Save File As Pdf Based On Cell Reference A4?

Mar 6, 2014

I want to save my file as a pdf based on cell reference A4.

This is what i have

[Code] ....

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Save A File Dependant On Cell Reference

May 21, 2007

i have a order form that is customer dependant. the cust name on the form is manually entered by the user within a msg box. i have specific cusotmer folders on a shared machines C drive where i would like to save these excel docs to.

i understand that the cust name must match the name of the file and there needs to be a way to save those that do not have specific folder matching what was entered as the customer name.

the overall goal is to have the file name saved as CustomerNameDeliveryDateInvoiceNumber.xls where CustName is from cell "M3", delivery date is "Q7" and InvoiceNumber is "Q1".

Sub OrderFormSave()

Dim strCustFileName As String

savefile = "\SrSharedDocsCSPSharedFILESCustomerOrderForms & strCustFileName & "

ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs savefile

End Sub

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VBA Code To Save File With Date As Reference To A Cell

Jun 19, 2014

I'm trying to make a vba that would save the file with the end date that will reference to a certain cell that user selects it. Working Sheet is a name of a File, and Current Sheet is a name of the panel where user will select the date.

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= WorkingSheet("Control Sheet").Range("D3").Value & Format(Date, "yyyymm") & ".xlsm", FileFormat:=51

But here i seem to missing the location

And I tried this one:

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="X:Work2014WorkingSheet& Format(Date,"yyyymm"). & ".xlsm" _, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled, CreateBackup:=False

but it keeps popping up as 'expected end of statement' for yyymm?

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Save File / Workbook As Cell Reference Filepath & Name

Feb 8, 2008

I'm trying to get Mac OS X Excel VBA to understand this code however the ChDir reference and the filepath seem to be causing problems. I would like to specify in the code where the file should be stored but I did try removing the filepath section altogether but to no avail.

Option Explicit
Sub SvMe()
'Saves filename as value of A1 plus the current date
Dim newFile As String, fName As String
' Don't use "/" in date, invalid syntax
fName = Range("A1").Value
'Change the date format to whatever you'd like, but make sure it's in quotes
newFile = fName & " " & Format$(Date, "mm-dd-yyyy")
' Change directory to suit your PC, including USER NAME
ChDir _
"C:Documents and Settings USER NAME Desktop"
ActiveWorkbook. SaveAs Filename:=newFile
End Sub

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Save Each Worksheet As PDF File And Name Each File Based On Cell Value In Each Sheet

Jul 10, 2014

I have a Workbook that already has a macro in it that will generate multiple sheets based on certain criteria.

For each of these newly generated sheets (numbered 1-6 in the attached example), I need to be able save each of them to a PDF file based on a unique name contained in a certain cell (in this case, each named is referenced in cell Q1 of each sheet). As such, I should end up with 6 pdfs based on the attached sample files.

The PDFs would ideally need to be landscaped and should be just 1 page per sheet.

In my attached sample workbook, you'll notice that I have a "PracticePrint" macro that doesn't quite get the job done. One other criteria involves not printing any sheet with the characters "1010" in it (my PracticePrint macro is setup to do that, but it fails to do much else).

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Macros To Save Worksheet Based On Cell Reference

Feb 12, 2009

I have a macros ( code inserted ) as you can see in my code the macros save the workbook in any file name you chose just by changing the any filename option.

I would like this to be changed so that it saves based on a cell reference, say i has a name in lets say B10 i would like it to save as the name in B10.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Dim bk1 As Workbook
Dim bk As Workbook
Dim myfilename As String

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Excel 2010 :: How To Save Excel File As Cell Reference Using Macro

Mar 5, 2012

I have created a macro in excel 2010 which enable the file to save (extract) data into separate location and name. The vba code for macro is as follows: Question: How can I save this workbook with reference to the value containing in cell B2? (it is named temporary now - as defined in the code)

Sub aaa()
' aaa Macro


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Macro To Save Duplicate File And Create Folder Name Based On Cell Value

Nov 25, 2009

I currently use the following code to create a duplicate file based on two cells within a directory and folder i specify. These cells consist of the team and week commencing date (mondays date of week which is cell 'Main Menu'!K8)

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Save File Name Based On Sheet Name

Feb 10, 2010

I am currently using a simple macro to save my spreadsheet.

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Auto Save File Name Based On Time Of Day

Jun 1, 2012

I have a file that will successfully save every 10 seconds.

I want this file's name to change based on what time of the day it is

for example from 630-230pm i want the file to include "day"
230-1030pm include "swing"

this is the code i have


Dim newFile As String, fName As String
On Error GoTo backup
If Hour(Now()) > 14 And Hour(Now()) < 23 Then
newFile = Format$(Date, "mm-dd-yyyy") & " " & "swing"
newFile = Format$(Date, "mm-dd-yyyy") & " " & "day"

backup: newFile = Format$(Date, "mm-dd-yyyy") & " " & "dayerror"
End If

It currently returns the backup....

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Way To Save A Logo In A Cell In Order To Reference It From Other Sheets

Nov 25, 2009

I have a multi-sheet workbook with a some raw data that I import into Excel from another system. I then perform calculations & summaries in one of 10 other sheets. In order to make it more readable, I world like put the company logo on the top of each sheet.

Is there a way to create a Input type of sheet that I put the logo in and then on each of reporting sheets do an ='Input'!location_of_logo_cell type of formula, in a similar way that I would pull data from that same sheet, like ='input'A1?. It becomes very labor intensive if I want to make changes to the logo and then copy it to every sheet.

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Save As Based On Other File Dates In Names. Increment Number In Name

Mar 4, 2008

How would I save a file with the lastest version number after searching for the lastest filename in a folder and adding 1 to the name

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs FileName:= _
"C:BarkingEMCOUTNOM_DA_" & (Format( Date, ddmmyy)) & "_EDF_BPL_" & V, FileFormat:=xlCSV

where V will be the version number in the format of 001, 002, 003 and so on

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Change Formula Cell Reference Based On Another Cell Reference

Jan 8, 2012

How do I change a formula cell reference based on another cell's reference? I'm building a schedule that looks to a task's trigger and adds days based on that relationship. All entries in column "A" will be text and all cells in "B" will be the simple formula "=A2" or "=A3". Due date is calculated by adding the value in "C" to the preceding date in column "D". In the spreadsheet below, the trigger for "Budget set" is "Specs written" with 3 days added to the previous due date.

1 Task___________Trigger_____________Days_____Due Date
2 Design begins__Proj OK______________10____10-Jan
3 Specs written__Design begins (A2)____5____15-Jan (D2+C3)
4 Budget set_____Specs written (A3)____3____18-Jan (D3+C4)

If the trigger for A4, "Budget set", changed from A3 to A2, is there a way that the formula that determines the due date in D4 could read the trigger cell reference in B4 so that the value in the corresponding row in column "C" is added in the date column?

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Macro To Save File - Save Name From Cell Containing Date Using Different Date Formatting

Aug 15, 2014

I am trying to create a macro to run from a form button, within a report, to save a file to a variable file path and name depending on the date value in cell B5.

The format of B5 looks like - 13/08/2014 16:39

The file path has folders for each year in format "yyyy" with each year having sub folders for each month in format "mm".

The file name is just the date only and is formatted "" e.g. 13.08.14

I have tried the code below in various permutations but always end up with an error - Method 'SaveAs' of object '_Workbook' failed.

[Code] ......

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ActiveX Combobox - Linked Cell Reference Lost After Save / Close And Re-open Workbook

Feb 11, 2013

Using the developer tab I inserted an Active X combo box. Under properties I referenced a 'linked cell' that I want the data to appear in. This box works great as long as I keep the sheet open. Once I save and close the workbook and re-open, that reference is lost. It shows #REF! in that field. Why does it lose the reference? I have tried to reference a cell on the same sheet as well as a cell in a different sheet and it keeps the sheet name but not the individual cell.

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Save File Name Using Cell Value

Oct 16, 2008

I am trying to create a macro which will save the file and take the file name from cell values eg if cell A1 = "488" and Cell B1= "Buyers" when saved the file name would be 488_Buyers.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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File Save With The Value In Cell A2

Oct 31, 2008

I have a excel workbook witha table and a chart.

I want to make him save with the name that it will be writen in the cell A2.

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Macro To Save Workbook By Referencing Cell In Another Workbook For File Name And File Path

Mar 21, 2013

I have got a master workbook and I have written macro to copy and paste data on another workbook. write a macro to save the new workbook to a file path with a file name where both file name and path are stored in master workbook sheet...

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Cell Reference In Other File

May 6, 2009

Explanation of problem:

I have 2 files: data.xls and calculation.xls

In data.xls, I enter a value in cell A1

In calculation.xls, I go to cell B1 and enter a reference to cell A1 on file data.xls. The following formula is entered in cell B1 of calculation.xls: =[data.xls]Sheet1!$A$1

Ok so far so good. Now when I change the value in data.xls, the value is updated automatically in the calculation.xls cell. And this is done even if I first update the value in data.xls and then later open the calculation.xls file (it will ask me to update).

Now let's say I have calculation.xls closed and I am updating the data.xls file. I enter a new entry above cell A1 in data.xls. So now the contents of cell A1 are shifed down to cell A2.

When I re-open my calculation.xls file, it is still referencing cell A1 in data.xls. Is there any way for me to link it in a way so that calculation.xls would know that it now needs to reference cell A2 since that cell got shifted down?

If both files are open then it works fine. But the way this setup will work, I will not always have them both open.

Also, if I copy the contents of data.xls onto another sheet on calculation.xls and reference the cell in the same file, then of course it works. But I would like it to work the other way with the files separate.

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Reference From File And Cell

Jan 12, 2012

I have multiple files in one folder: first.xlsx, second.xlsx, third.xlsx etc

In each of them the first cell is calle fist_indicator, second_indicator etc

In a new document i have a column A with all the names: fist, second, third

In a hidden second column i have ="="&"["&ZS(-1)&".xlsx]Tabelle1!"&"Z1S1" which gives the value of =[first.xlsx]Tabelle1!Z1S1 , =[second.xlsx]Tabelle1!Z1S1

So now when i try in column c to just say = R1C2 it gives a #NAME? error

Summarized, i have a manually filled in column A and with it i want to make another column that shows the first cell of each document (so it uses the fist colum + the other directions to show the first cell)

if i just add =[first.xlsx]Tabelle1!Z1S1 it works, but i want to be able to make this first.xlsx be changed according to the entry in column A.

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Save AS File Name As Cell Contents

Oct 6, 2009

I would like to be able to open a template and save the contents of cell B19 as the file name.

Can I do this so i don't have to press a button to run the macro. I have only done one macro previously and that was with the help of people on this forum so don't get to technical.

If possible I would like to be able to save it on the server X:
eportsoffender PDF's

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Save A Cell As A Text File

Dec 3, 2007

Could any Excel wiz out there tell me whether the following is possible, and if so what would be the VB code to do it?

I would like a macro that will save the contents of cell A2 in a text file, with file name from cell A1, then move the cursor down to the next row, and repeat the process until reaching the last row of data.

The end result would be a stack of text files, each containing the data from a single cell in the spreadsheet.

001.txt (containing the contents of cell A2)
002.txt (containing the contents of cell B2)
003.txt (containing the contents of cell C2)

This is for a multi lingual dictionary so the text files would have to be unicode as well.

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Save File With Cell Supplied Name

Mar 10, 2009

I have a file where cell A1 is the name of the file along with B1 and C1 which provide the versions and variations:-

A1 - Sales Analysis
B1 - Version 2
C1 - Variation C

Is it possible to have a macro driven off a button button which will save the file as (current path to current folder) and then Sales Analysis Version 2 Variation C

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Save Just A Cell Value As Text File?

Oct 28, 2012

By using a macro is it possible to save just a cell value as a txt file?

This is part of a Forex system I am building using excel.

There will be 28 pairs and a total of 168 buttons. Each button will be assigned a cell which will hold the information for that trade.

I am looking for a macro that will save just the cell value as trade.txt

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Save A File With A Date Taken From A Cell

Jan 26, 2007

Is it possible to save a file with a date taken from a cell? For example:

I have an Excel file opened, in the cell A1 there is a date: 12.04.2003 (or any other date format). I want an Excel to save this document, but after I check the date of creation (modification) of the file under Windows, I want to receive the result 12.04.2004 (or any other, that was in the cell "A1" before pressing SAVE button).

I imagine, that there would have to be some external script running, that would change the system date for a moment, just after detection of pressing SAVE command.

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Save As File Name With A Cell Value As The Folder

Nov 26, 2007

i currently have a macro on my sheet which when the file opens will chaneg a cell value by +1 and save the new worksheet as that value.

What i would like is for the new worksheet to automatically save in a new folder relevant to another cell value. So i can save the sheets in job no order.

Can't seem to get it to work....

Here is a copy of my macro so far:

Sub SequentialNumber()
Const InitialValue = 1
Const increment = 1
Const prefix = ""
Const suffix = ""

Dim existSN As Boolean
Dim existMF As Boolean
Dim master As Boolean
Dim cdp As DocumentProperty
Dim SeqNumber As Long
Dim FSName As Variant

existSN = False
existMF = False
master = False.........

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Force File Name From Cell On Save As

May 1, 2009

When you click File>Save As, you get a save as window that shows the current file name to "Save As"

I would like to create a macro that shows the values in a couple of cells (lets use Range("A1") & Range("B2")) instead of the current file name.

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Save File As Cell Value (Date)

Jan 4, 2008

I'm working on creating a computerised invoicing system for where I work, and right now I'm creating a Day Book file.

I want the name of the file to simply be the date which it was created, in YYYYMMDD format. However, I keep getting the error message and am not sure what has gone wrong.

Please note that in the day book template, cell F1 contains the formula


which may be useful to know in the later part of the code.

from the code below?

Private Sub DayBook_Click()

Select Case MsgBox("Proceed? (Ensure that a Day Book has not already been created)", vbYesNo Or vbQuestion Or vbDefaultButton1, "Day Book Creation")
Case vbYes
Dim strName As String

'copy today's date from invoice template
Application.CutCopyMode = False

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Opening An File From A Cell Reference

Nov 12, 2008

I want to use a macro to open an existing file on my c drive where the reference to that file is contained in a cell.

E.g. In my sheet, the cell A1 contains the following text "C:Documents and SettingsTest". Therefore the file I want to open using a macro will be Test.xls.

However the file I wish to open (and therefore the reference text in cell A1) could change (and it could also change to be a word document) so it needs to be able to adapt when a new valid file (and document type) reference is entered into the cell.

Also, as an aside, when I want to change the file referred to in A1, the easiest way I've found is to find the file I want in windows explorer, go to properties and copy the file reference and then paste it into A1. However the reference (from the properties tab) seems to miss the ".xls" or ".doc" at the end (see above). Is this an issue? If yes, then I'm happy to manually type the .xls or .doc extension at the end.

Is there an easier way to do this?

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Using Cell Value In File Reference Formula

Jul 29, 2009

I have the following (working) formula that pulls the largest value from an array in a closed workbook on a network share:

=LARGE('\pdfpcoclu2k302pd10fap2k01dist10AdminFISCAL SHAREDM806 ReportsFY 2008-2009Clarion countyJanuary 09[385-4009.xls]M-805'!$F$11:$G$41,1)

I want to be able to use a cell value within the open workbook to change the name of the referenced workbook (i.e. the 385-4009 portion of the formula) in the fromula

I have atempted to use the following:

=LARGE('\pdfpcoclu2k302pd10fap2k01dist10AdminFISCAL SHAREDM806 ReportsFY 2008-2009Clarion countyJanuary 09["'"p8"'.xls]M-805'!$F$11:$G$41,1)

but excel returns an error and highlights the following portion of the formula:


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