What Does Extension .xlsx Mean

Apr 19, 2009

I have just received an eMail from my accountant and here file name extension is .xlsx. I have never seen this before. Can someone tell me why the x on the end of the extension? . Also, when it opens, a Message Box is displayed: File Conversion in process.

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VBA Code To Open Any Excel Extension (XLS / XLSX / XLSM)

Apr 22, 2014

I am using the following code to open a woorkbook:

Workbooks.Open Filename:= "C:UsersDesktopExcel.xlsx"

I am running into an issue were a file may be saved as .xls or .xlsm instead, but I still need to have the macro open it. Is there a way to adjust the above code, or other code for that matter, that will allow my macro to open any of these extensions?

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Master Workbook - Saving File With XLSX Extension

Jun 23, 2014

I have a master workbook that contains macros and has an xlsm extension.

One macro in the workbook copies one of the worksheets to a new workbook. I then want to save this new workbook as an xlsx file. I use the following code line:

.SaveAs Filename:=Extract_Save_Name & ".xlsx", FileFormat:= _
xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled, CreateBackup:=False

However, when I run the code I get an error:

"This extension cannot be used with the selected file type."

The new workbook does not contain any macros and if I save the workbook "manually" as an xlsx it saves fine.

If I change the code above to have "xlsm" it works fine - but I don't want that extension.

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How To Save File With Correct File Extension (XLS Or XLSX)

Mar 12, 2014

How can I save worksheet from existing workbook as a new workbook with extension .xls or .xlsx depending on the version of Excel on which the original was opened and no matter the extension of original?

My code that I was trying to create all above does not work, because even if I am using Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013 it will still be saving only as .xls.

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How To Convert XLSX To CSV

Oct 9, 2009

how to convert .xlsx file into .csv?

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Save As PDF Instead Of XLSX

Jan 31, 2012

I got this code:

Sub CopyTotals()

Dim wsTotals As Worksheet
Dim SaveFolder As String, CurrentDate As String, D3Content As String

Set wsTotals = Worksheets("totals")

[Code] ........

what should i add/change in order to save the file as a PDF file instead of XLSX file?

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Can't Open File (name) XLSX?

Oct 21, 2013

I am facing this error problem in my laptop. Error: Excel can't open the file (name).xlsx because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of file.

When every i am trying to open all the excel files are giving me this error. I try many software and change the extension. But no result. Same error message is coming. Really if its not fixed i will lose too much important data.

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Convert To .xlsx Format

Dec 31, 2008

I have to download files from a database and save them in .xls format (the only format permitted to export from the database)

Given an open excel wb saved to my hard drive (or network drive) in non .xlsx format. (most likely .xls)

Switch the file to .xlsx format without loosing the open file. (re-open ok).

-Don't want two files
-Dnn't want to have the file name changed (except for the extension).
-Don't want to remain in compatibility mode.
-Don't want to wait a long time.
-Don't want to have possibility of file corruption.

I just want to take my non .xlsx file and then, turn into a .xlsx file. (if I save the file as .xlsx I am still in compatibility mode until I re-open the file. I also will have two files---very annoying).

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Using Dir() To Select .xls But NOT .xlsx Files

Jul 21, 2009

Using Excel 2007:

I am trying to use dir() in a While...wend to get a specific list of files to process, but I want the list to only include those with a .xls extension, not those ending in .xlsx. It seems that the file filter ".xls" doesn't exclude those files with a ".xlsx" extension.

Sample code demonstrating the problem (will show the problem if there is at least one cycle that meets a*.xls and one that meets a*.xlsx).

Is there a workaround to this at the dir() level? Or do I need to go ahead and open the file and test its contents?

Sub TestDir()
On Error GoTo Nofile 'trap cancel, X-out of the dialog, etc.
With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen)
.AllowMultiSelect = False
.InitialFileName = "a*.xls"
GetDir = .SelectedItems(1)
End With
On Error GoTo 0 'reset error handler

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Send Email As Attachments From With XLSX

Apr 5, 2012

I'm having some troubles sending email as attachments from Excel using VBA where my workbooks have the XLSX name. I am getting the following message instead of the email with attachments:


The original contents of this file have been replaced with this message because of its characteristics.
File name: 'winmail.dat'
Virus name: 'ScanTimeExceeded'

When I change the file extension to xls it is fine - I get the attachments on the email.

Here is my VBA:

With oLookMail

'.To = "busmgrs2@uwc.edu"
'.CC = "finspec2@uwc.edu"
.To = msToRecip
.Subject = "Accounts Status Reports as of " & msAsOfDate
.Body = "Attached are the AR Monthly Reports"
.Attachments.Add "citpfile07usoffAccounts ReceivableAR Monthly Report 2004-05.xlsx"


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Using Save Invoice With New Name Macro But Need It To PDF Not XLSX

Aug 13, 2013

I am currently using some of Mr. Excels macro coding to firstly create consecutive invoice numbers and secondly save the new file into a destination folder and clear out the cells that have had data in them. This part seems to work flawlessly. I have noticed though that the new .xlsx file has the macro buttons viewable on it and to me looks unprofessional if i send out an invoice to a customer that has the buttons shown. So my resolution is to export the file as a PDF rather than the .xlsx.

My code is as follows

Sub NextInvoice() Range("H13").Value = Range("H13").Value + 1
End Sub

Sub SaveInvWithNewName()
Dim NewFN As Variant
' Copy Invoice to a new workbook

[Code] .......

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VBA Script - How To Save Worksheet As XLSX

Nov 5, 2013

In my script below it saves each tab in Excel as a separate worksheet and titles the file the same as the tab name.

Is there a way to make it save as an .xlsx ***e unstead of a .xls file?

Dim wks As Worksheet
Dim newWks As Worksheet
For Each wks In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
wks.Copy 'to a new workbook
Set newWks = ActiveSheet
With newWks


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Added XLSX File With More Detailed Description?

May 3, 2014

I've got several huge information bloks to handle.

Would you be so kind as to give the matter a reasonable consideration?

I've added an xlsx file with more detailed description.

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Running Macro Over Multiple XLSX Files

Oct 2, 2013

how to run my Macro over multiple (about 60) .xlsx files. I have been looking around, but haven't quite got anything working yet.

I have all the files in the same folder with similar names (i.e. Subject_01.xlsx, Subject_02.xlsx, etc.).

What I'd like is:

*open Subject_01
*run script (some calculations, copy/pasting, my script for this is working fine)
*save file under a different name (i.e. Subject_01_processed.xlsx)
*close file
*again for Subject_02, Subject_03, etc.

Additionally, I have a second question: after I have the processed .xlsx files, I'd like to copy some cells from each .xlsx file (e.g. A1-H1) to a new file. There, I'd like the data from Subject_01 to for example be in cells A1-H1, from Subject_02 in cells A2-H2, etc.

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How To Alter Fixed XLSX File To Check For Non Blank Cells

Dec 19, 2012

I have attempted to alter this example to simply check if the cells are not blank by replacing the "X" with "<>", but I get errors in the SMALL function--it looks like the IF statement is just returning an array with all of the values set to FALSE, and none of the values in the array call out a location of the next filled cell.

How could you alter your fixed XLSX file to check for non-blank cells instead of "X" specifically?

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Saves A Template With Macro (XLTM) As A Normal File (XLSX)

Sep 10, 2009

When I prepare a file with macro's (to be used by other people), I save this file as a template with macro's with the extension *.xltm (template with macro).
Therefore no one can overwrite my file. These other people can open this template (e.g. double-click, but not file-open). But when these people save this file, Excel automatically saves it as a normal Excel-file with the extension *.xlsx.
Ok, a message is seen after pressing <enter> or clicking Save, but does normal users know, what they have to do then?

If I'm making a template with macro's, I want Excel to have this file saved as a file with macro's. Whatever did I make a file with macro's for? Is this a bug or is it done on purpose?

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Blurry Chart When Using Camera Tool / File Becomes Non-dynamic When Saved As Xlsx

Mar 24, 2012

Description:The chart shown in the file is a picture using the Camera Tool. The real chart is in the worksheet "Chts". When using the dropdown & radio button, the chart is supposed to change accordingly.

Problem 1:The picture from the camera tool seem to be blurry. The lines also seem thicker. Any rectifications for this?

Problem 2:If I save this file as "xlsx", the chart will not change dynamically when the dropdown is changed.

2003 version


2007 version


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Excel 2013 :: Convert Xlsx Files Into CSV Keeping Foreign Characters?

Mar 26, 2014

I need to convert some xlsx files into CSV, but they contain the following foreign languages -


When saving these files as CSV many of the unique characters get changed to a ?

I have tried a few things like using Open Office and saving it as a text CSV and then adjusting the formatting to unicode 8 but it hasn't worked. i am using Excel 2013?

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If - Then Add One Year Extension

Jan 8, 2014

Based on a certain customer agreement code in excel, "YES-N", then I need to add one year onto the date listed on the renew date column.

I need the result in cell 'AP'.

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Change Extension In Vba

Mar 6, 2008

change extension in vba

i am a positive rookie and i need help.
i know a little programming but i understand it even i dont write anything.
i know is wrong what i write here but i express my idea on how i want it to be.

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Add A File Extension In A Cell

Feb 18, 2009

I have a sheet I am working on that was given to me by a supplier and for example the cell in A1 is '2008_world_soccer'. How do I add '.jar' to the end of the filename bearing in mind the filenames are not the same length in each cell. So it would then read '2008_world_soccer.jar' or ''2008_world_soccer_GB_test.jar' etc. Any ideas that would saving me having to edit and type .jar at the end everytime for over a thousand records?

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Extension Of Merging Sheets

Jul 8, 2014

I am thinking of an extension. Every time it finds a empty row where it pastes in. Is it possbile to insert as many rows as the range object is before we paste in the range?

Ex: If the source sheet has 10 rows that's going to be pasted into the destination sheet. I want first to insert 10 rows into destination sheet at "*" and then paste in the 10 rows from the source sheet.

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Add 77 Plus Their Extension Text Phone

Jan 12, 2009

I have been able to successfully code a new email message one little thing I can't figure out is adding 77 plus their extension txtphone.

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Extracting The Extension Of A File

Dec 7, 2009

I have a list of file names in an excel sheet. The requirement is to find the extension of each file in the next column. For example
file name 123.456.789.jpg
extension jpg

file name 123.abcd.789.xlam
extension xlam

is there a worksheet function equal to InStrRev in vba?

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Extract Extension From String

Nov 28, 2006

How to Extract Extension from String?

"testing.xls" to "testing"
"testing123.html" to "testing 123"

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Add Text To End Workbook Name Without .xls Extension

Aug 24, 2007

I am having an issue getting rid of the ".xls" when my workbooks save automoatically. Here is the code i am using: ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs (ActiveWorkbook. Name & "_" & NextMonth). The program works great except it will save as something like "Example.xls_Jan07". THe only problem is that ".xls" in there is driving me crazy. All i want is Example_Jan07. Anyway of doing this?

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Conditional Formatting Extension

Nov 16, 2007

I've tried the solution to get around the 3 criterial limit for Conditional Formatting provided at http://www.ozgrid.com/VBA/excel-cond...ting-limit.htm. It works fine for values or text that are entered in the cells, but does not work for a value or text in the cell as a result of a function in that cell. What modifications to the VBA statement needs to be made to make Conditional Formatting work based on function results?

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Extension Of IFERROR / VLOOKUP Formula?

Jun 30, 2014

look at the tab "Publisher sumif summary" and at the "Q" column. There is already a formula in place which returns a number from column B in the "Publisher Control Sheet".

If you look at Column B in the "publisher control sheet", you can see that for some of the companies in column A there is no number. Instead, there is a number in Column C where there is no number for column B.

The problem at the moment is that I don't know how to get the data from Column C factored into the equation, which I will describe below

Essentially, i need the formula in the Q column of the "Publisher sumif summary" to return "((Column M number (impressions) /1000)* Column C number) with the column C number coming from the "Publisher control sheet" tab. It needs to only do this where there is no number in column B, and how to add this function!

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Find A Folder Extension Macro

May 23, 2008

this query has now took a peculiar twist in the fact that my boss now wants to change the goalposts

here is a thread with the code in


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Two Workbooks With Extension .xls1 And .xls2

Mar 16, 2006

I clicked on something and now my original (one) workbook has opened as two
workbooks with the above listed extensions. If I do something in one, it
will appear in the other. If I close out and re- open the workbook from it's
original state, they still appear. I clicked too fast or hit something and
now I can't get it back to original form.

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