Make SUMIF Formula Calculate With SUBTOTAL Function

Feb 21, 2014

I'm trying to exclude cells that are filtered in a separate sheet.

The sheet I'm working with gathers information from this separate sheet using the following SUMIF formula:


This formula extrapolates information perfectly for me if I do not filter columns in the separate sheet with all of the information.

I know that SUBTOTAL functions can be used in a way to exclude hidden cells. Can I combine the SUBTOTAL function into my SUMIF function above to produce results that exclude filtered cells?

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No Mode Function In Subtotal - How To Calculate

Jul 21, 2014

I'm trying to calculate the mode for a large data set, but there is no 'mode function' in subtotal. I need to find the mode for each change in day - without having to retype the function.

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Using SumIf With Subtotal Formula And Autofilter

Jul 16, 2013

Just to give you a quick overview (i cannot attach workbook due to data protection for our customer), I have a workbook with two tabs on it, an invoice summary tab and a rentals tab.

This is an extract of the table from my invoice summary tab:

Net (Zero Vat)
Net (Standard Vat)

Initial Rentals

[Code] .....

The invoice data is on the rentals tab. Column "C" on the rentals tab details what type of rental it is, as per column A in the table above. the amount to sum on my rentals tab is in column "S".

I have a formula currently which looks like this:

=SUMIF(Rentals!$C:$C,'Invoice Summary'!$A2,Rentals!S:S)

this works fine.

Now the problem i have is i have an autofilter on the rentals tab which will be filtered by different accounts, I need the formula on the invoice summary tab to only show the visible amounts (as per the filter) and not the whole column. I was thinking of a subtotal formula but can't use a sumif and subtotal together (i dont think).

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Sort By Subtotal, Make The Subtotal Stand Out

Feb 5, 2007

way to do this but i have a sheet that is into 5 - 6 thous rows, in one of the columns (names) i sort it by names and then order it by subtotal for certain values.

What i need to know, is there anyway i can take just the subtotal values out and put onto another spreadsheet without copying and pasting it all as there are lots of subtotals and this would help alot as the other info is not nec. just the subtotal'd info. either that or is there anyway i can highlight the subtotal'd row info in yellow/bold text anything like that that would make it stand out without having to do it manually?

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Formula- To Pull Cell Values Similar To A SUMIF Function (SUMIF(range,criteria,sum_range))

Oct 25, 2007

I am trying to pull cell values similar to a SUMIF function (SUMIF(range,criteria,sum_range)). For example, in A1 I use a data list created from data elsewhere on the spreadsheet. In the data I created elsewhere, there are 2 columns being used. The 1st column is the information that is being used to create the list and the second column contains specific values (number or text). In the dropdown menu I select an available value (text or number) . When I have selected that value I would like cell A2 to show what the cell directly to the right of it shows from the data I have elsewhere in the spreadsheet as mentioned. I have tried the SUMIF function however it seems to exclude certain values (number or text) and I am not sure what else to use.

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SUMIF Function: Calculate What Is The Total For An Individual For The Whole Month

Jul 3, 2006

I have the same data (but not necessarily on the same cell for everyday) for everyday of the month. Now I need to calculate what is the total for an individual for the whole month. Example,I need to total John's data for the month of January from the individual sheet for Region 1, Region 2 and region 3. I tried the sumif function as below but it does not seem to work. =SUMIF('Jan 1:Jan 3'!B5:B7,"John",'Jan 1:Jan 3'!C5:C7). I have simplified the file as an attachment below.Appreciate need as the original file is for 6 months and I need a way to compute the data.

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Subtotal Formula - Function 109 Does Subtraction (not Addition)

May 28, 2013

I'm looking for a formula that acts the same way as the subtotal formula (revises if rows are hidden and only adds visible rows). Is there anyway to get this removal of hidden rows but for subtraction?

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Autofilter With Subtotal Sumif

Nov 7, 2005

Small example of data

Name Amount Paid
Sheri $10.00 Yes
Sheri $15.00 No
Maureen $25.00 No
Maureen $12.00 Yes

If I AutoFilter the the list for Name "Sheri", how can I use the Subtotal
and Sumif functions together to show an answer of $15.00?

Or how can I use the Sumif or Sumproduct functions only on the visible cells?
Plus is it possible to show the filtered name "Sheri" in a seperate cell?

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Combine Sum / Sumif And Subtotal

Nov 29, 2012

I'm trying to put these two formulas together:


I tried


and it did not work.

I also tried


this also did not work. I do not fully understand the SUMPRODUCT function. I found this formula online and substituted the values. It worked for the other spreadsheet which did not include a SUM on the SUMIF formula

(i.e. SUMIF(STATUS,"=Pending",PREMIUM)

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Subtotal Formula - To Show Up In The Subtotal Value Column

Oct 23, 2008

Iím trying to get my sheet so that at each change in month it creates a sum of the value but I want to sum to show up in the subtotal value column.....

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Reference Sheet Names With Indirect Function To Make Formula?

May 21, 2014

Attached I have a document where I am wanting all of the individual sheet names on the Total page. Rather than having to change each formula to match the sheet name I believe there is a way to reference the sheet name column (AO) in the formula so you can drag it down to fill in the columns. I am basic with Excel and do not know how to add this indirect function into my current formulas.

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Calculate With Subtotal Functions And Write Value In Cell

Aug 22, 2014

i have wrote the following code snipped:

Sheets(2).Range("D8").Value = Application.WorksheetFunction.Subtotal(109, Sheet(4).Range("BJ3:BJ" & b)) + Application.WorksheetFunction.Subtotal(109, Sheet(3).Range("BJ4:BJ" & a))

The debugger said: That "Sheet" is not allowed in the subtotal-function. because i would like to calculate two subtotals in two sheets an write the sum in another sheet

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Xlup And Calculate - Take Value Of Total And Subtract It From Subtotal

Dec 7, 2011

I have several columns of sub-total and total as shown in the screen print. I need some code that will allow me to take the value of total and subtract it from sub-total. The number of rows changes weekly so I cannot simply state =f10-f11

I thought xlup and offsetting would be a good way to do it, but I'd still need to assign a cell number.

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IF Function In A Formula - Calculate Array Of Values

Jun 15, 2014

If the data looks like this:

What would the formula be to calculate that array of values = 57% because 4 of them are equal to or greater than 9, and there are 7 of them in total? The formula should accommodate however many numbers are listed and calculate what percentage of them are 9 or 10.

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Excel 2011 :: Automatically Calculate Running Subtotal By Category

Mar 27, 2013

I am using Excel 2011 for Mac.

I am creating a workbook with multiple worksheets, one overview sheet and then one sheet for each month of the year.

In the monthly sheets I have a Category column for which I have created a drop-down menu of expense categories. Then I have an Expense Amount column where I enter the amount spent.

The Category column will not necessarily remain sorted by category because I will be entering the expenses as they come up throughout the month so the categories will be all mixed up, unless I manually sort them.

What I want to do is somehow automatically calculate a running subtotal by Category (that will update with each new entry) and simultaneously automatically transfer the running subtotal for each Category to a specific cell on the overview sheet.

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Subtotal Function For Hidden Row

Oct 13, 2005

I have got a multisheets database where both rows and columns may be
hidden according to a given criteria. Only blanks rows and columns
should be hidden.

Now I need a formula to check if there is no "valuable" data hidden.

Checking test might be:
SUBTOTAL(9,reference) = SUBTOTAL(109,reference)

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SUBTOTAL Function Syntax

Jul 26, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that deals with payments and has subtotals in it. Every subtotal formula begins like this: =SUBTOTALS(9,H212:H225). My question is: What does the "9" and the "comma" mean?

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Subtotal Function With Criteria

Jun 21, 2008

I would to use the subtotal command and have it exclude rows from another column in addition to obeying an autofilter:

1 Area Rep Name Amount
2 Quota John 100
3 NW John 200
4 NW John 300

I want to use the subtotal(9) on the amount column, but I don't want it to include rows where the value Quota is in the area column. The idea is that the amount for a given autofilter condition (rep = john) should only show his forecast amounts but not his quota number for his area. DSUM includes hidden row as does sum

I have tried


but that does not work


works but does not let me filter the data to only show values for john versus all reps

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LOOKUP With Possible Group Or Subtotal Function?

Feb 9, 2012

(I've actually gotten what I needed through some very convoluted formulas, but I thought there MUST be an easier way!!)

I have three columns of data:
another folderTEST0029TEST0031
another folderTEST0032TEST0039
another folderTEST0040TEST0056

I am trying to get a "range" for each folder using the first instance in columnB and the last instance in columnC. For example, what I need to end up with is:

another folderTEST0029TEST0056

Again, I was able to finally accomplish this, but it took some way outside the box steps. Tried it in Access with simple query for Min and Max, but the caveat is that there are identical folder names for different ranges (see "foldername1) that need to be captured and I was getting results like "foldername1 TEST0001 TEST0275", which is incorrect.

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Error When Using Subtotal Function In Macro

Jan 14, 2013

I am trying to create a macro which will use the subtotal function to do a count on all the the new loans in column A. The could below is what I have tried but I am getting a run-time error 13 "Type Mismatch" error at the line highlighted in red in the code. How to write the Subtotal function in the macro.

Sub CountNewLoans()

Dim cnlFinalRow As Integer
Dim cnlRow As Integer

Dim x As String
Dim y As String

[Code] ......

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Use The Worksheet Function Vlookup On Subtotal Values

Jul 12, 2006

Is it possible to use the worksheet function Vlookup on subtotal values? If so what is the formula? The problem that I am trying to solve is as follows. I have a sheet (1) listing part numbers that are not moving at a particular depot. On another sheet (2) there are details of sales relating to the non-moving part numbers at 6 other depots, I have added subtotals. Currently I am switching between worksheets to see if I can transfer stock. I would like to id on sheet 1 the total number of sales at other depots, then I can see what part numbers may be transferrable without a great deal of manual intervention.

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Using SUMIF To Calculate SUM Over 30, 90, 365 Day Period

Oct 7, 2008

I have a logbook which already uses a number of SUMIF formulas but have been trying to create one so that totals the number of hours flown in the above mentioned periods. I am attempting to copy the formula and then modify for the relevant column in this case: =SUM(IF(FlightDates<(TODAY()-90), 0, FlightLength))

FlightDates is the named range of the calender date in column A and FlightLength is the named range for total flying in column Z. However even though this forumla works in another situation e.g. tracking number of landings in the last 90 days, it comes up with an error.

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SUMIF To Calculate Daily Gains/losses

Nov 18, 2006

I currently have a profit/loss spreadsheet where I use a SUMIF to calculate daily gains/losses.

=SUMIF('Daily Sheet'!B:B,B377,'Daily Sheet'!H:H)

Basically, on the 'Daily Sheet' page when a sale is made I write it in a row. Each sale gets its own row. One of the column's has the date. (Column B) Column H has the respective gain or loss for that sale/purchase. B377 in this case contains the date 18-Nov. (B360 to B389 has Nov 1 through Nov 30) So this cell will calculate all the gains and losses in column H for each sale/purchase entry I have for that day. Some days I have 30 rows, others only 2 or 3, so this works great.

My problem now is that my rows have gotten much more complicated and detailed, and now I'd like to be able to only sum column H:H if it meets TWO criteria. (I'd like to add in Column C that specifies the type of sale or purchase being made, which is R, T or S for my purposes.) So I'd like to somehow write a sumif that only adds up the sales for 18-Nov AND sale type R.

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SUMIF To Calculate Number Of Days Between Dates In 2 Columns Meeting Criteria

May 7, 2013

I have 2 Columns of Holiday Dates (Column A is the "FROM" date; and Column B is the 'TO' date) and Column C is Peoples Names corresponding to the Holiday dates:


A1= 2 Jan 13 ; B1= 10 Jan 13 ; C1= Tom
A2= 4 May 13 ; B2= 10 Jun 13 ; C2= John
A3= 7 Jul 13 ; B3= 10 Jul 13 ; C3= Tom
A4= 3 Aug 13 ; B4= 25 Aug 13 ; C4= John
A5= 6 Dec 13 ; B5= 15 Dec 13 ; C5= John.

I am trying to figure out a formula (eg SUMIF) to calculate and summarize the number of Days Holiday based on a person's name (eg Tom's total Number of days Holiday days) based on the above column configuration of Dates and Names.

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Adding Subtotal Formula With VBA

Apr 30, 2009

I am desperately trying to add a simple subtotal formula but receive the same error ("Type mismatch"):

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Formula To Subtotal The Next Two Numbers

Aug 21, 2007

The following is what I have in A1:C3.

4 TRUE 0

The Formula in C1 is =IF(B1=TRUE,SUBTOTAL(9,C2:C3),A1)

This formula is then copied down to C2 and C3. I want this formula to subtotal the next two numbers if the cell to the left is true. Right now it is giving me 0, but it should be giving me 8.

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Can You Point A Formula To A Subtotal

Jun 12, 2009

I'd like to point a cell to a subtotal on another sheet but that sheet will periodically have the subtotals removed, more data added, then sorted and subtotalled again. Is there a way to have my other cell find the subtotal that matches a certain criterion (in this case, cost center)?

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SUMIF Function To A Particular Value

Apr 17, 2009

I am trying to used the sumIF function in refer to a particular value, e.g. Name 1.

Question 1 - What formula I can used to make sure the SUMIF function refers to that specific value, e.g Name 1?

Question 2 - Is my SUMIF function correct to calculate the SUM of hours to a Task? This is due to the data table setting? find attached:

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Sumif Function.?

Jul 14, 2009

I am using Excel 2003. Worksheet named: Table_Data has the following code in cell: B2

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Sumif Or Other Function

Nov 6, 2009

Sum amts based on first left character of code
code amts
102 100
200 500
101 100

1 200
2 500

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