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Sum Total Of Calculated Field In PivotTable

i have a database of monthly sales of a regional distributor and im using a pivot table to manipulate my data. i want to show only what account makes a positive sales for a specific product and i want to get the total number of accounts who have the positive sales. there are multiple entries in my database, the condition is if an account have positive sales of a specific product regardless on how many times the account bought the result should be 1 (meaning one buying account)

i've tried to use a calculated field in my pivot table, i get the correct result per account but when it comes to grand total its not getting the sum of the total number of accounts. here is the sample of what i need to get..

you can see that there are multiple entries but it shows only 1 per account when it has at least 1 positive sales of a specific product and 0 if it hasn't any sales/negative... and for the total it adds the number of accounts to get the total number of buying accounts..

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PivotTable Calculated Field With IF Function/Formula
I have a PivotTable which shows the number of packs produced in a month. I created a calculated field which shows the number of vehicles needed to move these packs. The number of packs per vehicle is dependent on two criteria, the Pack Description and the Store. My calculated field, Shunts, is described as:

=Packs / IF(Store ="Middlewich",IF('Pack desc' ="Tall",30,60),IF('Pack desc' ="Tall",26,52))

which represents the logic

Middlewich & Tall = Packs / 30
Middlewich & other = Packs / 60
Other & tall = Packs / 26
Other & other = Packs / 52

However, it doesn't work!

I know Calculated Fields can be difficult to work with, but this is crazy and I think I'm missing something obvious as I'm sure I've had IFs work like this before!
I've attached my example, also showing the values I'd expect to see.

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PivotTable Total Cell Field Reference
What code can I use to reference the total cell at the end of a field called "Calls Offered" in the data area of a pivot table called "PivotTable2"?

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Grand Total Of The Calculated Field Returns Wrong Results
i have a problem regarding calculated field.. i have data of sales of a distributor with all the accounts that he handles.. i want to get the total number of buying accounts for that distributor..

buying account is an account that bought a specific product for at least one time... even the account buy 2 or 3 times more for that specific product the account is considered as 1 buying account..

i want to use a pivot table so i can manipulate the data.. first i tried to add an additional field to my data and put the formula
"if(norbo_val>0,1,0)" where norbo_val is the total sales less the rejects. it means if ever an account have positive sales the account is considered as a buying account for that specific product. my problem is that when that account bought the same product for 2 or more times it sums all the times an account bought for that specific product..

so i decide to remove the field in my data and create a calculated field in the pivot table. i input the same formula to the calculated field and it gives me the correct result where if ever an account bought a specific product for at least one time regardless on how many times the account bought that same product, the account is considered as 1 buying account. the only problem i am encountering now is that the grand total is not summing up the total numbers of buying accounts if i list all the accounts. it seems the formula is affecting the grand total where it should add the total of buying accounts but instead using the formula of the calculated field so the result is only 1.

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PivotTable Code: The PivotTable Field Name Is Not Valid
The code I'm using that results in the following error message: "Run-Time Error '1004':

The pivotTable field name is not valid. To create a pivottable report, you must use data that is organized as a list with labeled columns. If you are changing the name of a pivottable field, you must type a new name for the field." Here's the code, I've seperated it into each sub hoping that will make it easier to read:

Option Explicit

Sub main_prog()
Call td_metrics_import
Call pt_td_metrics("Pivot_Page1", "PivotTable1", "PivotTable2")
Call pt_td_metrics("Pivot_Page2", "PivotTable3", "PivotTable4")
Call create_graph
End Sub...............

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PivotTable Error: Field Name Is Not Valid.
I successfully created two PivotTables two days ago, but when I added more rows of data to the source worksheet I could not refresh either PivotTable view. So after much frustration, I deleted both worksheets and again tried to create a new PivotTable using the wizard. I keep getting this error, and have no idea what it is telling me so that I can go about fixing it:

"The PivotTable field name is not valid. To create a PivotTable report, you must use data that is organized as a list with labeled columns. If you are changing the name of a PivotTable field, you must type a new name for the field."

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Show All Items Of PivotTable Field
I have a section of code that takes SO long, but I have to have it. Bascially, I need a pivot field to be set to "All", but there HAS to be a faster way. Here's my

Sub FloorCompareSetter()
Dim pt As PivotTable
Dim pi As PivotItem
Set pt = ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PinPointPivot")
' Speeds up code dramatically
pt.ManualUpdate = True
'Set the floor comparison for managers, coaches, and reps
' Make sure all PivotItems along line are visible
For Each pi In _
pi.Visible = True
Next pi
pt.ManualUpdate = False
End Sub

Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;Also, note that I have used other techniques to speed up the process:

With Application
. ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
.Calculation = xlManual
End With

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Sumif Function In Pivot Calculated Field?
I'm getting an error message in when I attempt to create a pivot table calculated field formula using the SUMIF function. My questions are (A) Can SUMIF be used in a pivot table calculated field and (B) If Yes, then why am I getting an error message? To expand more on my second question(B). My scenerio is as follows.

I need to compute the Total Inventory Value (Quantity X Cost) of all our inventory that is aged over 60 days. I have a "Total Value" field that gives me the inventory value at a sku level. also have a "Days Since Last Receipt" (DSLR) field that gives the Days since the Inventory was last Received at a sku level. For Example:

SKU A --Total Value=$100 -- DSLR=50
SKU B --Total Value=$75 -- DSLR =70
SKU C --Total Value=$40 -- DSLR =80

Using the above scenerio and example I tried to execute this calculated field formula: =SUMIF(DSLR,">60",Total Value). However I get an formula error message.

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Retain Calculated Field Number Formatting
I use pivot tables extensively in my job. I have several spreadsheets that feed from acess database tables to build pivot tables. Besides the fields imported from Acess, I also create calculated fields. The problem is, for both the calculated fields and the imported fields, the number formatting does not stick. I know how to go to field settings, then to number, and change the customized format. The problem is, once I take that field out of the pivot table and bring another one with a different format (say, bring a field with currency format and take away one field with a percentage format) and then bring the original field back to the privot table, the number format is gone.

This is really annoying since I work with dozens of fields, and it takes time to change the number settings every time I change fields on the pivot table, and the number of decimal places, etc. I stress that I know how to change the number formatting on fields, it's just that it excel does not remember it afterwards.

I thought that maybe the formulas in excel might allow one to include the formating, but I have not been able to find if this is possible, and if so, how to do it. So, for example, the following formula for a calculated field:

=IF(ISERROR(Contribution/'Block Hours'), "0", (Contribution/'Block Hours'))

would be nice if the formula itself could include the number formating. I tried including something like , 0.00% at the end, but it does not work.

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Listbox Result To Pivottable Current Page Field
I am thinking of using a listbox so a user can select a product to graph. What I want to know, in VBA, is how do I use the selection the user makes and use it in a pivot table current page field? The listbox returns a number whereas I want the text. I can use the number when it is linked to a cell and a vlookup to get the text but how do I get the text into the current page field?

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Pivottable Total Include Hidden Items
I am using Excel 200o to create a PivotTable but am having problems wiht the Totals. Is it possible to create a PivotTable that includes hidden items in the Totals (row)? I tried the Subtotal Hidden Page Items option but this seemed to do nothing to the Total or subtotal.

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Error Message "The PivotTable Field Name Is Not Valid"
I get the error message "The PivotTable field name is not valid. To create a PivotTable report, you must use data that is organized as a list with labeled columns. If you are changing the name of a pivot Table field, you must type a new name for the field." when I try to make a pivot-table.

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PivotTable Field > Summarize By: "MEDIAN"
I am hoping that someone has a workaround for this as I am unable to find anything using extensive web searches.

Excel 2003 on a PC running Windows XP. I need to be able to summarize Pivot table field settings by MEDIAN. Excel allows me to summarize by AVERAGE but there is no option for MEDIAN.

To get to the function

On the PivotTable toolbar click on "Field Settings". Under the "PivotTable Field" look at the options provided in the "Summarize by:" field.

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Inserting A Total Amount Field In Each Empty Row
to run a macro that enters a new row after each set of currencies (which have been sorted). I now need to enter a total balance cell within this empty row which calculates the total amount for each currency.

I need to do this using the SUMIF function below:

the above basically lets me calculate the total but as no - and + signs were input it does this by recognising the 'dr' and 'cr' in the column next to the amount.

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Total To Date Field Adjusted Multiple Times
I'm creating a spreadsheet that has:

- budgeted dollar amount

- entry each week for that week's total expense

- total expense to date

Question: how can I hold the value for "total expense to date" so that when the new week's info is added the previous total is not lost?

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Add Value From Last Year To Total On This Year In PivotTable
I'd like to know a formula which can calculate the moving annual total, that is the sum of the last 4 quarters. Now every time the sales from a quarter is known, i have to recalculate the MAT mannually.

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Change/Move Pivot Table Row Field To Column Field
In building my pivot table my data that I want to show in the column area is showing up as rows stacked on top of each other. In the column section I'm trying to show Total Budgeted Amount next to Total Actual Amount but on the layout it's showing the two stacked on top of each other is there some kind of hidden key that I'm missing?

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Macro To Preset Field With Text If Condition In Another Field Is True
I have a macro that imports a report. If the Charge Type in column A is BTOREPLX, I need to prefill the field next to it in column B with the text "REPLX", e.g. "REPLXCDROM". I've attached an example of the report.

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Changing A Numerical Field To A Date Field
in coverting these fields into a date field.

Example 91306 to 060913

I have encloed the file.

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Counting Per Date Field And Data Field
I am trying to count the number of times that data is in a field and in any field the date is greaert than today's date. This date field could be blank and that is where I am having the problem.


See Attached

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Macro Allow To Total The Data On The Total Sheet Depending On What Unit Number Is Selected
This may not be the best way to do this, but I don't know Macros or Pivot Tables.

I am looking for a way with formulas to do the following:
Within a workbook the 1st sheet is the data entry.
In another sheet that will total data from the data sheet is where I want to be able to total columns of data, depending on what is entered in one specific column:

Data Sheet, E2:E2999 is a unit number selcted by pull down tab entry.
G2:G2999 in the same sheet is where the data is.

Q: What formula would allow to total the data on the Total Sheet depending on what unit number is selected in column E on the Data Sheet and the data amount in column D from Data Sheet?

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Total Occurences: Formula That Shows The Total Payments Recieved For A Particular Month For A Particular Product
I have a report which has a list of customers, each customer has 24 columns which represent the payment history over 24 months. If a payment has been made for that month the date and time (formatted correctly) will be populated in this cell.

Each customer has a product name attached to it so a product can appear several times. I need is a formula that shows the total payments recieved for a particular month for a particular product. For example.

I have managed to create the following flag which works a treat, it picks up a date an account was set up but looks at 1 column.

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Add Each Day's Total While Displaying A Positive Number If The Total Exceeds 6000
I'm sure this can be done but I don't think I have the formula correct. What I am trying to do is add each day's total while displaying a positive number if the total exceeds 6000.

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Possible For Count & Sum In PivotTable
Is it possible to have both SUM and COUNT values on one PivotTable?

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Name New Sheet Used For PivotTable
In the macro I am writing I open a pivot table which as you know creates a sheet. I would like to name that sheet. My problem is that the default name(number if you will) changes every time I run my macro so I am unable to define which sheet I want to give a name.

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Calculated Items
I have a pivot table with a calculated item. The problem is that it shows data for all rows EVEN when there is no data there. So the pivot table is a lot longer that it needs to be. How do I get the pivot table to show only rows with data in it? Also, all of the fields DO NOT have checks beside "Show Items With No Data".

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Cap Calculated Amount
I've written a custom function that calculates commissions (as a %) based on three variables.

I wanted to know what code I can use to cap the amount of commission paid out to a specific % amount. Something like "as soon as X exceeds 3 times the amount of Y, payout 3 times Y as the maximum".

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VBA: Create PivotTable From A DAO Recordset
I have been creating pivot tables (from the active workbook) with ADO for a while and its working great.

I just tried to switch to DAO and adapted my code accordingly but the new code fail at:

Code: ....

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Automate Autofill For PivotTable
I have a document that is exported from an SQL database. Once I have the data I need to throw it into a PivotTable to analyze it. However, the export doesn't fill every cell with the information - instead displaying the cell value once until a new value comes up. Therein, there are often a number of blank cells underneath each entry.

I can overcome this by going into the document and autofilling each cell that doesn't have the information in it. However, some of the reports are very large and it is quite time consuming.

What I'm after is for a bit of VBA that will autofill the cells until it hits another new cell value then autofill this down until it hits another new cell value, etc.

I have attached a dummy copy of the report - one sheet, Raw Data, shows the data as it is exported and the other, Autofilled, shows how I would like the data to be displayed after the code is run.

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Values Appear Twice In PivotTable Row Labels
I have a PivotTable that is summarizing a data table. In the configuration panel, I've dragged one column ("C92") to the "Row Labels" area. Likewise, I've dragged the same column to the "Values" area, where it defaults to "Count of C93". So far, so good.

I should mention that my values in column C92 are the whole numbers 0-7 and the string "NA". But in the output chart, each of these values is listed twice! And each count of each value is different! I'm attaching a cut-down version of the spreadsheet that shows this behavior.

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Count Of Associated Items In PivotTable
I need to make a pivot table with data from 2 columns. The data has columns named Unit Type and Name. There are 9 different unit types and over a hundred different names. I need to find a way to make a table that counts however many times the name VACANT shows up for each unit type. Is this possible using a pivot table?

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Refresh All PivotTable In Workbook
I am trying to run a macro inside a Worksheet_Change event.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel. Range)
If Not Application.Intersect(Target, Range("Mon_Data")) Is Nothing Then
If Target.Value > 0 Then
Sub Refresh_PivotTables()
' Refresh_PivotTables Macro
' Macro recorded 10/1/2008 by JackChappers

as you can see, i put the macro within the worksheet_Change event so that, when data is changed on another sheet (target.Value >0), the Macro is run (the macro, by the way, refreshes some Pivot Tables).

The refresh Refresh_PivotTables Macro works on it's own, but when i use it like this, i get the message:

"Compile error:

Ambiguous name detected: Worksheet_Change"

If it makes any difference, i also have another Worksheet_Change event above performing another action. I think that may be the problem, if it is, how do i run them both without the error?

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Hide PivotTable Columns
Hide values in Column layout on pivot table i only want to show th total value as its based on quarter figures not per month and this way it looks like Quarterly totals are broken down per month and has to have 200 a mont whenits in fact 200 for the complete quarter, how can i had the 200 for each of the month and just have the total per country? This is what my pivot table looks like

county Month Quarterly totals

UK June 200
july 200
August 200

Uk Total 200

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Adding Columns Within A Pivottable
I have a data worksheet, which contains about 20,000 lines of journal entry info. There is a separate column for debit and credit, not one "amount" column. On another worksheet, I am aggregating the data to review the impact for this series of journal entries over a time period (12 months). Thus, my pivottable contains "Accounts" in the "ROW" and "Period" in the "COLUMN" sections of the PivotTable Layout. The "Debit" and "Credit" fields are then summed in the "DATA" portion of the PivotTable.

My issue revolves around getting the actual impact for each account for each time period. Essentially, I need an extra column inserted between each time period that sums the debits and credits for that period. Do I need a macro for this (not any experience with macros)? My file is way to big to share, so let me know if a pared-down sample would work.

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Preserve Formatting In PivotTable
I have made a pivot table and in Pivot table option Merge labels for colum b. I the problem i am facing is once i give this the next colum text filed is automatically arranged in center. I want the next colum as left alignment. Once i delete some rows in the data then if i refresh it automatically align the next colum to center. I have given the preserve formatting as well as i have un selected the autoformat colum.

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Unhide All PivotTable Fields
In a pivot table the user is able to select multiple entities to hide in the 'Hide Items' field of the PivotTable Fields window. I would like to create a macro (or edit a macro in the VB Editor) that willl reset all 'Hide Items' in the PivotTable Fields window...effectively unselecting any previously hidden entities.

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Insert Calculated Rows
I need to insert 2 calculated rows in a data table for each state, one is Direct +2%, and Contractor +2%. Ideally, I would like to copy down the field name above. Every record in the table has the same 2 Categories (Direct & Contractor) and 2 calculations need to be applied. There are ~ 50,000 records so copy insert is not an option. Can a macro be applied to do this ?

New YorkDirect150
New YorkContractor75

StateCategory Count
New YorkDirect 150
New YorkContractor 75
New YorkDirect +2%153
New YorkContractor +2%76.5
BostonDirect 200
BostonContractor 125
BostonDirect +2%204
BostonContractor +2%127.5

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Reference Calculated Cell Value
to copy the calculated value of a cell to another worksheet.

I tried =IF('Actual Hours'!D2="*"&"LR"&"*",'Actual Hours'!D2,"")

which when copied down would return values with LR in them, however D2 is a calculated cell (='RAS SENT 2'!L2) so it returns a blank, and I dont want to just reference this other cell instead.

Is there a way to return the value of a cell?

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Time Difference To Be Calculated
Date OutTime OutDate InTime InTime Difference

03-03-09NIL03-03-0910:002 day(s) 1 hours 00 mins
03-03-0911:1503-03-0918:000 day(s) 6 hours 45 mins
07-03-09NIL07-03-0914:453 day(s) 5 hours 45 mi

In Column E in want the time difference to be calculated as shown above.

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How To Change A Calculated Cell To A Value
I am entering data for a month on one worksheet. The next month I change the date and reenter new data. I want another worksheet to record the data on a month to month basis, one month in one column, the other month in another column, to have year to date. Is there anyway to do this. Currently, I use an if statment =If(a1="January",b1), but I need to change these to values before I do the next month, and alter the formula to reflect the new month name)

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Self Calculated For The Current Month
I am working on spreadsheet that calculates yearly totals. It is set up similar to this:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May ETC. TOTAL
Charge 123 123 123
Goal 223 223 223 223
Cash 111 111 111
% Coll. 50% 50% 50%

The "goal" column is Self calculated for the current month (I.E. it's April, that goal is calculated) The "Charge, Cash, and % Collections" columns won't be fill in for April until its over.
have it add Aprils "Goal" but not add "Mays" and so on... Doing this for the entire year.

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Formatting With Calculated Values
Column 2 is a calculated value (a sum of several other columns). I cannot get the code to work. When I enter the same value in the field it works, but not when it is a calulated value.

I know there must be a simple error in here somewhere...

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Column = 2 Then
Select Case Target.Value
Case Is > 382: Target.Offset(0, 0).Interior.ColorIndex = 3: Target.Offset(0, 0).Font.ColorIndex = 2
Case Is > 315: Target.Offset(0, 0).Interior.ColorIndex = 30: Target.Offset(0, 0).Font.ColorIndex = 2

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Validation On A Calculated Cell
I am trying to input data validation on a calculated field. The calculated field (sum of 10 fields above it) must not total over 100%. I have used the following in the data validation menu: Allow: whole number. Data: less than or equal to 1

This doesnt seem to be working when I input values of a total greater to 100 from its input cells however, it does return an error if I manually input a number over 100%, then it gives me an error message. Edit - sample sheet attached.

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Inclusing Calculated Cells In SUM
It is a few years since I worked in the IT industry and used EXCEL a lot.
I want to use (formula) SUM on a cell which 'sums' 3 other cells one of which has a the result of a formula but the result of that SUM is always 0 (zero). I am sure I can remember doing this in the past but cannot determine how it is done.

Cell Contents
C10 1000 (value)
C11 =A1*(A10/A20) (formula)
C12 2000 (value)
C13 =sum(C10:C12)

What do I need to do so that (cell) C13 results in the correct value instead of 0 (zero)

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Placing A Calculated Value Into A Cell
if its possible to place a value (the product of a formula) into a cell ie:

Cell A1 = "a"
Cell A2 = "b"

I would like to be able to say: If A1="a" and A2="b", then place "Yes" into D1.

I realize that =if(and(a1="a",a2="b"),"Yes",0)

placed in D1 would give the same result, but I do not want to have a formula in D1, I simply want the characters "Yes" placed in there.

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Blank Cell When No Value Is Calculated
I am trying to blank out Column D if there are no furthercalculations required. As you can see now by the example that I have attached the formula continues the calculation.

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Error Extracting Pivottable Data With VBA
I try to extract datas from a pivottable (so one data source) which could change.

The items of one field are changing (given by the user through Inputbox): "batch"

The items of the second field ("type plate") are at each time visible (the macro make them visible to have the complete information concerning the "batch")

So I want to extract values and labels from one particular pivottable (the one I display), selecting several batches. But the problem is that some of the items have no value, so disapear fron the table) even if they are visible. As I extract the value on each item (see code below) I get an error message saying "runtime error 1004 application-defined" when the macro read "valeur".

Dim pt1 As PivotTable
Dim pf As PivotField
Dim pi As PivotItem
Dim pj As PivotItem
Dim i As Double
Dim valeur As String

I tried to go through this problem using "on error goto solution" but it works only one time, and after same error message

How coud I avoid to calculate "valeur" with the Items (pi) not displayed ?

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Unable To Drag PivotTable Fields
The issue is that for every pivot table in any file running on my machine, I am unable to drag the column or row values to change the sort order - I.e. if the row is Jan/Feb/Mar/etc., I can't drag Jan down to the middle or rearrange them - it will sort by ascending or descending value just fine, but simply won't allow me to rearrange - the 4-way arrow doesn't appear where it should when mousing over the fields. I can drag fields on/off and from/to the column/row/data sum areas, but I simply cannot re-arrange the order of the values (and yes, the Autosort checkbox is set to "manual" in field settings.)

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Link PivotTable Page Fields
I have a workbook with three sheets. The first is a list of employees with their managers. The second is the data about those employees (who they sold product to, and how much, on what date). The third is the PivotTable with the employees' sales. I have the Customer name in the Row field, and the amount in the Data field. I have two page fields - the Manager's name and the Employee's name. The example that I'm using so as not to violate my NDA is a Northwind knockoff. That's why the names probably sound familiar.

What I want to do is have the second pivottable page field (Employee) change, so that when I choose a manager's name, only the employees who report to that manager show up in that page field. I have a named range called "allEmp" (all employees), one called "buchanan" (all the employees who report to Steven Buchanan), one called "fuller" (all the employees who report to Andrew Fuller). (File attached, btw).

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
Dim mgrRange As Range
mgrRange = Range("allEmp")
Select Case ActiveCell.Value
Case "Andrew Fuller"
ActiveWorkbook.PivotTable("EmpSales").PivotFields("Employee").CurrentPage = Range("fuller")
Case "Steven Buchanan"
ActiveWorkbook.PivotTable("EmpSales").PivotFields("Employee").CurrentPage = Range("buchanan")
Case "Susan Erickson"................

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Add Calculated Item To Pivot Table
Attached is a worksheet example, of my beauty salon with 5 therapists.

The input sheet - is the shhet into which I input data on a daily basis.

Weekly inc - This sheet shows the total that each therapist made in apivot table based on the input. The week numbers are 1 to 52 (or 53) depending on each financial year (07/08, 08/09 etc).

What I want to do is either have another pivot table or to add an calculated item to the weekly inc pivot table showing me how much commission each therapist took each week? This is to be done automatically by excel.

This commission is calcluated by using the target comm figures - E.G. Leanne's target is 480 - so she has to earn 480 a week before getting a commission. So if in a week she earns 500 - she will get a commission on 20 (500 - 480). The commission is 10%, so she will earn 2 that week.

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Find Last Calculated Value In Column Of Formulas
I've got a workbook that includes a Check Register worksheet. Column K of the Check Register worksheet has formulas that maintain a running current balance. So Column K has numbers (calculated) from K12 down to the last transaction (K461 is this instance). Cells K462 to K2000 contain formulas awaiting to be calculated.

I've written a procedure to "Create New Year" and in the process, I want to capture the value of the last calculated value in Column K from the old year. I cobbled code from different websites and have come up with this code

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