Sort By Column Then Copy Into New Sheet And Name That Sheet With Value?

Jul 4, 2014

i want to Sort by column E Type,which i can do manually easily.but then i want to run a macro that will copy all the rows with values,ie.Express Checkout Payment Received etc to another worksheet and name that worksheet with Express Checkout Payment Received.

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Look At The Item ID Column On Sheet1 Compare It To SS# On Sheet Two And Copy Any Rows From Sheet1 To The End Of The Sheet In Sheet 2

Feb 26, 2009

I have I workbook that contains 2 sheets. The first sheet "Business Objects" is the master list. The second sheet "Gene" contains similar data but is incomplete. There is a unique identifer for both sheets and that is item ID. what I would like to do is look at the Item ID column on sheet1 compare it to SS# on sheet two and copy any rows from sheet1 to the end of the sheet in sheet 2. I have found in my searches on this forum a bit of code that identifies the ones in sheet1 that are not in Sheet2 and highlights them red(which is not neccessary for me, but I am struggling to figure out how to take that and paste it to sheet2.

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Copy Column Value From One Sheet To Another With Path Of Sheet Specified In Range?

Feb 26, 2014

I need to copy columns b,g & h from workbook1 to workbook 2 c ,e, f

workbook1 is the path mentioned in cell A1

Workbook2 is the path mentioned in cell A2

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Copy Data From Column In One Sheet To Column In Another Sheet Until Blank In F

Mar 25, 2014

I have a worksheet, "District", that has names of team members from A2:A (The number of team members will vary, so I would need the macro to stop when the list ends). I need these to be distributed to column A on another sheet, "Input", from A11 down until it hits a row that has a blank cell in column F. I've tried a couple of things, but just can't seem to get it to work.

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How To Copy Few Column From One Sheet And Paste It To Other Sheet

Feb 13, 2012

I have a requirement to copy a few column(like a,d,e,f) from sheet1 and paste it to sheet2 column.
where column a of sheet1 will be copy to column d of sheet2.if anything data is already there then overwrite that column.

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Macro To Sort Data And Then Copy To Different Sheet

May 5, 2012

I have a worksheet(1) that contains data like: date, name, price, size....etc. I need to "sort" by size (only use 2 values - large and small), then copy each to another worksheet that saves data by the Month. The amount of data on worksheet(1) changes monthly.

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Sort Data And Copy Top & Bottom 10 Into New Sheet

Jul 30, 2009

I'm looking for a simple piece of code I can use to manipulate the data on the attached workbook. Firstly, I need to be able to sort the data by column O ("Balance"). I then need the code to extract all the information for the top 10 and bottom 10 rows and paste the info into a new worksheet. The code will need to account for the fact the number of rows might increase/decrease with this report.

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Copy Rows Based On Criteria, Paste As Values To New Sheet & Sort

Apr 15, 2008

I have spent a few days searching through forums but cannot find examples that i have been able to successfully adapt ( because they are to complicated for my limited knowledge). I have a workbook with 5 sheets, sheet1 (current), and sheet 4 (archive) are the important ones. I need a macro to

A) copy rows from "current" to "archive" ( to the 1st empty row) if column S of "current" contains "Closed" ( the word is generated by formula).

B) The paste needs to paste special values and number formats ( want to lose formula but not conditional formatting).

C) data sort "archives" based on col A - this puts the newly archived data into correct sequence.Data sort lowest number 1st

D) delete the copied rows from "current".

e) give me a count of how many rows it deleted, (I have a macro to insert rows so will run that manually to recreate the correct number of emtpy rows (with formula and formatting) to bring the current sheet back to usual size.

I tried modifying a macro by RPaulson (based on cells on one sheet to cells on another), to work with entire rows but couldn't get it to work.

Found that paste special uses PasteSpecial xlPasteValues, but , and thats about it.

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Automatically Sort Column When Sheet Selected/Activated

Jun 3, 2008

i want to automatic sort data very time i open the file or any change in column b.

i have data in column B from B1 to B100

how to collect data from Column B and place them in Column A star from A1 because Column B not Organized!

I mean B1 have data
B2 have null
B3 have data
B4 have nul .... etc

i want to display all Column B in Column A one by one to be Organized.

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Copying Cells From One Sheet To Multiple Sheet And Naming Sheet As Copy Text?

Dec 24, 2013

I want to do a loop where you can copy say A3 worksheet 1 then add another sheet naming the work sheet "A3" then copying A3 worksheet 1 to A1 "A3". After that looping to A4 to a new work sheet naming the work sheet "A4"copying the value to A1 "A4", etc...

Is there a simply way of doing this loop? I can probably fit my other coding into the structure.

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Sort Of Transpose Code - Put All Data In Column Vertically On Sheet

Sep 23, 2013

I have 2 columns on sheet 1 as below. I need a code to put all the data in column B vertically on sheet 2 as the result shows. Please note all cells data will be off various lengths all seperated by a comma.

Sheet1  AB2BK
1003 CV1173, CV3133BK1004 CV1010, CV1010A, CV13514BK1005 CV1012, CV1257, CV17995BK1006 CV1836, CV506

Result after code has run.

Sheet2  AB1

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Sort Page (Sheet 2) #REF! In Cell With IF Formula To Sheet 1

Oct 25, 2009

Sheet 1 is my main page containing all my data, full of formulas and is protected. Sheet 2 is a simple sorting page with no color and is simply for sorting and printing.

Sheet 2 has IF formulas refrencing rows and cells on Sheet 1.

Example Sheet 1 A2= Bob

Sheet 2 A2="" until I put in this formula:

=IF(Sheet 1!A2="","",Sheet 1!A2)

Now Sheet 2 A2= Bob


But when I delete a row in Sheet 1 (using my cool new macro...long story)

I get #REF! in the cells on my sorting sheet, as I should I guess, because there is no more row there to reference. It's annoying, but what do I do to fix it without just unchecking the #REF! in autofilter on Sheet 2.

I just want to eliminate #REF!

Do I need to put something else in the IF formula?

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Copy Data From One Sheet (Fixed Cells And Sheet) To Another Sheet

Apr 18, 2009

I want to be able to copy a name from one sheet (Available Players), paste it to a cell in another sheet (Round 1 through Round 20). The cell that will be copied is fixed but the place where it will be pasted will be different and may be on a different sheet.

also i would like to change the color of the copied cell to "greyed" out or cut if it can not be greyed out. I have created a button and put in a macro that i created but have been having problems with it, generic 1004 errors that i can not figure out. i am attaching the document.

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Copy Sheet & Create New Monthly Sheet From Present Sheet

Jan 12, 2010

I want to create a macro button that can create copy, insert, paste and rename the new sheet in next month's name, like if the active sheet's name is January, I want to copy the whole sheet of January, insert new sheet, paste the new sheet and rename the new sheet to next month like February?

Also rename the new sheet (February) cell B3 the same as new sheet's name (February)

So if month of February is near end, the macro button in February will create the same way as Jan did which means the next sheet will be named March and so on.

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Copy Data And Sheet Name To New Sheet And Delete The Old Sheet?

Mar 30, 2014

Example, I have a sheet named DATA1, I want to add a new worksheet, copy a certain range from the DATA1 sheet to the new sheet and rename it the same name DATA1 and delete the old DATA1 sheet.

Also, the sheetname will be unknown, the macro must get the sheet name first.

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Copy And Paste From One Sheet To Another Based On Column A Using A Macro Copy Button

Jan 22, 2007

I want to copy and paste from one sheet to another based on column a using a macro copy button.

E.g. if column a value = apple then copy that row into the apple sheet.

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Macro To Copy Current Sheet, Create, & Rename New Sheet From Current Open Sheet

Oct 27, 2008

EXAMPLE: Complete Sheet called "Day1". When day1 is complete you click on button and it then copies itself and creates and renames new sheet to "Day2", then when "Day2" is complete you click on button and it then copies itself and creates and renames new sheet to "Day3", and so on and so forth to "Day30".

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Autofilter Column A Then Copy Data To Another Sheet With An Empty Column

Mar 7, 2007

I'm trying to write a program for work. One sheet (whereiseverything.xls) will have a list of parts column E and where it is in the process column (k). Column E of this sheet will have multiple part numbers. (Sometimes duplicated.) I would like to figure out how to write a code to Auto filter (whereiseverything.xls) sheet and copy only one P/N from (whereiseverything.xls) column E onto another Workbook Worksheet (Commit status.xls) column. After that the sheet must copy all of the locations of that P/N from whereiseverything.xls column K into and under the P/N of the Commitstatus.xls.

It will continue to autofilter and copy from where is everything, the "one" p/n and all of its locations into another empty column of Commitstatus.xls until it no longer has part numbers to autofilter on whereiseverything. I am extremely green on VBA programming but here is my first attempt.

Windows("Where is everything commits .xls").Activate
Windows("Where is everything commits .xls").Activate

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="7516113-905" \<--this Is one p/n

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Copy Or Move Column Ranges From 1 Sheet To End Of Column Range Of Another

Mar 7, 2008

I have two different Excel reports and the data needs to be copied from each column on one spreadsheet and pasted to the bottom of the equivalent column on the other spreadsheet.

So, is it possible to get a macro that will copy the data from one column then paste it to the next free cell in the column on the other spreadsheet.

If I could get some code to do one column then this should be enough to get me started and I could apply this to the other columns I need to copy.

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Copy Column From One Sheet To Another?

Jan 27, 2014

I would like to create a macro that copies a column from one sheet ("master") to another ("copied") then clears the data in the "master" sheet. The column that needs to be copied is B20 through B34, and the data that needs to be cleared is B3 through D17. I want the data to be copied to a new column in "copied" each time, starting in column B. I have little to no experience in macro programming, so I don't even know where to begin.

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Copy Only Certain Column From 1 Sheet To Another

Dec 18, 2008

how to copy only certain column from 1 sheet to another. Say i have Sheet1 with data in Column A thru L. I want to copy Column B,D,G,F & J to Sheet2.

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Copy Column To New Sheet

Nov 2, 2009

I have a very simple task: I have a column listing a bunch of names on a sheet called "Names", and I want to include in a subroutine the code to copy those names into the last sheet starting at cell A2 and going down. When I write the code as 3 separate lines, it works just fine:

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Copy One Column Into Another Sheet?

Nov 16, 2009

As I am having difficulty using the search function, I need to ask this here. How can I copy a column into another sheet with a macro? "Copy column A of Sheet1 into column A of Sheet2". Column A of Sheet1 is a range of data to be manually input. And when I press the macro button, I want it to be copied on column A of sheet2. I am sure this can be done.

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If Column Contains XXX Then Copy Row To Different Sheet

Jul 5, 2006

I am trying to work out a formula that states if column F contains SQ050SM or SQ075CC or SQ050CC then copy that row and paste in a second sheet.

I have attached a spreadsheet to provide a visual.

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Filter And Copy A Column To Different Sheet In VBA

Jul 24, 2012

i have attached a book with a column of data in it.

This column can change from month to month, i.e. it can contain more or less data.

I need to filter the column "Prog Provider" for "SIN" and copy all of the data to a new sheet.

This is a tiny sample as this usually contains over 25000 lines and I need to grab everything in col G related to SIN.

I attempted to record a macro, but as different data was put in it missed parts out!

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Make A New Sheet And Copy A Column?

Jul 13, 2009

I need to write a macro that will create a new sheet called "Export Format" and it's A Column needs to be exactly the same as the A Column in another sheet called "Master". I'v been trying to look it up since I have never used VB before, but my boss needs this done soon so i thought I'd ask. This is just a small part of what i need to do but I think it will give me the start I need.

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Using A Macro To Copy A Column Onto Another Sheet

Nov 1, 2009

I want the column to be pasted on the first empty column in the other sheet. Additional information: I'm constructing an excel-file that has 4 worksheets. First sheet has all the workable data. Everything is ordened in columns. Column 1 has all the 'first information', column 2 all the 'second information'.

Second sheet has all the formulas. On this sheet I only have to select the data I want to use, for example the data of the 'first information'. On the third sheet will all the results be punt. All the results will be put in a single column again.
The fourth sheet needs to contain all the results, column by column.....

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Copy And Paste Column From One Sheet To Another VBA?

Sep 29, 2012

I have the following codes, they almost work. I run the first code, and it copies and pastes the data, however, when I run the second code, it deletes the information that was previously pasted on column A.

Sub copy_Client_ID_Tickets_to_Top5_Ticks()
Dim rng As Range, WS As Worksheet
Application.ScreenUpdating = False


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Copy Column Range To Another Sheet

May 8, 2008

I'm trying to write a DO, LOOP that simply starts at a cell, goes down the column and copies one by one each cell into another sheet until the next cell isempty.

here's my

Application.CutCopyMode = False
Do Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell.Value)
Sheets("active orders").Select


It currently just loops infinitely because it isn't selecting the new row down (A41 is always full). I'm not sure how to offset the row within the doloop as well as offset the rows to paste accordingly in the new sheet....

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Copy Rows To New Sheet Based On Y / N Value In 1st Column

May 12, 2014

I have a single sheet that lists available items, prices, etc. When doing quotes, you simply put y/n in Col:A for each item. I then want a simple macro that will copy all of the rows with "yes" into a second sheet. Sample data with end result attached.

I did try and butcher this macro to do what I want, and whilst it does copy data across, it's not really working. Firstly as I think it is searching along a row and copy columns, whereas I need to search a column and then copy rows.

[Code] .....

Attached File : sample_data.xls

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