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What Does Extension .xlsx Mean

I have just received an eMail from my accountant and here file name extension is .xlsx. I have never seen this before. Can someone tell me why the x on the end of the extension? . Also, when it opens, a Message Box is displayed: File Conversion in process.

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Convert To .xlsx Format
I have to download files from a database and save them in .xls format (the only format permitted to export from the database)

Given an open excel wb saved to my hard drive (or network drive) in non .xlsx format. (most likely .xls)

Switch the file to .xlsx format without loosing the open file. (re-open ok).

-Don't want two files
-Dnn't want to have the file name changed (except for the extension).
-Don't want to remain in compatibility mode.
-Don't want to wait a long time.
-Don't want to have possibility of file corruption.

I just want to take my non .xlsx file and then, turn into a .xlsx file. (if I save the file as .xlsx I am still in compatibility mode until I re-open the file. I also will have two files---very annoying).

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Using Dir() To Select .xls But NOT .xlsx Files
Using Excel 2007:

I am trying to use dir() in a While...wend to get a specific list of files to process, but I want the list to only include those with a .xls extension, not those ending in .xlsx. It seems that the file filter ".xls" doesn't exclude those files with a ".xlsx" extension.

Sample code demonstrating the problem (will show the problem if there is at least one cycle that meets a*.xls and one that meets a*.xlsx).

Is there a workaround to this at the dir() level? Or do I need to go ahead and open the file and test its contents?

Sub TestDir()
On Error GoTo Nofile 'trap cancel, X-out of the dialog, etc.
With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen)
.AllowMultiSelect = False
.InitialFileName = "a*.xls"
GetDir = .SelectedItems(1)
End With
On Error GoTo 0 'reset error handler

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Saves A Template With Macro (XLTM) As A Normal File (XLSX)
When I prepare a file with macro's (to be used by other people), I save this file as a template with macro's with the extension *.xltm (template with macro).
Therefore no one can overwrite my file. These other people can open this template (e.g. double-click, but not file-open). But when these people save this file, Excel automatically saves it as a normal Excel-file with the extension *.xlsx.
Ok, a message is seen after pressing <enter> or clicking Save, but does normal users know, what they have to do then?

If I'm making a template with macro's, I want Excel to have this file saved as a file with macro's. Whatever did I make a file with macro's for? Is this a bug or is it done on purpose?

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Change Extension In Vba
change extension in vba

i am a positive rookie and i need help.
i know a little programming but i understand it even i dont write anything.
i know is wrong what i write here but i express my idea on how i want it to be.

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Extract Extension From String
How to Extract Extension from String?

"testing.xls" to "testing"
"testing123.html" to "testing 123"

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Add 77 Plus Their Extension Text Phone
I have been able to successfully code a new email message one little thing I can't figure out is adding 77 plus their extension txtphone.

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Extracting The Extension Of A File
I have a list of file names in an excel sheet. The requirement is to find the extension of each file in the next column. For example
file name 123.456.789.jpg
extension jpg

file name 123.abcd.789.xlam
extension xlam

is there a worksheet function equal to InStrRev in vba?

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Add A File Extension In A Cell
I have a sheet I am working on that was given to me by a supplier and for example the cell in A1 is '2008_world_soccer'. How do I add '.jar' to the end of the filename bearing in mind the filenames are not the same length in each cell. So it would then read '2008_world_soccer.jar' or ''2008_world_soccer_GB_test.jar' etc. Any ideas that would saving me having to edit and type .jar at the end everytime for over a thousand records?

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Conditional Formatting Extension
I've tried the solution to get around the 3 criterial limit for Conditional Formatting provided at It works fine for values or text that are entered in the cells, but does not work for a value or text in the cell as a result of a function in that cell. What modifications to the VBA statement needs to be made to make Conditional Formatting work based on function results?

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Add Text To End Workbook Name Without .xls Extension
I am having an issue getting rid of the ".xls" when my workbooks save automoatically. Here is the code i am using: ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs (ActiveWorkbook. Name & "_" & NextMonth). The program works great except it will save as something like "Example.xls_Jan07". THe only problem is that ".xls" in there is driving me crazy. All i want is Example_Jan07. Anyway of doing this?

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Two Workbooks With Extension .xls1 And .xls2
I clicked on something and now my original (one) workbook has opened as two
workbooks with the above listed extensions. If I do something in one, it
will appear in the other. If I close out and re- open the workbook from it's
original state, they still appear. I clicked too fast or hit something and
now I can't get it back to original form.

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Find A Folder Extension Macro
this query has now took a peculiar twist in the fact that my boss now wants to change the goalposts

here is a thread with the code in


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Print Header With Filename Without .xls Extension
is it possible to choose $[file] in custom header area but only have the file name, before the xls extension print?

Also, is it possible to have the file name print in all caps? (or would the file have to be named in all caps?)

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Macro To Inport WK4 File Extension
creating a macro that will inport file exention which has WK4 , i have lotus notes at work i have exported email file to drive U: , i require a macro to pick this file up and export to Sheet Group_Mailbox. The range is A9

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Displaying Filenames In A Combo Box With No Extension
I took this code from another post and modified it slightly to look in my directory "C:cherylpostal" and list the names of all the files contained. I then have them displayed in a combo box. They are all CSV files, but I would really like them to appear without the .CSV extension. For example, my COQ4 file appears as COQ4.CSV but I would like it to just display COQ4. I can't seem to make it work however.

Sub Macro1()

Dim rngOut As Range
Dim strPath As String
Dim strFile As String

Set rngOut = Range("F1")
strPath = "C:cherylpostal"
strFile = Dir(strPath & "*.*")
If strFile = "" Then
MsgBox "No files matching criteria can be found in " & strPath, vbExclamation
Exit Sub
End If
Do While strFile <> ""
rngOut = strFile
Set rngOut = rngOut.Offset(1, 0)
strFile = Dir

End Sub

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Changing Extension Of 1000s Of Files
I have a few thousand files that all have the extension of .kdm.kdm. I need to change them all to .kdm.xml. All of the files are in a single directory on my hard drive. I know there's a way to do this in VBA that's simple, but I can't seem to locate it in any of the books I have....

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Error Opening File......different Format Than What Specified By Extension
Apparently my program quits after i try to open an excel file. If you open the file manually you get an error upon opening the file...something like this:

"File you are tyring to open is in a different format than specified by the file extension".

The problem is i am using an excel macro using VBA and once the file is opened the VBA execution quits.

The excel file turns out to be an xml file which excel can open the file and have the VBA continue running if i RENAME the file with an "xlsx" extension. The problem is that i cant ask the user to rename the do i get VBA to open the file without an issue?

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Determine File Extension With FileSearch Method
I am attempting to write a macro that will open every file in a given folder, then save the files with a new file names while keeping the original file extension. The files I'm opening with excel have file extensions of ".VA", ".TOU", and ".KVA". The new file names I want to save the files with are contained in cell A1.

An example would be:
The excel macro opens file "R003890.TOU"
The macro assigns a the value in cell "A1" (B1040) to a variable
The macro assigns the file extension (.TOU) to a variable
The macro saves the file as file name variable and file extension variable (B1040.TOU)

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Insure Cell Value A Proper File Extension
I'm trying to insure that when a file name is inputted into cell "DA7" that the string ends with a ".xls" extension. I'm using "DA7" as a target and have written the following code. When executed nothing happens.

If Target.Address = "DA7" Then
Dim ta As String
ta = Target.Value
If Right(ta, 4) <> ".xls" Then
MsgBox "The file name must end with a '.xls' extention"
End If
End If

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Custom Add In: Add The File Name Extension And Relevant VBA Code
Has anyone got the add in code? I have my own custom menu bar on my excel. But every time i want to add a new link i must go into the code and manually add the file name extension and relevant VBA code. Is there a method of just entering the file extension in a cell range and excel will automatically update or pick up or link from this location?

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Extension And Version: Send Each Worksheet To An Individual For Review
The other day, someone sent me a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets. I needed to be able to send each worksheet to an individual for review, and each recipient did not need to see everyone else's sheet. So I found a tip on-line that included the following VBA code to save the sheets to separate Excel files. Life was good until those who didn't have Office 2007 could not open their sheets, even though the original file had been saved with the Excel 97-2003 option. They had first received the message, "The file you are trying to open, "<filename>" is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?" When they said yes, all they saw was a scramble of machine code. I thought that maybe there was a special extension for Excel 97-2003 files, but when I looked it up in a book I have, it just said the extension was .xls, which is what the code used. Is there other formating that needed to be saved?

Sub Copy_Sheets_to_Separate_Workbooks()
Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
If ws.Visible = True Then
With ActiveWorkbook
.SaveAs "C:Documents and Settingsruce.vanbibberMy DocumentsTITLE I - M A I NTitle I BudgetsAllocation Budgets - Schoolwide - FY 10" & _
InputBox("Please enter the Save As Name...", "Worksheet Save As") & ".xls"
End With
End If
Next ws
End Sub

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Locate Files Of Predefined Extension, In Predefined Location & List In Spreadsheet
I require a bit of code that locates where the excel file is stored - it then searches that directory folder for all file names. Any file names with an extension *.hm for example are listed in column A, while their relevant 'Dates of last Modification' are listed in Column B.

Every time the spreadsheet opens it should ask the user if he/she requires a re-search of this directory and update of any file names accordingly. NB: if a file name is deleted from the directory, the file name should remain in the spreadsheet.

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