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Unique Workbook Identifier

Here at work we have a set of 12 workbooks, that form an extensive activity plan. I have created an add-in that creates a worksheet menu bar item and adds different functionalities to these 12 files. Because any user might have more than one of these documents open at one time, I am forced to refer to the documents by ActiveWorkbook. A bonus added feature: the names of these files change periodically, but not at the same time.

Before running any procedure I must validate that the active book is one of these files. Currently I am testing the existence of a veryhidden sheet codenamed "shIsValid" in the workbook. Now I'm thinking, there has to be a better way to do this. Simplest way would be if ThisWorkbook object had a Tag property similar to UserForms, but this doesn't seem to be the case. I wonder, is there actually a way to give a workbook any identifier (boolean, string or number) that I can access directly, so I can get rid of these dummy worksheets.

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Unique Identifier For A Row
does anyone have any thoughts on any way to create a formula that will create a unique identifier for a single row? I thought about using concatenate to combine a few columns in a row which will probably work 99% of the time, but I cant risk it being wrong 1% of the time. Any ideas on how to incorporate checking if the concatenation (aka the unique identifier) already exists, and if so, add a number or something to it to make it unique?

The data has rows added and removed on a normal basis in random spots on the sheet so I cant simply just have a number incrementing for each row I add as the unique identifier. In other words, the unique identifier should never change even if I add or remove rows anywhere in the sheet.

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Able To Identify Each Row Via A Unique Identifier
I have a spreadsheet (Excel 2000) that contains around 10,000 rows. I now
need to be able to identify each row via a unique identifier, but am having
trouble working out what to do when new rows are added or when existing rows
are copied and paste.

New rows and copied rows should get new unique identifiers, but I can see no
way of doing this. Does anyone have any suggestions? There is nothing unique
about the data that I can hang on to and the "SheetChanged" event does not
fire for inserted rows in Excel 2000.

This spreadsheet is owned by one of our clients, so I can't add new
worksheets or columns to the existing workbook - I can just add cell

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Consolidate Text With Same Unique Identifier
I think a macro could probably do this, but I am worthless with VBA. What I need to do is consolidate lines of text if they have the same numeric identifier. See below.

ID Text
345 This is a sentence that
345 has line breaks in it, but
345 needs to be consolidated
345 into one cell, if you would
345 be so kind as to help me.
345 KTHX!
346 Oh no, here's another one
346 that has a different number
346 of rows. Eep!

Not sure how to consolidate text or concatenate it, since it's not always going to be the same number of rows each time this happens. I need something with an if statement and...some other crap.

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Adding Unique Identifier To Rows Of Data
I am trying to use a formula that will populate A3 with the value of A2, all the way down the column. (as per the area highlighted in yellow) As you can see on the example sheet, the account code changes periodically, this has been causing me many problems!

As the list i am working on has around 100 differfent codes, it is too time consuming to copy paste manually

Reason for this is so that each invoice number in column B, will have a unique identifer in column A (account code)

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Converting Multiple Records (rows) Into One Record (row) Using A Unique Identifier
I would like to combine values from multiple records into a single record using a unique identifier. In the example below 'ID' is the unique identifier.

For example:

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Make Workbook Code/Macros Unique To Workbook
How is code or functions kept unique to a workbook? for instance i create a few toolbars that are relevant to "work book 1", however when i open another workbook "2" the toolbars do not function properly or are removed by the opening/closing of the work book, similarly other macros seem to struggle with more than one workbbok open at a time.

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Identifier Aliases
when I code VBA .. I am constantly referring to cells like:


or Workbooks("").worksheets("").Range("")

is it possible to do something like

Dim var_1 as Range
var_1 = workbooks("blah").Worksheets("blahagain")

then to use:

msgbox var_1.Range("A1").value

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Lookup 3 Columns On A Row To Give An Identifier
I have undertaken a project and have hit a brick wall.

I'll try and translate my request in the easiest way I can.

I have a piece of software that stores what software is installed on a machine when it connects to my domain.

I therefore have a list of software that is installed on machines that connect to my domain.
Each machine that connects to the domain has a unique identifier code.

At present I have about 500 different pieces of software on the various machines.

The unique identifier for the software installed on each machine is a combination of the application (column B), the program (column C) and the version (column D)

I wanted to give each seperate piece of software a unique ID number.

I was wanting to run a formula similar to the pseudocode below:
If $b$1="adobe" and $c$1="" and $d$1="adobe reader", then "1",
elseif $b$1="adobe" and $c$1=" and $d$1="adobe pro" then "2", else "no software ID"

I am thinking that if I can get every piece of software that is installed on the machines to have a software ID then I can create a software ID allowed list then I can create a formula to identify what laptops have software on the "allowed" and "banned" lists.

The problem at present is getting the sotfware to lookup what software ID they have as they need to check 3 columns with a lookup list.

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Using Cell Value For Range Identifier In Formula
this formula is on Sheet1 and works ok but would be a LOT better if I could use some variables in it.


G3 is a date
$d$56 to $d$96 are dates
$e$56 to $e$96 are Dollar amounts

I would like to be able to replace the $d$56 to something like $D
and $d$96 with $D
same with $e...

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Compile List Based On Identifier
I am trying to achieve the following. In D2: AQ2 there a values indicating the subject identifier for that column, eg in D2 it is SEN and E2 is Art. Each row represents a pupil name into which grades are inputted. I want to compile a list of column identifiers that corresponds to a D grade (it could be D, D- or D+) eg

A2 Name ----D2 SEN --- E2 Art --- F2 Business Studies
A3 Bob ------D3 D+ ----- E3 A -----F3 C
A4 Tim ------D4 C -----E4 D------F4 D
A5 Pete------D5 D------E5 D+ -----F5 D-

Expected output for Bob is SEN. Expected output for Tim is Art, Business Studies. Expected output for Pete is SEN, Art, Business Studies.

I've enclosed a small sample of the actual worksheet. Expected results for row 3 start in cell CP3.

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Need To Match Information Based On Repeated Identifier
I have been attempting to solve a problem for quite some time and would love any help anyone can provide. I'm on Win XP, Excel 2003.

I have a series of assets each with a unique number to identify it in it's own row. In a separate worksheet I have a column with just these numbers next to a column with a word assigned to each number. Some are only listed once but many are listed multiple times. I was looking for a function that will retrieve the information in the second worksheet and place it in the row that it corresponds to the number in the first sheet. I've listed an idea of what it looks like below. I'm looking for it to search for every instance of that number and provide what's next to it. The first set of information is what I have, the last is what I'd like it to look like.

1 hamster..............1 hamster
2 cat......................2 cat, feline, kitten
2 feline..................3 dog, puppy
2 kitten..................4. etc.....
3 dog
3 puppy

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Breaking Up One Sheet Into Multiple Sheets By A Row Identifier (mgr Name)
I have a Sheet in a workbook that has about 250 Unique supervisors in it (column A) It has about 2300 rows of employees. Is there a macro that can take the employees supervisor column (A) and break the rows associated to that supervisor into a new sheet & and name the sheet with the supervisorís name? Can excel have 250 sheets (2003 version)?

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Give Worksheet A Unique Name In The Workbook
I am trying to make sure that I give my worksheet a unique name in the workbook. To do this I create a name that really really really should be unique, but just in case I also try to check it against existing worksheets, and this is where I am having the problem. I thought the following code would trigger the 'goto' on a 'subscript out of range' error (ie. the sheet doesn't exist), and then carry on:

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Update One Workbook From Another Based On Unique Criteria
I have two workbooks. I use excel 2003

I need to update the master workbook with data from the invoices workbook using the following criteria.

In the master workbook column C has unique job numbers.
In the invoice workbook column F has unique job numbers.
Both worksheets are the first worksheet in both workbooks.

If the job number in the invoice workbook is already in the master workbook do nothing.

If the job number is in the master workbook but not the invoice workbook then delete the entire row from the master workbook.

If the job number is not in the master workbook add it to the master workbook.

To complicate matters the master workbook is shared. It is my understanding that shared workbooks can't contain the macros needed ? It would be preferable that the master sheet had them but if not ...

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Create New Workbook For Each Unique Record In Column
I have to copy and paste each group of "Control Accounts" from column A into a separate workbook. I want to create a macro that can open as many new workbooks as there are unique records in column A and copy paste each group of unique records into those different workbooks.

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Create New Workbook For All Unique Values Of Column
this code "Creates a New Workbook" for each item listed in an excel table, then, copy all unique values in their respective Workbook and save it. So, the problem is this. instead of creating a "New Workbook", i want to open a previously created Workbook (template) and do the procedures listed above. Is this posible?

Sub Copy_To_Workbooks()
Dim CalcMode As Long
Dim ws1 As Worksheet
Dim ws2 As Worksheet
Dim WSNew As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range
Dim cell As Range
Dim Lrow As Long
Dim foldername As String
Dim MyPath As String
Dim FieldNum As Integer
Dim FileExtStr As String
Dim FileFormatNum As Long
Set ws1 = Sheets("Sheet1") '<<< Change
If Val(Application.Version) < 12 Then
'You use Excel 97-2003
FileExtStr = ".xls": FileFormatNum = -4143
If ws1.Parent.FileFormat = 56 Then
FileExtStr = ".xls": FileFormatNum = 56
FileExtStr = ".xlsx": FileFormatNum = 51
End If
End If..............

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Adding Unique Items To ComboBox From Another File/Workbook
I need to add about ~200 items to Combo From Other Excel File (with no duplcates).
How to make it.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
With cboComp
.addItem "item"
End With
End Sub

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Find Unique Values, Transfer Adjacent Cell To Another Workbook
I have a main workbook that is meant to summarize data from other workbooks

In Row 6 from column H on I have workbook names in each cell

Column G in all workbooks (including the main one) contains our branch #'s for our offices

For each workbook listed in row 6 , I need to open that workbook (I have that setup with the code below---notice there is an AX.xls that is appended to the file names listed in row 6 in order for the names to match what is in the windows directory)

In the newly opened workbook, I need to, for each value in column G, copy the value from adjacent cell in column H (the dollar value) then search column G of the main workbook for a matching branch and paste the value to the appropriate row under the workbook name column (remember workbook names are in row 6)

The trouble is, for each branch in column G in the newly opened workbook that cannot be found in the main workbook, I need to paste the new branch # at the bottom row of/in column G and the $ value (H column value from the newly opened workbook) to the corresponding row under the workbook name column

Sub OpenWBs()

Dim Rng As Range
Dim WB As Workbook
Dim MyPath As String
Dim lastCol As Integer
Dim newRange As Range

lastCol = Cells(6, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column

Set newRange = Range(Cells(6, 1), Cells(6, lastCol))

MyPath = "F:AccountingAPAdvertising AccountsLA TimesAgentExtractorCompletedLIST"

For Each Rng In newRange '

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Count All Unique Values (text) + Definition Of UNIQUE :D
If I have multiple entries with different but repeatable text values in one column - how do I count all unique ones ? Is there a function or does it have to be a pivot table of sth ?

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Unique List Would Grab All Unique Entries
I have a data table that repeats as follows:


From the data above I need to make a new unqie list that would grab all unique entries.

I am trying to use the following guide:

Get stuck on "Listing A:

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# Of Unique Dates Per Unique List Entry
Each product is represented by a serial number (column A).
The can be sorted on column A from smallest to largest prior to calculating results if that helps.

The repair list contains 1 entry per spare part used, so the same serial number may occur several times.

Furthermore, a product may have been repaired on several instances - so the serial numbers can span several dates (column B).

The solution i am looking for should return the number of unique repair dates per serial number. That way i can see, how many times each product has been repaired. Results can be displayed in an individual column.

Sample list:
Serial........Repair date

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Remove All But One Non-unique Line Of Data, While Leaving Unique Data Alone
I am "designing" a time- tracking database. The way it works is that each user (there are multiple users) creates a new day, which is mirrored in the sheet name (i.e. if today is 06/09/07 and my name is Newuser, the sheet name is "NewusER 060907"). Each sheet is filled in, calculated based on in-sheet formulas, etc. At the end of said day, the user can " upload" the daily data from multiple days worth of data into another sheet, that the graphing macro draws from.

The one serious problem I'm having is that users can upload the daily time data for the same day multiple times, to no end. I would like to do one of two things. Either:

a. make it such that once data is uploaded it cannot be uploaded again (probably more difficult), or
b. write a loop to pull out the highest data point up the sheet and delete all other rows for that one specific day's . (probably easier)


Data loaded into the sheet before the macro runs:

Row: Date:
1 06/09/07 *
2 06/10/07 *
3 06/11/07 *
4 06/09/07
5 06/10/07
6 06/12/07 *
7 06/13/07 *
8 06/09/07
9 06/11/07
10 06/14/07 *

* The rows with asterisks are the ones that I would like to have pulled to the second set of data (below)

Data in the sheet after the macro runs:

Row: Date:
1 06/09/07
2 06/10/07
3 06/11/07
4 06/12/07
5 06/13/07
6 06/14/07

Because of the constant changing nature of the information within, I would like to to make this dynamic range selection, I would prefer to avoid using Advanced Filters, if possible.

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Rank & Sort Table: Unique Numbers Sort Ascending, But The Non-unique Numbers Sort Descending
I have a list in rows where I have a ranking formula =COUNT($G$5:$G$81)-(RANK(G5,$G$5:$G$81)+ COUNTIF($G$5:G5,G5)-1)+1 When I sort the rank, ascending. All of the unique numbers sort ascending, but the non-unique numbers sort descending

ex) 1.751

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Copy A Range Of Cells In Another Workbook Opened In A Separate Instance Of Workbook
I m not able to use the standard Excel Paste Special function when I copied a range of cells in another Excel workbook opened in a separate instance of Excel. Instead, Paste Special thinks that I have copied some non-Excel objects and gave me the Paste As options. This is not the case if I open both workbook within the same instance of Excel. Could you share with us if there is a trick to trigger the normal Paste Special options in such situations (without having to invoke Macro procedures)?

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Copy Values From A Worksheet To Another Workbook. Source Workbook Name Unknown
I need to copy a range of values (actually two ranges). The ranges are of fixed size. Le't say A2:D20 and E2:H20.

Both workbooks have the exact same layout, and they both have the same named worksheet (in this case it's called Entry). However the actual filename of the source workbook is unknown. I know numerous users have changed the filename of the xls file.

I want to instruct them to open the old and new workbook, and open a third workbook containing the copy macro, they run the macro and it copies the data.

How can I reference a known worksheet name but of an unknown workbook name esp when the source and destination share the worksheet name?

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Copy Single Call Value From Multiple Workbook To Master Workbook
I have multiple workbooks ( with unique names) under same folder. Each workbook has "Report-Corn" sheet.

I would like to copy cell "P15" from each (workbook-> report-corn -> P15) and paste to Master.xls workbook -> Sheet 1 one after another which is also located under same folder.

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Importing Data To New Workbook Locks Original Workbook For Editing
I have created a workbook that imports data from another workbook which is used frequently on a network drive. After I import the data to my new workbook, it locks the original workbook for editing. Is there a property that will allow me to disable this 'locked for editing' read only mode or any other way to get around this?

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Close And Reopen Workbook From Macro Stored Inside Workbook
I have a Macro that is stored in a specific workbook,"Projection Modeler.xls" the last line performed in this macro is the close workbooks without saving chages(this needs to be done due to the way this macro was written, and it would take too long to rewrite). If I would then like to reopen this workbook, and then rerun this macro, can I do this from inside the current macro (in a new sub routine, for instance), or do I have to write a macro outside of the workbook and then open the workbook and call the routine?

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Open Workbook, Find Sheet That Contains Cell Value From Active Workbook
I'm trying to figure out a way to find a specific sheet in a workbook that does not contain the macro. Within the macro I have a cell which holds the name of the specific sheet I would like to find but I can't get it to work for some reason...

'Dim officen As Integer
'Dim thiswb As Workbook

officen = Range("A2").Value
Set thiswb = ActiveWorkbook
' Open the Active Info file
Workbooks.Open "C:My DcoumentsActive 20080616.xls", , , , "xxxxxx"
' Dim sourcewb As Workbook
Set sourcewb = Workbooks.Open"Active 20080616.xls"

RowCount = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count

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Macro To Create New Workbook And Sheets Inside Each Workbook
I have a spreadsheet which has all the names of trips from a warehouse, the day that they operate (1,2,3 etc) and the job line allocated to each trip. It looks something like that:


I would like to create a macro that will be creating 7 new workbooks and then in those workbooks as many sheets as the trips. In these sheets, the customers should be displayed.

How do I write it? I could not find how to have a "dynamic choice" in the macro. I.e. not to have the criteria as "1", "trips1" but to choose from the range of inputs that are available.

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Copy Range To New Workbook & Close Existing Workbook
I have a very brief question

dlgAnswer = Application.Dialogs(xlDialogOpen).Show
Windows("Derivative YK pricing Mod G.xls").Activate
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValuesAndNumberFormats, Operation:= _
xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
Application.CutCopyMode = False

As you can see, I open a workbook with the dlgAnswer, I was wondering how I could close that opened workbook

Currently I have


however the workbook will not always be called export1.xls, I want it to close whichever one I opened earlier.

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Transfer Data From Open Workbook To Closed Workbook
im looking for some code to transfer cells a3,d6,f9,i6,k10 and i18 from open workbook named "hello"


closed workbook named "goodbye" and input to next available row
a3 to a1
d6 to a2
f9 to a3
i6 to a4
k10 to a5
i18 to a6

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Improve Coding For Copying Existing Workbook To New Workbook
i came up with this..

Sub Copy_To_New_Workbook()

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

Dim strFileName As String
strFileName = Application. GetOpenFilename(filefilter:="Excel Files (*.xls), *.xls", Title:="Please select the excel file to be copied")

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Locking Workbook :: Tools >protection > Protect Workbook
I have a workbook with 8 sheets. I have hidden two of the sheets and want to lock the rest from people editing, and stop them from unhiding the hidden sheets

I go to tools>protection > protect workbook

After typing in the password this doesnt protect the workbook as i am still able to edit the cells.

how to lock the all sheets and stop them from being edited?

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Automatic Open Others Workbook When We Opened The Master Workbook
How to Automatic open others Workbook when we opened the Master Workbook.
Examp.: I have a workbook (Master.xls), and when this file be opened, and then others workbook (Transactions.xls, Order.xls, etc.) is opened too.

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Copy Worksheets From Active Workbook To A New Workbook
I am trying to code a Macro so that i can take all the worsheets and save them as individual Workbooks. I wrote a macro that appeared to work, but, after it saves the first sheet as a workbook, i get a debug error.

MS VB Script error:
Runtime error '9':
Subscript out of range

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Code is below..

Sub saveall()
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

ThisFN = "C:Documents and SettingsUserDesktop" & ws.Name & ".xls"
I = I + 1
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
ThisFN, FileFormat:=xlNormal, _
Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, _

Next ws

End Sub

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Opening A Workbook Then Switching Back To First Workbook
I am trying to make one of my macros open a file then switch back to the orignal file and then running the macro.

here is my

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Select/Copy/Paste From Workbook To Workbook
I've been doing various searches for past few hours and can't seem to find out if one its even possible, the closet I've found on here is to copy row to another workbook.

My question is I have one excel book called level1.xls and another excel book level2.xls, now in level1.xls I have a row of fields filled in and in level2.xls I have a blank form which for example I would like to try programme in VBA from the level2.xls file to click a button and open automatically level1.xls then grab field "A2" value from level1.xls and place it in level2.xls field "L4" then continue using level1.xls "B2" to level2.xls in field "C3" and then continue down when I add more values A3, A4 so on in level1.xls to the same field in level2.xls L4.

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Workbook Too Large After Copy Graphics From Other Workbook
Gosh, the workbook I'm copying the graphs from is only 4 mb in size but after I copy and paste those graphs to another workbook (empty one) it became 122mb in size

Does any of you know why this has happened and how to copy the original size graphs to new workbook?

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Making Workbook Opened From Other Workbook Active
I have a workbook that is a formatted report that I need to insert data from a name variable "CSV" file. I have created a macro in this workbook that calls an "Open" dialog for CSV files that I can use to browse to and open the source file. The macro then is supposed to "select all" copy and close the workbook then make the original workbook active and paste the data starting at row 2. The macro "seems" to be working perfectly except when I do the open the macro then makes the original workbook active, selects all copies then wants to close the original workbook. How can I tell the macro that the csv file that I just opened should be the active workbook, baring in mind that the name won't be known before the time it's opened so I can't hardcode the "active. workbook (NAME) "route.

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Copy Paste A Set Of Data From A Workbook To Another Workbook
How can i copy paste a set of data from a workbook to another workbook. for example i will copy cell D10:I10 of workbook1 to cell B2:F2 of workbook2.

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Populate All The Data From Column Of Workbook To Other Workbook
=IF(ISERROR(INDEX($A$1:$B$10,SMALL(IF($A$1:$A$10=$A$10,ROW($A$1:$A$10)),ROW(1:1)),2)),"",INDEX($A$1: $B$10,SMALL(IF($A$1:$A$10=$A$10,ROW($A$1:$A$10)),ROW(1:1)),2))

I have 10 columns in workbook 1 and i am tryin to populate all the data from
10 columns of workbook 1 in to workbook 2. but the prob is if i use the above
formula, i have to modify it in all the columns of workbook 2 to get the data
from workbook 1. what makes my job easier is if i cld use the above function
or any other to populate all the 10 columns of workbook1 in 10 different
columns of workbook 2 without having to use the formula 10 different times
and modifying it each time. its like writing the function in one cell and all
the 10 cells get populated by itself in workbook 2 with the data from
workbook 1. I used the above function as there are dupluicates in the data
and vlookup dont work in that case.

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Copy From Closed Workbook Then Create New Workbook
I've got a problem with this code, have been wracking my brains about. Here is the process I am trying to do:

1) Copy a range (a2:av1000) but (ideally) find the last populated row from a closed workbook (with a different password)
2) Create a new workbook and paste this data into it at A2
3) Close all the workbooks but only save the new one.

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Open Workbook Via Another Workbook And Not Display Userform
I have a workbook ("Time") that when opened displays a userform. I also have another workbook ("Master") that opens the "Time" workbook to retrieve information. Is there a way to use the Master workbook to open the Time workbook WITHOUT displaying the userform.

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Open Workbook Then Save As Different Workbook Dependant On A1
is it possible to work on a workbook lets call it 123

once macro button is pressed it opens workbook abc

then saves it as what ever is in cell a1 to a directory?

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Import A Range From This Workbook Into The Workbook Attached
I want to do is import a range from this workbook into the workbook attached. In the attached workbook on I have a Import Form where I can select the relevant workbook. I then want to be able to click import and it then goes to the source workbook and imports to the range specified. The code below is what I have got, the problem I have is that it doesnt recognize the range of data to import.

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Dynamic Workbook Within A Formula.: Look Up A Value Within A Seperate Workbook
I am creating a formula - that will look up a value within a seperate workbook. I want the workbook reference to change based on a cell which contains the date.

So workbook name is "Report 120309.xls"
Cell: A1 contains the date "120309"

Current formula ='[Report 120309.xls]Sheet 1'!$F$50. Can I replace the data within the formula with the date in the cell.

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Macro Is Closing Wrong Workbook Before Going To The Next Workbook
I run most of my macros out of a file called "Personal.XLS" and I have this bit of code at the end of this particular macro which is closing personal.xls instead of the active file it is working on. It is set up on a loop and it should go to the next file in the directory but since it closes the file I run the macro from, the macro stops immediately. It appears that it believes "ThisWorkbook.Close" is referring to the file from which the macro is initiated.

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Abort Workbook Open If Workbook Is Read Only.
I've got several workbooks that users will be using to keep track of individual projects. These workbooks will talk back to a master summary sheet that has the status of all projects on it. The possibility exists that someone else on the network will have the summary book open when the program tries to update it, which would cause an error when it opens as read only. So I want to do something like this.

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Formula In The Name Define In Workbook That Refers To Another Workbook
I have a formula in the Name Define part of excel in workbook that refers to another workbook. =IF(COUNTIF([DaysWorking.xls]Sunday!$A:$A,'2009'!I1)>0,1,"")

The DaysWorking.xls workbook is a data workbook, users may change the data and after they are done, they may exit the program but not save it. The DaysWorking.xls workbook should always revert back to the original form. I've put a read only property on it, but the problem lies when the user saves the file under Save/As function. Excel then updates the link to whatever the user saves the file as. Is there a way to make sure that the formula never get's changed?

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