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Quotes/Quotation Marks In Formula Macro Code

how do i put a formula using: activecell.formula"=CODE("A")"

with " in it
it just dosent work

and is there a way to use the returned value of these formulee in macros with out actually putting them into a cell

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Quotation Marks Causing Error
The IF formula works if placed in a cell, but Vba doesn't seem to like the Quotation Marks in Rc11="".

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To Insert A Variable Between Quotation Marks
I have the following line of
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="=2009_15", Operator:=xlAnd

The highlighted portion is going to change from week to week. I have never been able to put a variable inside of quotation marks. I am sure it is simple, which explains why it is out of my mental grasp. how I can assign a variable in there?

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Find, Replace Quotation Marks In Vba
I'm trying to find and replace all the quotation marks (basically just deleting them) on a worksheet through VBA. I've tried a number of things and am stumped. The code I'm using is:

Cells.Replace What:="", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart, MatchCase:=False 'Replaces the quotes.

I've tried

Cells.Replace What:=" & chr(34) & ", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart, MatchCase:=False 'Replaces the quotes.


Cells.Replace What:=""", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart, MatchCase:=False 'Replaces the quotes.

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Numerical Treatment Of Quotation Marks
To prevent the display of values in a worksheet, I have used an If statement in the format: =IF(I67=""",""",I67). This generally works well; however, I have discovered that if the input value for I67 is actually zero, there is no value displayed in the cell. I need the value to be displayed as a numerical zero so that it can be used in subsequent calculations.

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Handle Quotation Marks Within Text VBA Is Working On
I have a macro that imports xml and then allows the user to update certain fields. The XML contains many quotation marks and inbound I deal with this by replacing " with ' using Find & Replace.

But before exporting the XML again I need to replace the ' with " but am stuck on how to do this.

For instance I'm trying the following with no success:

Cells.Replace What:="'", Replacement:=""", LookAt:=xlPart" _
, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False, _

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Find And Delete Quotation Marks At The End Of A String
I'm using a query that dumps information into Excel. The query automatically creates a formula in each each cell. For instance if the first value in the query showed FUNSTUFF, after dumping it into Excel, the contents of the cell would show ="FUNSTUFF". I can just use a find and replace to get rid of the leading =", but sometimes the values of the cells are supposed to have a quotation mark, so using the same method to remove the trailing quote won't work. I need a way to search each cell, check if the last character in the string is a quote, and if it is, delete it.

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Text File Importing With Double Quotation Marks
I am having a problem with the correct coding needed for a qotation mark

i wish to place a quotation mark around some text with coding
example "TEST" by using the code below this appears fine and looks fine when i save the file, however when i open that file in a .txt file i see """TEST"""

This is the coding i am using and can see it may be where the problem lies

ActiveSheet. Range("C4").Value = """" & Sheets("PRODUCTS").Range("Y1").Value & """"

to correct it i have tried this

ActiveSheet.Range("C4").Value = " & Sheets("PRODUCTS").Range("Y1").Value & "

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Correct Way To Reference A Question Mark And A Period (Apostrophes And Quotation Marks)
This question is about punctuation.

I know the following is a correct way to reference a question mark and a period....

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Vb Code Using Quotes
I have a formula that i want to give a cell using vb. The problem im having is that the quotes give me a compile error in the mm/dd/yy part. What is the way around this? The following code is what i need vb to put into the cell.

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Concatenate-Join Quote Marks Around Text Code
Trying to build array elements from a list


My thought is in helper column to concatenate the quotes and comma "xxxxx", Then I will copy paste special transpose and should have an array list

I tried ="""&A2&"","
But I need it to return "19909",

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Copy Text, With Quotes, Without Quotes
I'm trying to set up a macro to be assigned to a button to copy the text in a cell into an application which uses similar text capabilities to Notepad.

The simple macro of:


... results in the text of the cell being copied to the clipboard with quotation marks before and after the text. I can manually enter the cell, select the text, the copy it... but this process can not be recorded in a macro - I can edit the cell and copy the text but when leaving the cell it gives the error "unable to record".

Is there any way I can copy the text to the clipboard without getting these quotes?

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Formula With Quotes Not Recording
Some of the below address was removed, how would this formula be written in VBA? When I try to record this formula excel tells me unable to record, probably due to all the & within the address itself ...

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Formula Enters Values In Worksheet B Instead Of The Question Marks


row 1) 1 Jan Paris COLUMN D=1
row 2) 3 feb Berlin COLUMN C= 5
row 3) 16 mar London COLUMN D=1
row 4) 22 apr Paris COLUMN C=2
row 5) 3 jan Rome COLUMN C=4
row 6) 5 apr Paris COLUMN D=3


City Jan Feb Mar Apr
Paris ? ? ? ?
Berlin ? ? ? ?
Rome ? ? ? ?

What kind of formula enters values in Worksheet B instead of the question marks (that is, adds up all the numbers in columns C and D of Worksheet A which happen in the given city and month?)

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Quotes In A VBA String For A Cell Formula
I'm trying to put a formula into a group of cells with VBA. However, the formula requires quotation marks in it...e.g.,

the formula in the cell should be... = "STR - " & intRow

where intRow will insert a designated integer. My problem is the quotes for the string part....I can't get the VBA code (tried both setting a string variable and using range.value =) to keep the needed quotes.

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Formula Requires Parameter In Quotes, Indirect Doesn't Work
I've been given a formula to use (embedded in an add-in that is password-protected). One of the parameters REQUIRES quotes.

The formula goes like this: =MYFORMULA(1,2,3,"ABC")

If I put ABC in a cell (say C5) and use the formula =MYFORMULA(1,2,3,INDIRECT(C5)), the formula doesn't work.

If I put "ABC" in cell C5, the indirect function still work make the function work.

Even if I have ABC in cell C5 and use =MYFORMULA(1,2,3,""""&C5&"""") or =MYFORMULA(1,2,3,""""&INDIRECT(C5)&""""), these won't work.

I wish I could just change the UDF behind this, but that isn't possible.

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Macro: Concatenate Text, Variable & Double Quotes
I need to write a line of code which puts the following into a cell:

=+C4 & " - " & 1

The cell reference at the beginning will always be C4, however the "1" at the end will be variable named "GroupNo"

So my code will be something like:

Range("B46").Value = "=+$C$4 & " & "" - "" & "GroupNo"

This isn't working. I've tried every variation of what it should be but I keep getting errors like "type mismatch" or just the wrong thing being put in the cell.

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Adding Formula Through Macro Code
Im trying to autimatically insert a RTD formula in a cell but it is failing trowing the error 1004 : 'runtime 1004: application-defined or object-defined error'

Here is the ....

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Convert Formula To Macro Code
I have

1) A worksheet ( named PC OD) with one 80X80 matrix (matrix1)

2) another worksheet (named worksheet2) where I have 2 80X80 matrices (matrix 2 and matrix 3) and the below mentioned formulae

Matrix 2 grabs data off Matrix 1 (cell 'PC OD'!B769 belongs to matrix 1, in sheet PC OD) to round off the values in each of the 80X80 cells : ...

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Add Formula & Auto Fill Via Macro Code
I want a Macro to be able to copy a formula down from cell A2 down the entire column within the data range. But, the problem I've got is that the spreadsheets I'll be using the Macro on will be different sizes. Currently, the VBA looks like this:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "= LOWER(RC[3])"
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A2:A17340"), Type:=xlFillDefault

So the "Destination:=Range("A2:A17340")" part copies the formula into all cells from A2 to A17340. Other spreadsheets might only have data up to cell A200, or Awhatever - is there a way of getting the macro to populate just the cells in column A but only where there is data adjacent in other columns?

Also, I want the Macro to be able to delete all rows wherever "DELETE" appears in a certain column - I had a look at the "Delete Entire Row Based on Criteria" Macro but I'm looking for a fully automated solution, rather than the question boxes coming up and asking which cell/criteria, I need to run this macro on multiple sheets and the criteria/column position will always be the same -

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Add Formula Via Macro Code With Variable As Sheet Name
I have a front sheet with a list of all the sheets in the workbook in column A.
In column B I need to use the counta function to count the number of entries in the corresponding sheet to column A.

As there are 70 sheets I'd thought I'd use a Macro but I'm having great difficulties. I've done a search but can't find what I'm looking for.

So heres part of my code (it uses loops etc which I've managed but this just errors)

cell.Offset(0, 1).FormulaR1C1 = "=counta(" & str2&" C[-1])-1"

The str2 is the string name to reference the sheet in the formula (for example sheet1), I can't figure out how to enter this into the code so it works and is accepted.

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Variable In Formula Added Via Macro Code
I am needing to write a line of VB code for a macro that will insert a VLookup formula into a cell where the "named" table_array can be a variable. Example of what I am looking at below.

Worksheets("active Worksheet").("active cell").Formula =VLOOKUP(G2,variable,6,False)"

I need it to be imputed in the active cell of the active sheet with the variable able to be gathered possibly from a cell reference. Say the cell c3 on the active sheet says V080606, the formula imputed would be =VLOOKUP(g2,v0806,6,false).

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Run Macro Code When Formula Result Changes To Negative
Am trying to get the sheetcalculate to be triggered and execute VBA code when a formula changes its result from positive to negative. The code works fine if I trigger it with a command button click. Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;

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Determine #NAME- Formula Error In Macro Code
I am trying to reference a cell that displays "#NAME?" due to an unrecognized formula. However, I keep getting an "Type Mismatch" error. Is there a way to reference a file that displays "#NAME?"


If Sheets("sheet1").Range("B6") = "#name?" Then
End If

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Copy/Fill Down Formula Macro Code
I have created a macro with the below formula in it:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=LEN(RC[-1])"
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("L2:L234")

I am using column K and it looks up the length of this cell. When I created the formula I was using info that only went to line 234 which was fine. Once I clear the info in column K and input new info it can go further than line 234. How do I get the macro to look up the whole of column k without having to create a new macro each time?

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Identify Formula Errors Macro Code
i would like an if macro to pick up if cell dest (i have used a case to define this cell) contains an error or more imoprtantly #REF! then change the offending cells to 0 and put up a message box to put "Check XTA". i have found some that i think may work but i didnt understand them (they had function in them :smask so i couldnt put them there a way to put them in with out functions or could someone point me in the right direction.

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Macro Code To Insert Relative Formula Into Range
I have a formula that works fine in the cell of an Excel spreadsheet but I'm struggling to translate it into VBA (your help please).

The cell formula is:

=If(B2="", "", B2 & " (version: " & F2 & ")")

I want to iterate through all rows in my spreadsheet (about 2000) incrementing the relevant row numbers in the formula @ each pass - eg changing B2 -> B3 -> B4 etc and F2 -> F3 -> F4 etc where column 'B' contains the name of the product and column 'F' contains the version number, resulting in "Product Name (version: 123)" per row.

The closest I've got to this is:

Sub LookupNameInColumnA()
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To Selection. CurrentRegion.Rows.Count - 1
ActiveCell.Formula = "=IF(B2="""", """", B2 & "" Version: 999"")" ' problem line?
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Next i
End Sub

This works OK'ish but I want each line to reflect the different data per row. I'm struggling to increment row 'B' and row 'F' in the formula, having tried "B & i + 1" and "F & i + 1" but am getting confused with quotes and concatenating strings within formulas.

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Convert Formula To Macro Code (combining Data From Two Cells)
I received assistance from NBVC for combining data from two cells. Post I need to convert the formula into macro code. I thought I would be able to convert it on my own, but running into some troubles with run time errors. Here is the Excel formula, which is working fine.

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Insert Relative R1C1 SUM Formula Into Cell Via Macro Code
Hello I'm looking for some clarification about how to use "= SUM(RC:RC)". I don't understand what the RC:RC represents. I thought that this was the directions for where to "position" the formula, but I think I'm missing something.

I was able to include the correct cells that I need summarized, but the answer is not right; it's zero.

Public Sub SubColumn(CritStr As String) ...

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Macro Code To Add Sum Formula/Function, With Variable Rows, To Cell
I am having to copy and paste rows of data into a new worksheet where the rows sizes change and I am wanting to add a new row at the end of the pasted rows but with the sumation formula to add the relevant column

e.g copy range B14:AA17 with in this case columns E to AA holding the numerical values. Therefore I wish in cell E18 to sum the value of E14:E17 and so on ending with cell AA18 holding the sum of AA14:AA17

As these vary I have all relevant variables, Range to add sumation values to eg E18:AA18
Start Cell E14 and so on.

I tried adding "=SUM(x:d)" where x and d are vars relating the the column cell required eg x = E14 and d = E17

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Check & Change Cell After Adding Formula Via Macro Code
The loop is putting the correct formula into the cell - but THEN... - I wish to (within the loop and before it moves on) check if the value is equal to OR greater than 1 - if it is, make it a value of 1 (this '1' is then used at the bottom of the column of data to give a total). I need to do this before it moves onto the next cell. What am I doing wrong? Is it because once it puts formula in the cell, it then moves down - do I need to select the cell again first? As I had originally posted on this site - link: url][/url]

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Increment Row And Column In Formula Reference Added With Macro Code
I have a formula that I want to insert using a macro, so how do I iterate the * values in this line?

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='Sheet1'!R[*]C[*]"

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Add Nest Formula/Function To Cell With Variables Via Macro Code
I would like to use a varible Cell for the following forumula:

ActiveCell.Formula = "= ROUND(PIExpDat(""TimeEq('""&Cells(RowNdxG,4)&F$2,F$3,F$4,F$5,0,)/3600,1)"

I have underlined the variable. This is not working but is rather showing up as a string value Cells(RowNdxG, 4).

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Add Formula To Cell To Equal Product Of 2 Other Cells Via Macro Code
I'm trying to set a cell on one sheet to be equal to the product of two cells on another sheet. The problem is that one of the cells on the other page is dependent on the variable T. This is what I've got and it's giving me errors

Worksheets("Output").Range("K14").Formula = "Worksheets("Calcs").Range("D17")*worksheets("Calcs").Range("D17").Offset(10+T,0)"

When I record a macro it gives me this, but again, I need the last cell in terms of "T"

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=Calcs!R[3]C[-7]*Calcs!R[14]C[-7]"

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Find Last Character In A String Is A Quotation Mark?
How do you find if the last character in a string is a quotation mark?

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Getting Rid Of Tick Marks
Some sent me a large spreadsheet with random rows throughout the spreadsheet highlighted in diffierent colors. I have a module that will sort the spread sheet by Color - however it doesn't work on this spreadsheet because - for whatever reason - every cell starts with a tick mark.

I tried to do a replace all - and excel just told me I was crazy.

I even tried going through and manually removing the tick marks - still no luck.

If I export the sheet in to txt and then re-import it I will loose all the highlights...

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Hash Marks
I have my columns set at a certain width, the cells set to Wrap Text, the Row set to Autofit YET sometimes when I add text, the hashmarks show up as if the cell isnt formatted correctly and Excel cant show all the text. I can resize the cell, change the text whatever, nothing changes. The only way I can fix this is to cut the text out, open a separate worksheet, paste the text into a cell and copy the whole cell BACK into the original spreadsheet, then I have to reformat the text, whereupon it behaves as it is supposed to.

I read about a similiar problem and the reply was that a macro might be causing the error. This is not the case here. This doesnt happen with any regularity so it is very difficult to figure out.

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Show The Headings Of The Four Highest Marks In Each Row
I have tried to construct a formula for columns M N O and P to extract the names of the four best marks for each student. I have used the 'Large' formula but it does work when there are equal marks in the list.

Has anyone used a formula to order the first four highest marks and show the headings?

Here is a sample of the Spreadsheet I am using.
(Using Excel 2003)

Column headings are:
(ignore the commas - they are just spacers for the data when posting)


Foot, Athl, Base, R.Cl., Rug, Crick, Tram, Bad, TT, Gym, Golf,,,,, 1st,,,2nd,,,3rd,,,4th

,20,,,,,25,,,,21,,,,,19,,,,22,,,,,20,,,,,24 ,,,25,,,,21,,,24,,,,19,,,,,, Athl Bad Tram Gym

,25,,,,,21,,,,19,,,,,22,,,,20,,,,,24,,,,,25,,,,21,,,,24,,,19,,,,25,,,,,, Foot Tram Golf Crick

,20,,,,,26,,,,25,,,,,21,,,,19,,,,,22,,,,,20,,,,24,,,,25,,,21,,,,24,,,,,, Athl Base TT Bad

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Tab: Show The Marks When I Group The Columns Or Rows
I have this tab that won't show the marks when I group the columns or rows.

I know it is grouped becuase if you copy the data to the blank tab the marks appear fine. Copying the data is an easy work around but I would really like to know the root cause of this. The issue was only with this tab. I used to have a ton of other tabs and they grouped fine.

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Plot/Chart Tick/Check Marks
Is there any way in which I can map the tick mark labels on either the x-axis or the y-axis to different values other than the ones that are being plotted for.

For example, lets say the data is:

1 5
2 6
3 10
4 15
5 8

I want to plot these in a chart but instead of displaying 1,2,3,4,5 on the x-axis, I want to display a different column, say,


The answer is not as simple as plotting the required x-values with the y-values. I have just used a simplistic example but the thing I am trying to do has dependencies involved so I cannot simply plot the chart with the required column.

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Commas & Quotes
I have a rather large file that I need to convert. Right now, there are about 3 columns and over 4500 rows. What I need to do is have everything separated by quotes and commas. I have a macro to somewhat do this, but it is putting an extra comma in front of everything. My question is this:

Is there a way to take out a comma that is in front of every entry?


Is there another macro that will separate the columns with a single quote and comma, like below:


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Copy And Paste The Data And Remove All Those Question Marks
I imported data in to column A and it looks like it inserted a question mark (which I think represents a space or tab )before about half the names.

So when I import the data in my contact manager it inserts a square and throws off the import.

I know it is a simple question but have not been successful.

I am using Excel 2007.

All I want to do is copy and paste the data and remove all those question marks. I would assume it is simple as pasting with "remove formatting" but I am not seeing that option.Plus they are names so I want to keep capitalization etc.

I also tried pasting in a text file to remove formatting and paste in the text file.. (the names ended up indented) and then "paste special" back in to excel with no formatting .which I was able to do in 2000 but with no luck with 2007.

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Triple Quotes In Text
I'm running the following to put quotes around data in a workbook:

Sub test()
For Each s In Range("A1:A" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row)
s.Value = """" & Format(s.Value, "00000000") & """"
For Each s In Range("B1:B" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row)
s.Value = """" & Format(s.Value, "####") & """"
End Sub

And exporting as a CSV file for loading into another program. The problem is everything looks OK in Excel, but when I open the file in Notepad to check the output, the quotes are all triple. How can I get only single quotes around the data?

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Inserting Quotes Into A CSV File
I have a csv file that needs to be formatted and then saved as a csv file, and i have written code to do this but i need all of the values in the csv file to have one set of double quotes but at present all of the values do not have any quotes, how can i go about this.

Here is an example of the formatted csv file ....

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Yahoo Quotes Into Spreadsheet
I have a spreadsheet with several stock symbols in a1:a25

I want to look up the last price and put it into b1:b25 for each stock in a.

I have tried all aspects of symtol"&f=l1 as a query but can not get it to work without specifying the symbol in the url for each symbol.

I am assuming that I need a macro of query that can look up the range to provide the prices.

The reason is that the list of symbols changes daily and I need to look them up daily.

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Export First Column With Quotes
It exports a sheet to a text file with quotes and commas as delimiters. What I need is to only add quotes to the first selected column.

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Saving To A .csv File And Only 1st Row Contains Quotes
I am trying to create a .csv file from an Excel file using VBA and when I use the ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs command, only the first row of text contains " quotes around the text. I have multiple rows that must contain the quotes. I have tried using """", and Chr(34), but then that puts """ (3 quotes) around my text. Is there a different function that I should be attempting to use? I am using concatanation to create a field where I would like the quoted text and am using the ActiveCell.Value command (ActiveCell.Text didn't seem to make any difference).

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Cell Address Without Quotes
I have a table of data which contains golf form for the last four years. For simplicity I have split this data into four separate worksheets representing each year, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. These tables contain the data, Player Name, Event Name and Finishing Position. I have a results worksheet which contains a table which has the Player Name in the rows. To the left of the Player Name I have three columns which represent the Finishing Position in a particular event for the last three years. To the right of the Player Name I have their finishing position for all events played this current year.

For the historical event form, i.e. 2005, 2006 and 2007 I would need a formulae which looks up the corresponding year worksheet and looks up the Player Name and Event Name and returns the Finishing Positon. For the current year form I need the formulae to lookup the Player Name and the Event Name in the 2008 data worksheet and return the relevant Finishing Position.

Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;I have attached a file which will hopefully make things clearer. In the worksheet 'Form' I would like the columns A, B and C completed for the players form from this weeks event, in my example "Colonial", for the previous three years. I therefore need a formulae to go to Worksheet '2007' and lookup Aaron Baddeley, Colonial and return the result in the column entitled 'FP'.
For the columns E, F, G and H, I require a formulae that looks up the Worksheet '2008', Aaron Baddeley, and then the Event Name from Row 5 on the 'Form' worksheet to return Aaron Baddeley's result from the various tournaments held in 2008.

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Conditional Formatting Of Cells Excel 2007 Marks Per Question
see spreadsheet. columns a-f contain pupils details.g4-r23 contain marks for 12 questions. row 24 contains total marks for that question. questions are out of 2,3,4 and 5 marks. I would like to format the cells to reflect % for that question. At the moment I have to format column by column to do that. When I format the whole spreadsheet 0 and 1 show in red 2 and 3 in yellow and 4 and 5 in red. I want 2 when equalling 100% to show green not yellow.

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Find The Sum Of The Quotes Based On Each Brand
I'm looking to create a monthly sales report based on brand and month.

I have done it in the past using a load of if statements checking for monthly totals and then adding up the coloumn.

But there must be an easier way.

I have 4 brands. so In january I want to find the sum of the quotes based on each brand.

'A' contains the date
'J' contains the brand - Say A, B C or D
'M' contains the quote value

I want to firstly count the number of enquiries per brand per mont. (these are all entries without a qoute value.

Then I want to count the number of quotes per brand month (these are the entries with a quote value)

The I want to find the total value of the quotes per brand . per month.

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Find Text String Value Between Quotes
Formulae Solution prefered if possible--

Is it possible to extract the two text strings between the quotes, placing them in Col. C & D respectively, e.g.
Application.WorksheetFunction.Substitute(c.Formula, " ANTI ", " ANTI-HERO ")
Application.WorksheetFunction.Substitute(c.Formula, "SEC9", "SECTOR 9")
Application.WorksheetFunction.Substitute(c.Formula, "LNGBRDC", "LONGBOARD COMPLETE")

--Col. C---------------Col.D
SEC9--------------- SECTOR 9

There are three types of scenarios-
1) Values enclosed in quotes that begin and end w/ spaces:
Application.WorksheetFunction.Substitute(c.Formula, " ANTI ", " ANTI-HERO ")

2) Values enclosed in quotes that does not contain a leading space or trailing space:
Application.WorksheetFunction.Substitute(c.Formula, "SEC9", "SECTOR 9")

3) Values enclosed in quotes that have a space between itself:
Application.WorksheetFunction.Substitute(c.Formula, "LNGBRDC", "LONGBOARD COMPLETE")

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