Get/Convert Number From Clipboard As/To True Number, Not Text

May 29, 2008

Does clipboard method gettext retreive the text from clipboard only, not number? What if numbers are copied (Ctrl C) to clipboard?

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Convert Number In TextBox To True Number

Nov 7, 2006

i have this function that poulates data from a userform into a sheet.

For lLoop = 1 To MAWBNoVar
With Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)
.Offset(1, 0) = Controls("txtMAWB" & lLoop)
.Offset(1, 1) = Left(Controls("cbDestination" & lLoop), 3)
.Offset(1, 2) = Controls("txtGW" & lLoop)
.Offset(1, 3) = Controls("txtCBM" & lLoop)
.Offset(1, 4) = "= ROUND(E" & Y & "*167,0)"
.Offset(1, 5) = "=IF(D" & Y & ">F" & Y & ",D" & Y & ",F" & Y & ")"
.Offset(1, 6) = "=IF(F" & Y & ">D" & Y & ",G" & Y & "-D" & Y & ",G" & Y & "-F" & Y & ")"
Y = Y + 1
End With
Next lLoop

My problem is that the data being entered into the sheet for the lines highlighted in red is going in as text, and not true numerics, so that the subsequent formulae are not working correctly.

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Convert Alphanumber To True Number

Apr 8, 2008

If I want to change the value in a cell from 1.5B to 1,500,000,000 how would I use the CLng function to do so?

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Excel 2010 :: Convert Text To Number And Format Number Without 2 Decimal Places?

Oct 23, 2011

I have a problem that when I try to convert text to number and format the number without 2 decimal places as seen on the link I have given below, Instead of 1607.947, I get 1607947. I have Excel 2010 loaded. The details are in below picture.


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Convert Text To Number ...

May 14, 2007

I have a combobox embedded into an excel sheet with a linked cell and a range defined in the combobox properties. Every time I change the value in the combobox, the value in the linked cell is stored as text instead of a number.

I have tried copying a cell containing 1 and copying and pasting as special into the linked cell but that only fixes it for the time being. If I change the value in the combobox again, the value in the linked cell is again stored as text. I tried =value() in the linked cell but that again only worked temporarily. Every time I change the value in the combobox, the value in the linked cell is stored as text.

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How To Convert Number To Text

Feb 1, 2013

Here how to convert Number to Text..Like 100 means One Hundred.For this any formula is there? i want to change Full A Column numbers to Text..Number To Text.jpg

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Convert Number To Text

Feb 13, 2013

Need to convert number to identical quantity of spaces. Example:

A1 is 5

B1 should consist 5 spaces (or other characters).

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Convert Number To Text

Apr 11, 2007

Converting Number into text I have tried to look for a formula but have not go any

Is there any way to convert them in indian currency format of Lakhs

like Rs 1,50,450 or Rs One lakh fifty thousand four hundred fifty only

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Convert A Number Into Text

Jun 7, 2009

I'm trying to write a macro that will convert a number into text but can't hone in on the right coding

here's what I want to do:

a.) I select a cell in my spreadsheet that contains a number, it can be in any format ie: 100, 7.7442, 22.3
b.) I launch the macro
c.) the macro converts the number into text and adds the letter T in the front so the new cell value becomes: T100, T7.7442, T22.3

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Convert Text To Number

May 24, 2008

I have a column formated as text that i need to convert to numbers.

Example: 0.01 (text format) into 0.01 (number format)

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Convert Text To Number With A Formula

Jun 12, 2014

I need a formula to copy a number stored as a text to the number.

I have a formula in, let's say on Sheet1, cell A1: =IF($M$3,TEXT(N7,"0%"),TEXT(N7,"0.0%"))

I then copy this cell to another sheet, let's say Sheet2, cell A1 =Sheet1!A1. I have then have a bar chart linked to this cell, but it's reading it as text and no bars are appearing in the chart - even though the cell in the second sheet is formatted as a number!

FYI - my work around is to link my chart to the underlying data in the formula above, in this case, N7. But then I'm not getting the whole number (%) or decimal (%) that I want when the value is displayed in the chart.

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Auto Convert Number To Text?

Jun 23, 2014

How to convert number/text to text/number?


Let's say
1) column A1 value is "35", any formula/macro can auto convert to "bc" at B1?
2) column A1 value is "ab", any formula/macro can auto convert to "13" at B1?

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Convert A Number And Then Delete The Text

Jul 30, 2014

I have a column of data that is a weight measurement. Some of the numbers are in lbs while some of the others are in kg. I am looking for a way to convert the kg measurements to lbs, then delete all the text (non-numbers) from the column leaving only the numerical weight values.

Sub RemovePercentSign_Untested()
Dim LastRow As Long, UnusedCol As Long
Const StartRow As Long = 1
Const ColNum As Long = 3
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, ColNum).End(xlUp).Row

[Code] ......

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How To Convert TEXT Into NUMBER Format

May 5, 2007

I just copied a range of data from a website however these numbers are in TEXT format.

Basically each number in this data set has a SPACE behind. This turn the number into a text itself and i cannot do a sum for this range of data. I tried TRIM function and also tried to format it to number but no luck. Also tried to mutilply the range to 1 yet they're still in text format.

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Convert Month Number To Text

Feb 12, 2008

I used =MONTH(A1) to convert a date to its relative month, but it comes out in number format (1 to 12). I want it to read JAN, FEB, MAR, etc.

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Convert Date To Text Day Number?

Sep 17, 2006

Wondering if there is a simple and concise way to convert a date into text that represents the day number?

So a cell containing “17/09/2006” simply reads as “Seventeenth”, 18/09/2006 becomes “Eighteenth” and so on...

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Convert Number To Text With Leading Apostrophe?

Jun 19, 2014

I'm trying to format an Excel 2010 spreadsheet so that I can import it into another application. I need to convert a number to text with four digits and a leading apostrophe - '0000 for example. How do I do this without having to type everything in manually?

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Convert Text Imported From CSV File To Number

Mar 25, 2013

I am trying to convert a text imported from CSV file to a number so that I can further elaborate it.

I tried value, trim, clean but without sucess.

Cell values is -10 000,00 what I want to display is 10000.

How can i Do that.

I am attaching a demo file for illustration : Webistexpences.xlsxi

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Excel Macro To Convert Text To Number

May 16, 2014

I have a very large exported data base to excel. See the Attachment. I have columns on the left with text that needs to stay as text, and rows at the top with dates. These are my filters to sort and view my data. The current problem I am having is some of the quantities in the bulk of my spreadsheet are coming in as text that need to be converted to numbers (that stupid green triangle in the upper left hand corner). I already have developed a macro to format, sort, extract, and place the data so it's more manageable to look through. I need to get rid of this convert to number error before running this macro.

I am looking to develop a macro that will find each of these "convert text to number" errors and convert the text to number. So far I have been unable to find a starting point.

The sample attached is only 1% of the actual size of the spreadsheet, and my exported data base is variable in size.

The only solution I have at the moment is to go to the bottom of my spreadsheet, find the last error, and highlight everything above and done one convert to number.


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Convert Text To Number - Large Database

Aug 30, 2009

The format of the numbers are:


I have 2000+ numbers is coloumn B.

There are a lot of sets of numbers that are still text! It's highly annoying and I need to analyze the data in Access.

I tried the paste special advice and the 3 ways microsoft suggests. I have a feeling its not working because of the required format that I need.

I need to do this project tonight!

Background: these are imported numbers, I had to combine other excel databases... By the way, is their an easier way to combine excel sheets into 1?

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Convert Text Strings To A Code Or Number

Mar 22, 2006

In column A and B I have text representing an Entity and its Intercompany,
respectively. In column C I have concatenated the two. So now in Column C,
for example, I have "BillTom" in row 1 and "TomBill" in row 900.

I need Excel to convert the text into some sort of code, ASCII or number
that shows they are EQUAL. I need something that shows "TomBill" and
"BillTom" are the same thing, just in a different order.

I cannot build an IF formula or use Find/Replace, as I will have thousands
of these types of combinations.

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Macro To Convert Text To Number Without Rounding

Mar 27, 2014

This is what I have so far.


With Selection
Selection.NumberFormat = "General"
.Value = .Value =
.NumberFormat = "0.0"


The .NumberFormat = "0.0" is newly added and doesn't work.

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Convert Text To Long Number Macro

Aug 9, 2006

I have a range of numbers stored as text. I need to convert them to long numbers using vba. I tried typing a simple number = clng(a2), but that didnt work. Can someone help me with A) the right formula and B) the proper end(xlUp) format.

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Convert Text To Number In Lookup Formula

Oct 16, 2006

I have a sheet that uses all vlookup formulas to populate the cells, and then some basic math calculation are done in seperate columns with the results. The problem is, even though the rest of sheet works fine one column is being read as text. I've tried many things to get Excel to read the column as numbers but nothing is working. So far I've tried everything I've found in Ozgrid (Paste special using add and multiply, using a working column)and the simple formatting things built into Excel, but nothing is working. All I need is for the column to be read as a number.

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Convert Decimal Alphanumeric Text To Whole Number

Aug 14, 2007

i wanna convert the decimal number to a round 2.0L to 2L.

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Pivot Table - Convert Cell From Number To Text

Jun 25, 2014

I have a pivot table & want use the following to convert the cell from number to text under the Format Cell -> Custom. If I just type in [=1]"COA Denied";[=2]"Deferred to Future Class"; .... it works

However, I add more condition after , it won't work

[=1]"COA Denied";[=2]"Deferred to Future Class";[=3]"Offer Accepted - Confirmed";[=4]"Offer Declined";[=5]"Offer Waitlist Position";[=6]"Student Withdrawal Post Interview";[=7]"Waitlist Declined";

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Seeking Formula To Convert Specific Text To Number?

Apr 29, 2014

I have created an online survey, and people choose ten words (skills) out of 24 possible. Please see screenshot. I would like a formula that does this in layman's terms: "If I see the word "Cooperation" in the source cell, then I'll put "03b" into the target cell; but if I see "Managing" in the source cell instead, I'll put "21a" in the target cell, etc."

I've tried a few IF / Then statements, with no success. Screenshot shows the source cell upper right, and the ten target cells below left with two rows of sample results. I'm guessing the same formula can be in each of the 10 target cells.

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Cannot Convert Numbers Stored As Text To Number Format

Dec 14, 2009

There is probably a really easy answer to this question but I cannot seem to figure it out. I need to calculate the sum of pages faxed on a fax report at my office on an excel spreadsheet which is downloaded from our server. It appears the file is not meant to be used in excel but it downloads as an "*.xls" file anyway. When I open the file I receive this message:

"The file you are trying to open, 'FaxCetailReport.xls', is in a different format then specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?"

The file is comnig from a trusted source so I select "Yes" and it opens just fine. There are just over 50 rows of info, one of them being the number of pages. In a blank cell I enter "=SUM(select rows)" and the result is a "0". I have converted the cells to the "number" format, no change. When I right click on the cells and select format, the protection tab on the right has the check box "Locked" checked and unchecking it does nothing, it is checked as soon as you go back in to the protection tab.

The only way around this is to manually retype the numbers in a cell next to the pages column, which is ok for 50 numbers, but I have some sheets where there is over 1,000 entries.

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Excel 2003 :: Convert Specific Date Text To Number?

Jun 20, 2014

I want to use a formula, in another cell, to convert ā€ˇ"Friday, ā€ˇ30 ā€ˇMay ā€ˇ2014, ā€¸ā€ˇ3:47:16 PM" to a value. I am using Excel 2003.

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Convert Imported Values, Being Seen As Text, To True Numbers

Jan 28, 2010

I have a document passed to me that includes information pulled from an internal system.

I want to use some basic formulas to show Totals, averages etc.

However, the SUM function does not work on the data provided unless I select the cell (As if to edit the text) and the press enter.

Is there a quicker way of selecting all of the cells in Column A for example and performing this function on mass, rather than selecting each cell individually.

I have attahced a similar sample copy - My SUM formula is show in cell B15.

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