Sumproduct Formula Returning #VALUE

Jan 19, 2010

I have the following SUMPRODUCT FORMULA, Ive tested all the data in the columns. It's returning a #VALUE. Can someone explain?


I'm using Excel 2003, if that is a factor.

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Stop #N/A Value Returning In Sumproduct Formula

Jul 16, 2009

I have the following formula that sometimes returns an #N/A value. Is there a way I can stop that from happening?

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=sumproduct- Returning The Number Of Items

Feb 23, 2009

Im using the below formula -

=SUMPRODUCT(--(Jan!D9:D999 > 0)--(Jan!Y9:Y999="FALSE"))
But it keeps returning the number of items in JanD9:D999 > 0 , when i want the number of items in column Y which contain "FALSE" if D is greater than 0.

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Formula Returning Value N/A

Aug 14, 2013

It works I1 is blank and it works when F7:K7 has data and I1 is initialed. However, when I1 is initaled and there is no data in F7:K7 the cell reads "N/A". It should read "Approved with insufficient data".

=IF(ISBLANK($I$1),"",IF(ISBLANK(F7&G7&H7&I7&J7&K7),"Approved with insufficient data",LOOKUP(99999999999,F7:K7)))

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Sum Formula Returning Zero Value

Dec 17, 2009

I am trying to sum a column with values using a report downloaded from Celltracker, however the sum total is returning as zero.

When added using =a1+a2 the value returns correctly.

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Formula Returning Following Wednesday

May 8, 2014

I need a formula for cell P5 that returns the date for the following Wednesday from a date in cell I3?

For example, if in cell I3 01/05/2014 (through to 06/05/2014) is entered, cell P5 should show 07/05/2014

If the Wednesday date is in cell I3, cell P5 should should that same date (e.g. 07/05/2014 in cell I3 and P5).

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IF Formula Returning Two Results?

Feb 21, 2014

I am using this formula. How can I get it to pull 'Sales Materials'!$F17:$F69' and display along with 'Sales Materials'!$B$17:$B$69 when my logical statement is true.

=INDEX('Sales Materials'!$B$17:$F$69,SMALL(IF('Sales Materials'!$E$17:$E$69="YES",ROW('Sales Materials'!$B$17:$B$69)-16),ROW(A1)),1)
I've tried using * but I think something is going on with "-16" which I was told to you use to account for headers.

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Sumifs Formula Returning Zero

Sep 21, 2009


Returns = 0

But on a copy of the same worksheet, the same formula returns the correct value. Is there something wrong with my formula cotext?

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Worksheet Formula Returning Nothing

Nov 18, 2008

the formulas in sheet 2 of the attached file, the formula from rows 27 is returning nothing, and I think Iím not getting the formula right. It may need a little correction.

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Average Formula Returning DIV/0?

Mar 3, 2014

I am trying to average a data set where some rows at the moment are blank but will update at a later date, I am getting a div/0 error, the formula I am trying to use is


I thought this would look at the data and see if its blank leave it blank but if there are numbers there it would give me an average.

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Why Countifs Formula Returning Zero

Jul 1, 2014

I have a Countifs formula that is returning a zero "0",

=COUNTIFS($B$4:$U$4,$A29,$B$10:$U$10,B$18), and it should return a 1.

The manual calculation is turned on and I have tried the F9 and no change in the value returned.

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Vlookup Formula Returning #N/A

Oct 5, 2007

I have the following Vlookup formula:

=VLOOKUP(G3,'Calculation for September 07'!C7:E1975,2,FALSE)

The formula is returning #N/A, but I see the lookup value in the table array.
What do I need to add to the formula to have the lookup value recognized?

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Formula Returning Sum Of A Series

Nov 26, 2007

1) Not using a macro and combining relevant w/s functions, is there an intelligent way to return the value of:
SUM(n=n1 to n=n2) of (-1)^(n-1)*(n)^(n-2)/(n-1)!*X^n
to a cell containing the formula ??

n1 in cell A5:: 1 (integer variable)
n2 in cell A6:: 32 (integer variable)
X value in cell A7::1.00
Returned sum in cell A8:: 0.567143 ...

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Offset Formula Not Returning Value

Feb 24, 2007

I am using the OFFSET formula (=OFFSET($A$1,0,0,$B$1,1) and instructions ( I found on this site (which is great, by the way).

In the instructions on the site, it requires you to define a range for which the formula to apply. What I tried to do was skip naming the range, and simply using the OFFSET in various cells throughout the file. However, whenever I enter in a row [height] of greater than 1, the formula returns a #Value error. I want to use this offset on multiple data ranges, so naming all of them would be rather time consuming. Is there any way to skip this step?

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Iserror Formula Still Returning Div#0

Apr 11, 2007

why is this formula


returning DIV#!0 if there is no data in the target cells, I thought the ISERROR was meant to stop that?

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Dec 9, 2009

I'm trying to write a SUMPRODUCT formula (cell H2 in the attachment) that gives different outputs according to the value of another cell (H1), but the output values are incorrect. I suppose it's because the "else" value given in the IF formula won't be recognized as a formula but as a text.

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Jul 11, 2007

I'm currently using a series of SUMPRODUCT formulas to populate a summary page from a large data source. This works fine in the most part, however one part of the summary page calls for a number of different criteria to be counted within the same data range. I'm currently using a work around by having three seperate SUMPRODUCT formulas on hidden rows, and then totaling their answers to give me the result I want, however I wondered if there was a cleaner and better way to do this? An exampel of the formula I am currently working with is below:

=SUMPRODUCT(('Filtered Data'!$A$2:$A$10000="Stock-Out")*('Filtered Data'!$I$2:$I$10000="Open")*('Filtered Data'!$Q$2:$Q$10000="A"))

The final part of the formula is what is causing me the problem - I would like it to look for and count occurances of "A" , "B" , & "C"

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IF Formula Returning Wrong Answer

May 1, 2014

I am trying to determine if I can write a formula that will read text in one cell, such as insurance and if true enter the amount from another cell and if false then 0. I have tried a IF statement by add the text to name manager. However, the answer is 0 rather than the amount in the selected cell. I might need to use a different formula or function.

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Match Formula Returning Values

Jan 27, 2014

I have two tabs (In-Transit) & (AC) column A in both sheet have a "Concatenate" that i copied and pasted and values only and also switch the format to "Text" on both tabs. I do a vlookup

[Code] ......

and it returns the results i want....But then i was thinking due to the volume of data what if the value in column A is found twice on tab "AC".. i wouldn't know with a "Vlookup".

So trying to build a Index/Match formula
[Code] ....

I also returns some good results, but i also get some back as #REF. I also get #NA and both of the formulas and those are valid no matches...

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Formula For Returning The Next Value Unless Value In Adjacent Column In 1

Feb 4, 2014

The first two columns are an example of my data set; I would like a formula for the 3rd column (Length+1) which will give me the length at the next age (i.e the value in the cell below in most cases) unless the following age is 1 in which case I want it to return zero.

Age Length Length+1
1 22 51
2 51 78
3 78 94
4 94 0
1 31 46
2 46 69
3 69 85
4 85 96
5 96 103
6 103 0
1 19 36
2 36 52
3 52 0

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INDEX Array Formula Returning Same Value?

Feb 18, 2014

I know I can do this as I have already succeeded once but since moving a few things on my spread sheet the formula has gone wrong and I can't correct it.

I have one sheet with many different lines on and another I would like to select certain rows with the same reference number in column A. Below is the formula I am using


what my error is as it is returning the same value for me each time.

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Simple Formula Returning Odd Result

Jun 10, 2009

I have a reasonable grasp of Excel and this has me completely stumped. Three cells hold numeric values (format General though the format seems not to change the result)

C4 = 4082322.25
D4 = 4046689.05
E4 = 35633.2

Another cell contains the simplest of formulae ...
F4 = "=C4-D4-E4"

Clearly the result should be zero.
In fact the result is (to 15 decimals) ...


If I change F4 formula to "=C4-E4-D4" the result is zero.

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Returning Number As Text In IF Formula

Oct 6, 2009

This is probably a pretty basic question, but I can't find an answer in Excel help or on the interwebs. I have an IF formula and I'd like 0 returned if the statement is false (e.g. =IF(A1<>0, A1, 0)); however, I would like the 0 returned as text. I've tried the TEXT function and using ` in different places, but all to no avail.

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Sum Formula Returning ZERO In One Cell Working Everywhere Else

Apr 19, 2013

All the answers I can find for this address either the auto-calculation setting or formatting the cell as a number. I am using this same formula in a bunch of cells to calculate totals: =SUM(E12:E17). It works find all over the sheet, except in one box. There is no difference in formatting or data type or anything.

Not working: notworkingexcel.png

Working: workexcel.png

The numbers being summed from the cells above the one in question are referenced from another sheet if that is relevant.

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Returning A Cell Reference With A Formula

Feb 17, 2006

I am wondering if there is a way to return a cell reference by having excel
look at a table with certain parameters. For instance...
If there were a table with repeated dates such as:
Feb 12 1500 1530
Feb 12 1745 1750
Feb 13 1215 1245
Feb 13 1610 1700
Feb 13 1850 1900
Feb 14 1050 1140
Is there a way to return the cell number (ie A6) for the first instance of
Feb 14?

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Calculate A Formula Instead Of Returning Text

Mar 28, 2006

I am compiling data from several different, variable, worksheets. I am using
concatenate to add the name of each worksheet into a formula to pull the
appropriate data.

However, it is returning the text of the formula instead of
the results of the formula. How can I make it calculate the result instead of
simply displaying the formula text?

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Formula Returning NA Unless Source Is Open

Sep 29, 2011

I am currently pulling in all cells from various worksheets, into a specific tabs in a workbook. Each source is pulled into a seperate tab such as Workbook A is pulled into tab Company A using the following formula which works fine.


Note: This is done due to the use of indirect in the next formula and its inability to work on closed workbooks. Within a summary tab, I am then pulling in specific fields from each of the aforementioned worksheets using the following formula


M217 - Worksheet Name
M218 - Worksheet Date
M220 - Worksheet Range
M222 - Additional Fee
B223 - Lookup Value

The issue is that one company out of 14 pulls into this workbook (using the first code) just fine with all values visible, but ONLY when the source file is open. Even if I manually update the link, the values do not change.

Is there a setting or something to check, maybe in the source workbook? I have ensured that automatic updates for links is on and there are no macros in the source workbook.

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Returning Nth Factor Of Number Via Formula?

Oct 15, 2013

Is there a way of returning the nth factor of a number via a formula?

That is to say, if I have 10, its divisors are 1, 2, 5 and 10, and if I wanted to return the second factor, it would be 2.

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Filtering And Returning Data By A Formula?

Jan 16, 2014

how to extract data like filtering but with a formula.


Cat4 (Cum of Cat3)
Return Cell


I want to return data in Column E such that if Column A is Apple and Column B is Red, I want Column E to insert there "9", which is the last row matching this criteria (just once for Apples, Bananas etc.).

Notes: A Apples wont appear again in the coming rows.Reds can appear again in the coming rows.Column C is constant.Column d is the Cumulative.Normally what would you do manually is filter Apples and Reds and record the last value for Column D.

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3D Formula Returning Zero - Need Lowest Number Above Zero

Aug 1, 2014


The above formula returns a zero value if there is a zero in more than one of the B1 cells in the worksheet range

I need the lowest number above zero in all the B1 cells across all worksheets in range.

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