VBA To Convert To Number

Jul 28, 2009

I have a string of imported data which comes into an existing spreadsheet. It cannot be changed prior to importing as the data is provided by an external vendor.

When the data is imported into my spreadsheet the Error Checking tag comes on, after I select the cells where certain numeric data has been entered, stating that this is a range of Numbers Stored as Text. If I click on the Error Checking tag and select the Convert to Number option and then enter my VLOOKUP function I get the desired answer. If I do not convert the text to numbers then my VLOOKUP function does not work at all. The cell just displays the function text itself instead of the desired answer.

Here is what I am requesting:

Assistance with writing the VBA code to accomplish the manual task of converting the text to numbers. I have tried to format using the Ribbon without success.

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Excel 2010 :: Convert Text To Number And Format Number Without 2 Decimal Places?

Oct 23, 2011

I have a problem that when I try to convert text to number and format the number without 2 decimal places as seen on the link I have given below, Instead of 1607.947, I get 1607947. I have Excel 2010 loaded. The details are in below picture.


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Get/Convert Number From Clipboard As/To True Number, Not Text

May 29, 2008

Does clipboard method gettext retreive the text from clipboard only, not number? What if numbers are copied (Ctrl C) to clipboard?

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Convert Number In TextBox To True Number

Nov 7, 2006

i have this function that poulates data from a userform into a sheet.

For lLoop = 1 To MAWBNoVar
With Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)
.Offset(1, 0) = Controls("txtMAWB" & lLoop)
.Offset(1, 1) = Left(Controls("cbDestination" & lLoop), 3)
.Offset(1, 2) = Controls("txtGW" & lLoop)
.Offset(1, 3) = Controls("txtCBM" & lLoop)
.Offset(1, 4) = "= ROUND(E" & Y & "*167,0)"
.Offset(1, 5) = "=IF(D" & Y & ">F" & Y & ",D" & Y & ",F" & Y & ")"
.Offset(1, 6) = "=IF(F" & Y & ">D" & Y & ",G" & Y & "-D" & Y & ",G" & Y & "-F" & Y & ")"
Y = Y + 1
End With
Next lLoop

My problem is that the data being entered into the sheet for the lines highlighted in red is going in as text, and not true numerics, so that the subsequent formulae are not working correctly.

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Convert To Number..

Nov 11, 2008

I'm just trying to get a total of columns E, F and G, and place those totals in row 5. The problem is that somehow the numbers in column G were stored as text, so the SUM formula is coming up "0". How would I format these cells, in a macro, (columns E, F and G, just in case the data in the other two columns were stored as text), as a number so that I can total them.

I've tried selecting the column, selecting format cells and choosing number, but that doesn't work. I can manually select the cells, click the little exclamation point, and then tell it to convert to number. This works, but when I tried to record it to add it to the macro, it didn't record anything but the selection of the cells.

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Convert ¾ To Number

Oct 31, 2009

when i import some data from web
some of the character show ¾ or 1½ ..these look like a word rather than number
so may i know how can i convert "1½" to 1.5?

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Convert Text To Number ...

May 14, 2007

I have a combobox embedded into an excel sheet with a linked cell and a range defined in the combobox properties. Every time I change the value in the combobox, the value in the linked cell is stored as text instead of a number.

I have tried copying a cell containing 1 and copying and pasting as special into the linked cell but that only fixes it for the time being. If I change the value in the combobox again, the value in the linked cell is again stored as text. I tried =value() in the linked cell but that again only worked temporarily. Every time I change the value in the combobox, the value in the linked cell is stored as text.

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Convert Number To A Date?

Jan 11, 2013

I have a date in a particular cell, say O5, formatted as mm/dd; e.g. 11/14

I have the following formula in another cell;

=M5 &", Lot# "& N5 &", Expires "& O5, where cell M5 = "CONTROL" and cell N5 = "#####"

Why does the date get converted to a serial number. i.e. CONTROL, Lot# #####, Expires 41592?

My aim is to get the date "11/14" to appear in the cell.

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Convert Name Of Month To A Number

Jan 15, 2013

I am trying to convert the name of a month to a number but there is a slight issue with using my normal method of TEXT("1/"&A1&"/2013","mmm")

I am trying to create a dynamic table which if you change 1 value for the month, it changes others

so my data looks like so,

May <---- this is the value which is chosen

The problem is when I select the month "January", it assigns the value of the above cell as 1/0/2013 which is not a date when in fact I want to set it as "December".

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How To Convert Number To Text

Feb 1, 2013

Here how to convert Number to Text..Like 100 means One Hundred.For this any formula is there? i want to change Full A Column numbers to Text..Number To Text.jpg

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Convert Number Into Time?

Aug 30, 2013

I exported a report from Crystal to Excel. The times came over as numbers. How do I convert the numbers into time.

Example: 753 to 7:53
1426 to 14:26

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Convert Letter To Number

Jul 23, 2009

Is there simple function that anyone knows of (or has written) that will convert a letter to its alpha-numeric equivalent?

For instance, A = 1, B = 2, AA = 27, etc (a = 1, b = 2, aa = 27)

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Convert Number To Date

Sep 16, 2009

i have number in database 1 and want to convert as date in database 2


result in database 2


is it got any formula to convert this number from database 1 to database 2, so far i has attach sample files..

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Convert Number To Text

Feb 13, 2013

Need to convert number to identical quantity of spaces. Example:

A1 is 5

B1 should consist 5 spaces (or other characters).

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Convert Number To Text

Apr 11, 2007

Converting Number into text I have tried to look for a formula but have not go any

Is there any way to convert them in indian currency format of Lakhs

like Rs 1,50,450 or Rs One lakh fifty thousand four hundred fifty only

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Convert A Number Into Text

Jun 7, 2009

I'm trying to write a macro that will convert a number into text but can't hone in on the right coding

here's what I want to do:

a.) I select a cell in my spreadsheet that contains a number, it can be in any format ie: 100, 7.7442, 22.3
b.) I launch the macro
c.) the macro converts the number into text and adds the letter T in the front so the new cell value becomes: T100, T7.7442, T22.3

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Convert Number To Decimal

Sep 4, 2009

I need a formula to take the numbers listed in cells D4:D50

If below 1,000,000 than just keep that number value


If the Ten Thousands place is 5 or below leave the same if it is higher round up. (use this concept for ALL PLACE VALUES

1,500,000 to 1.5 million (if the rest are zeros)

4,000,000 to 4 million

1,564,535 than to 1.57 million

1,545,535 than to 1.54 million

1,555,000 than to 1.55 million

Same concept for the rest as the Millions (move the rounded place up as needed)

So for Billions it would be 10 Millions place (to round form) I think lol

1,000,000,000 to 1 Billion

1,500,000,000 to 1.5 Billion

1,560,000,000 to 1.57 Billion

1,578,000,000 to 1.58 Billion

1,700,000,000 to 1.7 Billion

I would like this to continue all the way up to place value 999 QUADILLION! (if possible) if the value can go bigger that would be great!

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Convert Number Into Mintues

Jan 13, 2010

1000 = 1 minute
3000 = 20 seconds
100 = 10 minutes

What would be the forumla for converting these figures into time? These are just examples another one would be 275 = 3 minutes 38 seconds

Better yet here is the whole scoop.

Speed = 1000
Distance = 1.0 (i.e. mile)
Time = 00:01:00.0

I know these facts.

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Convert Date To Number

Apr 6, 2007

I saw the =WEEKNUM function introduced to Dave196. I tried it but I do not get the desired result. I get "# NAME?" What can I be doing wrong? Also, how can I have Excel take a date and convert it to a number? I want to convert a date into an invoice number (eg. 4/5/07 ===> 20070405)

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Convert Text To Number

May 24, 2008

I have a column formated as text that i need to convert to numbers.

Example: 0.01 (text format) into 0.01 (number format)

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Convert Negative Number To Positive?

Nov 12, 2012

I keep getting the correct answer, but it returns it as negative and I need a positive answer.

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Convert Number To Character Repeated?

Jan 29, 2013

I have a number and i wanted to convert it to a number or character.


if i have value of 7, should be converted to a character of "*", the output will be 7 times of "*" (*******)
if value is 10, so it will be 10 times "*". (**********)

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Convert Column Letter To Number

Nov 22, 2005

I need to convert a column letter to a column number for the following line of code in my VBA application:

strAverageBaseFormula = "=AVERAGE(D" & Trim(Str(lngFirstRowOfIncrement + 1)) & ":K" & Trim(Str(lngFirstRowOfIncrement + 1)) & ")"

I am inserting a formula into a cell using VBA, but the problem is that I don't know the letter value of column "K" (used in the middle of the line); instead, I know it as column number 11. Is there a simple way to convert the column number 11 to the column letter "K"?

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Convert Number To Month And Year?

Jun 11, 2014

how can convert number data to Month and year?

I have data is 27.03.2014 and would like to change this value is Mar-2014.

which formula should be work?

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Convert Text To Number With A Formula

Jun 12, 2014

I need a formula to copy a number stored as a text to the number.

I have a formula in, let's say on Sheet1, cell A1: =IF($M$3,TEXT(N7,"0%"),TEXT(N7,"0.0%"))

I then copy this cell to another sheet, let's say Sheet2, cell A1 =Sheet1!A1. I have then have a bar chart linked to this cell, but it's reading it as text and no bars are appearing in the chart - even though the cell in the second sheet is formatted as a number!

FYI - my work around is to link my chart to the underlying data in the formula above, in this case, N7. But then I'm not getting the whole number (%) or decimal (%) that I want when the value is displayed in the chart.

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Convert The Data In Column B To Number?

Jul 30, 2014

convert the data in column B to Number so that i can perform action in Column D. see attachment for the query.

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Convert Date To Alphanumeric Number

Jan 6, 2014

As the title says I was wanting to convert a date into an alphanumeric number.

After searching around for a long time the closest thread I could find was this one : [URL] ....

I would like to enter the date by dd/mm/yyyy and have it come out to an alphanumeric number.

The alphanumeric number for example would be C21501
Where "C" is the year starting from 2013. So in this case C would be 2015

Next two digits would be the week of that year. So 21 would be in the month of May

The following number would be the day of that week starting from Monday. So in this case 5 would be Friday.

The last two numbers would be the consecutive number for that day. For example two orders could be placed that same day so the first would be C21501 and the next would be C21502.

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Convert Number In Textbox (Userform)

Jun 2, 2014

Convert carton data from unreadable form to text box form (human readable form). I use this code:


But it works if i close the user form and open it.

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Auto Convert Number To Text?

Jun 23, 2014

How to convert number/text to text/number?


Let's say
1) column A1 value is "35", any formula/macro can auto convert to "bc" at B1?
2) column A1 value is "ab", any formula/macro can auto convert to "13" at B1?

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VBA Userform – Convert Number To Percent

Feb 12, 2010

In the attached sample (with macros enabled), you will find the problem when pressing the button “INDTAST DATA” (I apologize for the linguistic challenge, but the XL-sheets are in Danish… To relief – check the crash course in Danish below) and then entering some number in the two last textboxes (called “Forventet ændring i antal timer I næste kvartal (%)” and “Forventet ændring i omsætning i næste kvartal (%)”)… If you enter something there, the result will be multiplied by 100 in the worksheet.

I would like to be able to simply enter a full number – like 12 or 9,5– which will then be entered into the worksheet as 12% or 9,5% (and not 1200% or 950%)… I think the answer lies in inserting some code in the VBA code, when the macro writes the data to the worksheet, but you guys know more about it than I do...

I can, of course, enter a full number in the textboxes – followed by a %-sign, but that will slow down the process significantly as well as increase the risk of errors…

Virksomhed = Company
Kvartal = Quarter
År = Year
Branche = Industry
Fakturerede timer = Billed hours
Faktureret omsætning = Billed revenue
Timeforventning = Expected hours (next quarter)
Omsætningsforventning = Expected revenue (next quarter)
Indtast data = Enter data

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