Subtotal Formula - Function 109 Does Subtraction (not Addition)

May 28, 2013

I'm looking for a formula that acts the same way as the subtotal formula (revises if rows are hidden and only adds visible rows). Is there anyway to get this removal of hidden rows but for subtraction?

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Addition And Subtraction Using IF Formula

May 1, 2013

Lets say I have a #2 in cell A1 and #4 in cell B1 and would like an output in C1 as "plus 2".

Right now I have =if(a1>b1,b1-a1,???) what can I put in the [value_if_false] to return "plus 2" or do I have to use another formula?

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Addition/Subtraction With Menu Selection

Jan 8, 2009

Included is an example of a spreadsheet I am working on. There are multiple choices within several different drop-down menu's. As of right now I have the 1st menu as the stage of completion of a car. Within the next few menu's are options.

If welded chassis is chosen, none of these options are included. However if roller or turn-key are chosen then some of these options are included. But then there are also upgrades to these parts that are included as well. Is there a way to make 1 option included when a roller is chosen, but then if you want the 2nd option in the menu, you click on it and it automatically updates the price next to it, therefore subtracting the cost of option 1 from the cost of option 2?

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Basic Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication

Apr 12, 2008

Take a single cell in column D, and multiply it by a single cell in column E, which will equal F. Take column F, and multiply it by .02 (2%), which will equal G. Take a cell in column G, and subtract it from F, which will equal I. And this all takes place in the same row. Then have it move down to the next row, and do the same thing..... so it would basically look like this.....

1 D1 E1 (D1*E1) (F1*.02) (G1-F1)

2 D2 E2 (D2*E2) (F2*.02) (G2-F2)

3 D3 E3 (D3*E3) (F3*.02) (G3-F3)

For easier reading.... in each row I want it to do the following math

And then do it for every row that I have data in (excluding the VERY first row). I am -COMPLETELY- sorry if I broke any rules, and am also sorry for the poor representation

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Make SUMIF Formula Calculate With SUBTOTAL Function

Feb 21, 2014

I'm trying to exclude cells that are filtered in a separate sheet.

The sheet I'm working with gathers information from this separate sheet using the following SUMIF formula:


This formula extrapolates information perfectly for me if I do not filter columns in the separate sheet with all of the information.

I know that SUBTOTAL functions can be used in a way to exclude hidden cells. Can I combine the SUBTOTAL function into my SUMIF function above to produce results that exclude filtered cells?

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Sum Function But For Subtraction

Jul 27, 2006

Is there a " Sum" function that can be used for a cumulative series of subtractions?

For example, if I have 10, 12 and 15 in 3 respective cells, and use the sum function upon them, it will return 37.

However, I want to say 10 minus 12 minus 15, and thus return -17.

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Subtraction Of Column Ranges Within Average Ifs Function?

Feb 14, 2014

This time I have a situation like this:

Column A - Dates
Column B - Equipment Type
Column C - Load Start Time
Column D - Load End Time

I need to do some statistical analysis (average, mode, medium, st dev) on the load times, which is load start time - load end time. As far as I know, I can't subtract ranges (column d i column c) within Averageifs function. I assume I would need to use an array function for this.

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Subtotal Formula - To Show Up In The Subtotal Value Column

Oct 23, 2008

Im trying to get my sheet so that at each change in month it creates a sum of the value but I want to sum to show up in the subtotal value column.....

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Multiplication/addition Function

Jan 27, 2009

I obviously know less about functions than I thought I did. I've got the attached spreadsheet set up except getting totals at the bottom. The production total L44, would be column A multiplied by the quantity entered in columns L and summed. Same for Total SF, square footage in column B times quantity in L and summed at the bottom. This would continue daily, needing sums under each column.

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Simple Conditional Addition Function

Mar 27, 2009

I imagine this is a simple conditional SUMIF function. I'd like a cell to add values in e.g. column "d" when that row meets certain criterion in column "a".

In other words, I have a column that has times recorded in minutes, and another that says a person's name which correlates with the times. I'd like a cell on another sheet to give a total sum of minutes for each person.

Ideally, part of the function would translate the minute count into hours/minutes, but I think I can figure out how to do that by changing the format in the cell...

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Function Of Addition With An Only Conditional Criterion

Mar 23, 2009

I behind developed to a time a function of Addition with an only conditional criterion.
I would like to extend at least for three criteria, this function I function accurately as the function SUMPRODUCT alone that done in VBA.

Function VlookupAllSum(name As String, IntervalSearches As Range, IntervalReturn As Range) As Variant ' as integer para valores at 32.767
Dim Valor, Nome
Dim lin, col As Integer
Dim Total
lin = 1
col = lin
For Each Nome In IntervalSearches
If Nome = name Then
Valor = IntervalReturn(lin, col)................

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Addition Of Alpha Numeric Using Function COUNTIF

Mar 18, 2014

I am trying to create a shift roster for my team. My team work in general shift (GS), second shift (SS), third shift (TS). There are situations where some team members come in any of these shift but had to leave midway due to feeling well, so that should be counted as half day. This half day scenario may be in any case GS/SS/TS. I am using COUNTIF to get the sum of GS/SS/TS for each employee which is giving a whole number. I also want to incorporate 3 different variations of half day as Half Day GS (HG), Half Day SS (HS), Half Day TS (HT). My expectation is that for each Half Day only 0.5 should be added in a appropriate shift, but COUNTIF is always counting this as 1. How I can achieve this using countif or any other Excel function? Sample sheet is attached.

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Update Function In Cells Following Addition Row Insertion

Jan 14, 2014

I have a command button that runs a macro to insert two new rows between row 15 and 16 no real problem (see code & sheet below), but I would like the Total Hours and Total Cost rows to include the newly added rows i.e.

Rows 16 & 17

Cell B18 now contains =B2+B4+B6+B8+B10+B12+B14+B16
Cell B19 now contains =B3+B5+B7+B9+B11+B13+B15+B17

If another two rows are added then Total Hours and Total Cost Cells 20 & 21 will now be

Cell B20 now contains =B2+B4+B6+B8+B10+B12+B14+B16+B18
Cell B21 now contains =B3+B5+B7+B9+B11+B13+B15+B17+B19

Command button Code to insert row

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Const fWhat As String = "EXTERNAL"
Dim sR As Range, fR As Range, fAdr As String, nRw As Long
Set sR = Range("A1:C187")

[Code] ..........

Worksheet Below


[Code] ...........

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Subtraction Formula

Oct 21, 2009

I have data that when added together will have decimals of .1 or .2. Any decimal great than .2 becomes an integre of 1 and is added to the other integres. for example: 1.1, 2.0, 3.2, 5.1=12.1.

I now want to subtract this total from another amount that will give me values with decimals of .1 or .2, example: 59-12.1=46.2 not 46.8. The same if 62-8.1=53.2.

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Formula For Minute Subtraction?

Mar 6, 2014

What is the formula for taking two times, and finding the minutes between them. E.g. 12:35 PM-12:28 PM=7. I know i can use (A1-A2)*1440, but is there an easier way?

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Time Subtraction Formula

Nov 28, 2013

I'm trying to do the following:

In the attached file, I'd like to subtract whichever is the earliest time between B4 or C4 from A4, then B5 or C5 from A5, etc.

I assume I need a conditional "if" statement but I'm not sure if that will work.

Attached File : Time Subtraction Example.xls‎

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Simple Subtraction Formula Not Calculating

Nov 21, 2007

I've got a list of marks (col T), and I want to create a new column subtracting 5 from each value.

Obviously, the formula in this new column is

But I enter that formula and excel doesn't do any calculating, it just displays "T1-5"
It even seems to recognize that it's a formula, highlighting T1 in the formula and the T1 cell itself, but no resulting value...

I've tried changing the format of the cells (in both columns) to Number and back to General again, but without success.

I've also tried copying and pasting (values only) the whole T column to another column, and tried there, also without any success.

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Add Subtraction Formula To Cell Via Code

Aug 11, 2007

If I wish to amend the below code such that it must use the cell one row above minus the cell on the left, how should I go about it?


If in cell C10, the formula is to use C9 minus B10.
If in cell C11, the formula is to use C10 minus B11.

mylogoff.Offset(0, 1).FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[-1]-RC[-2]

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Formula For Month Subtraction From Date Format

Apr 24, 2014

What is the simple formula to be used to subract N months from MM.YYYY format

Here N=2, MM=04,YYYY=2014

04.2014 minus 2 month means output should be 02.2014

02.2014 minus 2 month means output should be 12.2013

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Formula That Will Look In Col A And Perform A Subtraction In Cell B1 Between 2 Value Dates

Jan 4, 2009

i need formula that will look in Col A and perform a subtraction in Cell b1 between 2 value dates 28/12/08 -12/12/08. Though I could have done this manually but was wondering if there is formula which will avoid duplicate dates. So the formula is set and when i copy new data in Col A daily the formula should be able to pick 2 dates regardless where the second date starts at...

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Add Addition If Condition To Existing Formula: Long Formula

Aug 12, 2007

This task joins a string together based on a number of characters per cell in the range.

I want to isolate one range, Col N, and add an IF condition to it.

There may be other issues preventing this from happening, e.g. the number of IF that exist in the complete formula. I will isolate the current cell and its requirements and then post the entire formula at the end for reference....

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Addition Formula

Aug 13, 2008

I am a new excel user. I a trying to write a certain formula but am having trouble. I want to write the formula to add a column of numbers, say H-10 through H-15. Each cell will have a number in it, but I want only to add the cells if the cell precedding it in the G-10 through G-15 Collumn is blank. For example if cells G-12 and G-14 have an "X" in them, then I do not want Cells H-12 and H-14 to be added. I only want the formula to add cells H-10,H-11,H-13, and H-15. I used just 6 cells for example, the column of cells to be added will be a lot longer.

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Insert Addition Formula With VBA

Jan 11, 2013

I wish to sum specific rows in a spreadsheet as a Grand Total. I eventually end up with a string variable called "GrandTot" that holds "=C3+C13+C25+C31+C39+C50+C53"

This formula is correct, but when I insert it into the spreadsheet it totals zero. Only when I manually write the formula does it recognize the cells it supposed to add. I am very confused as to why this is happening.

On a possibly related note, when I highlight a column in the spreadsheet, the count is including blank cells.

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Calculator Formula For Addition Via Columns

Oct 20, 2009

I would like to know the calculator formula for addition via columns.

Eg 1. If i were to place 135 into Column A ;
12.95 into Column C ;
i would need to yield a result of 147.95

Eg 2. Place 189 into Column A ;
12.95 into Column C

i would need to yield result of 201.95 and so on. in the attachment is the sample file.

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Update Csa Formula With The Addition Of New Rows

Jun 20, 2007

I am working on a spreadsheet that matches each cell in Column B (text) with the data (text) in a constant cell; if there is a match, the data that corresponds to the data in Column B (text) will average (Column G, number) using a CSA formula, for example: =AVERAGE(IF($B$3:$B$106=A$110,$G$3:$G$106))

Now the formula above works well, only I have to update the spreadsheet, so when I add new rows the $B$3:$B$106 and $G$3:$G$106 portions are useless.

Trying to use the INDIRECT function that many people successfully use in this forum, produces a #VALUE error,


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Sumif Formula Needs To Split 2 Criterias Of Addition

Aug 6, 2009

you guys very kindly helped me with a spreadsheet a couple of months ago, but i now need to adapt it for another dept. I have completed as much as I can.

I need column C and E in the 'totals tab' to only calculate contract and upgrade sales respectively (found in 'service orders' tab). I also need Scott's and ash's individual sales to be calculated in corrisponding tabs. Most of the formulas are in place so just need them tweaked slightley.

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Subtotal Function For Hidden Row

Oct 13, 2005

I have got a multisheets database where both rows and columns may be
hidden according to a given criteria. Only blanks rows and columns
should be hidden.

Now I need a formula to check if there is no "valuable" data hidden.

Checking test might be:
SUBTOTAL(9,reference) = SUBTOTAL(109,reference)

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SUBTOTAL Function Syntax

Jul 26, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that deals with payments and has subtotals in it. Every subtotal formula begins like this: =SUBTOTALS(9,H212:H225). My question is: What does the "9" and the "comma" mean?

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Subtotal Function With Criteria

Jun 21, 2008

I would to use the subtotal command and have it exclude rows from another column in addition to obeying an autofilter:

1 Area Rep Name Amount
2 Quota John 100
3 NW John 200
4 NW John 300

I want to use the subtotal(9) on the amount column, but I don't want it to include rows where the value Quota is in the area column. The idea is that the amount for a given autofilter condition (rep = john) should only show his forecast amounts but not his quota number for his area. DSUM includes hidden row as does sum

I have tried


but that does not work


works but does not let me filter the data to only show values for john versus all reps

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Sumproduct Formula And When To Use Comma's, Double Negatives, Addition

Jan 21, 2010

look at my attachment and see what I am doing wrong in my formula? I have a hard time understanding the Sumproduct formula and when to use comma's, double negatives, addition, etc.

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