Prompt Where To Save

Jan 10, 2007

Currently I have information that includes numerous distributors information on one sheet. The code below separates each distributors information into a new tab and a new workbook, names the workbook and saves it in the specified file path.

I am trying to figure out a way to use an InputBox to popup and ask the user where all the new workbooks will be saved at. Thus, avoiding the need to change the code each time you want the new workbooks saved in a different folder .....

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Prompt For Save When No Changes Made

Dec 10, 2004

I have an excel spreadsheet that when opened and closed prompts to save changes, even when no changes have been made.

The spreadsheet is a copy of another spreadsheet which has then been modified. The original spreadsheet doesn't have this quirk.

There are no 'links' in the spreadsheets. Which was my first thought.

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Stop Save Prompt

Feb 11, 2005

I have a spreadsheet that has hyperlinks in it and is mostly protected to prevent changes. Is there a way to prevent the "save changes" dialog box from appearing when this file is closed as I have to make this file available to others and don't want them to get this message or make save any changes.

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VBA To Save As In Specific Path With Prompt

Oct 6, 2011

I'd like a macro that will:

Save my workbook
Open the SaveAs box with the path already pointing to a specific directory and with the Name and file format already entered (.xls)

This is basically to save time navigating through our folder structure (which is a real mess). I don't want to automatically saveas the file as the target folder will change each month and the last part of the file name will chance (month). So I'd like a bit of flexibility rather than total automation.

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Close Application Without Save Prompt

Nov 14, 2006

Is there a code I can use, through a private command button, that will exit the Excel program (not just the current workbook) without asking to save?

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VBA - Go To Website And Download File From Save Prompt

May 24, 2013

How to save a file onto the computer using VBA. The code template below that I found on another forum seems promising, except when I go to the desktop to access it, the .csv file has what looks like the page's source code instead of the actual file I want. This may be because when I go to the url, it doesn't automatically download the file; rather, I am asked to save the file to a certain location (since I don't know the path name of the uploaded file on the site).

Is there any way to alter this code to accommodate this, or will I have to use a different code entirely?

Sub Test()
Dim FileNum As Long
Dim FileData() As Byte
Dim MyFile As String
Dim WHTTP As Object

[Code] .....

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Macro To Prompt For Save Location And Filename

Feb 22, 2014

In a workbook, I use a macro to extract a sheet and save it as xls.

What code should I use to prompt the user to define the location and name of the new file to be saved?

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Automatically Prompt To Save Template When Opened

Jun 4, 2008

Is it possible to open a template, prompt the user to enter data and have the template save itself as the user defined data?

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How To Call Save As Prompt If Directory Doesn't Exist

Apr 1, 2014

I am using this code to generate a text to a directory, but I would like to know how to call a save as prompt if the directory doesn't exist?

[Code] ..........

If the folder macro does not exist, then it will prompt a message saying that the folder macro cannot be found, and the save as prompt will appear.

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Save As Macro With Location Prompt But Fixed File Name ?

Dec 29, 2008

For a sheet that many non-expert users will use on different systems I need a macro that let's them save, print and send the results of their work. So I made a macro that makes a copy of only 1 sheet of the workbook and saves it with a given name to a given location. The problem is that I want a location prompt to ask the user where they want the file saved, while giving/suggesting them a fixed filename. A lot of different users will make and use their sheets so I need a certain naming policy to manage all the files. (date, location, etc)

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Clone Active Worksheet And Prompt User For Where To Save CSV

May 29, 2013

I've recorded this code and am looking to include it in a button. I would like for when a user clicks the button assinged macro that the active sheet is cloned and saved as a CSV file. The user should be prompted before saving on where (file location) they'd like to save the file.

Sub CloneWorksheet()
' CloneWorksheet Macro
Sheets("SDW&Customer Workshop scheduled").Select
Sheets("SDW&Customer Workshop scheduled").Copy
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
"C:Documents and Settings1167916My DocumentsTestBook1.csv", FileFormat:= _
xlCSV, CreateBackup:=False
End Sub

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Prompt Users To Enter Information In Specific Range Of Cells Before Save

Mar 11, 2014

Is there a way to prompt users to enter information in a specific range of cells before they save?

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Prompt User For Directory And Filename; Then Save File In Directory With File Name

Jun 10, 2009

I am trying to prompt the user for the directory to be saved in and file name to be saved as; then save the workbook in the input directory with the inputted file name.

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Prompt And Populate

Jun 3, 2009

In column L on sheet1, I want the user to type in a number. That number will be the number of recommendations that need to be done.

Once "L" is populated I would like the user to be prompted to fill out
-what the recommendation is
-date in should be finished by
corresponding to the number that was typed into "L" which would be listed onto a new sheet. So if the user typed in 3 - I should have 3 recommendations with dates.

On my new sheet, I would like "A" to match "A" from sheet1 for the first one only
"B" would be the recommendation from the prompt
"C" would be the date of that prompted recommendation

Name - Recommendation 1 01/01/10
<blank> - Recommendation 2 02/02/10
<blank> - Recommendation 3 02/03/11

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Prompt Row To Delete

Mar 19, 2012

Is it possible to prompt the user for a specific row number to delete in a vba textbox? If yes, then the code would fire using a button. I have the worksheet protected and only want to unprotect through code to delete a specific row number, then protect it again.

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Insert Row Prompt

Oct 10, 2007

I'm in search of a way to prevent people who use a spreadsheet of mine from screwing up formulas. I've hidden rows 10 and 12 in a spreadsheet. i have a TOTAL formula in a cell on row 13 that counts from 10-12. that way, when people insert rows, the total is always right. problem is, people somehow seem still screw it up.

I'm hoping there's a way for me to put a button on the sheet to insert rows. and when the button is pushed, be promted to enter a number of rows. then have it insert that many rows.

Is that feasable?


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Using Input Box To Prompt For Name

Jun 17, 2008

I've not used Input Box function before. When a user opens my workbook I want to check whether a named range ("Name") is blank and, if it is, to prompt the user to type their name in an Input Box which then returns that value to the named range. This is what I have tried but I don't think I am referring to the named range correctly,

Dim strName
If IsNull("Name") Then
strName = InputBox("Please enter your name", "Name Required", "1")
Range("Name") = strName
End If

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VBA Re User Prompt

Oct 4, 2008

I have created an addin that runs several macros. To enable the user to undo any changes, I keep a backup prior to them using any of the macros in the form of a worksheet named back00xx. I want a prompt to be displayed to the user to remove these backups at the closing or saving of the file. The problem is that as an addin, how do I get it to display this prompt as the open workbook is not part of the addin.

Could one have a looping routine that is checking every xx min/sec to check if the current workbook contains any sheets starting back00

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VBA - Prompt To Enter Data

Jan 15, 2007

After recording a macro that goes to last figure in data, how do I edit this to prompt for a new data value and enter it into 1st empty cell at end of data?

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Macro To Prompt Key In Date?

Jul 21, 2014

excel macros and only know how to record certain tasks, and then edit after recording the task.

I am working on a project to automate a daily routine task for a company which involves creating a new tab and inputting various datas.

How can I create a macro such that I create a new tab and a combobox appears asking me to input the date in a particular cell?

This is the first in a number of steps for fully automating this process.

So far I only have this to create a new tab.

Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
ActiveSheet.Copy After:=ActiveSheet
End Sub

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Prompt In Vba That Will Minimize But Be Available After The Choice

Nov 25, 2007

is there a way to make a macro that runs on startup
and prompts with a yes/no question, if the user
wants to multiply all new data values time 1.0825,
and after having selected if they do or dont want
to allow that, would it be possible to have the
prompt minimize itself but still be present in
case they decide to toggle that on/off?

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Input Box Prompt For Password

Dec 5, 2007

How The Vba Code Used For

My Excel File Name "eai.xls" ,when I Click The File , It Open The Sheet Name "menu" With The Inputbox Prompt:="put Your Id"
When The User Put The True Id , It Will Show The Input Box Prompt:="your Password" . If The Password True Will Activate The Sheet Name "data" .and Hide All The Menu Bar.

If The Wrong Id Name Show The "re Enter Your True Id " ,that Also For The Wrong Password In Which If User Put More Than 3 Times Wrong , Will Close The Workbook And Exit File.

The User Persons Allow 10 Person Id . Keep In The Table Of The Sheet Name " Id And Password" The Id No. Are In The A1:a10
Password No. Are In B1:b10
This Sheet Name Is Hide And Protect

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Ignore Input Prompt

Apr 18, 2008

I run a macro to open multiple workbooks and run a macro within those workbooks. All worked fine until a message/input box was included in the individual workbook macros [that I cannot change] to notify the single workbook user when the macro had successfully completed and prompts for an “ok” input.

Can I get my macro to ignore this prompt and not wait for an input – I am currently clicking “ok” everytime it comes up on screen. Have searched help and forum but nothing jumps out.

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Input Prompt Page

Sep 10, 2008

I have eventually got my Worksheet up and running but now im trying to make things a little easier to complete. The plan is when the Engineer is on site he has to open the Excel sheet to check the tests he has to complete and then mark the results. this is fine but for vaildation he has to sign everthing etc... i made it easier so they only had to fill in one box and it would complete the rest but this seems to get missed more often than not.


i want a Screen to pop up when some one opens my excel that says Enter name and contact details. then they submit this which updates the spread sheet with this information and then the engineer can continue as normal.

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Validate A Value Entered Through The Below Prompt

Aug 18, 2009

What is the best option to validate a value entered through the below prompt?

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Prompt For New Active Cell

Nov 21, 2011

Is there a way for VBA to prompt the user for a new selection?.

For exmaple,

Sub BlankRow()

The reason I need this is because I am already in a macro and can not change selection on screen and I don't want to exit routine to make new selection (last line of code).

'I need to be able to select new active cell!

ActiveCell.EntireRow.Interior.ColorIndex = 1
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select

End Sub

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Update Values Prompt

Feb 12, 2013

I attempted to copy the cells (which had formulas) from one workbook worksheet into another workbook worksheet. It didn't paste properly, so I deleted it and resolved to enter the formulas I needed manually one by one. The formulas reference values in other worksheets within the same workbook. The issue is, now, for some reason when I attempt to enter the formulas, I get an "Update Values" prompt and the formulas won't reference the sheets within the same workbook anymore. Is there a way to stop this prompt from appearing? and unlink the workbooks?

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VBA Password Prompt Keeps Popping Up?

Dec 13, 2013

The VBA password prompt keeps popping up when I closed my workbook even though I haven't opened up the VBA window. How do I stop this?

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Suppress Protection Prompt

Oct 25, 2007

Is there a macro to supress the popup prompt saying "the cell is protected...." when users double click on a protected cell ?

i prefer for nothing to happen when users double click a protected cell..

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Conditional Error Prompt In VBA

Mar 31, 2008

I have a macro used to format data from a software export. The user exports data from another system, copies and pastes the values into my sheet. I have a macro set up to strip out unneccessary columns, format everything, etc. The problem I'm having is that people keep clicking the macro button multiple times, which deletes more columns, and strips useful data out. Is there a way to set up a flag in the macro to stop them from doing this?

Once the sheet is formatted, it types in "Imported ____" (where the blank is the current date and time). So I'm thinking that is the best option to flag the macro; if A1 contains Imported*, then prompt "don't touch that friggin button"....or something to that effect.

Here is the code I have:

Sub Formatting()
' Formatting Macro
' Macro recorded 3/27/2008 by mileskb

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