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Save As A Cell Value Macro

I need to make a macro that saves sheet 9 as the text of sheet 9 cell A1 & B2 as a pdf in the directory c:MyFile.

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Save As Macro :: With Name From A Cell
I usually copy a macros from the net. My problem is I need a macro to copy a worksheet to a new workbook and save it with the name which would come from a cell which is the result of concatenation of two other cells. The macro would need to close the new workbook and revert to the original workbook. Also if it could automatically overwrite the previous copied workbook.

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Save Macro Validation: If Error Got To Cell A1?
I have a command button that runs a save macro to which I added cell validation the message box comes up and what I want it to do is go to the cell that is blank

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Macro To Save Workbook/File As Cell Value
I need to be able to save a workbook by running a marco and it save the file automatically by pulling what ever the value of cell A1 is.

Ex: I want to run the macro and it save my excel workbook in C:Documents as (Value of Cell A1) What code would you put into Visual Basic.

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Save As Macro (macro That Opens The Save As Window)
I'm trying to have a macro that opens the save as window, places the name in cell f5 and then allows you to save the workbook with cell f5 as the filename. I have managed to get the save as window to come up and the cell f5 as the name, but when I press save is doesn't. Here is what I have (also, is there a way to direct this to a specific folder).

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Macro To Save Duplicate File And Create Folder Name Based On Cell Value
I currently use the following code to create a duplicate file based on two cells within a directory and folder i specify. These cells consist of the team and week commencing date (mondays date of week which is cell 'Main Menu'!K8)

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Save As Macro :: Save File To Folder
I have a macro that copy one sheet of the Active workbook and sends it via email.

I need to add a code in this sheet so when one opens it from the email, with a command button to be able to save the file to specific, fixed folder on the local network with itís original file name.

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Macro To Save, Save As With Sequential Name
My spreadsheet has 32 worksheets, I've recorded a macro to do the job "save, save as with specific name", but what I want is, when save as, I wanted the file name increase in one number, and the date in a specific range "H8:J8" the date should be the next saturday.

here is part of the code.

ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-12

on this example I want the file saved as "PrA4W05.xls", being the next week "PrA4W06.xls", and so on.
and on "H8:J8" the next saturday.

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Conflict Between Auto Save&close Macro And Show/hide Sheets Macro
I am trying to make a save&close workbook macro.

I found several examples on google, but unfortunatly it conflicts with another macro I use for forceing users to enable macros (hide all sheets except one if macros are disabled).

The attached file is an example contaning the save&close code and the show/hide sheets depending on macros enabled.

If the file is opened with macros disabled then only one sheet will be visible.
If the file is opened with macros enabled other sheets are visible.

The problem if that this code uses a custom save, witch makes the save&close not save... (in module1 and in ThisWorkbook)

The pourpose of the save&close is to make sure some users don't forget the excel open and thus block access to it. So if a certain idele time passes excel has to save and close without any confirmation messages.

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Save A Macro Under Another Name
so i can save the macro and try (usually unsuccessfully) to change it.
excel 2002

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Macro For 'Save As'
I want to specify a button that have the function of prompting the user to save the file as new file name. I tried to do the record macro, but I think it's not working as I wanted to. Can any expert teach me the code? As I was creating a standard form (excel file), I don't want the users to overwrite the current file name.

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Macro Will Not Save
when I record a macro in excel and assign it to a command button, it does not save and have to keep recording it when I open up the workbook again. I notice when i close out of the script editor after saving, the debugger box does not pop up when on most occassions it does.

This does not happen all the time, just some of the time which makes absolutely no sense to me. I have double checked to make sure the module is saved under the current workbook, i have tried saving the script to my personal macro workbook (XLSTART), i have tried saving the file on a shared drive and my desktop, but nothing seems to work. The workbook is not protected and am at a complete loss.

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Before Save Macro
In My sheet I would like to check to make sure col 15 is true before going through the process of adding the contents of each row from col 6 - 10 to column 5. (Col 5 could already contain values)

This is my
Private Sub Workbook_ThisWorkbook(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, cancel As Boolean)
BeginRow = 8
EndRow = 87
ChkCol = 15
BeginCol = 6
EndCol = 10

For RowCnt = BeginRow To EndRow
If Cells(RowCnt, ChkCol).Value = True Then
For RowCnt = BeginRow To EndRow
Cells(RowCnt, 5).Value = Cells(RowCnt, 5).Value + Cells(RowCnt, ColCnt).Value
Next ColCnt
End If
Next RowCnt
End Sub

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Macro To Save As Txt
I work with a read-only template, and desperately need a macro that would save it as a workbook, and every worksheet of it as a separate txt file, then close the whole thing.

I will be re-using that workbook it just saved again, and I want to have the same macro there as well (that it should save my workbook as workbook and every worksheet as a separate txt file).

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Run Macro After Save
I would like to run a macro AFTER the user has saved the workbook. I can only think of manipulating the before save event but dont know how to do that.

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Macro To Save Only Some Changes
I have a 4 sheet workbook. 3rd and 4th are hidden running formulas. These hidden sheets have macros that creates a new file from each (the macros deleted unwanted rows in the files, then save as a seperate file and format [.mht and .csv respectively]). Everything functions properly, except the problem is, I need to make sure the changes to sheet 1 are saved, but when I save the file, the changes to 3 and 4 are saved, and I lose the formulas.

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Macro To Save As With Input
Macro to save as "xxx" Input box "___".xls
in the same folder as the original file?

xxx is defalut part of file name and input box for user to add criteria about file.xls

ie.. xxx_critera.xls

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Save As File Name-Macro
I have a macro recorded that saves the workbook to my desktop and then saves an additional copy to a shared drive. Right now it wants to save my file as the same name every time and ask to replace the existing copy.

What I would like to tell it to do is make the save as name reference cell D10. Unfortunatley, I don't know how to tell it to do that in visual basic.

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Auto Save Macro
i want to have a macro which will autosave the worksheet/ book automatically every minute so the user doesnt have to keep clicking file and save.

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Macro To Prevent 'save-as'
Is there any way to write a macro which can prevent computer illiterate users from saving their files EVERYWHERE??

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Save As, Overwrite In Macro
I am trying to set up a macro in excel that will include a save as. This should overwrite an old file. The problem is that I can't get the macro to overwrite. Instead the popup "Do you want to overwrite?" appears and I have to click "OK" manually. Can this be done automaticaly? What is the VB code for it?

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Macro Get Break When Save
I have looked and found a few solutions for the "enable macos or show a warning sheet" The one that seems to work the best is Ozgrids Enable Macro under the free downloads section. However I seem to have been able to break it, and thats been my problem.

When you run EnableMacro program and you select "Disable Macros" it displays the page with the yellow box, good. However when you click "enable Macros" and it opens normally, but when you save it in that fashion, this is where it breaks.. now open it again, and select "disable macros" and the normal warning sheet doesn't open. I incorporated this program in my project and it works, until the normal exit save of the program and after the 1st save, it doesn't work.. any

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Save All Macro(s) In Personal.xls
I have quite a few macro's saved on my personal xls file. Anyway for me to save them with the current date to a specific folder?

e.g. MacroNameDate.bas

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Save As Macro For Dialogue Box
I would like a macro that will call up the SAVE AS dialogue box and populate it based on the contents of a cell. So far, I can save the file with a name taken from a cell but I'd like the user to be able to choose the location. I haven't been able to crack that yet.

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Before Save Event Macro
I need a before save event macro in excel that will check if sheet1 cell ref A25 = zero. If it isnt zero I want a msgbox to say "Does Not Equal Zero" to pop up, if it is zero then I do not want a msgbox displayed. In both instances I still want the file to be saved.

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Macro To Save A Workbook
I want to record a macro (so i can asign it to a button) that saves the workbook to a specific folder. I want the workbook to be saved under a name from a cell in the workbook.

the code below saves it to the correct folder but does not save it under the name typed in cell "I5" (it saves it under "false" now)

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename = "Z:ESTIMATES 2.xls" & Range("I5").Value & ".XLS"
End Sub

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Macro Batch Save As
Is there a macro to batch save many xls files to text (prn) files?

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Save As Macro Not Working
I have a macro to export two worksheets and save as, but the save as part will not work, it just exports to Book1.

Ive checked the directory and everything is fine.

I want the value of a cell in one of the exported worksheet to be included in the save as name.

I'm just wondering if the code needs to somehow specify the worksheet to get the cell value from or will it default to the first worksheet. but either way my code is still not working and i can't tell why.

Should i just create a seperate macro for the save as?

Here is the ...

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Save As Macro :: Tab Delimited Files
I use a macro that saves my activesheets in text(tab delimited).

I am trying to find how to save my worksheets as tab delimited files without having to open the notepad later, in order to press the backspace button. Just to clarify more, if a sheet has 15 rows of data, the tab delimited file will be created with 16. Is there a way to save the actual number of rows in the text file or this is a default operation in excel that cannot be changed in any way?

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Macro To Select Next Row Of Data And Save As
I am pretty much a novice at this whole excel / vba stuff, but I have been trying! unfortunately I have now got well and truely stumped! I require the macro to perform a loop and once saved the first row of data, select the next row of data (in exactly the same way) until it reaches the last row. The macro I have created does the first part fine, but I have reached the end of my knowledge base!

Below is the macro I have created:
Sub TEST_1()
' TEST_1 Macro
' Macro recorded 20/08/2009 by ..........'
ActiveWindow.LargeScroll ToRight:=7

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Macro To Bring Up Save As Dialog Box
I am modifying a corporate macro that is used in to create a standard technical letter. This standard file has 6 macros, that once used to create the letter, are never used again. I know, the first thing that jumps out is to create an add-in. I'd prefer not to got hat route at the moment for various reasons.

What I'm looking to do is after the letter is created, and the print macro is called and prints the letter, all macros are removed (already found help for this on this site), then check to see if the file has been saved, or still has the template name, and then either save or bring up the save as dialog box for the user to save the file with the appropriate name and folder.

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Macro Save Current Sheet
I have a form button I am currently using to save the workbook. However due to the workbook being so large is taking a little longer than I want to save. Is there a way to change the macro to save the current sheet only?

Sub Save()
End Sub

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Macro For Sorting - To Save Time
I am trying to find a way to sort this info by column D but within the Groups shown. So, I want to sort rows 5 to 13, then rows 15 to 19 and then rows 21 to 29.

However I need to a macro to do this because the figures are updated weekly and the order will change. Furthermore, there could be new depts added when the figures are updated, so the row numbers may also change....

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Adding Date To Save Macro
i have a macro that richard buttrey has so kindly helped with

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Macro To Save In Server Folder
Our small company only has 5 computers in it with mine acting as the "server". I want to put a macro on our customer order forms that all computers can access on the server that will save the file as 3 or 4 cell names serparated by commas and save it in a specific location on the server.

I got the macro to work perfectly on my computer but when I try to type in the appropriate path to the server the file gets saved in their My Documents folder 99% of the time. I did get it to work twice but it seembed to be completely random as it didn't work any of the times before or after.

Here's what I have so far: ...

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Force To Save / Protect Macro
I've created a file where our accountmanagers can mace price calculations. But eversince i've added a macro to force them to fill the form completely, they have gone and tried to hack the macro (and with succes).

I now would like to add a protection for the macro, so they can only access VBA when "sheet1" is unprotected. How can i do this?

I also would like to create a macro so they only can save the file as a Macro Enabled Excel file (.xlsm),

how can i do this best? .....

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Save Macro For Multiple Users
When saving a file, you get a popup with a suggested path. I need to find a macro that will either offer a suggested file name based on a cell's date value (a1) and a suggested path (to the desktop) for any user that uses the spreadsheet - or simply will save the file using the cell value as the name to the user's desktop.

Each user will have their own version of the file, to save to their own desktop. The macro will need to overcome the issues that each user's path to their desktop will be unique since each will have logged in to the window's session with their own profile.

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Macro - Save Everyday To Ddmmyy
I have a template in which i resave everyday to ddmmyy, i then remove the following sheets "raw_data","Exchange","Advanced Filter", i also remove all the formulas in my other sheets to values. I would like to have a macro that will do all of this for me.

the file is saved in,


but would like the year and and month to be generic and not hardcoded to say 2009 or Nov.

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Getting Macro To Save In Folder Specified On Worksheet
I have a macro that currently saves and prints the sheet I'm working on. At the moment, it saves everything in the same place and always calls the file the same name.

In the worksheet, a lookup does actually specify what folder it should be saved in and what name it should be given. How can I write the code so that it pulls up the name and the folder directly from the sheet it's saving?

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Running Macro On Save Event
I need my macro to run when the spreadsheet is Saved. Is that process written in the macro code or is there an existing event control in Excel to accomplish this?
Running Excel 2007. I tried searching the forum & found one post that ran the macro on open, but couldn't set that up to work on save.

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Save One Worksheet As A .CSV File With Macro
So I am trying to design a workbook that has two worksheets... one with instructions and a button for users to click to "Save as .CSV File", another for the data that will go into that CSV file.

Here are the Macro requirements:
1. The user will be prompted for the File & Location to save the .CSV file
2. If they click 'Cancel', no changes will be made (and unlike my current code, it won't ask them to debug).
3. Confirmation of the filename is not necessary even though it's currently included in my Macro
4. The file will automatically "reopen" so that they only see the new .CSV file without the original Instruction tab.

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Macro To Save As Csv All Open Workbooks
i have this macro to save as a csv this macro only save the workbook the you are looking at, i will like for this macro to save as a csv all open workbooks preserving the name of the xls file.

Dim strFilename As String
strFilename = ActiveWorkbook.Name
strFilename = Left(strFilename, InStr(strFilename, ".")) & "csv"
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs filename:=strFilename, FileFormat:=xlCSV
End Sub

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Macro Cannot Save File With Date In Name
The following macro is returning a 1004 runtime error.

FName1 is a book title PHOTOSHOP MADE EASY which is trimmed to remove blank spaces at the end.

FName2 is the date =Today() formatted dd/mm/yy.

When the 1004 error appears the filepath shown looks like this ...

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Macro To Save File Every X Minutes
Macro to save the worksheet every 5min

A macros is needed to:

1. save the worksheet under the same name
(& variation: under diff name - e.g. quotes_HHMM.xls ,
where HH is hour and MM is minutes of the time the file is saved)

2. every 5 minutes (the file is opened at 9AM and closed at 6PM manually)

I have a file, where the financial data is streamed in from Reuters.

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Save Workbook As CSV Macro Code
I want is a Macro that will save the file as .csv, with the same filename and location as the original (just in csv format). A hotkey would be quite handy for this. I tried using the macro recorder and fiddled around with the code a bit but my programming knowledge is quite limited and I ended up with something that doesn't quite work as i'd like. I'm sure this would only take a few seconds to code for an experienced user, which is why I post here. I would post my attempt at doing it myself but i'm on a computer that doesn't have excel at the moment.

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Macro To Save As MHTML Not HTML
I have excel 2003 and I have a macro that sorts data and then saves it as an HMTL page. When I was upgraded to excel 2003, it started saving the sheet as 'mhtml', which is causing me other problems. using:

With ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Add(xlSourceRange, _
"C:Documents and Settings holg1My DocumentsQCMA events2007 est.htm" _
, "Event", saverange, xlHtmlStatic, "total_points_2007_8160", "")
.Publish (True)
.AutoRepublish = False
End With

with a defined document name (test.htm), it works (saves as html doc). using:

eventname = "jan22"

With ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Add(xlSourceRange, _
eventname, "Event", _
saverange, xlHtmlStatic, "total_points_24036", "")
.Publish (True)
.AutoRepublish = False
End With

with a variable document name (jan22), it saves as mhtml. How do I make it save as an HTML doc instead of an MHTML doc?

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Macro To Save Certain Sheets From Excel Automatically
I'm not sure if this is possible but I want to be able to click print and after it has printed, transferred and cleared I would like it to save the purchase order and continuation sheet.

If this is being done on different computers is it possible for it to simply bring up the dialog box and the user save it where they would like?

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Auto Save To A File Via Macro Or Program
Is It Possible To Auto Save To A File Via A Macro?

What I Want To Do Is To Auto Save Directly To A Folder On Our System Via A Macro.

The Problem Is That Firstly It Will Need To Look Up A Cell ( D8 ) To Find Out The Job Number

Then It Will Have To Find The Folder On Our System ( Its On Desktop Under Job File Folder ) Then Comes The Hard Bit It Will Need To Locate That Job Number ( Cell D8 ) To Look Up The Relevant Folder To Put It In. All The Job Files Are Labelled Up Eg.( J2663 - Parry ) Then In That Folder Is A Sub Folder Called Docs Which It Needs To Be Saved In

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Bug - Macro Crashes When Run, Doesn't Crash If Save First
I'm just wondering if any of you can lend some help on a bug i'm encountering. When I press a button on my worksheet to call a macro that brings up a userform, the excel will crash, and give that "do you want to report this error", close down excel, and reopen on a blank worksheet. Strange thing is, this error is avoided if I save the workbook upon opening it, and then call that macro.

The workbook does not read data from external sources, so i dont think is that problem.

Has anyone encountered this?

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Macro To Create New Folder And Save File
I want to create a macro that will create a new folder called "Fungicide Quotes" under my documents and will save the workbook using the cell reference d4:f4 for the file name, which are merged cells. I have tried the following but can't get it to work. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

Sub Save_wrkbk()

Dim strFilename, strDirname, strPathname, strDefpath As String
On Error Resume Next
strDirname = "Fungicide Quotes"

strFilename = Range("d4:f4").Value
strDefpath = "C:My Documents"
If IsEmpty(Filename) Then Exit Sub

MkDir strDefpath & strDirname
strPathname = strDefpath & strDirname & "" & strFilename.......................

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Save A Single Sheet In A Workbook Using A Macro
I need to save a single sheet to a file (in a workbook of many sheets). I can't use the copy command and then save the new workbook because it truncates the longer info in some cells.

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