to help me get something usable and presentable.

I tried creating a dynamic named range for the pivot table "BookKeeping" and a dynamic named range for the money out and money in "Accounting", but I'm not sure if I did that right. I did this because more columns will be added over time. This is the reason I'm asking the above two paragraphs.

Should I be using filters some how?

The Summary Sheet also has the balance of available funds that I'm somehow looking to include in this pivot table. Can the pivot table keep a running balance?

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