Userform In Taskbar With Custom Icon?

Apr 15, 2012

I was wondering if this code is supposed to make the icon on the taskbar change to the custom icon as well?

If not, what would need to be added or changed to make it so?

It changes the Userform Icon without issue and adds the userform to the taskbar, but it is not updating the icon on the taskbar.

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Change Green "X" Standard Icon That Appears On Windows Taskbar

Aug 5, 2008

I'm trying to make my Excel/VBA application look as little like Excel as I can and there's now almost no trace of Excel - so is there any way I can replace the standard Excel green "X" icon that appears on Windows Taskbar with my own?

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Add Icon To Custom Toolbar Menu

Mar 4, 2008

how to manage a custom faceid. Though, I am not too sure as to how to assign an actual icon to a custom toolbar. I can try the pasteface method; though as the source file is a .png; the picture might be too small.

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Show Collasped UserForm In Taskbar

Oct 9, 2007

I have developed an Excel 2003 program that hides Excel through Application.Visible = False. All that shows are the series of about 10 forms that the user utilizes to add, change, update and report on information. However, I want to be able to show these forms in the taskbar when they are activated, and remove them when they are exited. I know WHERE in the code to put this, but can't find the right control to activate. I know VB6 has the "Show in Taskbar" property; does Excel have something similar?

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Excel 2007 :: Custom Icon Sets For Conditional Formatting?

Mar 26, 2010

Any way to import and use icon sets for conditional formatting other than the ones provided in excel 2007? I would like to have some circles and shapes in colors other than just yellow, green, red, and gray.

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Custom Floating Toolbar Created - Icon And Size Questions Remain

Oct 16, 2008

I have created a custom floating toolbar that works perfect (thanks to all the reading on here!). My workbook is a stand alone estimating tool that many users will have a copy of.

I have two things I want to do yet but I cant find it on here.

1) My buttons on my toolbar - I want to have custom icons. I can do this temporarily but when I exit my worksheet and re-open they are lost. Is there anyway to save a custom icon. I am willing to add it to the icon list if necessary and then when users open the workbook copy the custom icons onto their computer. But I am not sure how/where I could do this.

Worse case, can I color my button text?

2) When my toolbar appears, it is wide, all buttons are going left to right. I want the size to be small width so the toolbar buttons are on top of each other. Any thoughts? I tried adding a .width but it didnt work.

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Excel 2010 :: Crash - Ready Calculate Flashing Taskbar When Closing / Opening Userform

Jan 8, 2014

Excel will hang up as if it's gone into a continuous loop (Although no looping macros are active) when you open or close a user form. The task bar in Excel will flash Ready Calculate. Visual basic reports no code is running but excel either crashes or becomes very unresponsive. I have to exit and reopen excel in order to fix the problem . It also doesn't happen at any one specific point it can vary. I have various VLOOKUPs around the workbook and userforms display the correct information. I use the INDEX formula in the control source of textboxes. I also use the offset formula to make sure DTPICKER displays correctly.

I am using 'Option Explicit' at the start of all my code. I have tried a 3rd party code cleaner. No visual Basic references are MISSING


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Get Exclamation Mark Icon And Sound For A Userform

Jan 26, 2007

Is it possible to get the exclamation mark icon from the builtin msgbox function to use on a userform?

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Email Icon In Spreadsheet As Per Email Icon In Quick Access Toolbar

Aug 20, 2014

I need to send out an order form (spreadsheet) to 100's of people that need to complete the form and email back to me as an attachment. If I was completing the order form myself I would use the "email" icon that I have pinned to my Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). However, most of the recipients don't even know the Toolbar exists.

Is there a way I can insert an icon / hyperlink in the spreadsheet that does the same thing as the QAT icon. I can insert text to say "click here to email your order" (or similar).

I need to keep it in an excel format and an icon is so much better that asking them to save to their hard-drive and attach to an email, etc.

The QAT icon is exactly what is needed but I need to provide a spreadsheet that works for folk who haven't got the icon.

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UserForm Custom Design

Aug 4, 2006

how to customize the userform with the background like Ivan's userform:

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Custom Format In Cell From Userform Textbox

Nov 11, 2009

On the attached example, there is a user form with a text box and an enter button.

What i want, is when i press the enter button, the value in the text box goes into cell B2 on sheet1 in the format of "?/???".

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Show UserForm Before Printing For Custom View Choice

Apr 9, 2008

When I click the excel printing icon, I want a userform to pop up in which I make the choice for a certain customview that I build. This customview must then be printout. Note that I want to use the standard Excel print icon, not a custommade one in the worksheet. I figured out some code, but it doesn't work. For instance my if structure returns "false" even if I did click that commandbutton, see the code below.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
Static PrintRequest As Boolean
If formMyview.CmdCancel= True Then
MsgBox "printrequest canceled"
Unload Me
Exit Sub
End If
If PrintRequest = True Then
Exit Sub
End If
If formMyview.CmdOk = True Then
For Each Myoption In frameViewoptions.Controls
If Myoption.Value = True Then..........................

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Password For Custom Userform Login Only Works With Text Passwords?

Mar 21, 2014

Im using the following code on a User login userform. This code is for the Login command button to access the workbook (the user clicks on it after entering there username and password).

For some reason if the password is numbers only it just returns message box "Incorrect password, try again."

As soon as I put a single letter into the password it works fine,


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New Window On The Taskbar

Nov 27, 2006

i was recently upgraded to Excel 2003 and have found that whenever i open more than one workbook, it opens in a new window on the taskbar (similar to opening another application)... I remember having this in my previous version of excel but i can't for the life of me remember how i switched this off?

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Can One Item Be Made To Stand Out In Dropdown List Combobox On Custom Userform?

Oct 12, 2013

I have a list of employees that can be assigned to tasks, the list is large enough that I cannot remember who is assigned to what.

All the employees assigned major tasks are automatically filtered out but these are employees with administrative tasks that should only be assigned as a last resort. I would like to assign the employees with administrative tasks a gray, italic, strike-out or some other font to indicate that they are different.

I assume this is done during the Add Item process...

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Hide The Windows Taskbar

Oct 28, 2007

I found this code on the web for hiding the windows taskbar.

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How To See Excel Files As Separately On Taskbar

Apr 5, 2005

When I open more than one Excel file, it used to display them as separate icons on my task bar. But for some reason, now I only get one one icon, and I have to go to Windows on the Menu Bar to switch between them. I can't use Alt/Tab anymore. It only affects Excel.

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Access Another Workbook Without It Showing On Taskbar

Jun 25, 2007

I have a workbook which will open another workbook on a server, but i see it on the open and close on the task bar. Because I have 4 pc's with the main workbook open as single applications and one book on the server which collects info everytime a button is pressed, I would like it not to show on the on the task bar, needs to be invisable, is there any way of this?


Can i see if a workbook is open, regardless of which PC (out of 4), which may not be the one i am using. So a way to see if a workbook is open anywhere else?

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Files In Windows Taskbar Change Order

Apr 12, 2013

I have my Windows settings set up so that each file that I have open in Excel appear separately in my taskbar at the bottom of the screen. So for example, if I have 2 Excel files open, Excel appears in my taskbar twice instead of being grouped together.

I like to use this set up so that I know which file to click on when I'm working between multiple files. The problem is that on occasion, they will get out of order.

So let's say I have file A on the left and file B on the right. Then I save file A. After saving file A, now file B appears on the left and file A appears on the right. This also sometimes happens if I open a 3rd file.

Why does this happen and is there any way to prevent it?

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Excel 2010 :: All Open Workbooks Are In One Taskbar Tab

Feb 28, 2014

In Excel 2003 multiple Excel workbooks were separate tabs in the Task Bar.

Very easy to tab between open workbooks, with the keyboard -OR- minimum mouse travel to select an alternative tab/workbook.

In Excel 2010 there is only one tab for "Excel", and the only way I can find to toggle between workbooks is the "File" ribbon tab and the oceanic flourishes of "lists" and mouse travel and clicks ... to activate another open workbook. And guessing at file names because the left hand strip, "Recent Files", is way to narrow for even a modest file name.

Is there a setting/shortcut-keys that makes tabbing between workbooks more 21st century "time" efficient ?

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Minimize Excel Window But Keep It Visible In Taskbar

Jun 27, 2014

I'm working on an Excel workbook that is opened by a batch file, updates information, copy and pastes that information to PowerPoint, and closes itself after spending two minutes idle. This is all for an employee communication monitor that runs 24/7. However, I don't like that the Excel spreadsheet displays on the monitors for two minutes every time it opens and runs.

Right now I was using the bit of code below to minimize the workbook when it was done copying and pasting the information. It works fine for the monitors, but the application is not visible in the Taskbar.

Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.Visible = False
End Sub

Is there anyway to minimize the workbook while keeping the window visible in the taskbar?

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Hide Excel But Set Form Active To Taskbar?

Jul 18, 2014

I recon, IF Excel is hidden than Windows doesnt see it with ALT Tabs as program and doesnt put it as program in the taskbar.

Is it possible to set a form active as a program? While hide Excel?

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Opened Workbook Files Not Showing In Taskbar

Mar 5, 2008

I used to be able to see on the bottom bar that there are several Excel files that are opened. There would be a small black triangle next to the Excel button below. But now I need to do click the 'Window' button above to pull down the menu to access to other Excel files that are opened. This problem is only with Excel but not Word or Powerpoint? Is there a setting I must do in Excel? Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;

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Print "Custom View" From Userform

Jul 24, 2006

I was just reading an answer to a question re: printing a set area.

Dave Hawley mentioned the best method would be to set a "Custom View".

how to "call" a custom view from a Userform dropdown?

I need to print several "reports" which are seperate parts of the same sheet.

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How To Make A Custom Conversion Program / Formula Between Custom Data

Feb 15, 2014

I'm trying to make a converter between about 8 various types of values. These are not units like Km or miles or something like that, but rather numbers that represent a specific "hardness value" on a variety of scales (to name a few: HRC, HRA, K)

What I've been doing so far is plotting the two types against eachother and then getting the best trendline I can so that I can use that formula to convert between the two with relative certainty. (for example, when plotting HV vs HRC my fourth order polynomial trendline with an Rsquared of 1 is y=0.0001x4 - 0.0188x3 + 1.0768x2 - 20.709x + 350.69)

My questions comes up where I was hoping to make a window or box of some sort allowing the user to input a numeric value, then selecting the Input units and the hopeful output calculated units, and have the box spit back to the user the conversion.

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New Command Icon

Oct 15, 2008

I'm looking to have a doc where people time stamp their start and stop times. I have found that Control(apple) - Shift -semi colon works. The problem i'm having is that I want people to be able to use a command icon in their toolbars for this task as opposed to people have to use the keyboard. I can use a button with a macro but this is not possible as our excel corrupts when there are too many macro's

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Changing Icon

Oct 24, 2007

I'm using the bellow code which I think Igot from this site, to change the excell icon to my own, Only thing is that in the top left hand side of the workbook still says: "Microsoft Excel - My File Name". Does any of you fine people know how to get rid of the Microsoft Excel and show only "My File Name"?

Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long
Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Integer, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long
Declare Function ExtractIcon Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ExtractIconA" (ByVal hInst As Long, ByVal lpszExeFileName As String, ByVal nIconIndex As Long) As Long

Const WM_SETICON = &H80

Sub setExcelIcon()
Dim lngXLHwnd As Long, lngIcon As Long, strIconPath As String

strIconPath = "My Path:MyIcon.ico"
lngXLHwnd = FindWindow("XLMAIN", Application.Caption)

lngIcon = ExtractIcon(0, strIconPath, 0)

SendMessage lngXLHwnd, WM_SETICON, False, lngIcon

End Sub

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Put An Icon In The Title Bar Of Workbook

Nov 19, 2008

Excel 2003. How can I put an icon in the title bar of an Excel Workbook? And can it be a .jpg or does it need to be a .icon. How can I put a title and NOT see " Microsoft Excel" in the title bar.

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Change Desktop Icon

Dec 4, 2008

I was wondering how I could change my desktop icon for one specific workbook to something other than the excel icon. I saw the below link (2nd tip) but that changes the icon for every file of a specific file type. I just want to change one specific file's icon on my desktop to something custom, like a clipart picture of my choosing. I also know that this can be done with shortcuts, but I need it to be changed on the original file. I tried using the IconChanger program, but the icon stayed with the file name so if I did a "save as" or emailed the file, it disappeared. I want it to stick with that file for good, or any file I duplicate from the original, and work on other computers as well.

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VBA Editor Menu And Icon Bar

Feb 21, 2013

Sometimes I inadvertently remove/hide the menu bar and Icon bar from the VBA Editor. Not sure what I've done and not sure how I get it back.

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