How To Save File With Correct File Extension (XLS Or XLSX)

Mar 12, 2014

How can I save worksheet from existing workbook as a new workbook with extension .xls or .xlsx depending on the version of Excel on which the original was opened and no matter the extension of original?

My code that I was trying to create all above does not work, because even if I am using Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013 it will still be saving only as .xls.

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Master Workbook - Saving File With XLSX Extension

Jun 23, 2014

I have a master workbook that contains macros and has an xlsm extension.

One macro in the workbook copies one of the worksheets to a new workbook. I then want to save this new workbook as an xlsx file. I use the following code line:

.SaveAs Filename:=Extract_Save_Name & ".xlsx", FileFormat:= _
xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled, CreateBackup:=False

However, when I run the code I get an error:

"This extension cannot be used with the selected file type."

The new workbook does not contain any macros and if I save the workbook "manually" as an xlsx it saves fine.

If I change the code above to have "xlsm" it works fine - but I don't want that extension.

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Excel Save As Should Default File Save Type To XLSX Using VBA

Aug 21, 2012

What I am trying to do is that I have an excel file with macros and it is a read-only file. In order for the user to save, I want them to only be able to save as a .xlsx file as it disables all macros. If for whatever reason, the user wants to save the file as another .xlsm file, they should be allowed but before they save, a "are you sure you want to save as .xlsm?" message should pop up.

All the options in the save as box should still be available in case they want to save in that particular format. Just that the .xlsx should be the default.

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Save File With ISO Correct Workweek

Jan 12, 2010

Last year this portion of my macro worked great assigning the current work week according to ISO standards.

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File Format Or File Extension Not Valid

Sep 20, 2013

I saved my worksheet in vba .xlsx and for some reason, when I go to the folder that it's saved in and try to open the file I get an error message saying "excel cannot open the file 'PO Acks fo 09-20-2013.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file"

This is weird because I have another file that I save right before this that opens just fine without an error. Getting frustrating. When I go into the ~Users folder it shows as an excel file and saved as .xlsx.

Where would the link be missing?

Here is the code

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
"G:PURCHASINGSupplier ServicesGroupSharePublic~UsersPO Acks for " & Format$(Date, "mm-dd-yyyy") & ".xlsx"

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What Does Extension .xlsx Mean

Apr 19, 2009

I have just received an eMail from my accountant and here file name extension is .xlsx. I have never seen this before. Can someone tell me why the x on the end of the extension? . Also, when it opens, a Message Box is displayed: File Conversion in process.

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Save Excel File As Another File Using Current Date As Part Of File Name

Oct 10, 2011

VBA coding for automatically saving an excel file as another file using the current date as part of the file name together with "32ga" as a constant add-in. I also what this macro to run at a particular time of the day let say 00:20hrs. The excel file i want to save as is always open . It has data that changes every 24-hrs.

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VBA Code To Open Any Excel Extension (XLS / XLSX / XLSM)

Apr 22, 2014

I am using the following code to open a woorkbook:

Workbooks.Open Filename:= "C:UsersDesktopExcel.xlsx"

I am running into an issue were a file may be saved as .xls or .xlsm instead, but I still need to have the macro open it. Is there a way to adjust the above code, or other code for that matter, that will allow my macro to open any of these extensions?

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Can't Open File (name) XLSX?

Oct 21, 2013

I am facing this error problem in my laptop. Error: Excel can't open the file (name).xlsx because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of file.

When every i am trying to open all the excel files are giving me this error. I try many software and change the extension. But no result. Same error message is coming. Really if its not fixed i will lose too much important data.

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Added XLSX File With More Detailed Description?

May 3, 2014

I've got several huge information bloks to handle.

Would you be so kind as to give the matter a reasonable consideration?

I've added an xlsx file with more detailed description.

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Add A File Extension In A Cell

Feb 18, 2009

I have a sheet I am working on that was given to me by a supplier and for example the cell in A1 is '2008_world_soccer'. How do I add '.jar' to the end of the filename bearing in mind the filenames are not the same length in each cell. So it would then read '2008_world_soccer.jar' or ''2008_world_soccer_GB_test.jar' etc. Any ideas that would saving me having to edit and type .jar at the end everytime for over a thousand records?

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Extracting The Extension Of A File

Dec 7, 2009

I have a list of file names in an excel sheet. The requirement is to find the extension of each file in the next column. For example
file name 123.456.789.jpg
extension jpg

file name 123.abcd.789.xlam
extension xlam

is there a worksheet function equal to InStrRev in vba?

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How To Alter Fixed XLSX File To Check For Non Blank Cells

Dec 19, 2012

I have attempted to alter this example to simply check if the cells are not blank by replacing the "X" with "<>", but I get errors in the SMALL function--it looks like the IF statement is just returning an array with all of the values set to FALSE, and none of the values in the array call out a location of the next filled cell.

How could you alter your fixed XLSX file to check for non-blank cells instead of "X" specifically?

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Saves A Template With Macro (XLTM) As A Normal File (XLSX)

Sep 10, 2009

When I prepare a file with macro's (to be used by other people), I save this file as a template with macro's with the extension *.xltm (template with macro).
Therefore no one can overwrite my file. These other people can open this template (e.g. double-click, but not file-open). But when these people save this file, Excel automatically saves it as a normal Excel-file with the extension *.xlsx.
Ok, a message is seen after pressing <enter> or clicking Save, but does normal users know, what they have to do then?

If I'm making a template with macro's, I want Excel to have this file saved as a file with macro's. Whatever did I make a file with macro's for? Is this a bug or is it done on purpose?

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Open And Close File With No Extension

Feb 21, 2013

I opened a file, by file I mean a "file" with no extension that has commas separating it.

So I recorded a macro to open up the file and this works fine.

How do I close it? I tried

wk1 = ThisWorkbook.Name 'Main Worksheet

But the problem is that "wk1" is not set equal to the name, probably because the file is not an excel file, it has no extension.

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Open File With Highest Extension?

Jun 26, 2014

I need a VBA script which only opens the file with the highest extension.

The files are test.aa1, test.aa2 and test.aa3. This can go up to 5. In this case the filoe test.aa3 should be opened.

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Macro To Inport WK4 File Extension

Mar 31, 2009

creating a macro that will inport file exention which has WK4 , i have lotus notes at work i have exported email file to drive U: , i require a macro to pick this file up and export to Sheet Group_Mailbox. The range is A9

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Blurry Chart When Using Camera Tool / File Becomes Non-dynamic When Saved As Xlsx

Mar 24, 2012

Description:The chart shown in the file is a picture using the Camera Tool. The real chart is in the worksheet "Chts". When using the dropdown & radio button, the chart is supposed to change accordingly.

Problem 1:The picture from the camera tool seem to be blurry. The lines also seem thicker. Any rectifications for this?

Problem 2:If I save this file as "xlsx", the chart will not change dynamically when the dropdown is changed.

2003 version


2007 version


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Error Opening File......different Format Than What Specified By Extension

May 15, 2009

Apparently my program quits after i try to open an excel file. If you open the file manually you get an error upon opening the file...something like this:

"File you are tyring to open is in a different format than specified by the file extension".

The problem is i am using an excel macro using VBA and once the file is opened the VBA execution quits.

The excel file turns out to be an xml file which excel can open the file and have the VBA continue running if i RENAME the file with an "xlsx" extension. The problem is that i cant ask the user to rename the do i get VBA to open the file without an issue?

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Copy Extension Of File Names To New Column

Jul 9, 2013

I have a column that looks like this, beginning on C10:

File Name


I want to copy the extension of each file to a new column (File Type). How might I go about this?

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Custom Add In: Add The File Name Extension And Relevant VBA Code

May 21, 2007

Has anyone got the add in code? I have my own custom menu bar on my excel. But every time i want to add a new link i must go into the code and manually add the file name extension and relevant VBA code. Is there a method of just entering the file extension in a cell range and excel will automatically update or pick up or link from this location?

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Determine File Extension With FileSearch Method

Aug 23, 2007

I am attempting to write a macro that will open every file in a given folder, then save the files with a new file names while keeping the original file extension. The files I'm opening with excel have file extensions of ".VA", ".TOU", and ".KVA". The new file names I want to save the files with are contained in cell A1.

An example would be:
The excel macro opens file "R003890.TOU"
The macro assigns a the value in cell "A1" (B1040) to a variable
The macro assigns the file extension (.TOU) to a variable
The macro saves the file as file name variable and file extension variable (B1040.TOU)

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Insure Cell Value A Proper File Extension

Apr 8, 2008

I'm trying to insure that when a file name is inputted into cell "DA7" that the string ends with a ".xls" extension. I'm using "DA7" as a target and have written the following code. When executed nothing happens.

If Target.Address = "DA7" Then
Dim ta As String
ta = Target.Value
If Right(ta, 4) <> ".xls" Then
MsgBox "The file name must end with a '.xls' extention"
End If
End If

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Merging / Appending Folder Of Files With File Extension?

Aug 21, 2012

I have a folder containing 1000's of files. All the files end in .txt (for example test.txt) but are actually excel files. When I go to open the files with excel I get the following warning:

The file you are trying to open is in a different format than specified by the file's extension. Verify that the file is not corrupt and from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to continue?

I click "yes" and it opens fine as an excel file.

I want to merge all these files one after another into one file.

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Open Website - Download CSV File / Save As In Specific Folder Under Different Name And File Type

Jul 6, 2012

I am trying to open a website, then for excel to download the csv file, then for it to save it in a specific folder under a specific name and file format (excel).

I am successful at opening the website with the following code, but how to do the rest.

Sub Searchez()
Dim IE As Object
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
IE.Navigate "®ion=USA&culture=en-CA&ops=clear" 'load web page
IE.Visible = True
While IE.Busy

'IE.Navigate2 "javascript:SRT_keystuts.exportcsv()"
'this is the name of the download link as from when i hover my pointer over download link.
End Sub

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Date Function- Open A File, Make An Exact Copy And Save It Under A New File Name

Jun 4, 2009

I'm working on the following
Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
"D:CommondataIBMmainBRANCHBURG-PRODUCTS-BOM-ALUMINUM-UPDATE-" & Ucase(Format(DateAdd("y", 0, Date)), "YYYY-MM-DD")&".XLS"
ChDir "D:CommondataIBMmain"
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
FileFormat:=xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", _
ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, CreateBackup:=False

Date: 2009-06-03

What I'm trying too do is open a file, make an exact copy and save it under a new file name.

My problem is in the date formula the day is not always the same. In the sample case it's 03 at other times the day will change.

is there a way too get this too work irregardles of what the day might be?

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VBA Code To Require Fields - Temporarily Save File Email It Then Delete Temp File

Apr 9, 2014

I have a spreadsheet where I want to require certain fields to be completed then I want to have that file auto emailed. I have learned that I do need to have the file saved before sending otherwise the data will not appear in the email, so with this I want to have the file temporarily saved emailed then the temp file deleted.

Here is the code I have so far but it errors on the blue text, I did change the TempFileName from = "Copy of " & wb1.Name & " " & Format(Now, "dd-mmm-yy h-mm-ss") to = [C16] & "_" & [B6] & "_" & [D6]

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
If Range("B6").Value = "" Or _
Range("d6").Value = "" Or _
Range("f6").Value = "" Or _
Range("E9").Value = "" Or _

[Code] ......

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Excel Not Allowing To Save File With Uppercase Letters In File Name?

Jan 27, 2014

A co-worker of mine is exporting files from Quickpen as excel files, but every time he names the files with any Uppercase letters in the files name, they are automatically changing to all lower case. Even when he tries to rename the files, they will not stay with any uppercase letters....I have searched all over and cannot find a solution. If he sends ME the file, I can open it in excel and save it with any cases.

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Save Each Worksheet As PDF File And Name Each File Based On Cell Value In Each Sheet

Jul 10, 2014

I have a Workbook that already has a macro in it that will generate multiple sheets based on certain criteria.

For each of these newly generated sheets (numbered 1-6 in the attached example), I need to be able save each of them to a PDF file based on a unique name contained in a certain cell (in this case, each named is referenced in cell Q1 of each sheet). As such, I should end up with 6 pdfs based on the attached sample files.

The PDFs would ideally need to be landscaped and should be just 1 page per sheet.

In my attached sample workbook, you'll notice that I have a "PracticePrint" macro that doesn't quite get the job done. One other criteria involves not printing any sheet with the characters "1010" in it (my PracticePrint macro is setup to do that, but it fails to do much else).

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Macro To Save Worksheet As New File Then Return To Original File

Mar 14, 2014

I have a macro which successully saves a worksheet as new file to another file path....(below)...but I can't figure out how to close this new file and return to the original file...

Dim myPath As String, fName As String
myPath = Sheets("Date").Range("C8").Text
fName = Sheets("Date").Range("C9").Text
Sheets("Sage CSV File").Copy
With ActiveWorkbook
.SaveAs Filename:=myPath & fName
End With'

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