Remove Formulas But Keep Cell Value

Nov 11, 2012

I have the following code which copies certain cells if the Target value ="Yes". The Offset cells have formulas in them. If the Target value ="No", I would like to keep the value but remove the formulas. The problem is that highlighted code doesn't do what I expected.

Option Compare Text
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("J:J")) Is Nothing Then

[Code] ........

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Select Row Based On Cell Criteria Remove All Formulas From Row And Change Fill Color

Apr 23, 2014

I have a worksheet that when a row changes based on the value of column B, I want to remove all of the formulas found in the row but keep the existing values, and then change the color of the row.

In the sample file attached, when the value is "Closed", that row will keep the existing values and then it gets grayed out. Rows that are still marked "Open" need to retain the formulas in case other information changes.

I have tried copy/paste special using autofiltering but that doesn't work because of the hidden lines. This file changes on a daily basis and I need a quick way to update the file.


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How To Remove External Links From Formulas

Jun 9, 2014

I have recently come across an issue I have never seen before.

In the attached xlsx file, I have formulas which are trying to reference an external file (C:UsersDELLDownloads[test.XLSX])

How do I delete the external link without losing the formulas.


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Using If( And( Formulas To Remove Redundant Entries

Nov 20, 2012

I have a spreadsheet of over 4000 rows. Column 1 is the part, column 2 is the order #, column 3 is the line # from the purchase order, column 4 is cost. I.E. Part- M12053235, Order #- 580001, Line #- 2, Cost- $563.00

Our software duplicated some of the entries and I need to find a way to remove the redundant entries.

I tried using this formula =if(and(b1=b1:b3909,c1=c1:c3909),"redundant","no")

That formula doesn't work because if it does have matching values in column 2(order #) then it looks to see if column 3(line #) matches anywhere in the spreadsheet. Since the data in this column ranges from 1-30, there is always multiple matches. So, my formula shows a redundant entry even when it is not.

I need to find a way so to check if column 3 has matching values in column 3, but only for the range of cells that corresponds to the purchase order in column 2.

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Remove Formulas For Entire Workbook

Feb 18, 2008

I would like to remove formulas for an entire workbook at once instead of copying and pasting values sheet by sheet.

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Using Cell References In File Paths For Formulas To Create Dynamic Formulas

Dec 3, 2013

I am using a lot of linked reports that have to be rewritten each month. For example smaller formulas look like this:

=('S:PUBLICProductionJob CardsMOLDING201311 November[440A SIDE SPOILER JOB CARD.xls]Production Parts'!B$228*2)+'S:PUBLICProductionJob CardsMOLDING201311 November[440A SIDE SPOILER JOB CARD.xls]Production Parts'!B$262+'S:PUBLICProductionJob CardsMOLDING201311 November[440A SIDE SPOILER JOB CARD.xls]Production Parts'!B$292

What I want to do is extract the file path from the above formula and make it a composite of several cell references.

So what I need is to have a cell where they can change the month and another where we can change the year. So I set up several named cells that look like this:

_MONTH =11 November
_YEAR =2013

I tried several versions, I am hoping for something like this:

=('_PATH &"[440A SIDE SPOILER JOB CARD.xls]"Production Parts'!B$228*2)+'_PATH &"[440A SIDE SPOILER JOB CARD.xls]"Production Parts'!B$262+'_PATH &"[440A SIDE SPOILER JOB CARD.xls]"Production Parts'!B$292

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VBA Loop - Remove Single Character From Cell String Then Calculate New Value In Cell

Mar 1, 2012

I have a string of text in cell A2. In cell B2 of my spreadsheet is a formula that calculates a number based on the text string in cell A2.

I want to write a VBA loop that removes a single character from the cell A2 string, then calculate the new value in cell B2. I want this loop to continue until the value in B2 falls below a set value (in this case 60).

My code so far
Sub trim_text()
Dim mytext As String
Dim myanswer As Integer
mytext = Range("A2")
myanswer = Range("B2")
Do While myanswer > 60
mytext = (Right(mytext, Len(mytext) - 1))
End Sub

This obviously does not work. In my excel table I have a formula in cell B2 to calculate "myanswer" will this work, or does that code have to be placed into the VBA code?

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Remove Non-alpha Characters From Alphanumerics With Option To Remove Numbers

Aug 8, 2009

I have found a very useful UDF for removing non-alpha characters from strings. (See below, Credit for posting to Stanley D Grom - Ozgrid post ´Removing Non-alpha Characters From Text´).

Option Explicit

Private Function RemoveCharacters(InString As String) As String
Dim intLoopCounter As Integer
Dim intStringLength As Integer
Dim intASCIIVal As Integer
intStringLength = Len(InString)
InString = LCase(InString)
For intLoopCounter = 1 To intStringLength
intASCIIVal = Asc(Mid(InString, intLoopCounter, 1))
If intASCIIVal >= 97 And intASCIIVal <= 122 Then
RemoveCharacters = RemoveCharacters + Mid(InString, intLoopCounter, 1)
End If
Next intLoopCounter
End Function

Two requests:

1. Could the UDF be modified such that any part of a string contained within brackets is also removed (e.g. "NLGA High Street (West-Enfield), EN6" becomes "nlgahighstreeten")?

2. Can an argument be added to the format of the UDF, such that numbers (0 to 9) are either included or excluded (e.g. RemoveCharacters(A1,1) where the argument ´1´ would include any numbers (0 to 9), so "NLGA2003 High Street (West-Enfield), EN6" becomes "nlga2003highstreeten6")? ´blank´or ´0´would exclude these numbers, i.e. would return "nlgahighstreeten"

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Converting Formulas To Relative/absolute References With Formulas Referencing Other Sheets

Dec 15, 2008

I've found a few macros that will automate changing cell references from absolute to relative and they work great. However, when I run the macros on formulas that have references to another worksheet or workbook, the macro will not work correctly.

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Formulas To Hide Partial Concatenate Data And Determining Two Other Formulas

Dec 11, 2013

I'm trying to automate creating certain keyword combinations I need, based off of the values I input into reference cells in columns A - E; the goal is to compile a list of keywords which I will then use to track my rankings in search engines.

I'm looking to only output 500 keywords, so some of the cells in columns A, B, C & E will not contain data (column D will always have a primary Geo-target listed). This results in some of the concatenate formulas I've created outputting partial data (i.e. if there is no data in cell A10, and cell D2 contains the word "Knoxville", then cell I10 will output the data, "Knoxville "). How can I setup conditioning formatting or a formula so that these auto-generated cells appear blank if one of the reference cells has no data within it?The reason why I need the above to work is because I want to setup a formula that automatically counts the # of keyword combinations created by the data entered into any of the reference cells. With the partial combinations being listed, it skews my data. Which leads me to my next question: what is the best formula for counting the # of cells containing a full keyword combination from any of the cells listed in columns G - O (minus the data in the header cells; i.e. G1, H1, etc...)?Lastly, is there a formula I could use that would then aggregate all of the full keyword combinations within the "Complete Keyword List" column (column P)?

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Excel 2007 :: Formulas In Cells Not Being Recognized As Formulas?

Jan 10, 2013

I am running Excel 2007 on Windows Vista Business 32 bit. Recently I have noticed that if I enter a formula into an empty, unsused cell, it is recognized as a formula. If I modify that formula, it is then recognized as text and does not work as a formula. The only way I can get the cell to recognize a formula is to delete the cell and start over. This same scenario does not occur on previously stored workbooks. I have checked all of the flags that I know about, including the Options function.

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Paste Formulas As Values (strip Out Unwanted Formulas)

May 13, 2008

I have a macro running this code to strip out unwanted formulas and formatting.

Sub Quote_Wrapup()
'To stop screen flicker
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Range("qdata5,qdata6").Font.ColorIndex = 2

'To delete delivery address lines if 1st line empty
If IsEmpty(Range("deliver_line1")) _
Then Sheets(1).Range("deliver_rows").EntireRow.Delete
'No End If required as only one action as a result of the If

Columns("A:E") = Columns("A:E").Value .........................

A spreadsheet based on my template has been sent to me because the macro won't run properly. When I try to run the macro I get a Runtime Error '1004' Method 'Range' of object '_Global' failed on the following line. Columns("A:E") = Columns("A:E").Value.

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Remove Certain Text From Cell Depending On Another Cell?

Nov 28, 2012

I have a cell in a column A1 where is written: "XYZ 492" and in another Column is written "492".

Now I want to remove the "492" out of the first cell with a furmular.

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Remove #n/a From My Cell

Jan 9, 2009

i have the following formula: =REPT(Estimator!D8,(Estimator!E8="Yes")). when it is not in use or false it displays #N/A.

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Remove N/a From The Cell

Jan 13, 2009

who to make cell cell display a balnk/nothing.

Im using the following function


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Adding Formulas To Cell From Non Empty Cell?

Jun 14, 2014

So i was asked to do a spreadsheet for "counting" electrical items from a project. For instance, quantity of cables, cable trays, electrical equipment, etc.

One of the sheets is called "Cables" and is structured in a database form, i mean, the first row contains the name of the columns (fields) and from the second row will be the records (much like a table in Excel).

One of this columns has to be calculated, for example, Qty (B3) * Measured (C3) = Subtotal (D3). If i put the formula in the whole column filling D:D the size of the excel file grows up to 10 mbs. So to keep the size small, I want Excel to introduce this formula only if it can find a value in Qty (B3).

Is liking adding records in Access, the table should grow with each row completed. We cannot use access, it has to be something the team can handle (they know a bit of Word and Excel, nothing else).

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How To Get Two Formulas In One Cell

Jan 21, 2014

I am trying to get two formulas to work in one cell?



=If(CEILING(E2,0.05) = CEILING(E2, 0.1), CEILING(E2, 0.05)-0.01, CEILING(E2, 0.05))

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Two Formulas In One Cell.

Jan 14, 2009

I am trying to clean up a databse and I was wondering if anyone knew of an answer to this:- In Cell C,17 I have this function, ROUNDDOWN(A17/$C$8,0), and in the cell next to it I have ROUNDDOWN(C17/3,0)*3. As you can see, I need the result of C17 to make the other formula work, but I want to have the function as one formula. I am having trouble in writing the formula for the function to work. It should go something like ROUNDDOWN(A17/C8,0)/3(*3) but so far I have not had any lick in achieving a result.

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Two Formulas For One Cell?

Jan 1, 2012

I need for one cell to be able to perform 2 functions. Specifically, I need B2 to equal B2 minus C2 but also update and equal B2 plus E2. I need for there to just be one value in B2, but reflect the difference. I'm building a spreadsheet to show stock for my department and B2 is my on hand stock. C2 is the number used and E2 is the number I deposited back, or received from my reordering. Is there any way to make that one cell reflect those 2 functions?

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Remove / Delete The Last Zero From A Cell?

Jun 27, 2014

I need to create a formula that will remove / delete the last zero from a cell, but only if there is a . in the string and then delete the .


175FP2T12123050079301001 - Leave unchanged
175FP2T12123050079302001.1 - result should be 175FP2T12123050079302011

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Remove Duplicates Within A Cell

Dec 29, 2006

Below is a typical example of the contents of one of my cells (of which I have around 500 cells):

263,330,335,430,431,435,640,700,748,750,752,800,807,901,916,917,937,944,954,953,962,266,2038,2054,20 56,2057,2058,357, 591, 800, 802, 748, 423, 801, 570, 955, 747, 940, 800, 748, 918, 800,730,579,728,307,310,577,717,939,958,713,
332,613,640,661,690, 800, 613, 332, 434, 575, 593, 904, 943, 648, 946, 947, 2079I'd like to remove duplicate entries from this cell (per cell) e.g. "800" appears several times.

We can distinguish between each entry by the comma - but how can I get Excel to look inside one specific cell at text and remove these?

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Add Or Remove Text Within One Cell?

Aug 13, 2009

I need to format C2 so that it removes all text that comes after a dash in B2, but if no dash exists, then it returns the text: Parent. For example, here are 3 values in B2, B3, and B4:


In C2, C3, and C4 I'd like to have the following values returned based on the above values in B:


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Remove Text From Cell

Apr 7, 2006

In a cell there is text and numbers, example: ABC123. In an other cell I want
to show the numbers only (123).

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Remove Row If Cell Is Numeric?

Feb 29, 2012

I am trying to delete a row if the cell value of column A is a number and not a name.

What i have been using to remove things is this.


Last = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
For G = Last To 1 Step -1
If (Cells(G, "A").Value) = "" Then


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Remove Last Character In Cell?

Mar 7, 2012

I have a column and each cell in that column has information that ends with a comma "," I would like to remove that comma.

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Remove False From Cell

Jun 5, 2012

I have the below formula and was wondering how to remove false from the cell.

=IF((L2="in progress")*(J2

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Remove 2nd And 3rd Character In A Cell?

Oct 25, 2013

I would like to take a value in a cell and remove the second and third characters in that cell.

For example: "V0010" would become "V10."

I've found formulas for removing the beginning and ending characters, but not a way to remove from the middle.

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How To Remove Space From A Cell

Apr 9, 2007

some vale in the column where i do a vlookup to get data

but i have some problem the vlaue in the cells contains space at the end and i am not able to remove i tried TRIM and also text to column but it does not work



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How To Remove The Last X Characters In A Cell

Apr 3, 2008

I need to remove the last x characters if its equal to 0's


should be


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VBA: How Do I Remove A Cell From A Range

Mar 25, 2009

I have a function that adds a cell to a range whenever an "a" is placed in that cell using Set myRange= Application.Union(myRange, Target) under Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range). If a value other than "a" is then placed in the same cell I want to remove that cell from myRange. It is fairly random which cells someone will put an "a" in. Does anyone know of a function, or any way to do this. Basically if there are 4 cells in myRange (A1, B4, C6, D8) I just want to remove the last cell and have myRange have 3 cells now (A1, B4, C6).

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