Starting With UserForms

Jan 24, 2008

1) I have added multiple command buttons as options within different categories but when I select one, all others are reset. Is ther a way to section off the command buttons into groups so that say the first three act together, the next two act together and then the last four act together, allowing a total of three options within three different categories?

2) How do I get the options from the userform to the worksheet?

3) How do I put an input box on a user form?

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Sum Starting From A Row?

Oct 26, 2011

I have a column with number of Km from location x to location y (A), and a column with fuel supply (B). I what to know how many km make the driver after the fuel supplyes (787 Km - for exemple from bellow).

I was thinking to SUM values from column A starting ROW 3 (column B) (first cell non blank), but i don't know how to match SUM and ROW functions.

1 150
2 200
3 250 50
4 120
5 260
6 157

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How To Get The Starting And End Shift

Apr 4, 2014

I have the problem to get the starting and the ending time in a timetable work sheet, adding the starting hour in the first cell and in the second the ending.

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Userforms Not Hiding?

May 28, 2014

I have a VBA application that seems to work fine under vista but once I start working with it in Windows 7 I notice sometimes one of my userforms do not go away when asked to hide. The code is like follows:


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If And Then Statement In VBA For Userforms

Jun 9, 2014

I have created a userform and command button within an excel spreadsheet to run the userform and then manipulate the data entered into the userform. However when I click the cancel button of the userform the macro tries to continue to manipulate the data entered, of which there is none and then comes up with an end/debug command. Is there an If and Then statement in VBA that I can use so that if the 'Cancel button' is clicked then the rest of the Macro won't run.

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Pop Up Boxes In Userforms

Jun 29, 2007

I designed some userforms on a worksheet for users to click and input information. However, i am wondering if it is possible to have an additional feature to the userform.

Currently the userform only have labels such as Title, Dept, Branch, Unit and the respective textboxes for user to input information. As it might be unclear to some users i would like to have an additional feature such that when user roll their mouse over the label "Branch", the user will see a box where more information is given or rather an example such as "Dept XYZ", allowing user to have a clearer idea of what to fill in. Is there any way for me to add this feature?

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UserForms & ListBox

Jan 23, 2009

I have a UserForm which has a ListBox and other TextBox, I have an issue when I select any option from the ListBox. I transfer data from the Form onto a Worksheet, which works great until I reach the ListBox.

My problem is that when I enter the information and click submit which will save the Data and send it to an Access Database. The problem arises on the ListBox. I get an error message Run-time error 3265 "Item not found in this collection"

I dont understand what the error is, how can I get around this so that all the data is written to the Worksheet and can then be transfered to the Database?

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Add Comments In Userforms

Oct 30, 2009

I was wondering if there was a way to add comments (that you see in spreadsheets) on a userform in vb editor. So that when you run the form and the user moves the mouse over a textbox then it displays the comment.

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Bar Graph Not Starting At Zero?

Jun 5, 2014

I'm working on a stacked bar graph based on the below info...




I'm trying to adjust the starting point so that it does not start at 0.

For example...

N1 - $21.00 - $38.00
N2 - $26.00 - $45.00
N3 - $30.00 - $53.00

is there a way to do this?

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Variables In Userforms

Jun 11, 2007

I have a sheet with two user forms. One which collects a few options and a second where I use a webrowser and some more options on it to do some tasks as per the options selected in number one.

I am having problems because I need to use the options that are selected on the first user form and apply them on the second userform by using if statements.

So basicaly the question is how can I use a variable defined in one userform and apply it on another userform?

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Userforms And Checkboxes

Jul 10, 2007

I'm having trouble with checkboxes - I've set up the userform but I can't seem to get it to send values to the specific cells when certain options are checked.

The way it should work is there will be an action and this could be involved with 1 process or 40 processes (and anything in between) and what will happen is the userform will pop up and ask what processes the action is applicable to. The user will then tick the correct ones and the form will then place these values in the corresponding cells next to the action.

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Hiding UserForms

May 7, 2008

I'm trying to hide a UserForm (using myFrm.hide) once the command button on the form is clicked. I'm getting the following error:

Run-time error '402'
Must close or hide topmost modal form first.

Apparently the form isn't the 1st in the z-order. How can I see the z-order of my forms?

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Multipage On Userforms

Jun 24, 2008

I have had some succcess with Userforms, but I have now tried creating multipage ones.

I assumed that when I clicked on page 2 or page 3 of the multipage control, it would take me to a blank canvas, but instead it just replicates what is on Page 1. If I put textboxes and labels on page one, it repeats them on pages 2 and 3. If I delete boxes fropm page 3, they also disapear from 1 and 2!

So im unsure how to put different labels etc onto different pages.

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Multipages In Userforms

Jul 16, 2008

I have an easy question regarding the Multipages in userforms. If I want to use Multipages, do I simply create a new userform, then select "multipages" from the controlbox and distribute all over the whole userform ?

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Sums Starting Over After Zero

Feb 25, 2009

I need a formula that will help me sum a row of numbers but, if at anytime there is a zero it should give me zero and the sums should start over at 1.

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Cannot Access UserForms In Add-in

Jun 29, 2006

I would really like to be able to have a function in a workbook that can run methods (for example Show or Hide) on a UserForm inside an add-in like this:

Public Sub Test_Addin()
frmTest.Show False
End Sub

where frmTest is a UserForm inside the addin. After the add-in has been added as a reference, I am able to access all of its functions/subs in this way. When I try to access a form inside the add-in from outside the add-in, I simply get an object not defined error. Looking more closely, if I type in "eRFTEAddIn." (which is the name of the add-in) and look at the possible options, the forms do not show up...although the modules and sheets do.

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Listboxes In Userforms

Jul 25, 2006

I am creating a userform with a listbox.

When I select multiple values from the listbox, how do I apply the selected set of values (user can select up to 10 out of 80) to a range of cells in a different sheet (in the same workbook), which cannot contain any blank cells?

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Hot Key Not Starting Macro

Oct 4, 2006

I have Ctrl+x to run a macro and it is not working. I have used it before fine, but made modifications this time and am having problems now. I'll just show the code for now and can give more details if the fix is not obvious.

Sub PO_Flash_Report_Detail() ....

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100% CPU Usage With Many Userforms

Nov 21, 2006

We have designed a data collection program in excel which use's userforms for the data entry and form printing. There are 20 userforms, each with a "Next" button which hides the current userform and shows the next userform. The first "next" button has a copy and paste code which copies a today() statement and paste's it in a different cell to record how long it took to complete the data entry. We are able to go through the program once, but when we try a second time it freezes and the cpu usage goes to 100% resulting in us having to End Task.

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HTML On UserForms

Dec 14, 2006

is there any way to accept the data directly on the userform(excel)? it may on some html control on userform or any other possible way to deal with.

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Beautify Userforms

Jan 1, 2008

Need any tips on making userforms look more appealing? Right now i prefer to have all my userforms displayed in white like the attached picture. let me know if you have something that looks better or if you disagree with the "white" theme and prefer something else.

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Show 2 UserForms & Allow Use Of Both

Feb 26, 2008

i have a form that creates a pop-up (another form) and i want that pop-up to remain on top of the original form until the pop-up's "submit" or "cancel" button is clicked - the original form should be inaccessible while the pop-up is there.

is it possible to do this in VBA?

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UserForms Staying Functional

Oct 9, 2007

I am trying to make a little game for a friend of mine. It picks a random number 1-1000 then he gets 10 chances to guess the number. After each guess, it tells him if the number is higher or lower. I have a userform that you put it your first guess, hit a button, and it tells you if the number is higher or lower. All the guess blanks and buttons are on the same UserForm. However, after you push the first button, the UserForm doesn't work anymore. How do I get it to stay functional the whole time?

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Database Operated By Userforms

Aug 12, 2008

i am trying to create a data base operated by userforms ive got so far, but now ive run into a wall. I am trying to find some code which will allow me to select a row of data (WarehouseInventory) in a user form, then copy and paste the infromation to another worksheet (WareHouseInventoryHistory) and then delete the the active row from the first worksheet.

I have attached the work book....

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Function Keys With Userforms

Sep 3, 2008

Does anyone know of any way at all to trap a function key while a userform is being shown, or will I need API for that?

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Transfering Data Between Userforms

Dec 28, 2008

i have 2 userforms and i want be able to put the data that appears in one textbox, and make it appear in the textbox in the other userform.

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Moving Data Between Two Userforms

Aug 6, 2009

I am trying to do what I have quoted below. In particular,I have the two userforms set up so that I open one and then click a checkbox that opens the second userform. I would like the data I enter into a texbox in the second userform to populate a text box in the first.

Originally Posted by dominicb
Good evening scott92

Sounds like you want to dump the contents of textbox1 into a public variable and force textbox 2 to pick them up from there. You might have a problem deciding exactly when textbox2 is to update - ie what event you're going to hang it from. Are both userforms visible on the screen at the same time? is the updating to take place in real time?


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Date Format In VBA Userforms

Sep 17, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with some data on it along with a button that activates a pop-up/form, which reads from a row of data and inputs it into specified textboxes on the form. All the data comes up nicely in the form, however it doesn't retain the formatting of the dates.

I have have a column title as "Issue Date", and the data in that column is dates. For example, the date would be written as follows in the actual cell "17Sep2009" (as per my custom formatting). However, when VBA reads it, and inputs it into the form, it displays it as numbers. In this case, it reads "17Sep2009" as "40073".

I also have a column that displays money info, so a cell would read "$10.00", however VBA reads it, and inputs it into the form as "10".

I can't change the formatting of the cell to text or anything, as the date formatting is beneficial to some other coding I have going on in the sheet.

I have the following code written to have VBA pull from the cells and display the info in the form:

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Printing Multiple Userforms

Oct 29, 2009

I made a front page where the user can input several parameters and then open 3 different userforms which perform calculations. The first 2 userforms just perform calculations but on the third i have two populated comboboxes where the user can choose a device and then it will display the corresponding calculations.

What i would like to do is print all the inputs from the front page, and all 3 userforms (with only the device selected shown). I would like to print the userforms and not copy them to an excel sheet and then print them from there. Is there a way to print all these things together?

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Scrolling In Userforms Without Scrollbars

Feb 1, 2010

I want is a form that has three different partsof it. Each part containing checkboxes, a spreadsheet, textboxes and labels. But I only want to display one of these parts at a time, depending on what the user clicks.
I know I could write code to move everything into the visible part of the form but that would be messy. I hoped I could find some way to instead move the visible part. Like if I had scrolled.

An example. Say the visible form is 100 high and 100 wide. When opening you see from the width 0-100 and height 0-100 (pixels or whatever those things sould be called). Upon pressing a button I instead want to see width 101-201 and height 101-201.

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