Converting Multiple Records (rows) Into One Record (row) Using A Unique Identifier

Sep 22, 2008

I would like to combine values from multiple records into a single record using a unique identifier. In the example below 'ID' is the unique identifier.

For example:

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Adding Unique Identifier To Rows Of Data

Jun 15, 2009

I am trying to use a formula that will populate A3 with the value of A2, all the way down the column. (as per the area highlighted in yellow) As you can see on the example sheet, the account code changes periodically, this has been causing me many problems!

As the list i am working on has around 100 differfent codes, it is too time consuming to copy paste manually

Reason for this is so that each invoice number in column B, will have a unique identifer in column A (account code)

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Flag Similar Rows Across Unique Identifier

May 5, 2014

I have an extract that includes unique attempts to complete a transaction. Sometimes these transactions fail 1 or multiple times. Sometimes they are successful in one try. other times they first fail and then are retried and succeed. I am trying to flag failures in a new column that later succeed in the same session. Here is my data:

Order #
Session ID
Mac Address


[Code] ............

I would what these flagged as such:

Order #
Session ID
Mac Address
Successful Retry?


[Code] ........

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Copying Unique Rows Records

Mar 4, 2013

I got this code to copy stuff from Raw data worksheet which has a Dynamics Atlas table to another worksheet named input. However, I noticed that some records are duplicated so I want the code modified to only copy unique records based on criteria in column B of the "Raw data" worksheet.

Sub Copy_atlas_table()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

With Worksheets("Input")
.Range("A2:S2" & .Cells(Rows.Count, "G").End(xlUp).Row).ClearContents

[Code] .......

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Unique Identifier For A Row

Jan 24, 2010

does anyone have any thoughts on any way to create a formula that will create a unique identifier for a single row? I thought about using concatenate to combine a few columns in a row which will probably work 99% of the time, but I cant risk it being wrong 1% of the time. Any ideas on how to incorporate checking if the concatenation (aka the unique identifier) already exists, and if so, add a number or something to it to make it unique?

The data has rows added and removed on a normal basis in random spots on the sheet so I cant simply just have a number incrementing for each row I add as the unique identifier. In other words, the unique identifier should never change even if I add or remove rows anywhere in the sheet.

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Count Unique Records With Multiple Criteria With Formula

Sep 18, 2006

Count unique records in Column B where.

... Column H >=A1 and <=A2

... Column H <>"" and Column I <>"expired" and <>"" and Column I >=A1 and <=A2

... Column H <>"" and Column I ="expired" and Column H+120 >=A1 and <=A2

... Column H <>"" and Column I >=A1 and <=A2 and Column J =""

A1 - user defined (start) Date 1
A2 - user defined (end) Date 2
Column B - 6 digit number (or blank)
Column H - Date 3 (or blank)
Column I - Date 4 (or "expired" or blank)
Column J - Date 5 (or blank)

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Able To Identify Each Row Via A Unique Identifier

Jan 5, 2006

I have a spreadsheet (Excel 2000) that contains around 10,000 rows. I now
need to be able to identify each row via a unique identifier, but am having
trouble working out what to do when new rows are added or when existing rows
are copied and paste.

New rows and copied rows should get new unique identifiers, but I can see no
way of doing this. Does anyone have any suggestions? There is nothing unique
about the data that I can hang on to and the "SheetChanged" event does not
fire for inserted rows in Excel 2000.

This spreadsheet is owned by one of our clients, so I can't add new
worksheets or columns to the existing workbook - I can just add cell

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Unique Workbook Identifier

Aug 10, 2007

Here at work we have a set of 12 workbooks, that form an extensive activity plan. I have created an add-in that creates a worksheet menu bar item and adds different functionalities to these 12 files. Because any user might have more than one of these documents open at one time, I am forced to refer to the documents by ActiveWorkbook. A bonus added feature: the names of these files change periodically, but not at the same time.

Before running any procedure I must validate that the active book is one of these files. Currently I am testing the existence of a veryhidden sheet codenamed "shIsValid" in the workbook. Now I'm thinking, there has to be a better way to do this. Simplest way would be if ThisWorkbook object had a Tag property similar to UserForms, but this doesn't seem to be the case. I wonder, is there actually a way to give a workbook any identifier (boolean, string or number) that I can access directly, so I can get rid of these dummy worksheets.

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Combine Multiple Records Onto 1 Row Based On Unique Number In Column

May 2, 2008

I searched and searched and I can't find an easy way to do this without using Access which I am rubbish at. Is there an easy way to do the following in Excel.
I have several thousand records by row each with a unique numerical identifier. The unique identifier is the "Household". Within the household there are sub "Accounts". The sub accounts are truely unique. All the "Accounts" are in the same column.

What I am trying to do is combine the records into one row per "Household" with the accounts listed in successive columns. The maximum number of accounts there may be is 7 but it can be as few as 1. Example:

HH Acct
1 1234
1 2345
1 3456
1 4567
2 9876
2 8765
3 1113
4 5556
4 4447
4 3335

HH Acct1 Acct2 Acct3 Acct4 Acct5 Acct6 Acct7
1 1234 2345 3456 4567
2 9876 8765 8765
3 1113
4 5556 4447 3335

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Merging In Excel Using Unique Identifier

Jun 7, 2014

I thought this would be very easy to achieve in Excel but is proving difficult. Basically I have a number of excel worksheets with the headers as below. What I would like to do is to use the staff number from each worksheet to populate and sum a master worksheet. Some staff numbers will be in each of the workbooks while some are only in one. While the employee name should also be the same in each of the workbooks there are some differences in spelling etc.

Mon - Fri Mon - Sat Saturday Sunday/Public Hols OVERTIME
Staff NoEmployee Name6 am - 11 am5pm - 12 Midnight12 Midnight - 8am8am - 12 Midnight8am Sun - 8am Mon

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Set Up Formula That Can Search For Unique Identifier?

Dec 14, 2011

How would I set up a formula that can search for a unique identifier if the unique identifier is not know.

I would like to set up this formula in Tab 1 where it looks to column A in Tab 2, which is a column of about 600 unique identifiers, to find any cells containing the string "VA". There will be multiple cells that include "VA" in the string

I would like this formula to collect all the cells in the column A in Tab 2 into a column of cells in Tab 1 beginning in Cell A5. I would copy the formula in Cell A5 of Tab 1 down multiple lines. I can add a segment to the formula that will return a blank if there are no more cells with the indicated string included.

Tab 1 formula begins in Cell A5Tab 2 of Unique IdentifiersFormula that will copy first cell in Tab 2 that includes VA in the string from Tab 2VANewsprint23005-2119Formula that will copy next cell in Tab 2 that includes VA in the string from Tab 2TNPackaging37309etcALPackaging35044etcVAPackaging24526-0040etcONPackagingP0K 1E0NHPackaging03743VAPackaging24521NYPackaging13667MIPackaging49099VA
Packaging24426ONPackagingM1P2Y9ONPackagingM1P 2Y9WIPackaging53512-0386MIPackaging49042VAPackaging24504

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Consolidate Text With Same Unique Identifier

Dec 8, 2009

I think a macro could probably do this, but I am worthless with VBA. What I need to do is consolidate lines of text if they have the same numeric identifier. See below.

ID Text
345 This is a sentence that
345 has line breaks in it, but
345 needs to be consolidated
345 into one cell, if you would
345 be so kind as to help me.
345 KTHX!
346 Oh no, here's another one
346 that has a different number
346 of rows. Eep!

Not sure how to consolidate text or concatenate it, since it's not always going to be the same number of rows each time this happens. I need something with an if statement and...some other crap.

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Compare Multiple Sheets And Paste Unique Records In Seperate Sheet

Aug 4, 2008

I have 1 workbook, with 3 sheets. Sheet1 (EVER) has 3000+ rows and 12 columns of customer information. This sheet is for all customers who have ever placed an order. Sheet2 (06-07) has 1500+ rows and 12 columns of customer information. This sheet has all customers who have placed an order in the last 2 years. Sheet3 has 1 row, which consists of the column titles (12 columns) that are on Sheet1 and Sheet2.
I need to put all customers that are on Sheet1, but not on Sheet2 in Sheet3. I have tried VLookup; advanced Filter and a number of codes in the last 3 days and have not been able to figure this out.

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VLookup Function - Copy Values Corresponding To Unique Identifier From One Sheet To Another

Jul 8, 2014

I would like to copy values corresponding to a unique identifier from one sheet to another, using the vlookup function. The problem is that after a certain cell the values are given as N/A even though they are present in the sheet I want to copy them from.

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Moving Multiple Rows Into One Row (1 Record Has 4 Rows)

Jun 10, 2013

I'm trying to create a .cvs file from an exported excel report, but before I can import it to a database I'd like to have one row per record.

I've already omitted out the headers and footers blank spaces and unnecessary columns from the excel file and I needed to just combine multiple rows into one.

It currently looks like this:

ROW#(1), ID#(1), NAME(1)
ITEM(1), CITY(1)
ROW#(2), ID#(2), NAME(2)
ITEM(2), CITY(2)
and so on..

I'd like to make it like

ROW#(1), ID#(1), NAME(1), ADDRESS(1), ZIP(1), DOB(1), SOURCE(1), ITEM(1), CITY(1)
ROW#(2), ID#(2), NAME(2), ADDRESS(2), ZIP(2), DOB(2), SOURCE(2), ITEM(2), CITY(2)
and so on...

I can't figure out a macro or a way to do this automatically.

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Pick Earliest Date For A Record From Row Of Those Records?

May 30, 2014

We have multiple work orders per opportunity, and each work order has a date. I have a sheet of these work orders which shows the work order #, work order date, and opportunity date. What I want to do is add a column which reports the work order date if it is the earliest instance of a work order for the opportunity (said differently, the first work order for the opportunity). Is there a way to write a formula to report whether the date of the row is the earliest date for a given opportunity, all in the same table?

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Merge Duplicate Records In Single Record

Oct 16, 2008

Through a query I extract data from an oracle database. This database creates a record for every unique Article_Batch_Pallet_Faultnumber combination. Through a filter macro I create a new format on a different worksheet which creates a record for every uniqe Article_Batch_Pallet combination. I need a searchfunction to get the faultnumbers in the same row.

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Put An Image For Each Record In The Sheet While Displaying Records

Mar 12, 2009

I get some records from XML and display in the sheet. Now, I need to put an image for each record in the sheet while displaying records. And also on click of the image I need to have some code to be executed.

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Textbox That Shows Current Record Number Or Listbox To Show All Records

Apr 14, 2013

I am looking for a text box code that works with a search userform.

Basically, I search using my userform find function and if there are more than one record found I want to be able to either:

1) have the records found appear in a listbox
2) have the first record appear in the userform but a text box will show I am on 1 of X records and when I click a command button, go the next record, which will be 2 of x records and so on...


Private Sub cmbNext_Click() Dim FirstCl As Range
'first data Entry
Set FirstCl = Range("a2").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0)

[Code] ....

This is the code for the button that goes to the next record but I am unsure how to relate that a listbox or text box that shows the record number I am on out of the total that there are.

I would also be looking for another button that goes back one record. So i am hoping it's as easy as reversing the code for the next record function.

I am not sure if the listbox that could show all I records and one can just be selected is easier than showing the textbox with the " 1 of X records".

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VBA To Rearrange 11000 Records Into 550 Rows (20 Records Combined Into Single Row)

Apr 25, 2014

Book1 and Book2 are workbooks that I have modified in order to protect private information.

Book1 will have 11,000 records (my example Book1 has only 100). I need to rearrange Book1 such that it looks like Book2. Book2 has 20 complete records from Book1 combined into one single row, and my example Book2 has populated 3 rows only (3 rows x 20 records, making 60 records now appear on 3 rows only).

Macro for getting Book1 to Book2? 11,000 records in Book1 will take a lot of hours to transform into Book2 unless a macro can do the job for me.


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Converting Data In One Column To Multiple Rows?

Mar 5, 2012

I have a spreadsheet in one column contains multiple sets of data separated by commas see example 1.

I need convert the data to rows, each set into a new row see example 2.

Example 1: PS-8800-C,PS-8800-D,PS-8800-076,PS-8800-077,PS-8800-077A,PS-8800-078,2"-SC-4057-A-40H-GT

Example 2:
PS-8800-C (Row 1)
PS-8800-D (Row 2)
PS-8800-076 (Row 3)

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Delete Rows Which Contain Any Specific Identifier?

Jul 29, 2012

I'm looking for a code where all those rows which contain some identifier be deleted.

Eg, If any row contains identifiers like "----" , "PROG:" , etc shall be deleted.

NOTE: The identifiers are found on the A Column of any row.

All rows which do not contain the above identifiers shall remain untouched.

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Excel 2010 :: Converting Multiple Columns Into Rows?

Aug 24, 2012

I am trying to convert

Excel 2010


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Converting Multiple Rows / Columns To One Single Long Row

Nov 22, 2012

I am working on putting together a very large spreadsheet covering multiple data sets over multiple states/years. I am trying to convert the data that I have in one spreadsheet (that is arranged like the example below) and make it so that I can paste the data into another spreadsheet as one single row: i.e, 1,651 would follow in the column to the right in the same row as 6.4 and so on. Right now I am having to copy and paste row by row and it is going to take me years.


[Code] .......

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Find Duplicate Records Based On Multiple Columns But Keep Records

Aug 10, 2014

I have a range of columns i.e. 23 columns (i.e. B through X). Someone can write records in these columns (starting from B21).

Duplicates are considered the rows with similar data in columns 3 and 11. I know about the removeduplicate method and works really well but i want the duplicates not to be removed. Instead another column shall be checked for date of entry (user will entry date in format dd/mm/yyyy). The newest entry will change the value of the cell in column 4 (islatest column)to TRUE while all other records will be FALSE. This will work with the filtering of data on a pivot table on another worksheet.

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Breaking Up One Sheet Into Multiple Sheets By A Row Identifier (mgr Name)

Oct 6, 2008

I have a Sheet in a workbook that has about 250 Unique supervisors in it (column A) It has about 2300 rows of employees. Is there a macro that can take the employees supervisor column (A) and break the rows associated to that supervisor into a new sheet & and name the sheet with the supervisor’s name? Can excel have 250 sheets (2003 version)?

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Non-relative Unique Record ID

May 8, 2009

i'm creating a spreadsheet with records of repair jobs on vehicles that my company is/has performed. the problem is that, the way our system works, there are currently no unique identifiers for jobs, meaning i cannot create a master list with various vlookup tables with only the information relevant for our engineers on them.

is it possible to create a macro or use some other system, that will create a new, unique code when a line/cell is filled in? because we end up sorting the list by different criteria on a regular basis (to find specific jobs) the system can't be relative (i.e. +1 to the code above).

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How To Select Unique Record For Combobox

Jan 25, 2013

I have a combobox on a Userform, when the userform initializes i want it to populate Combobox1 with all the Unique values from SHeet 1 Column A (variable length to the column)

I dont know how to select a unique record only.

*thinking a bit further ahead i have a second combobox that i need to populate with unique values from column B on sheet 1, where in column A matches what was selected in combobox 1

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Unique IDs For Records Run Each Week

Jul 19, 2013

We have our new employees fill out a form with name, address, tax info, etc. each week. (They all do it at the same time.) I then get 20 PDFs and export all the data to a CSV. We now want to import that CSV into our payroll software. However, the payroll software requires a unique ID for each employee.

So, we'll have this CSV each Monday, and each Monday, I need to "continue" the unique ID. So if this past Mondays started with 1000 through 1020, then next week, when I export, I want to start those records at 1021 and end at 1040. Then the following Monday, 1041-1060, etc.

Is there a way I can keep a record of what IDs are used and continue from that point each week?

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Sequencing Unique Records

Feb 18, 2008

I am working on a data integration and have transactional data sets with multiple columns of data. In reviewing the data, I can see that based on values in 2 different columns, I can identify unique transaction records. The data is already sorder by transaction # and date. Creating a pivot table gives me back summary info for header records (I can get unique header records based on a concatenation of the trx # and Date), but I am having a difficulty obtaining uniqueness for the line items. The id that I created for purposes of header record summation means nothing from a user standpoint and I need to come up with more meaningful info.

What I have and what I want is...:

Tranaction#DateWhat I want is…15801911/23/2005015801911/23/2005015801911/23/2005015801911/22/2005115801911/22/2005115801911/22/2005115801911/22/2005115801911/22/2005115801912/12/2005215801912/12/20052

If I can get the data defined like that, then I can concatenate the trx# and the increment to block out the transactions into individual transactions.

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